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  1. thanks for the feedback chingu @Rania Zeid hope to make some improvements by next week.
  2. sorry guys just got here... been very busy lately @ibru yup I will be updating the front page of Lee Jong Suk forum soonest. I am still making the gif to replace the old one. in line with this, I will be taking in suggestions of what you want the page would be cuz I was thinking of making a thumbnail of every drama and movie Sukkie did. A bit tedious and a lot of work and I can't make it on one go cuz of RL but it will be my on-going project. Also I don't intend to list all his runway project and CF anymore, I want a clean look. Please do suggest cuz it is for Sukkie anyway and I can't promise to do it but I will try.
  3. Wow thank you for the update @alcides14ahjumma! That was amazing! Araneta Coliseum is a big venue and that's a huge crowd.
  4. chingu! @evie7 I am not a master myself of words nor an etymologist I just find your exchange over this one fun. Yeah I hope they have one drama together because I want more of my Siberian Husky. Thank you for posting.
  5. Chingu-ya! @packmule3 I am happy to see you delurking! I would have been happier had it been on other circumstances, say another well-written analysis of the drama you are watching. Are you watching anything atm? Now, I'm babbling just seeing you. I'm sorry for the delayed response, I've been sick for several days till now. Your post gave me some energy boost. Thank you for posting your thoughts on this 2016 K-Drama Contest hullabaloo. I really appreciate that you tried to arbitrate this situation. You've covered all the problem points and presented possible solutions for all. Like @lclarakl and as I've mentioned to @Kasmic I had been considering returning to the contest and finishing what we have started. I guess it would be one way of showing to everyone that we will win the contest. I am positive that we will win since as your forte is arbitration mine is accounting. ( @lclarakl i just knew you're in finance as well) I must be honest that after the @&#% hits the fan, I had been waiting for the Mods/Admins to contact us or at the very least write an open explanation of what happened. We were kept in the dark. That pushed us to finally decide once and for all to drop-out of the contest. Even when Camelknight wrote a post at the Doctors' thread, I was tempted because he seemed sincere but then it was way too late to extend their hand to us. What saddened me more by this turn of events is that two teams who should have been eliminated were now leading the poll and our biggest competition when we were at the contest is now trailing at the last place. Tsk! I just wish that in the future, when putting up a contest, they must be sure that all rules, minor or major are laid down from the START. Mechanics and criteria should be stated explicitly and feedback should be given to all contestants as soon as needed. If the organizers are confident enough, the contest itself in all its stages should be laid bare for all to see. In the end though I think that this contest had served its main purpose and that is to forge a stronger bond of friendship for its members albeit it became micro-level instead of the macro-level intention. Then we have you here! (the fan-girl in me just can stop grinning, you know I'm your no. 1 fan). And I have to tap Ms. Merriam on my phone after reading your post. Verklempt. Snafu. Other than that I have to search @Kasmic's and @evie7's favorite/favourite issue. LOLS. I had been using both words interchangeably since I thought favourite was Brithish but now I have to clarify... It only is the same up to favoured/favored favouring/favoring but when it comes to favorite, yes that is the only way there is. Sorry for me butting in, you are both my friends. Lastly, again, thank you my dear chingu for your words of wisdom. My team and I deeply appreciates it. I hope to see you in other drama threads soon though I am not very active myself. @lclarakl you get well soon too! Everyone at the Doctors' Team... Fighting!
  6. @darker91 The Doctors/Caregivers Team decided not to continue with this contest/drop out from this contest for obvious reasons. The reason why you did not see any submission by the Caregivers Team is because we DID NOT submit any entry. Please continue to enjoy and support this contest.
  7. I really appreciate @CamelKnight and @MadraRua for explaining and with sincerity albeit a little late. It had been a lengthy discussion on our end as well to remain or to withdrew from the contest. In the end everyone decided to drop out because we had lost faith in the contest and our integrity was questioned. Anyways thank you for explaining things to us. At least we saw thungs on your perspective as well. Good luck on the remaining part of the contest.
  8. It had always been a fun thread and i like the people here @maria1983
  9. Hello Team! I was able to open my email and read your messages and that drove me to post here. This was definitely one of the most traumatic experience I've ever had but also one of the fondest since I was able to rekindle the friendship. It was hard to be accused when we were just doing our best while others don't. The deadline... I can almost see @Kasmic tensed up because we don't know how to convert the @()&()$^ GMT+1 timeline when all this time Soompi and everyone else watching drama had been operating on KST! All I can say is we did our wholehearted effort and I am proud of everyone. Campaigning for Doctors was one of the best. It was fun convincing every people I met to vote for Doctors. I don't think I would join another contest like this from Soompi or from anywhere else. Nevertheless I would join all of you again in other endeavours. It had been a fun and memorable experience to be with you again sans the contest hullabaloo and its mods and mean contestants. Stay strong everyone! @Kasmic @lclarakl @jadecloud maria1983 @evie7 @alcides14ahjumma @Agie @anoasys @crssmnd950 @rori0711 p.s. @rori0711 thank you for posting the best moments... I had been looking for that compilation.
  10. I would not have wanted to answer you as I have come to respect you after MxM but reading your reply makes me think otherwise and would just fuel further arguments which this contest seemed to have created. Why would we even complain when we are leading? I personally felt bad about their decision. Why? I spent everyday asking every officemate and talked to almost every one I knew to vote for our entry. We could have just done nothing at all if they had informed us that the elimination would be based on the mods liking the entries.
  11. I would like to commend the Caregivers Team and all of us here at the Doctors thread for the hard work and support. I was talking earlier to Kasmic at Line and I'm miffed with the results. I don't really know if I have the strength or trust to this contest to continue! @Kasmic thank you for the effort and the guidance, this had been a great journey for us all. Whether we continue or not, I'm proud I joined the Doctors Team
  12. Oh wow! Just get to see the results and round 2 contest! first I am a bit shocked to see that all four got to move to this round. Seriously we did our best campaining for our team to get our votes. We could have just laid back and have done nothing at all... that is after all our efforts making those moments entry as best as we can. Second.. with this contest format, do we have professional/capable judges to read theough this technical review? I'm sorry but I just have to say my piece here after everything!
  13. Guys! Please like and comment for Lee Jong Suk nominated as Candidate for TCCandler's 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2017
  14. Hi! Let us support Yunkyunsang by voting for Doctors in the 2016 Kdrama Soompi Awards Here is the link:
  15. Hello 3MAD followers! Can we please help our Maknae's drama get ahead in the 2016 Kdrama Contest by voting for Doctors? Here is the link to vote: