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  1. love this MV thank you dongsaeng @jeonghyang for tonight's GIFcaps and for the detailed recap @dojoed!
  2. chingu-ya! glad you're here as well @stargazer187 both scenes were so hilarious. i give it to both of them, mostly LOLing at MS's reaction while the chair slides to the wall, priceless! @Kasmic LMAO at Hong-hong reference! YJ have just bought one like Hong so he can practice every time he want to at home @dojoed she is the common denominator in the story, problem is the other factor (YJ) is not talking (yet) while SY is but as I can see what SY lacks is the emotional connect with her unlike what she has with YJ and upon knowing a bit of the story she could connect with him already. She had known him and work for him for 9 years and is attuned to his behavior.
  3. MS orders coffee and saw a cow candy and recalls the time when they were huddled at the dark together and bought the candy she came back at the office holding the coffee with both hands JA asked for who it is and MS said it is for someone she is thankful JA said something about the writer MS checked on the net and it seems the event before was written vividly (not sure) as she reads she recalls the name of the other kid she had been talking to, LSY MS and YJ talked and her affirms that SY is his hyung screen freeze MS telling YJ she is sorry SY arrived and met MS, they talked Sy asked if she is okay next they are sitting at a cafe talking to each other MS asked him about what happened and he tells her it seems his story is not the same as what YJ had told her before YJ's car stopped and he looked outside and saw MS and his hyung inside the cafe he recalled when MS told her she is happy to see him again and her putting his tie MS at the bus stop and took the cow candy from her bag YJ sitting and reading, MS arrives and tells him something MS looks for a book then happens upon a file of resume with her's first and looks at the following files of professional secretaries and wonders YJ interrupts her came to her and just says her name with a teary eye -end- -preview-
  4. KJA and funky girls sitting at the lounge then KGN nods at her she smiles back at him then laughed out loud with her group this made KGN wonder if she's blabbing about him and rushed to her he asked to talk to her and confronted her and she informs him that it's not the case --- YJ car stopped and saw a poster of the giant catcher (sorry i forgot to write about this funny incident, he almost bought the machine earlier) he brushed it off but the next thing he is playing on it two kids watching and tells him about the machine he had been there for a while, he played on finally he was able to get the toy and was very happy, hi-5-ving with the kids he walks back at the office, holding the toy at his back he gave it to her and she cried as she received the toy JA arrives asking her for a coffee then leaves hurriedly YJ was rather amused at her reaction
  5. MS getting ready for work then noticed her swivel chair still facing the cabinet turned it around and took the cow stuffed toy and talked to it and put it back to her bed she received a call and it seemed to be her blind date telling her about the incident she had asked before she walked in a daze then a red car honks but she did not notice it's mr park and he honks his car again and she noticed he asked her to get in his car at the office she asked him about YJ before screen freeze YJ looking outside seeing a smiling MS he wonders what makes her so happy, he waves she waves back and looks at him with a misty eyes she went inside on a rather happy countenance as she approach him hmmm not sure at this point if she knew he is her oppa after talking with Park YJ is kind of puzzled but rather happy at this turn out she went out of his office looking back at him with a smile
  6. YJ's staff came out of the office and head manager asked them out but JA is going first KGN came out of the office too and funky girls started flirting with him but he went on JA is checking on her new apartment at the rooftop KGN is sewing the buttons of his coat, lols JA arrives and saw him then he went to her alarmed at seeing her so much talk between them KGN asked her to keep quiet ------------- YJn and MS walking, heading to the grill house they went inside and ate, MS offered him the grilled pork skin but took it back when he was about to bite it, smiling he crossed his legs but bumped it on the table seeing how small it is they talked then after a while he offered to grill it, MS watching him how he would do it he cut a big size and started grilling they went home, he told her he'd see her tomorrow then went to his car MS looking at him then he signals her to go inside
  7. MS walking mumbling about VP and is surprised to see him standing at her home leaning on his car he pulled out a piece of paper and read it to her she recalls something and tells him about it in a bit they are now at a bus stop waiting for the bus to arrive they went up and YJ is about to pay but MS beats him to it but it seems her card is not working and she scrambles to pay with cash instead to her utter embarrassment and went on to stand inside, YJ followed suit he looks at the situation and holds on at the railing but MS pointed at the bus handles and YJ holds on to it someone took off from the bus and MS told him to sit but he offered it to her she sits down and the bus stopped (?) and YJ fell on her lap LMAO to both their utter embarrassment, she then tells him to get off her
  8. Morpheus arrives at the office head manager came to him and asked he saw him holding an envelope and and asked if he's the writer the asked if he's morpheus YJ interrupted them and Hyung went inside the office they talked, same atmosphere he went outside and asked JA about MS she then told him about the fan club and then the other girls came running to him suddenly head manager also asked for his autograph showing his purchased book to the utter surprise of the girls the then squeezed in to have the autograph YJ looks on as his staff gush over his brother KJA is surprised to see him standing there while she's talking to MS, he asked her something and went off
  9. at home, MS is writing something then recalls the merry-go-round ride she's talking to herself then recalls YJ giving her the cow stuffed toy and when she hold on to the chair's arm it slid and was pushed to the cabinet then remembers the EPIC Chair Kiss Fail at the office, KJA was late my link died back KMS at a park (?) texting and satisfied with herself then texted her blind date before
  10. soju bombs... done... MS offered the glasses to her sisters telling them about the kiss accident her psych unnie told her that he must have had a trauma causing this they came out of the drinking place and said goodbyes unnies talked for a while looking at her at home, MS about to brush her teeth and remember about what her sis told her of the trauma SJ sitting and typing a text for MS then retyped saying sorry and saying simple is best. again feeling satisfied then looking a bit grim MS reads his text and smiles YJ reading a book while waiting for his text he looks at his celphone then it rings and instantly went to get it worried about her reply morning came and he waits for her then the helper arrived YJ rushing to see leaving one of his slippers behind not minding toget it back He looked at his driver baffled driver told her, i think that MS told her to put on YJ's tie lols YJ took it from him at arm's length
  11. @jeonghyang starting now from where we left off last night the EPIC Chair Kiss Fail when YJ was about to kiss her, he recalls some snippets of his nightmare he then realize that he had pushed the chair and went to her explaining but MS speaks in angry tone, she then stands up and smile at him he keeps saying his name then walks away telling him not to follow
  12. About to start in a few are you guys ready? calling dongsaeng @jeonghyang and @SeGafanlady for the liveblog tonight! Kimmies are you here? @UnniSarah @Kasmic @moodypie @Mau_Cherry @bebebisous33 @kaoriharang @stargazer187 @USAFarmgirl @lovely_skham @saved2K @moreenke @fatimayahhhh @evie7 @aisling @irilight @MeritaG @lolly84 @hazeljrr_c922 @Silver Fall @turtle0217 @jadore1 @turtle0217 @Wanderer17 @ohoheli @Ondine @justanotherfan @MrsSoJiSub @minseojoon @attriste @dojoed @AlexandraReid @rocat @kdramaznoob @tan10can @4evrkdrama @labyrinth525 @saaara @snowlou @elespi @dandelionjd @ck1Oz @blahdeyblah @hrh77 @princessfiana @lagaland @yusefull @lemonnoid @baby.hae @averia @jeijei @dramaninja @enigmatic_zephy @starrysky18 @Belinda Tan @minsunie @0ly40 @saranghaeshinee @lclarakl @pikachu_3275 @valentvcd @lollyminx @icecreamochi @tianaa @imels @Yammylicious @jejuhallabong
  13. http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=1262546165 Note: I would really love to have this book so if anyone know where to get an English translation please kindly post Annyeong chingu @lclarakl! Glad you're here as well. I've been clamoring about that! Telling them to just go ahead and kiss or else make babies already!
  14. I just love how YJ looks like a little kid who pats himself for doing a great job every time he does something for MS! He is just too cute! @ck1Oz what i am looking out here and envious aside from PMY's mane of glory is her fashion. Like tonight I particularly love her yellow dress she selected for the "date". @Ondine I have to say I did feel a teeny teeny bit creeped out , even after scanning thru the webtoon, hmmm but still I am liking this show more than being creeped out especially that we can see that these two characters have a connection. IMO LYJ started noticing KMS the first time she tied his tie and I think he let that off because yeah they are working together. They had been comfortable with each other for so long that only now did they started to feel those feelings and I think the feeling is mutual.
  15. Pretty awesome! This made me go back livestreaming cuz it's so good! The preview is jjang! So far this drama's preview had not misled or anything so I am hopeful. ============= Thank you everyone for joining our liveblogging tonight! Thank you for the live gifcaps dongsaeng @jeonghyang and for the detailed recap chingu @SeGafanlady Sorry I haven't gotten to coming up with the list for roll call and dunno if I will be able to do it in future episodes. Work is life too @UnniSarah @Kasmic @moodypie @Mau_Cherry @bebebisous33 @kaoriharang @stargazer187 @USAFarmgirl @lovely_skham @saved2K @moreenke @fatimayahhhh @evie7 @aisling @irilight @MeritaG @lolly84 @hazeljrr_c922 @Silver Fall @turtle0217 @jadore1 @turtle0217 @Wanderer17 @ohoheli @Ondine @justanotherfan @MrsSoJiSub @minseojoon @attriste @dojoed @AlexandraReid @rocat @kdramaznoob @tan10can @4evrkdrama @labyrinth525 @saaara @snowlou @elespi @dandelionjd @ck1Oz @blahdeyblah @hrh77 @princessfiana @lagaland @yusefull @lemonnoid @baby.hae @averia @jeijei @dramaninja @enigmatic_zephy @starrysky18 @Belinda Tan @minsunie @0ly40