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  2. it could be possible since we don't have much backstory yet and this could have been the case.
  3. WT came inside and asked if everything is ok and resto guy stabbed him he keep kicking him and HJ came inside and she hit him wiht something he was about to come to her but Wt pulls his leg while HJ runs with his sister resto guy keeps on kicking WT ugh that was really a bad hit... I almost can't look on this scene --- he left Wt for dead and run after the girls upstairs Wt hears the phone was answered but was about to go unconscious HJ and resto guys sister hiding and she recalled what JC told her She keeps looking at her watch and suddenly from their cover resto guy peeped in directly looking at her (now my heart almost literally drops) it was heartstopping but a light flooded in them and it was JC presenting a warrant (?) to resto guy for killing his brother -end- -preview_ sorry got so distracted by the show
  4. at his office, JC staff keep looking at him and observing him suddenly he remembered something and asked the detective Detective also recalled something, and they discussed JC runs out of the office --- WT and HJ talking and they went out of the station but I have a bad feeling looking at the WT's face --- resto guy enters his resto and his sister is sitting there he came to here but he would not want him to touch her she confronted him about the blackbox where it was all his voice and not her second brother yikes his face turns scary after hearing that ---
  5. @uglypearl AJA! --- prosecs now discussing the case at the Head's office it seems JC is telling them he is the culprit --- Judge now reading her sentence --- resto guy turned the dashcam around before his brother sits in the car he gave his brother something to drink and his dongsaeng fell asleep along the way he unfastened the seatbelt and purposely bumped the car resto guy seemed to be crying but was actually laughing he can't contain but smile while taking his bandage He and YB shake hands and he went away while YB went to the CR and washed his hands so forcefully that he cut himself JC came to him and told him about this culprit YB keep punching him on the chest while the lady prosec looks and she can only look aghast as YB go --- got confused around here
  6. JC staff getting text messages of what's happening and the girl discussed it with the detective Detective seems to be wondering about what is happening at the court based on his observations -- back at the court, YB presenting his defense to the judge and lady prosec said it's not possible -- flashback... YB and resto guy discussion and resto guy is creeping me for being so candid about how he killed his brother
  7. not sure about that yet... --- YB in the rain and lifts his umbreally at the courtroom, JC already seated with one of their staff and prosec with glasses arrived lady prosec now presenting her case while prosec with glasses coughs everytime i think when he wants to give her hints or something --- YB recalling his discussion with the resto guy in relation to the evidence on the black box presented he was surprised again with the answer of the resto guy, making him tear the paper he is holding --- YB is now standing presenting the defense and cross examining the witness Lady prosed in a bit of a panic... JC looking worried
  8. JC and HJ at a resto, HJ drinking and JC asking her and they started talking She's asking him yet the picture of her lying on the ground keeps interjecting they're holding each other's hand, smiling at each other --- JC arrived at the office and saw the lady prosec on the floor with their paperworks he offered help but she was angry at him. He asked sorry sincerely and that got her ok i missed this part
  9. JC at home cleaning and talking to his brother then he aims the vacuum at him he then recalled what HJ told him, i think about him and stopped they continued to talk and he again aimed the vacuum at him and again stopped recalling HJ's words, ---- HJ attending office meeting, ongoing discussion she see in a vision(?) about resto guy running at the stairs, staining blood on the railing and caught up with the girl, i think it is HJ --- JC dreaming the same and woke up
  10. Trial about to start, YB and resto guy sitting together and he said something to YB the judge came in and it was the lady earlier they talked with at the vendo machine Trial started, lady prosecutor started to state his case how resto guy was not injured much in the accident and he withdrew the money laughing outside YB now stated his plea. prosecs now on for lunch and lady prosecs updates them of her case they started talking and discussing with each other only to notice later that Head is now praying lady prosec sprinkles salt/pepper on her food, too forcefully, everyone is looking at her while she looked at JC with daggers in her eyes ---
  11. prosecs now discussing at Head's office JC in his mind sees prosec with glasses and the scene at the morgue JC saw on tv the news about the resto guy and asked the prosec with glasses about it --- YB and lady prosec met and greeted with each other YB bought drinks and took it out, another lady came in and said something to them
  12. HJ sunbae gave her something then she stood up --- WT and sunbae entered the resto Mom was surprised to see them and told WT that HJ is not there WT was agitated and seems to blame his sunbae Mom looks at them and smiles at the counter they went back to the station and he noticed HJ, HJ acknowledged him policewoman asked if they knew each other HJ went out of the station followed by WT she receives a call and keeps asking WT of what to answer
  13. Starting now... Resto owner withdrawingmoney fromt he ATM... so much oney His sister is calling her but he is not answering his phone Some men are looking for him from his sister -- YB arrived at his office, greeted by sec and opened his office to see resto owner after which YB turned back and went to his secretary and complained YB went back in and talked to resto owner they started talking then resto owner showed him the bag full of money, well that got YB's interest, he put down his watch and started asking resto asking and talking to resto owner Resto owner now stating his case to YB YB asked him a question and he is wiping his hands on his face but suddenly turned serious to YB and told him yes. He just confessed to the crime I think YB is was shocked but did not show it ---- JC sleeping and is dreaming. He dreamt of him sitting on a sofa in a blue sweats then HJ came and sit beside him then they watched the news with HJ reporting, resto man coming out of the police van accused of killing his brother JC and HJ continue talking and JC pulled her arms and leaned on it... sweet then JC is hugging his brother holding on his sweats, lols and when he woke up he was so shocked it was his brother and he shouted lols he recalled HJ mom's offer for breakfast --- HJ wiping the mirror in the bathroom, still on her robes and dances to the tune of Big Bang she keeps on talking and went out of the bathroom only to see JC and his brother at their breakfast table lols everyone frozed and she acted coolly and went back to the bathroom and hurriedly checked on herself -- HJ arrived at the breakfast table and still acted coolly HJ and his brother talked about him. JC stomped on his brothers feet. HJ recalling how he is in their home and how untidy he is himself, lols, this side of JC --- both are now at the bus stop, HJ asking him if he is not coming with as they are talking, HJ asked him if it is true then she started to hold his hand just in time for him to go and was about to get on the bus and she stayed there but JC took her hands weeeh they rode the bus looking at teach other
  14. GET YOUR LINKS READY SLEEPYHEADS! WE'RE ABOUT TO START IN A FEW... CALLING ON MY DEAREST DONGSAENG-PARTNER @jeonghyang! @xxPeepsxx FOR THE LIVE TRANSCAPPING TONIGHT! OUR LIVEBLOGGERS @uglypearl AND @cadymcbronzie @Rania Zeid and @ilwoo_aein for the twitter and IG updates =============== ----------------------------------- @ilwoo_aein @jeonghyang @Rania Zeid @evie7 @moodypie @bebebisous33 @Visually-wandering @irenetan @parkchams @daynci @vrod123 @valentvcd @kimhanbin102296 @uglypearl @lmhpsh @JojoCx3 @darcydevenus @Mymindisblank @jstgt1501 @mujay @faithinme lara @VIP_Cake @bahara @quockhanh45 @stargazer187 @idless @Queen_Of_Baekje @didi31 @wunwing1 @lan06 @londonfrog @skuukzky Fan @an-naum @Bara Tresna @puppy8888 @sukzy @soultree @lery50 @Go Seung Ji @Riman Rakshit @AlexandraReid @Miky88 @triplem @arhana @emiry32 @sakura2016 @frozentundra @Latte_Anyday @Fai Nurse @marykarmelina @vangsweetie637 @saanjh sena @herina_90 @baechimi @cadymcbronzie @kaoriharang @0ly40 @Chellsee @hacenthanonuevo @uglypearl @zagigirl @nona88 @Silver Fall @julie721 @YourHighness . @Killa92 @Bambiina @alekaonu @Anggraselena @desertflower @babsgrrl @ddeokbokkii @cherrycokez @sava2sava @CamelKnight @scorpio8 @baechimi @fellforryu @kembie @stroppyse @USAFarmgirl @kimhanbin102296 @booo28 @blademan @roziecaparas @lovcom00 @icyphoenix @larus @kokodus @htk9207 @lynne22@tianaa @naritul @mai5116 @aineofcebu @gomugomuno @jellybellymonster @itzibitzispider @serhine @blackberrypie @bogummerz @chubbybugz @GREENNA @mellinadear @wunwing1 @Shine2111 @nammminn @silvianage @Reyko @enigmatic_zephy @faye406 @plappi @parisonheaven @snowglobe147 @oohhkkay @rairamegumi @tintin92 @sarah15 @yoyo_icecube @kasjady @yeonka @kikair @Mau_Cherry @moodypie @xiashenghan @szne09 @hugo10 @sgg30828 @uncool @picorange @Yongzura @newstory @whoopeeyoo @000231846597 @skinnerbox @jstgt1501 @vivvianne22 @Wotad @sa0irse @larus @MiguelG @hacenthanonuevo @sunflower808 @swagpuppysong