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  1. Mountain Movement released poster for the 2018 Park Hae Jin Fan Meeting dubbed as the The Jin Live Talk Show with Saja Character-themed posters
  2. lol yes... see you around, will post more news coming up when the drama resumes filming. see also at Gangnam!
  3. Just really happy that it can continue. Yup I heard that Yoona's Street is good. Happy to see you here Harabeoji!
  4. 박해진X나나 '사자', 이달 중 촬영 재개…장태유→김재홍 PD The drama 'Lion', which was discontinued due to unpaid wage conflicts, resumes shooting from the middle of this month. According to the company's Victory content on the 8th, from the middle of this month, Jae-hong Kim will take on the role of director Jang Tae-yoo PD. In JTBC, Kim Jae-hong directed 'The Street of Yuna', 'War of Flowers in the Palace - War of Flowers', and 'Love is silver Donga'. The actors will participate, except Kim Chang-wan, who has already canceled the contract. Some staff changes are inevitable. Previously, "Lion" started filming in January with the aim of broadcasting in the second half of this year, but PD and staff of Tang Yoo Yoo claimed Victory Contents had not been paying their salaries. Victory content was refused and shooting was stopped on May 10. 'Lion' is a fantasy romance thriller in which a man who digs up his mother's mental illness is caught in a bigger conspiracy while meeting one and the same human face. The star was starred by Hallyu star Park Hae Jin and Nana. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=015&aid=0003992488
  5. Episode 4 Preview @Silver Fall happy to be watching Gangnam together with you guys. Thanks for appreciating the mock caps, it isn't much but I'm happy that I made you happy with those. I don't know yet if I can continue to be active here. and a shout out to Pretties chingus @alekaonu @bebebisous33 @Mau_Cherry @ruzikie Episode 3 drama clips (the rest of the vids can be seen by clicking the spoiler tag)
  6. Hi chingus! Joining in the party... @ruzikie I think the thread now is a bit livelier than before. Nice to meet you here again @stuartjmz! Hello dongsaeng @athena22 I just backread and thankfully it's just 6 pages for now. Loved reading your thougths as usual @bebebisous33 @Jillia @stuartjmz @penelop3 @turtle0217 Starting this drama without reading the webtoon yet and thinking this to just another light drama, I was surprised by the issues tacked first hand in the first episode and I guess will be something that will be addressed hopefully in this show. I also think that they actors are doing a great job with their specific roles. They are all quite new to me except KDY, who I have only seen in Moonlight. I think this is the first drama that addresses the issue of plastic surgery. SoKor is the land of PS. I personally am not into it unless as @Jillia said one needs it for medical reason. Although I can't and don't judge people who do so. Everyone have their own lives to live and we can never know other people's experiences that lead to whatever decisions they made. Each decision have consequences they carry with it. I think living in SK, MR already know that she will be getting these sort of reactions from people that is why she is insistent of not revealing her identity to people from the past. But really what a hypocritical society we have when one look like this she's doomed but when she decides to do PS, she is even more cautious because of the way people will treat her. One just have nowhere to go. People are starting to recognize that there is a problem called bullying. Many of these cases are evident in Korea. There are various forms of bullying portrayed in this show. I am glad that they were able to show them. MR was bullied as a kid because she was fat. It has always been a problem with kids since they are impressionable still and still have to learn a lot in life. Many kids gets bullied for various causes. Unfortunately, MR's bullying did not end up there, even during middle school with a slim figure she gets bullied again for her facial features. It is sad so see her plight. She was clearly loved by her parents but then those cannot even overcome the harshness she have to go through. It's harder for the one being bullied especially if people gang up to bully her. Another and more serious bullying is for newbies in school being taken advantage by seniors just because they are weak. I hate the scumbag for planning to rape her. She was already feeling uneasy with him beside her. Thankfully DKS was there to save the day. I hope this senior will have his comeuppance soon. I hope this show will be good till the end. Hoping to come here often even if just to read your thoughts.
  7. Again, thank you everyone for watching this beautiful drama and doing it together with all of you! See you again in the next one! I personally think that this show is righly paced with the characters in placed. I could never ask for more. I had always hated those dramas who gave us last minute wrap-up. For that alone I am thankful that Sec Kim differed from that. In the 16 eps I never recalled that I got burnt out or bored watching. Over-all the drama gave us a great message of forgiveness and of love, to believe and to live it. OH right there is this tiny weeny bit on Hyung but frankly I don't want to waste much time on him so I'll call it quits with him. PSJ and PMY's stylist from hair to outfits had been well done and they looked none the less amazing. Anyways, thank you again. If i think of something I will post here again! I would just like a special mention to these lovely people for being there recapping till the end! my dearest dongsaeng @jeonghyang I know I can always count on you, see you on our next drama team-up! dongsaeng @ohoheli it's nice to see you back here at Soompi! chingu @Kasmic for all you wonderful screencaps! @dojoed for all transcaps, were very helpful! @kaoriharang for transcapping till the end! and to the rest thank you! @UnniSarah @Kasmic @moodypie @Mau_Cherry @bebebisous33 @alekaonu @kaoriharang @stargazer187 @USAFarmgirl @lovely_skham @saved2K @moreenke @fatimayahhhh @evie7 @aisling @irilight @MeritaG @lolly84 @hazeljrr_c922 @Silver Fall @turtle0217 @jadore1 @turtle0217 @Wanderer17 @ohoheli @Ondine @justanotherfan @MrsSoJiSub @Ayame @minseojoon @attriste @dojoed @AlexandraReid @rocat @kdramaznoob @tan10can @4evrkdrama @labyrinth525 @saaara @snowlou @elespi @dandelionjd @ck1Oz @blahdeyblah @hrh77 @princessfiana @lagaland @yusefull @lemonnoid @baby.hae @averia @jeijei @dramaninja @enigmatic_zephy @starrysky18 @Belinda Tan @minsunie @0ly40 @saranghaeshinee @lclarakl @pikachu_3275 @valentvcd @lollyminx @icecreamochi @tianaa @imels @Yammylicious @qynn @jejuhallabong @angelguccio @shujunnn @Delulu_jie2830 @blademan @jaslinnj @Dramanoona @camichi @baby.hae @Niki-Forever @realistic2280 @lyca mena
  8. Unnis are sleeping on the floor while MS is in her bed. YJ message arrive and they exchange SMS. SHe calls him husband and he just faints well not literally lols - Next day... Wedding day! Elders are outside waiting and greeting the guests VP Sec mets VP and wife and is surprised. SHe is about to blurt out about the mistake in the chocolate fortunately VP was fast enough to stop her --- INside the waiting room, MS is sitting on her gown so beautifully surrounded with beautiful flowers On the other side YJ is sitting rather nervously, can't stop moving his right leg and even tried to hold it with his hands but it's still rocking... while she's laughing at his nervousness he came to sit beside her and holds her hands then she asked him to get a med from her bag and he drinks it to calm his nerves. --- Ex-gf actress arrives at the venue, vp staff were happy to see here and head manager asked for a selfie. they asked if she came to congratulate but said she is here for revenge. they lowered their heads not wanting to look at her. VP sec arrived and is just as ecstatic as they are but they signals her not to mind her. Fortunately for all the mistakes this secretary made, this is the only mistake that is not a mistake. In her excitement the glass fell and the drinks fell down on the actress' dress so she has to leave. == VP is the emcee and now announces the entrance of the groom and bride. IT's time for MS to be nervous, they wait outside to march and YJ looks at her with assurance and offers his arms for her to hold. They promise each other and remember their promise after the kidnapping in front of her house. They then walk the aisle, two beautiful people in love, and the people are happily clapping! At the stage YJ kissed her and we are shown collage of their OTP moments. -end- Aaaaaah such a beautiful ending! I think it is just perfectly paced. Still tearing up!
  9. YJ checks his calendar and crosses the date passed on his countdown. MS sleeps beside Hardworking Cow with the cartoon devil sitting n it with a banner D-12 YJ cooks omelet, they drive together to work. - Unni's drinking at pojangmacha and MS arrives then she cries with them and Appa arrives with his hair cut. - MS walks to the staff office and slowly announce she's giving the invitation and they all sang congratulation to her -
  10. SR mets up with Yang at the staircase and asking sorry THey made up and Head Manager arrived and she pushed Yang at the wall lols When they left, Yang said something but SR whispered just as he is about to close the door. They both went back to the office holding hands and announce their relationship to the staff which lols everyone seems to not care and sensed already. -- YJ and MS inside his office working, she said something then he look back at her and winks then MS called him VP endearingly. He teased her since when did she start calling him that way. She slaps his shoulder and he fell down from the couch, lols.
  11. YJ is sulking in the couch waiting for MS' call! MS at the bus stop think of YJ and all the things that made him angry. YJ now on his bed and can't sleep thinking of MS, his phone rings, it's MS sending a message that she's here He rushed outside and found no one then like an apparition MS walks in wearing a wedding dress. She explains and they made up, she kissed him Awww this scene made me tear up happily!
  12. YJ is mulling over at Park's house, they talked and then he went on to leave. Park is happy and lies down and on the sofa as he leaves but the doorbell rings. Park is mumbling something YJ then opened the door to find his ex-wife standing. They chatted for a while. It seems they understood each other after some talk and she went inside and they kissed. Doorbell rings again. YJ opens the door and is mumbling when he saw Park and his wife and he's shocked. Park goes to him and they Park is muttering under his breath. He went out but not without saying "it's been a long time" to VP;s wife. lols. the couple continued where they left off, their supposed love scene almost a parody of YJ and MS'.
  13. no worries dear dongsaeng @jeonghyang just enjoy the show and the beautiful Park Min Young! == YJ arrived at the designer house and it seems this is the famour designer friend of his mom. Designer is very happy to see him obviously. He again do the aura thing and looked himself at the mirror, lols. He calls MS and it seems she's still very busy. .. MS arrived at their meeting place and it seems no one is there and she's so worried and YJ showed up from behind the bushes. They then go to have a coffee. Funny is it's the same place MS had a blind date. YJ became petty and taunts her for her blind date. MS tried to cater to him and left the cafe. They sit at the bench and cue dominoes PPL. is delivered to them. MS opens it and signal him to take a slice. YJ continued his drama till MS seems fed up with it and points at the poster of the actress he is dating before. She got a call and the storms off leaving a baffled and is also a bit angry still.