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  1. Just starting to go back reading... I like the story enough to warrant a second season. I hope they really pick it up since from what I see Netflix gained subscriptions because of Man to Man. We can petition for one and submit to JTBC. We just need to be assured that we get the same cast to ensure the quality. Still can't let go of this drama.
  2. It ended! My favorite drama just ended! Eotteoke! I think I will just have to rewatch this for a while. It had been a great watch! The drama itself was awesome but watching this with all of you chingus made it something to treasure. I will all of you too. Of course I will still go back to read your wonderful thoughts. I hope that we will see each other again in other threads. It had been a wonderful experience watching Man to Man with you all. @Visually-wandering @stroppyse @triplem @bebebisous33 @Kasmic @40somethingahjumma @Lady_Fay @Dhakra @xxPeepsxx @Nymeria289 @yskj @MiAmour @shunnie @heartforkdrama @Soleram @booo28 @katakwasabi @heyho5502 @athena22 @binary0018 @minjhaej @bobo11 @browneyedbelle ------------------- Just a sidenote: Did anyone hear within the drama of the new OST, especially No. 9 since it was a beautiful song. Also I am happy that SME teared the divorce papers. I mean, at least, despite everything, MSJ still have his family to go back to.
  3. DH brought the suitcase containing the 5Mil cash to SW hide out. She told him that UG is returning the money. HE said he can keep it as interest for the money borrowed but she told him that oppa is not that shameless and he agreed that UG is not the kind of person. DH was curious how did SW know that SJ will betray the NIS director. SW said it is because he is a skilled agent. DH - So how do you do it. SW - it is through scientific profiling and ____. Ting! DH recalled that initially, SW had actually profiled her when he went as bodyguard and targeted her. Oooops. SW averted his eyes but DH insisted. She said she feels humiliated because he knows her feelings. This is the sweetest. SW gathered her in his arms and told her that it is because he doesn't know his feelings yet at that time. *Swoooooooooooooooooooons* Then they hug each other!
  4. the show continued but without the host SJ keeps dodging UG's questions but UG reminded him that if he continued not telling the truth the bomb will explode UG said the reason why Dark Death is scary. Scared SJ confessed everything and brought out the usb which contained the evidence The NIS director is beyond himself in anger with SJ's confession and even ordered the detonation of SJ bomb. SW agreed and pushed the denator but no bomb exploded instead the camera beneath the chairman's portrait was opened and and then he knew he was being recorded. Jang came out and people from the president's office came and arrested him UG took the bomb from SJ and held it gingerly giving back to SW then asked him if it is a real bomb. He then told UG that anything can be a bomb to SJ. It was an emotional bomb to the villains and then SW tried to act like he will hit UG back. They told each other which belt they have. Lols. SW had 10!
  5. they aren't there, some are just made a video recording that was shown later
  6. Starting now... We start with SW putting on the mic and told Mo to answer truthfully With this button Only your heart will go... Boom Dont try to run and do something stupid. SW: Onty the truth can save you He whispered on SJ's ear and left Program is about to start and UG tap his chest to remind SJ Camera cue on and they are on air Host introduced them NIS director came to SJ office at home Mo was introduced as one with the highest ratings of his generations Mo: I am a big dark death fan UG: So that's why you wanted to kill me, twice. Mo: I don't know what you're talking about UG: gets the pen and plays the recording... Mo ordering the hit for UG and to make it look like an accident a commercial break was ordered DH assures the director/something that it will be a hit and that they obtained confidential documents of Songsang dealings NIS director wanted to get out of the room but a call came in It is a call form K and asked him to check under the table It is an assassination bomb and will explode once he puts the phone down NIS director asked what he wanted and K said that it is all about crime and punishment
  7. People are now getting ready to watch Man to Man
  8. If i remembered it right, there was a certain scene where Sharon and Jang were talking about Mi-Eun and her love, that she love both UG and SJ. In any case, I would still have wanted a way for SJ to redeem himself to his family and for them to live somewhere safe.
  9. Indeed a major paradigm shift for SW who for most of his life had to work alone for survival, who doesn't trust anyone even himself for his safety. Now he willingly put himself in a situation where he trusted this newfound family, the love of his life and the brother he had always longed for. He trusted them enough to put his life on the line. He trusted UG enough to tell him the mission since he is afraid he would worry DH. When he wanted before to be alone, now he wanted DH to be with him even in the mundane of things and the most ordinary in life, like eating and watching movies together. He never wanted to be alone because even for a minute he just wanted to talk to her even on the phone. That is how big the change there is in SW's life is and he embraced it wholeheartedly staking his life to protect his newfound lease on life. The more I watch this drama the more I love it to bits. The more I understand why the title was pegged as MAN TO MAN. It is a journey of one man, a man with nothing, with minimal emotions, a robot, someone who is just there, to sum up a Man is a a ghost, just a figment. It is his journey towards a new MAN, someone who feels, who cries who values people, who trust, who needs family, love and emotions. Someone who is not alone. When I look back, it was such an overwhelming journey for SW that at times he had to go away, to run. But isn't it normal for us humans to sometimes run when things become too much for us to handle. Yet he went back and faced everything head on. The prize at the end of it is priceless! With the turn of things I believe he will still become an agent but the big difference is now he will have someone he can go back to. A family who will embrace him after a grueling fight for something he believed in. A wife who will hug and kiss him and give him children whom he will cherish and play with every time he is around. A loving brother who takes care of him like his own. A family who will remind him at each mission that he has something he need to go back to, that he need to survive each and every one of his missions for them. On the hindsight, meeting face to face with the before unknown wife of Sunbae Lee had made an impact on SW. He saw what life could be for an agent. I think then that he understood to continue to be himself and what he is he only needed someone who understands him and who knows how to stand for herself just like Lee Sunbae's wife who is like his other half is, Cha Do Ha. Apparently, this drama will remain to be one of the top 5 in my list for a very long time. With the right writing and execution a second season isn't impossible. There are a lot to be explored in this premise. I hope we will be able to see more this ragtag family in the future.
  10. It seems to me that the video is not entirely in sync with the audio, not that it was not intended. From what I can see, there is an audio preview and a video preview put into one. Previews had always been confusing. Mixing in dialogues in certain scenes but were actually taken from other scenes. Especially true with episode 15 preview.