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  1. 电视剧我的真朋友 Weibo page update 20180928
  2. I'd hate to be a copycat but this is my fave interaction as well! FJ: Luckily, when I was a servant in your palace, you didn't have a chance to recognize me. Had you know me then, you'd tell me the same thing you said to Jiheng today. Truthfully what you said was a bit cold. DH murmured(too bad FJ didn't hear it): If I had know you then , my son would be old enough to go out for errands by now. Just recently visited this thread but heard of the drama adaptation before and was very happy about it. I'd be more than happy if it is going to be a true adaptation as you of the book cause I really love the book. Looking forward to this drama. Also I really loved TMOPB and had made most of my friends and officemates watch it and I rewatched too many times to count... looking at how I love PB novel and if the drama will be true to it, i might have to rewatch it when it's done more than the times I watched TMOPB.
  3. Hello! first time posting other than kdrama thread. even ten miles hadn't made me do so. Really thankful for all your comments. I'm HSALF thirsty right now that I can devour everything HSALF and it is such a relief that at times like this Soompi is such a great place to be. Love all your thoughts. Love both the novel and the drama. Each has its own charm, well of course except for some forceful mutual cultivation. Well get back soonest to post my own thoughts of this beautiful piece of work. For those who want to read the english translation of the drama NOVEL, you can find it here:
  4. Mountain Movement released poster for the 2018 Park Hae Jin Fan Meeting dubbed as the The Jin Live Talk Show with Saja Character-themed posters
  5. lol yes... see you around, will post more news coming up when the drama resumes filming. see also at Gangnam!
  6. Just really happy that it can continue. Yup I heard that Yoona's Street is good. Happy to see you here Harabeoji!
  7. 박해진X나나 '사자', 이달 중 촬영 재개…장태유→김재홍 PD The drama 'Lion', which was discontinued due to unpaid wage conflicts, resumes shooting from the middle of this month. According to the company's Victory content on the 8th, from the middle of this month, Jae-hong Kim will take on the role of director Jang Tae-yoo PD. In JTBC, Kim Jae-hong directed 'The Street of Yuna', 'War of Flowers in the Palace - War of Flowers', and 'Love is silver Donga'. The actors will participate, except Kim Chang-wan, who has already canceled the contract. Some staff changes are inevitable. Previously, "Lion" started filming in January with the aim of broadcasting in the second half of this year, but PD and staff of Tang Yoo Yoo claimed Victory Contents had not been paying their salaries. Victory content was refused and shooting was stopped on May 10. 'Lion' is a fantasy romance thriller in which a man who digs up his mother's mental illness is caught in a bigger conspiracy while meeting one and the same human face. The star was starred by Hallyu star Park Hae Jin and Nana. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=015&aid=0003992488
  8. Episode 4 Preview @Silver Fall happy to be watching Gangnam together with you guys. Thanks for appreciating the mock caps, it isn't much but I'm happy that I made you happy with those. I don't know yet if I can continue to be active here. and a shout out to Pretties chingus @alekaonu @bebebisous33 @Mau_Cherry @ruzikie Episode 3 drama clips (the rest of the vids can be seen by clicking the spoiler tag)