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  1. I have to gush about 30 but 17 a little. I haven’t enjoyed a rom-com like this in ages! I used to love rom-coms (been watching k-dramas since 2009) but I’ve been watching mostly OCN dramas lately. Like 80 % of all dramas I’ve watched in past two years are thrillers, human dramas, investigation or legal shows (My Ahjussi, Misaeng, Forest of Secrets, Signal, Circle, Duel, Tunnel, Save Me, Life on Mars, Black, etc.). The only drama that has potential to make my heart melt is “30 but 17” but I’m soooo afraid they’re going to mess up the second half. I actually didn’t like this writer’s previous drama She Was Pretty that much, so I’m genuinely surprised 30b17 works so well for me. I haven’t felt like this for a long time. I don’t know what exactly it is that makes me feel so warm and cozy while watching these beloved characters interact. If I were to compared it to recent Why Secretary Kim the funny thing is that despite PSJ and PMY’s sizzling chemistry I couldn’t connect to them emotionally. I enjoyed their skinships but when he told her he loved her I didn’t feel a thing. But 30b17 managed to make me feel like I was back in my teens and experiencing the first time I was infatuated with a boy. The build up to the last scene of episode 17-18 made my heart flutter. The music was beautiful, the way SHS played an insecure teenage girl who didn’t really know how to react at that moment, the way YSJ came to realise his attraction and wanted to act on it... Even when I knew they wouldn’t kiss I felt my heart beating loudly. Drama gods, please don’t ruin this drama for me! Let it be good till the end!
  2. Do you think SBS will release this still? I need this moment in HD for reasons I think the PD is in love with YSJ’s face because he keeps framing his face like this
  3. That’s a k-drama law! If they’re not ending the episode with a kiss, they’re not going through with it. This PD is trolling us so much My bet is on Seo Ri breaking their embrace and running off to her bedroom. To be honest I’m glad they’re not going to kiss yet. I just saw episode 9 (17-18) and I don’t think Seo Ri is ready for that kiss. Even though she’s coping well with living as a 30 yo woman, she’s really inexperienced. Woo Jin shut himself off the world but he still developed “normally” like a normal man while she completely skipped that phase. She just woke up as a grown up woman but it looks like to me she doesn’t understand what her body is saying yet. She hasn’t realised she likes him romantically as a man yet. The way she speaks to him and freely saying things like she really admires him and that she wanted to see him... I think she likes and admires him as a person but she’s too inexperienced to realise that she’s physically attracted to him. So for me, it’ still not the right time for their kiss. The perfect scenario would be for her to make that move - she would be the one to initiate their kiss when she’ ready for it. This is the face of someone who’s more like curious and awkward.
  4. LOL, I told you guys!!! Just on a previous page I told you to prepare for Yang Se Jong unleashing his bedroom eyes hahaha Guess it’s coming in this episode. I’m all in for skinship but honestly isn’t it easier to take off a shirt before sewing on a button???
  5. aisling

    Jung Kyung Ho 정경호

    @katakwasabi I haven’t watched all his dramas but I think I like him best with black short hair like in PP. Of course he looks handsome no matter, even in 80s clothes with padded shoulders Have you noticed he has a little uneven eyes? I like that he didn’t get it fixed and leave it natural. From all his dramas, which one did you like most? @triplem So has he been hiding this the whole time or did he just worked out and got six pack for Heartless City? Cause this is quite eye popping
  6. aisling

    Jung Kyung Ho 정경호

    Oh, you’re right, other PP cast members were probably there because of other dramas. Oh boy, if only few brave viewers were left in the end of Missing 9, it must’ve been pretty crazy hahaha He didn’t have that much luck with his projects in previous years, so I’m really happy PP and LoM were both positively received and did relatively well in ratings. Maybe he should stick to black comedies and thrillers. I love they way he looks in PP. He looks boyish there and effortlessly handsome. I have to say I wasn’t really fond of his guyliners in Heartless City.
  7. Guess who behaves like an adult and who’s the real baby on the set?
  8. aisling

    Jung Kyung Ho 정경호

    @triplem Do you happen to know why wasn’t JKH present at Baeksang Awards 2018? Prison Playbook cast was there but I didn’t see him. I’m currently watching PP and I might love it even more than LoM. So happy for JKH that he picked two amazing dramas consequently. Someone warned me to never watch Missing 9 not even for him . Was it really that bad?
  9. Just watching them holding hands makes me squeal. What’s going to happen to me when they actually kiss? Can’t wait for YSJ to unleash his bedroom eyes
  10. Don’t know if he was in Moon Lovers but I saw him in Reunited Words where he also played a doctor and was pretty much useless. I hated him there even though he got a redemption in the end. Maybe that’s why I already dislike his character here even though he plays a more decent guy. @stuartjmz I find it strange that he calls her sunbae cause honestly they seem the same age visually and in demeanours.
  11. Disappears? What? What’s going on with Mr Gong? And we’re only getting one episode next week huhuhu So maybe we won’t even find out what’s happening. BTW how does Yang Se Jong address SHS in real life? Sunbae? Noona?
  12. Well, well... Looks like playing Chan made Anh Hyo Seop really popular. Looks like he just landed a main lead role with none other than Kim So Hyun. It’s rare to already get other offers when your current drama’s still airing. Congratulations to AHS! Ahn Hyo-seop up to romance Kim So-hyun in Love Alarm
  13. No, it’s a different actress from the actress who played her aunt, so we assume it’s someone from Jennifer’s past only. But who knows with k-dramas, right?
  14. As far as I know Korean women (this applies to other Asian countries too) don’t take after their husband’s surname (last name). Even when they get married, they have the same surname. Only children take after their father’s surname. I’ve lived in Europe since I was 5 but my parents come from Vietnam originally and I remember how upset I was when my classmates kept asking if my parents were divorced since they had different surnames. From what gathered it’s a deeply patriarchal tradition - like saying “even if you marry into our family, you don’t completely belong here, only your children do.”