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  1. Argh... why... My heart is in pain, gripped so tight the pain leaves me breathless. The suffocation, the anguish, the upset... that hard to swallow block in my throat... WHY IS THIS DRAMA AIRING ONLY ONCE A WEEK?!?!?! I binge watched from ep 1... and just finished the last ep... 나 망했어.
  2. No I didn't. Didn't watch the episode. He better not be thinking that she's hot.
  3. Which is pretty much self-induced pain for which I have no patience. She's now an adult, not a kid. She's acting like a 10 year old that even her own younger brother gets fed up with her. Where is the logic with this one? And you know, kids can be smart. And have survival instinct. At least scream or something. I'm not sure what Western Style of Romance means, but if it means communicating instead of hiding away, I call it maturity. It feels like she's been so sheltered by Unnie that she doesn't even know how to do anything other than put on a show in front of a camera. What kind of top star is that naive? In the entertainment business? The one that's pretty much ruthless? This is no hate to Yoon EunHye the actress, let me put it out there first. The writer is just screwing things up.
  4. Ooh la la, ooh le lei~ I admit I didn't watch this episode. And it didn't fail me by being another mope-fest. Seriously. You have Yoon EunHye, Chun JungMyung and a FINISHED NOVEL for reference and you pull this richard simmons for 3 episodes. Grar! And I once said that perhaps only Choego Madame knew what family is... And yeah, she knows what a Chaebols version of family is - my blood and my blood only (matters). Whaaat. This is messed up. The only reason I can excuse her for not saving WooHyun is if both kids were too heavy to carry at once and she tried to go back but the fire got too nasty. Then of course it's time for the pros. Although... I might be really mean for saying this... but it's been on my mind... but while YooJung's mother's death is obviously not her fault... she died only because YooJung saw fire... and chose to huddle on the sofa instead of getting out. Like really?! It wasnt even that the fire had spread! She still could run out, get out through the windows... but she chose to sit on the sofa for who knows what. Bleurg. Of all the people who could do something then, Dad is not it since he's not even there. YooJung is so emotional I don't get her at all. There, I said it. The only feeling I got out of this episode from @ktcjdrama's recap is pity for poor Unni. Eek.
  5. Is it? Lemme go check. I might've heard wrongly. Edit: Oh yeah, she said that WooHyun picked it and acted surprised that WooHyun didn't tell YooJung. Sorry! Honestly, I'd rather trust the Chinese Subs than myself, lol, cos I multi-task during the show too (esp these 2 eps). Plus, Chinese subbers have more time to go through and they're much more detailed and true to the language from what I've seen - most times even more than Eng Subs.
  6. WooHyun's biological father really has no clue about being a father. He admits that there're too many things he's sorry for towards WooHyun and his mother and accepts that WooHynu can't accept his apology because the hurt runs too deep and the apology's too late. However, he tells WooHyun that it's a fact that WooHyun is his son... and then decides that now is a good time to negotiate... Er... So in exchange for clearing up the HyeJoo mess and accepting YooJung, he wants WooHyun to admit his paternity and join the business. WooHyun's just like... I came to see you for nothing. LOL. Chaebols don't know how family works do they? HyeJoo is messed up in the head, her father treats her like a wagyu heifer... I think only Madame Choego knows, given how protective she is of her son. And considering she hasn't done anything evil to WooHyun or his mother.
  7. Kang HyeJoo actually said that she called WooHyun over, LMAO. She nutcase. WooHyun, why are you always in the weirdest situations.
  8. @Ameera Ali Hey! It was true! Anyway, come on people, every drama has its criticisms. You can like a drama and still see it's flaws - the two things aren't mutually exclusive. Just because someone pointed out a criticism doesn't mean it's an attack. And there's nothing wrong with being critical. People see things differently, so they have different opinions, that's all. And everyone's entitled to express their opinions. If no one ever says anything contrary, how can things improve? We'll all just get more Yes Men and more Trump. *shudders* Plus, the moment a drama is broadcasted out there, it's free for all to judge. Let's play nice. And this is a drama. Everything's emotional, nothing's rational. Although I do have to add that I think Yoon EunHye's stylist is doing a straight up nasty job here. She looks so tired and blotchy and puffy and dresses like a kid playing grown up. As a person who's seen Yoon EunHye sparkling and shining like she has that "sha-la-la-la-la" background in much better styles before, I'd say the coordi-s here are doing her dirty. And this drama is seriously old school (like original 1% of anything. I still laugh at Kang DongWon in that one), so I don't expect much. (Just stop mope-ing!)
  9. I don't know why, but this sentence cracks me up so badly. It makes her sound like a cuckoo. *HAHAHAHAHA!*
  10. Wow, so many discussions. Because of the Mope-fest? I admit my recaps are not free of personal opinion. And they most likely will never be, haha. I'll be honest and just put my two cents here: I actually wasn't really annoyed by YooJung when she stomped off crying right after she learnt new things about her man online (again). Sure, she got a shock, some people need time. But when she locked eyes with WooHyun when he came to find her and then CHOSE to leave with SungHoon and then moped for who knows how many days, she lost me. Cos I'm not patient with people who run away from situations and get all sad that things don't work out. Like... you ran away from it... how can it work out... what are you so sad for when you chose not to face it... Solutions don't fall from the sky. You ran away, that's your fault. Why do you expect him to pander to you while you can just walk off. Plus, I don't like mopey people so I didn't like this episode. If you have a problem, talk, solve it. Aaaand.... we'll see what happens on Wednesday.
  11. [Director's cut Blue Ray Confirmation and Pre-orders/payment in progress] [period] ~2018 December 10, 11.59pm [price] In full ₩253,000/ In instalments ₩126,500 x 2 [content] re-edited episodes, cancelled scenes, Unaired clips (Making/Bts, NG, Commentary etc) [decided] 1 additional bonus CD. Happy ordering! Refer to here for official news on the sales (It's in English): http://m.cafe.daum.net/beautyinsideBD/l7od/7?listURI=%2FbeautyinsideBD%2Fl7od Maybe you can ask if they have Eng Subs. But you've got to log in. Haven't seen the topic of Subs mentioned anywhere yet.
  12. I honestly forgot much of the preview. But Dad is surprised that WooHyun and "that lady" broke it off completely tells WooHyun to meet someone whom he can protect no matter what. Or vice versa, not sure. I have no idea why YooJung's wearing the dress either.
  13. He is fighting head on right now, though. Going straight at the root of the problem - the Chaebols. Even though he himself admits he'd rather run away and avoid it all as he usually does. And what can he do with a person who ran away from him... ... In my opinion, YooJung deserves all the sorrow she's going through now. She just had to stand by him and all would be good!
  14. After the binge-fest comes the mope-fest. Weecap: News that WooHyun is a Chaebol's son and his engagement blasts online. YooJung finds out and barges off because telling the person who wanted to tell you something to say it tomorrow and then learning that something online and feeling betrayed that he didn't tell you earlier is a thing. Snort. She ends up at a phone booth calling Bro and her staff but no one picks up. SungHoon does, and so when WooHyun finally finds her, she's stepping into his car and getting driven off. WooHyun reaches home to find a reply from his application to volunteer in Africa and a voiceover of YooJung's Dad scolding him for running away when he could just fight whatever happens. His Mom is of the same idea and tells so via a letter. YooJoon takes 1000 selfies but uploads the one with SungHoon helping YooJung into the house in the background. The world thinks they're a couple now and WooHyun and YooJung's breakup is because of a love triangle. ... ... I have no words. WooHyun meets with HyeJoo (why do you even give her the time of your day?) who passes him the invitation and location of their engagement. Thats just creepy. WooHyun swears that he wont do as they wish. Mope mope mope... uh... important point is that WooHyun decides to really fight Choego via the law and goes looking into the fire incident from his past. He recruits Dad's help and Dad says any time. Manager also rebuffs HyeJoo when she tries to invite her to her engagement ceremony and accuses her of holding onto WooHyun now that she knows he's a Chaebol's son. LMAO, Manager says straight to her face that she doesnt wanna do anything with her and that WooHyun and YooJung's aren't over each other. Oh right, this despite her encouraging YooJung to let WooHyun go. What is this complicated nonsense. YooJoon also decides to repent in the way he knows best - studying overseas (who's gonna pay your school fees?). He claims he wants to become someone who is a strength (can help) his sister. Dude, you're doing just fine in SK! If you can't tell, I'm annoyed by this episode. hue hue Edit: Forgot to add, HyeJoo told her reporter to dig through YooJung Entertainment for scandalous news. Just dig until he finds something. Are you farming now? What's with the digging. You creeper.