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  1. Late greetings to my dear Avengers! Sorry I was held up somewhere and I wasn't able to get connected. so, i guess after seeing some post, the episode 9 losers will have more company... *evil grin* hehehe First off let me thank our untiring liveblogging team for their hard work tonight. @briseis @sharreb @supergal99 @zagigirl @Kasmic @lingx2 @bohoxstitch @zagigirl @libra22 @ferily @athena22 @carolinedl @Ainee Etp super thanks to my dear dongsaeng @jeonghyang for live gifcapping and to dongsaeng @stroppyse and @snowglobe147 thanks also to everyone who joined tonight and to our de-lurkers and newcomers welcome (we're getting bigger every episode) @Kasmic @bebebisous33 @onnififi @triplem @jellybellymonster @briseis @naritul @Ainee Etp @athena22 @uglypearl @lingx2 @ruzikie @jongski @evie7 @Ahpheng @plappi @riribl @leeminhosny @JoonB @bebe1989 @xscalsve @valsava @penelop3 @xxyy @mebeforeyou2016@LoveBangWon@padhari @samzi85 @juliacaesar @Random_Fangurl @trisail @papulichan @quockhanh45 @Vo Ki Trieu @Amanda_HS @uglypearl @yujinlimb @Sunshine_Her @xyr enc @sebastian27 @moreenke @0ly40 @DreamCatcher2011 @ferily @fluffychim1013 @furu.vu217 @dhakra @turtle0217 @littleface @athena22 @Miky88 @stargazer187 @Yippeuni @dhia205 @sakura2016 @jjoy84 @zagigirl @MrsSoJiSub @angelangie @Sarang21 @solelylurking @jeenee @LyraYoo @lyserose @Yongzura @Ahpheng @UnniSarah @AvadaKedavra Creations @tianaa @sharreb @supergal99 @mashi @cmkc109 @parmma @tianaa @natouuu @Chellsee @Earth2KatyD @Jalhanda @hallee @sukma_shinhye @Era Ferawati @wackeemarie @jeijei @jdkul @Mei99 @leekyuphii @JackieOnTheRocks @stellwc12 @Alyssa Auch @Ikha Littlelight @Visually-wandering @Aya Hong @emiry32 @Rosemary83 @Ainee Etp @Autumnrainn @razledgoose @notohaterfans @CamelKnight @JJ Jonn @tenten0227 @dimples21 @emiry32 @an-naum @myeongnim @kimfairy @enigmatic_zephy @Mushroom209 @auntyem @Auntie Mame @stargazer187 @wunwing1 @rtl @Benzkiegirl @lia2010 @mundaliv @adriana902 @taekwang @joykimlee @reijeanne @Nodame @AriaAA @giyom1 @midorinokerochan @lia2010 @allegramente @bohoxstitch @alekaonu @Mei99 @mundaliv @Jafstar @myramalie @USAFarmgirl @badukstone @picorange @siena407 @themarchioness @LavelyShai @NRGchick @eylrx @jdkul @katakwasabi @gregandchau_at_gmail.com_stv @delfin @novita @ulfah @jechoi1 @safanta92 @samzi85 @Alilla @hannaj @season_goong @bahara @Benzkiegirl @WoozyPrincess @freitaz01 @ailanthus @kodomonojikan @YnNana @tenten0227 @phapopo@Mings30 @Meiko18 @Echoos @febz @rhiesta @Cayu18 @NhicarT @carolinedl @ChewyChocolate @xxPeepsxx @mushforbrains @rocat @arhana @Ana Paula Cionci @Desvlo @walkinsiesta @KhushiRK @AQUARIANUNICORN @hazeljrr_c922 @santicassiopeia @KymberleeD @romanov @myramalie @ifaifa89 @dhedhede @oneandthree @hennybird @Jstarr23 @jaybs @Asha Mizuki @misskym86 @jenjendg @estherlim @happysloth @Sur @gilaswan @whitefoliage @prkyjn @Mila Grek @papersky09 @fibdib @ate @dzareth @arshinwoo @adriana902@mywebfoot @emme85 @julitapurba @febz @shirunsaadon @MadraRua @blademan @hmseen @lavendre @solucu @isbes83 @windywind @mybinh99 @Urnaa @reijeanne @catscomics @SeGafanlady @docster6 @Table122000 @msste94 @Layali @jonginschicken @yjnge @MickyoochunJudy @blueroses @s00ki @Kissy13 @kasjady @Sleepietake2 @coffeeboy @filmstrip @freitaz01 @tiMadam @crispachu @greentea3berry @cacaVIP @chdom @pinklover27 @JenL @arhana @aika22 @unguu @rikasnail @dlyfie87_at_gmail.com_stv @Jackie1048 thank you so much for continuously supporting and enjoying our SWDBS and Puppy Couple! now off to read and watch episode 10!
  2. thank you so much hoobae dongsaeng @febz! I sure will do another one if it merits the same reaction from me . Please PM me if you need a siggy.
  3. aw you're welcome and to everyone who thanks me for the tagging. i'm glad that i could lift up your mood. and i'm glad my icon made you laugh. i was laughing doing that... although I actually feel bad laughing cuz he was taking a beating. and happy to see you post here @docster6
  4. I've changed my profile pic, I enjoyed making it. @febz hoobae, done and i'm going to miss my Kyunsangie for a while. This scene is one of my favorite! THE STORY OF DO BONG SOON SPICY BIBIMBAP (full story (gifs) under spoiler tags)
  5. oh noes, you can't as i'm crushing on him too chingu-deul! hahaha in one YT clip, i saw, he mentioned that when he falls in love it would't be on a drama set. he wants it to happen while he is vacationing and would never want to come back home initially i really wanted to create a shipper thread for them but as much as they have so much chemistry i don't there is enough to ship them in RL, for now...
  6. as much as i'm miffed that they didn't kiss, i definitely can understand MH after seeing the clip, (yeah, my stream is very bad) I am of the same thought with you @bebebisous33. She responded to the situation and MH can sense that, and how she clinches her hands when they are about to kiss. MH did not want that. What he wants is all of BS. The BS who closed her eyes but with closed fists as well is not the BS he wants and knows. He had shied away from her for several times already. First was during the boxing training, the second was when he put on the seatbelt and now this one. He want her to be certain and during those times, he knew she is not Bong-soon-ah please be ready palli!
  7. Wow this was really a great episode! Let me thank our dear livebloggers for teaming up tonight @briseis @sharreb @supergal99 @sakura2016 (have a safe trip)@Kasmic @lingx2 @bohoxstitch @zagigirl @libra22 @ferily and special mention to my dongsaeng @stroppyse for live translations, you're daebak! and of course to my dear dongsaeng for coming here after asking him to @jeonghyang for the live gifcaps and to all avengers for joining the liveblogging team tonight! edited fan art
  9. a girl is walking and is being followed by psycho school bullies are now trying to post on the, covering BS face with caricature of a poop their leader got angry Do family visits MH again bringing lots of food omma making MH speechless Hahaha BT comes out of the door and he's all swollen and beaten up, obviously by BS omma he came to MH's door and ask about DBS as he was walking outside he met DBS, BT talked to her BS bows at him, whispers something to him and went to MH room
  10. Back at the hospital, MH is being quiet and BS prods him BS omma is singing at Ahn Sobang repreatedly at hospital room, BS is gingerly cleaning MH's hand she asked him why did he do that next thing is see is the bus accident scene it seemed he told her, BS stops the bus, so they confirmed about the bus accident (?) now they are bickering again... haist we were fooled with the preview definitely going to lose on the betting game but the logical nonski voted for episode 11
  11. back at the junkyard, GD came to a suspicious area he leaves as the psycho owner is behind him, and called and then he left at the police station, GD opens the door and runs to his table chief call him out and he seemed to get some scolding.
  12. Shecks the psycho is being interviewed again by the GD head as a witness GD inspecting the office at the junkyard, roams around looking for clues -advert-
  13. MH talking to his dad who is sitting at the hospital sofa BS greets MH stepmom who is outside making a call there is a commotion inside, MH dad hitting him(?) not sure but BS is looking sadly at them outside.
  14. gangsters at the hospital all over again, all wounded except BT he looks at them and walked out, went to another room and got angry his right hand minion stopped him from hitting the wounded guy BS omma confronts him, getting angry at him. OH my omma is hitting the gangster in bed, BT stops her Lols she then goes hitting BT
  15. dongsaeng @jeonghyang, just in time, missed you much! at the hospital grounds, HJ visits BK again, they are walking together they sit and talk, BK telling her about being GK's friend lag again