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  1. I haven't posted much on my alternate IG but Radio Romance had given me a push to do so Two important scenes, I've edited to show the THEN and NOW of both scenes and I love these two, JSH and SGR! I started this because I like Yoon Do Joon, just like you dongsaeng @stroppyse, and I highly recommend this, but I am here to stay because this drama seems promising. THo, I sense a darker tone and some angst along the way, I just have to prepare then. Also there are times I still see KSH as a child actress. There are still glimpses but she is getting and she isn't trying hard. . . . From the last part, it was clear that manager Ji Woo was the one who visited the memorial of SoHo's friend where his diploma is placed and I hope he won't betray SH for TR.
  2. I think she didn't know that the JSH now is the same person she had been friends and more when she was just a teen. It would be out of SGR's character to not acknowledge JSH. She can even hug him even just after a short time of meeting how much would she would feel if she eventually knows that he is the teen in the past. I just love how the story of Radio Romance progresses, nothing complicate, for now, just simply being with each other, him always looking forward for her to remember him while she is just a simple person who just wants herself to succeed in her radio show. I hope they'd give us as little complications as they can later, that is, mom's intervention, and the actress' machinations.
  3. Let me hit-and-run here... I just so love the end part of this episode tonight so perfect SH getting to see himself in the kid and also helping the kid Him getting the courage to finally make GR relive their kiss moment when they were younger so that she might finally remember him Ohrayt!
  4. Hello girls! Our group Park Hae JIn Philippine FC will be joining hand in hand with Park Hae Jin Malaysia FC in sending support to Park Hae JIn and Saja Team. We will be sponsoring a coffee/snack truck to be sent to warm up Haejin and his fellow actors and staff. In line with this we badly need your support to make this dream come true. Please PM me for those who are interested to help. Your help will be highly appreciated. nonski
  5. HI! from experience most dramas' airing will be affected by the Olympics, e.g, show being cancelled especially when there are big events and it will coincide with Korean athletes scheduled competition/game.
  6. chingu-deul @alekaonu! I am watching this drama too mainly because of DooJoon at the start but now I am really liking it. He is nailing his role and it's cute how he had a thing for her and yet she hadn't known about it. Oh he was a big time richard simmons at the start so I wanna see how he would make her his after being a pain. lols. I had been busy with work as usual and I can' t promise to come here. So far this is the first thread I was able to comment. Even in Hwayugi I had just been lurking all this time. glad to see some of our friends are here as well Will join more in our LINE once we talk of this, I hope @moodypie and @Mau_Cherry will be watching this to, @bebebisous33 is.
  7. You're welcome chingu-deul! You are right it may have been a fake name for Kim Seol Woo if he is ever one of the 4 twin brothers. Yes still no network. I hope we get one by the end of May 2018. Wages... should be paid by the producers I suppose.
  8. Park Hae Jin Talks About His Complicated Roles In New Drama “Four Sons” L. Kim January 11, 2018 During the press conference for “Four Sons,” Park Hae Jin talked about playing four characters in one drama. See Also: Park Hae Jin, Nana, NU’EST’s Ren, And More Attend First Script Reading For “Four Sons” “Four Sons” is a drama that revolves around a female detective who seeks clues about the death of her boyfriend and ends up meeting his three identical brothers. Nana will be playing the female detective while Park Hae Jin will be paying Il Hoon, Chen, Dong Jin, and Michael. https://www.soompi.com/2018/01/11/park-hae-jin-talks-complicated-roles-new-drama-four-sons/