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  1. Both Moo Young and Jin Kang are written as more likeable characters in Korean version. Ryo (MY) was literally sleeping around and was immoral as a person can get but MY doesn’t sleep with Yoo Ri even though he knows about her obsession with him. Somehow he’s more likeable and seems less sinister than Ryo. As MY is developing his feelings for JK I don’t think we’ll see him fooling around other women anymore (though Ryo had his charms as well). I like that Jin Kang didn’t fall for MY instantly and is pretty loyal to her SA. While in J-version Yuko (JK) didn’t stop herself from getting closer to Ryo even when her best friend was clearly hurting because of Ryo.
  2. @triplem MBC wants to kill me with those BTS! I only have two ovaries, spare me, MBC! I’ve never ever thought SJS would be so “skilled” with kids. He obviously knows how to play with them. I love those kids but I also envy them hahaha ————- Just random thoughts about this scene from episode 7: 1) Is SHJ short or SJS is a giant? SJS looks huge here! Not only he’s tall but he’s got really broad shoulders. 2) SHJ’s character’s always scared of being hit (during AR’s first kidnapping scene too). He’s probably a coward but could it be that he’s scared of being hit in the face because of his plastic surgeries? I heard that people who had something done have more delicate bones afterward?
  3. @piekeboeboe Those two scenes you mentioned above made me heart race too. Both SIG and JSM are known for having amazing chemistry with their co-stars but here... it’s totally on another level. You could cut through tension between them! And they haven’t even touched LOL. Is anybody else obsessed with this drama? I just can’t stop thinking about it.
  4. @blademan I was blown away by that particular scene too. I rewatched it 4 times and every single time I held my breath. That was just intense. There’s undeniable attraction between MY and JK but I didn’t think she’d already have feelings for him... The guy is a real pro when it comes to women. I applaud the whole HMSFTK team for the beautiful job they’ve been doing so far. Whether they’ll stick to the original ending or deviate from it, I can already tell this is going to be a masterpiece. This question is for those who have watched the original Japanese version, so don’t click on it if you don’t want to be spoiled.
  5. So after watching episode 8... 1) Bon and twins are reunited! Yay! They seem to be more disciplined now than they used to be. 2) Red shoes at SR’s apartment... this can’t be that obvious, right? I think they’re trolling us! 3) How did AR get tied up? Isn’t she supposed to be smart? I doubt she didn’t do anything when she knew they were heading to somewhere remote. 4) Bon, we all know you look insanely hot in a suit but a kidnapper gave you only 60 minutes. Did you really have to go and change? How many precious minutes did you lose??? 5) Where did K come from? How did he know Bon would be there? That was kinda random... 6) Who’s going to pick up the kids?
  6. It’s funny how the whole neighbourhood drools over him and AR is the only one who doesn’t realise he’s like a walking Adonis It’s going to be funny when she falls for him and start noticing other women swooning over him
  7. OMG, I swear SJS with the kids is the cutest thing that has graced our screens this year. I love every single scene with them, they already look like a family. BTW so what do you guys think? Is Red Shoes and Candy the same person?
  8. If the second lead followed the female lead with male lead like that, we’d say he’s creepy. But then SIG does that and I find it endearing. Damn you, Ziggie. I don’t know why JK continues to see CR when it’s clear he doesn’t do anything to her heart.
  9. Ok I went to great lengths to compare Candy and Red Shoes and you guys be the judge. Are they the same person?
  10. That was my take too. For a person who’s been emotionally detached for a long time love isn’t something he’d believe in. He’s so used to play and manipulate with people that he doesn’t even think he could feel something genuine for someone. SIG is a tremendous actor, the way he portrays MY sends shivers down my spine, he’s definitely not an ordinary person, yet I can’t help but to be drawn to him like a moth to a flame. And that’s what JK is starting to feel too. She knows it’s a bad idea to get closer to him but she can’t help herself. This is where JG made a mistake - he should’ve told JK from the start that MY is a murder suspect, that might’ve scared her off but no... he keeps it to himself and let his sister get closer to MY more and more. This isn’t an ordinary breezy romance... when JK and MY fall deeply in love... and they will... there’s no turning point for either of them. MY hasn’t fallen deeply in love with JK yet and he’s already showing overprotective tendencies towards her. The way his eyes shifted when he saw she was hurt in this scene was... unsettling.
  11. @stargazer187 Hi chingu! We meet again! I know JK has stronger will than me cause I’d fall for MY the moment he looked at me like that lol Korean version makes MY more sympathetic than the original version but with the hints they’ve been dropping, I think it’d make no sense for a different ending.
  12. I think the red shoes has longer hair than Candy actress, but I might be wrong. Poor Bon, if she turns out to be Candy. He was shot, tortured, disgraced, hiding and grieving for 3 years... I really hope it’s not her, that’d be too hard on him! I love AR as a character but I don’t understand how can she hide from her kids that their father passed away??? Especially since it’s been months. I guess the twins didn’t have a close relationship with him but after all it’s still their father, they need to know the truth. As for romance between AR and Bon, I think we won’t get anything while they’re investigating AR’s husband death. AR doesn’t see Bon in a romantic way yet but it might change as she found out his true identity and he can be all cool and manly in front of her now. But I’m sensing we’ll only get longing from both sides as Bon will be afraid to make a move and AR will find herself conflicted because her husband’s death is still unresolved. On the other hand... it’s So Ji Sub! You don’t cast SJS and rob audience of some kissing, right???