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  1. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    My Ahjussi is a realistic drama with a dark cinematography while Another Oh Hae Young is a straight-up rom-com with a typical soft flattering lighting. It started really well but fell apart in the second half. While My Ahjussi is undoubtably 10/10, I’d rate AOHY 7/10.
  2. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    I was inclined to a bittersweet ending the first time I watched the finale... but after reading all your posts it gave me new hope... Hope that they would reconnect and fulfill their fated encounter... Ji An and Dong Hoon, please be happy! I truly feel like they’re real people and not some fictional characters... that’s how well written those character were. Everyone in this drama had its own place, even minor characters were so well written and played. I’ve never watched any cast that was excellent as the whole like the cast of MA. There was no weak performance. The most spectacular thing was that I felt like I watched real people and not actors in their roles like in other dramas. LSK and IU have been praised many times but I’d like to thank the rest of the cast too - especially Kim Young Min aka a sleazy CEO. He was so perfect in his role and I loved to hate him there! Thank you for healing a part of me When will I be able to find a drama like this?
  3. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    She released a statement after the show ended. It was posted here cca 10 pages back. I love their offscreen interaction, they seem really close! LOL, IU and LSK have more skinship than their onscreen characters
  4. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    Dramabeans recap for episode 15 is up! My Ahjussi: Episode 15 Well, have to agree with the recapper on this one: “I said before that this is not a romance story, but it’s most certainly a love story between Dong-hoon and Ji-an. It’s just not a love story in which the people involved are meant to share a life — it’s the kind of love story where their love is so pure and real that they genuinely just want each other to live happy lives, whatever that means. It doesn’t mean that they “fall in love” and get married and have a family, that’s much too simple for these two. They just want to make the other’s life better however they can. For Ji-an that means seeing Dong-hoon in the job he deserves, with the life partner he deserves. And for Dong-hoon, it means helping Ji-an move beyond her past and being seen and loved by others for who she is now, not what she did once before.”
  5. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @sadiesmith Who are those two ladies in photos with LSK? Are those his stylists? LOL, did they put on some filter? Because he looks in his early 30s in that second pic. About IU - I don’t know how close she usually gets with her co-stars but she seems quite at ease and relaxed around LSK sunbae. The way they high-fived and hugged each other was like watching two close friends interacting.
  6. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    @sadiesmith LOL!! I was laughing so hard at your post about that hoodie!! You have keen eyes He’s really a magnificent actor, even though his onscreen characters get cheated all the time, he portrays it differently each time. But I think we can agree that Park Dong Hoon is his lifetime role. During first two episodes his acting was so subtle I thought his character would be pretty boring (compared to IU’s role) but as we gradually got to know DH I became more and more enamoured of him... I need LSK fix right away but I think it’ll be quite difficult to watch him in any other roles right now. My Ahjussi easily became one of Top 5 of my favourite k-dramas. 1) Coffee Prince 2) My Ahjussi 3) Signal 4) Forest of Secrets 5) Circle And yes, I like all kinds of drama genres!
  7. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    My question went unanswered... So I ask again: does anybody know what Ji An meant by “If I stay here, he won’t be coming to the bar”? Why? Why would he avoid her?
  8. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    Can anybody help me interpreting this scene? The way I understood it... JA was saying she didn’t want to pathetically waiting and longing for him because he didn’t feel the same way about her. Is that right? He can be happy without her and she won’t ever hold onto him to make him uncomfortable. She wants to move far because she wants to move on and stop feeling like that about him. Also why did she tell Jung Hee that DH wouldn’t come to her bar if she stayed there?
  9. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    IU is looking at LSK sunbae with such admiration it makes my heart warm... It’s weird to see LSK dress as DH but sniling so broadly Like I said, they deliberately chose to shoot the last 15 minutes ambiguously in order for everyone to make their own assumptions.
  10. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    Maybe in 5 years when IU turns 30 and sheds her idol image completely, she can reunite with her “best partner” Lee Sun Kyun and shoot another project together... because their chemistry was too good! IU was so brilliant throughout the whole drama and she remained excellent till the end. I got chills by her portrayal of Ji An. I think PD and the writer purposely chose a tiny skinny actress to contrast Ji An’s ruthless and cynical character (at the beginning). I think LSK helped her a lot as her onscreen partner and let her shine. Never for once I felt like he tried too hard to dominate any scenes where they were together. Someone above said she was really unsure and timid when she met him after a year... IU showed her emotions here perfectly. It was clever of the writer to let Ji An recognize him by his voice... because we all know that she would recognize his voice anywhere in the whole world...
  11. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    I was invested in this show even before it started airing and the show didn’t disappoint me at all. Even though my heart wanted more romantic scenes I still loved it from the start till the last minute. It wasn’t a romantic drama, no. And yet, the way they portrayed JA and DH’s connection felt more heartwarming and soul-stirring than other straight up romances. Their farewell hug nearly killed me. I’m still bawling my eyes out just thinking about it. All I can see is a lifetime of sadness and yearning in both of their eyes. Admittedly, deep inside I was hoping till the last minute for DH to show it more clearly how he felt but the writer and director stayed true till the end - they ended it as subtly and ambiguously as they started it. I don’t like open endings but in this case, there wasn’t much of other choices. This way everyone can be content and can think of their future as they please. Some will interpret their meeting as a sad one. They healed each other and though their souls long for each other, they understand that in this lifetime they can’t be together... thus they will support and cherish each other from afar... Others will interpret it as a new fresh start for both of them. It was wise of DH not to act on his feelings before, but now that they’re both healed and spent some time apart, they can rekindle their relationship and see where it takes them. I cried my eyes out during their reunion scene (again) and my heart ached so much... so my heart told me intuitively that this was a bittersweet ending for me. Either way Lee Ji An and Park Dong Hoon will forever have a very special place in my heart. I’ve just watched the last episode raw and I already feel sad and recognising withdrawal symptoms... Kudos to the whole My Ahjussi cast and crew, may the jury recognise this gem next year during the awards season!
  12. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    This is for fun, don’t take it too seriously guys! But I do feel My Ahjussi is represented like this right now.
  13. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    That was my post. I hope you didn’t take it too seriously! It’s a coping mechanism for me, I’m just mentally preparing myself for a heartbreak that will probably come tomorrow.
  14. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    Well, here we go... JA erased all the recordings on her phone so the only way to prove that JY was involved is for Kwang Il to step up and show the police all recordings from KB’s computer... I guess by doing so he will ease his conscience a bit just like YH by defending JA. And that call from a nursing home must be about JA’s grandma death...
  15. [Drama 2018] My Mister 나의 아저씨

    There’s a term for what happened in episode 15. It’s called being FRIENDZONED. Yes, our Ji An was friendzoned by her ahjussi. Ladies and gentlemen, I think we should stop dreaming now. This ship will never sail. Though we’ve been told there’s no romance I still feel tricked because of the way their interaction was executed. I was hoping up until episode 15 but now I won’t delude myself anymore. At least Ji An found her fellow sufferer - she and Jung Hee can comfort each other after DH and his monk BFF friendzoned them.