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  1. hello chingu-deul! sorry haven't updated this thread much, JY activities are more group than individual but will try to update I'm watching Alhambra, Clean with Passion and Encounter
  2. Chingu-deul @ned_lee hello! This is the second time I am happy subscribing to netflix, first was Man to Man and now this, although unlike MxM, Alhambra doesn't air simultaneously with the korean schedule. --- @Kasmic I did not have to wait long, PSH of Doctor's is back in episode 3, happy me! Like you, I feel like it's too early for Park Hoon to die, he's after all the arch-villain here, unless there's someone else One explanation PH could be dead is YJW is still in the AR world, some kind of mix up At one point, I feel like HJ's brother played them into to scam for money but that's a bit unlikely and I have no basis Anyway looking forward to upcoming episodes
  3. nonski

    Deng Lun 邓伦 Official Thread

    Thank you admins for entrusting the thread to me and I hope to be able to update here for a very long time which means Deng Lun's popularity to last for a long time as well!
  4. Thank you chingu! I'll check it now! Yeah liking this drama so far, I'm looking for the SHin Hye in Doctors but I can wait...
  5. Hello chingus! Sorry to ask this, since I'm new to this thread but can someone please tell me if this is available live on Netflix? I registered again cuz of Alhambra but i tried it earlier on Netflix but no luck when i checked it with my usual livestream link, it's about ending already thanks in advance for the info. waves at @Kasmic chinguya! missing you on LINE
  6. nonski

    Deng Lun 邓伦 Official Thread

    181207 Deng LUn Weibo Update Thanking for the recognition thru this two dramas, Sweet Dreams and Ashes of Love 181207 Deng Lun weibo update Thankful for reaching 30M followers
  7. nonski

    Deng Lun 邓伦 Official Thread

    20181204 evening Deng Lun receiving his award 2018 15th Esquire MAHB (Man At His Best) Drama TV Actor Award (for Sweet Dreams and Ashes of Love) Photoshoot from his studio
  8. nonski

    Deng Lun 邓伦 Official Thread

    Deng Lun Studio update 20181204 photoshoot just outside of Terminal 2, The Queen's Terminal, Heathrow Airport
  9. nonski

    Deng Lun 邓伦 Official Thread

    A very hectic 2-day schedule 20181203 Beijing to London (undisclosed schedule) 20181204 London to Beijing 20181204 2018 15th Esquire MAHB (Man At His Best) Drama TV Actor Award (for Sweet Dreams and Ashes of Love)