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  1. Yes is! She also have some of the highest quality photos of Park Hae JIn. You can also look for flowery.hj as she also has one of the best quality photos, very beautiful. awesome830501 as well. for they are the active photographers of Haejin. Others seems not posting yet. flowery.hj actually just started posting since AAA. Since Haejin will be more active, more inactive fans will start coming out.
  2. SLEEPYHEADS IT WAS MY PLEASURE WATCHING THIS DRAMA WITH ALL OF YOU IT HAD BEEN A GREAT JOURNEY! THANK YOU MY DONGSAENG @jeonghyang FOR TAKING ME UP ON MY REQUEST TO DO THE LIVE GIFCAPS WITH ME! @uglypearl @yoyo_icecube @cadymcbronzie @mushforbrains FOR JOINING ME RECAPPPING EACH WEEK AND @Rania Zeid FOR POSTING TWITTER UPDATES AND @xxPeepsxx FOR TRANSLATING =============== ----------------------------------- @ilwoo_aein @jeonghyang @Rania Zeid @evie7 @moodypie @bebebisous33 @Visually-wandering @irenetan @parkchams @daynci @vrod123 @valentvcd @kimhanbin102296 @uglypearl @lmhpsh @JojoCx3 @darcydevenus @Mymindisblank @jstgt1501 @mujay @faithinme lara @VIP_Cake @bahara @quockhanh45 @stargazer187 @idless @Queen_Of_Baekje @didi31 @wunwing1 @lan06 @londonfrog @skuukzky Fan @an-naum @Bara Tresna @puppy8888 @sukzy @soultree @lery50 @Go Seung Ji @Riman Rakshit @AlexandraReid @Miky88 @triplem @arhana @emiry32 @sakura2016 @frozentundra @Latte_Anyday @Fai Nurse @marykarmelina @vangsweetie637 @saanjh sena @herina_90 @baechimi @cadymcbronzie @kaoriharang @0ly40 @Chellsee @hacenthanonuevo @uglypearl @zagigirl @nona88 @Silver Fall @julie721 @YourHighness . @Killa92 @Bambiina @alekaonu @Anggraselena @desertflower @babsgrrl @ddeokbokkii @cherrycokez @sava2sava @CamelKnight @stroppyse @meiil @scorpio8 @baechimi @fellforryu @kembie @USAFarmgirl @kimhanbin102296 @booo28 @blademan @roziecaparas @lovcom00 @icyphoenix @larus @kokodus @htk9207 @lynne22@tianaa @naritul @mai5116 @aineofcebu @gomugomuno @jellybellymonster @itzibitzispider @serhine @blackberrypie @bogummerz @chubbybugz @GREENNA @mellinadear @wunwing1 @Shine2111 @nammminn @silvianage @Reyko @enigmatic_zephy @faye406 @plappi @parisonheaven @snowglobe147 @oohhkkay @rairamegumi @tintin92 @sarah15 @yoyo_icecube @kasjady @yeonka @kikair @Mau_Cherry @moodypie @xiashenghan @szne09 @hugo10 @sgg30828 @uncool @picorange @Yongzura @newstory @whoopeeyoo @000231846597 @skinnerbox @jstgt1501 @vivvianne22 @Wotad @sa0irse @larus @MiguelG @hacenthanonuevo @sunflower808 @wannaonehighlight @swagpuppysong SORRY IF I MISSED OUT ANYONE ON THIS SHOUTOUT! SEE YOU IN THE NEXT DRAMA!
  3. Hj woke up from a dream, beside them the pic of HJ holding the bouquet with JC beside him she won't wake up and snuggled beside him while JC talking to him flashbacks HJ asked JC when he first noticed or liked her, he said it was at the bus stop, he hailed a cab and looked at her and said sorry to the taxi and let the car go and then he sat beside her and when she moved he moved too. -end-
  4. JC and HJ walking in the garden JC and friend talking and his tie fell but someone came and took it gave it back to him NHJ seduction style and friend saw it's SY and can't believe it until SY hooked her hands on him JC and HJ came to them, HJ and SY started to quarell again and the boys left them -- JC sunbae in the interrogation room, and as usual put on his lip balm tried to shock the suspect but everyone was shocked to see his lips all red and lady prosec sunbae holdup his lip balm theymust have interchanged lols, now their secret relationship was revelead. --- wedding --- everyone is else seems to have a good happy ending ---
  5. JC asleep, naked with half of his body covered in blankets heard a voice talking him, he asked if it's NHJ then got covering himself with the blanket and sits beside HJ who is clearing up his books and putting them in a suitcase. -- WT in his bed unkempt, hears the door bell and it's HJ calling and Wt chimed in, WT panicked then opened them, they bought him food. - Wt opening his books and seated in table to study. --- focused on the notes --- JC bro visiting his friend at the convenience store, he told him about YB and he receives a call whispering as he answered it, friend asked who it is and he said SY but he won't believe him
  6. YB being interrogated by JC and notes taken by the clerk he answered JC and saw to it that he also talked to the people viewing at the other side of the mirror He's telling them all something, he even called each of the prosecutors because he knew they are watching JC replied to him, set the papers he is holding aside JC talked to him about his guilt and how he cleanse his hands ----- JC stating his pleadings in court to convict YB --- camera focused on the empty seat of Choi JC sunbae looking at the seat and mentioned Choi
  7. steam coming out of the pressure cooker HJ mom cooking at the kitchen while the news of YB is being aired on TV HJ lying in bed then got up stretched her hands and looked outside at the bright sunlight from the window news of YB still airing, HJ took a note and wrote, then looked at the window HJ reporting the news on YB HJ posted the note on his window and went outside HJ, mom, JC and bro having breakfast, they talked HJ and JC walking they aced each other and HJ took his hand and intertwined their hands
  8. Young Choi waking up at the hospital his co-officer seated beside him reading a story Choi asked for food and officer went to get it then turned back and asked him Hmmm did young choi had just foreseen his death? --- Choi's funeral at the side there is this paperbag full of letters HJ getting the food and about to sit down and saw JC standing at the entrance then turned around and go HJ recalled the time when they were young how she walked out and JC came after her She did the same thing and looked for him and saw him seated at the corner just like how he saw her before she sat beside him, looked at him and he looked at her, JC cried and she hugged her, just like what he did to her before when they were young ugh I can't help but cry in these parts, already cried river Sukkie is so good at crying and he cried so sadly so true and the scene is just so sad -break-
  9. JC thinking then suddenly put the files on sunbae's hands and run outside he saw Choi talking to YB then YB let go and shouted and go JC saw all that and walked towards Choi Standing Choi looked up and saw a maple leaf slowly falling down then recalled the time when he was at the hospital he took the leaf and saying something in his mind, looking at JC JC also looking towards him and saw that a car is fast approaching him and he shouted at him but it was too late, he was bumped by YB and he fell to the ground, JC came to him holding him, all bloodied, shucks why does no one call 911 in moments like this in the drama! *flips tables* JC assuring Choi while he keep telling him, sort of last words to JC and JC can only cry as he told Choi how they started when he first worked as prosecutor! shucks again, is there no ambulance urgh! recalling the things they did together, when they went to thejunkyard no ambulance still? no first aid? no whatever? Choi putting meat on JC's meal STILL? NO? AMBULANCE? AIGOO?! Choi hold JC's face and continues to talk to him and he closes his eyes JC crying and holding him still aerial view!