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  1. @happy2018 here yah goooo .... siiiiiiiiighs they're so darn cute
  2. I swear looking at the pics frame by frame while making the gifs I'm becoming more convinced about this couple Also sure! can you tell me what time frame?
  3. I would looOOOoOove to see them in a historical. HOWEVER, they always end in tragedy. (scarlet heart, 7 day queen, princess' man etc).... but to see them in hanboks together omg mah eyes would be shooting out rainbows!!! here's a bit of our couple bts ~ please do not re-upload ~
  4. ackkk I keep missing so many pages since I'm on the other side of the world from everyone!! that thief comment about YSH kissing still has me howling patience is a virtue and I'm willing to wait till they announce they've been dating since 2018 to whenever.... dispatch do yo thang! btw what is your phone cover? Mine is course of our OTP~
  5. he said that INAR was the happiest work he's ever done.... if anyone is looking for me I'll be a corner in a pool of tears... I'm happy that he's happy and I wish someone could tell him that according to Forbes that INAR was one of the most watched k-drama in North America If you look over his filmography there aren't many shows he's done that centers around comedy. most are super intense like Remember and Master of the Mask so I think its great that he took a break and met CSH (hehe) to do a project that's much more lighthearted...
  6. ... I'm wondering about that too!! I'm sure since their kiss scene was so hot that they'd have to talk about it any interview they do.... or yah know if they want to take some personal time off *wink wink* I don't mind
  7. WOW I blinked and missed 6 pages!?! Yay our little family is growing Anyone else really love this still? they're sharing a hot pack since it must have been so cold... Skinship via hot pack is a good excuse amirite?
  8. Just me rambling and trying to get my feels out there about why I love YSH and CSB together. Hopefully it makes sense . I want to talk about the C.H.E.M.I.S.T.R.Y. It takes two to tango and boyyyy what a dance did they show us with I’m Not a Robot! For YSH & CSB, I’ve only watched them in serious dramas. Most recently for CSB Love in the Moonlight and for YSH was Ruler: Master of the Mask. In those dramas there was no room for them and the audience to see that both have such great comedic timing. I loved that these two could play off each other so well in the drama. Actors bounce off each other their energy and to see two people truly connecting to me is rare. Of my 18+ years of watching K-Dramas there are couples who are good at being a together on screen but then there are those rare gems that make me go hmmmm wow these two are amazing. To go from the lighter scenes to the heavy rip my heart out and run it over with a tank scenes effortlessly is a testament to how great these two are together. From episode one to the behind the scenes videos I felt no awkwardness and they honestly sound like they could be best friends, hopefully something more! It doesn’t hurt that there’s only a year difference between them. That’s why I ship them IRL together so damn much. Energy and chemistry between these two can’t just be generated without some context. I mean hot damn that kiss! Yes, it’s still just a fantasy and we’re just having a bit of fun but you can’t help but to hope to see that article saying that they’re together. Dispatch where art thou?
  9. .... If I can suggest a couple name.... how about SooHo = guardian it reminded me of that line that YSH said right before that amazing kiss?
  10. ~here's my little contribution to the thread~ I made this a while back and forgot to upload it anywhere.... sighs... I wish I had HD pictures *please don't re-post*
  11. omgggg I didn't know this thread existed!! but thank god I found it since I need to release my feels somewhere!! I know that everyone knows this but WOW YSH & CSB's chemistry were off the charts! I know we've just finished this drama I want to be a bit greedy and I need MOAR....