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  1. Thanks!! Oh, I must've skipped that part during my watching (and skipping raws). Oh that was hilarious! *LOL*. Xifeng and Nanny were so funny (Oh I love this Nanny, with her romantic advices to those young inexperienced people). And when Ningjing told him the same thing, Xifeng was like, huh ..the same advice? . And he really drew nice pics *LOL*. Actually I dont really understand about this blood of Poison sect/Master. How come the Poison Master (and his descendants) has a special blood? Gu Beiye doesnt have any, right? because if he did, then he could save Feiye too . Yes, I know. And no, I dont recommend it *LOL*, unless if you dont care about the original story. Seriously. I've always hated Swordsman 2013 for ruining the novel, but this newest version is ..well ... The Swordsman 2013 ruined the main leads, while maintaining the major plot. This new version maintain the main couple, has a natural darker vibe (which is nice) but changes the story a lot, while adding new plot and relationships. And these new versions just love DFBB, so they just had to make her/him really important somehow. Perhaps if you dont know the novel at all, then you can enjoy it? I dunno . If it is a movie, then it is understandable to make changes that much. But for a series, it's kinda hard for me to accept it. Btw, I hope you get well soon! You know what, I've been wondering whether the 2nd female lead is BMX or Western Princess . I think it should be BMX, but after a 2nd thought, Western Princess got more screen time than her. I also like Gu Beiye. Besides Feiye's Mom, isnt he the only mature man around that is actively giving advices to them ? But he always got entangled with Ningjing-TangLi's love affair . Poor guy..he looked confused and uncomfortable being in the middle of their fight Yes, Feiye was clingy for a man asking for divorce. And with him yearning about her even in his unconscious state, while daydreaming about her in the upcoming episodes, of course everyone close to him would persuade him to bring her over *LOL*. He really looked like a broken heart boy , poor poor him I have deadlines today, arrggh. Will catch up with this forum later!
  2. Hey, thanks! Actually, I did check that site sometime ago, but they didnt have YX. I'll check again later. The subs there is usually quite good too. I also like ZZH in traditional costume more than in a modern one. But perhaps it's also bcause I prefer watching c-traditional dramas more than the modern ones. Yeah, like you, I'm also not too interested in Korean sageuk, except for the fushion ones. On the other hand, I prefer Korean modern dramas than the Chinese ones. Perhaps it's because I Iike watching rich stories and characters in ancient era, along with the action stuffs. K-sageuk is usually too short for my taste (below 30), while the longer ones are usually historical/palace dramas with a lot of talking which I couldnt stand. I prefer to watch the C ones, although I couldnt stand it if there are too many episodes. On the other hand, I like a straight-forward unique modern dramas. About Consort Qing, actually I've been wondering about her arc in the novel. AFAIK, the novel version is attracted to Feiye , pls cmiiw. If the drama made her fell for Feite as well, then romance would be more complicated with the addition of her and the Emperor Going back to the drama version, I think she still takes part in the downfall of the Emperor, although indirectly. Pls cmiiw, since the subs were unclear, she was the one who poisoned the CP and told him about the one who killed the Empress. That made CP determined to bring the 2nd Prince down, hence making the Emperor loosing his son ( and also ally). I was actually kinda sad to see the Emperor expressions when he found out that his sons died one by one. Although he was being harsh with them, they were still his flesh and blood. Oh I've heard that he had a new drama , and finally, as the lead. But that's a modern drama right? I prefer him in traditional costumes. Still, I think I'll take a peek at least
  3. Sorry which episode is this? Perhaps it's funny if they had twins, a girl who was naughty like YX and a boy who was cold like Feiye. The little Princess should be running around being chased by Mom, while the little Prince was reading with Dad
  4. I guess I'm the only one who dont mind if L o YX added more episodes , perhaps 1 or 2 episodes. Yes, I agree @Table122000 that C dramas nowadays are too long. But in L of YX case, the palace politic is quite heavy and there are several arcs happening, not just a story about YX-Feiye . We have Crown Prince, 2nd Prince, Western Princess, and Qishao. We need more time to explain Feiye's origin and the ending. If I wanted to make some parts slower, then I found it hard to choose. I partly agree with @litopanda about the Western Princess. The show highlighted her purpose of marrying the Emperor, that was to get revenge on Feiye. But, she is more like destroying the whole Tianning and Consort Xiao, instead of just targeting on one person. Then again, I understand that she had to win the Emperor's trust first, so she got herself into conflict with Consort Xiao. I still find her arc to be in line with her purposes in the beginning, that is to get revenge for her people and not just to destroy Feiye. She also brought trouble to Feiye in the end through YX's dad, so perhaps I could count that as her trying to get revenge. Actually, her arc is quite tricky, coz if it was too short, then it wouldnt be believable (to get the Emperor's trust, thus had the chance to master-minding the poisoning of CP). But if it was too long, then it would be boring coz she-Emperor were not the leads. Perhaps, can they cut the part when she pretended to be sick ? (And met YX). On 2nd thought, I think I would omit Consort Xiao. Let 2nd Prince be motherless, so that Western Princess could focus on the Emperor and Feiye. Then, perhaps we would have more time for Feiye's origin and the ending. Oh, and also cut some parts of Tang Li-Ningjing. Not all, though..coz they provide a comic relief. Thanks! Well I like a cold and cool character, so I'm always happy to watch one that is done right . There are many cold characters in dramas, and I find Feiye to be played well , so ..yeah. Merxat is also good, but he hasnt have many dramas where I can watch him.Perhaps I really have to watch Zhao He for these 2 guys I dropped Chusen for the same reason. I just have a lot less patience than you *LOL*. Colorful Bone is quite interesting, although some people were annoyed bcoz the guy got sick often. I havent been invested in any drama for a while, before L o YX.
  5. I've been waiting for eng subs of epi 39, coz I want to understand her conversations with Feiye and YX. Thanks ! I really love her here. Thanks! You know what, in one of the videos that was posted here, ZZH said that the director (?) discussed with him regarding the Season 2. Now I understand why. He is quite smart and creative, and critical too. I agree with him that Feiye should not have too many lines, and I'm glad that he requested to change that and let others (Xifeng) do the talking. And it's good that he is not afraid to experiment with interesting ideas (the koala hug), in order to show something different to the audience. Hi, there! You're right. Some of the dramas that I enjoy are not the mainstream ones, like Colorful Bones, Let's Shake It (although I skipped a lot and haven't had the time to watch it properly, I think it was quite interesting). And I agree with you about Legend of Chusen . I dropped it in the middle. Regarding new actors, I'm borderline of becoming a fan of ZZH *LOL* . The problem is, I don't like his agency, so it's quite a dilemma for me .. hahaha. I also like Merxat, JJY, and the actress Ningjing (what's her name?) . Actually, I have the same problem as @triplem .I also used to watch on the site that is recommended by @anonymouschic , but it fails to load, starting from epi 31 . So, I was forced to watch from that website in the spoiler tag and used my imagination and guessing abilities to decipher what they were talking about . I just tried watching epi 37 and 39 from the 1st website, and it's still failed. Perhaps there are many viewers who are watching the new episodes from there, since the english subtitle is good. @angelangie ,hi . Please check your PM
  6. I dont like the Emperor that much either, but I just feel that he looked effortlessly good, and it's not because he is handsome. He has this charming and elegant aura that makes him really suitable as a King. It turns out that he is a professional model, so perhaps that's why he has a nice posture and knows how to look good. Yes, it appears so.I think a consistent-well developed storyline plays a big part on this, besides the main leads. The story is quite captivating, and I feel that I want to know what happened next. Plus, the supporting characters are not wasted too. They have their own development or contribute significant parts on the story.
  7. Douban is somekind of IMDB or Rottentomatoes, chinese version, where people give their rating and reviews/comments about dramas/movies etc. Nope, I cant read chinese..I just open it in Google Chrome and it's automatically translated to English Regarding what's considered good or not, for several dramas that I checked, several popular dramas got only 4 or 5. For the sake of comparison, Nirvana in Fire 1 and 2 got around 8.5 - 9, which means very good. This is L o YX : https://m.douban.com/movie/subject/26897025/
  8. Everytime he finds out about himself that could endanger her, he pulls away from her. Then everytime she finds out about what's going on and approaches him, he ends up accepting her. Seriously , why does he even try ? I'm still rewatching several episodes , havent got bored. I also havent been able to watch epi 37 onward with subs. There are several dramas that I've been planning to watch, but I dunno when. Or perhaps I'm gonna watch ZZH old dramas *LOL*, still havent decide it. Btw, I read on wiki that the actor Emperor is a famous model in China. No wonder that his posture looks good . And, douban rating for Yun Xi increases again. It's 6.6 now, not bad
  9. It's because everyone knows that Feiye still loves her and doesnt actually want to divorce her. He does it because he really loves her and doesnt want her to suffer (which means : he loves her very much). And, unlike in other dramas, they (or some of them) also know about the misunderstanding between Feiye-YX. They hide the fact from YX because Feiye asks them to. So they just keep on persuading Feiye to change his mind (although later the misunderstanding was cleared because of them too pls cmiiw) , while treating YX as his wang fei.
  10. I've watched epi 33-36, but the subs werent too clear. Is it true that the divorce paper is : It was actually quite funny coz everyone around Feiye-YX keep on supporting their relationship, no mater how Feiye tried to push her away . Xifeng keeps on persuading Feiye to bring back wang fei. Tang Li-Ninjing persuade Feiye to tell her the truth . They also keep YX informed about what Feiye is going to do, so that she can come and help. Gu Beiye is also being supportive. Feiye himself keeps on treating YX as his wang fei (and let everyone, but her, knows that he cares). I honestly almost forgot that they were supposed to be divorced @Marrisa hii welcome!
  11. Please cmiiw, since the sub was not very good : Feiye was willing to be transferred , if YX failed. Then again, he would actually get an advantage, because the location was close to his army/base of power(?). It would be easier for him to arrange things with them. And, since it was far away from the capital, then he wouldnt have to worry about being caught up by the Emperor's . So, Feiye was being very smart and cunning .
  12. Yeah. Feiye is a planner, and he is also a guy who usually uses logic more, rather than feelings . He acts carefully and plans his moves. He doesnt just think about what is best now, but also later and in the future. When he realized that the poison had no cure (and the statement was coming for the poison inventor himself, who has studying it for years), he was shocked, then decided that it was best for YX to not to be together with him. Even if YX would try to find the cure, then the chance was very slim, and YX would have suffered a lot in the process. He didnt even have the confidence to survive or to be able to give a good life to her (I assume that it's because the zombie child finally died). It's like a person who has been diagnozed by cancer stadium 4, while also has the burden to lead a revolution. He knew that YX wouldnt mind, but I believe that he, himself, didnt want to see her suffering because of him. Thanks! Okay, now I"m really curious on how Zhao Ge will be . I'm kinda worried about the script I dont really like Qishao since, like other posters here, it's as if he doesnt consider that YX is a married woman. It was kinda sad to see him being stood up by her in epi 15, but he was wrong himself for expecting too much. Well, he was in love.., plus YX also didnt keep her distance, so I'm willing to forgive him for being blind. But, I like him more toward the end of the drama, when he-Feiye begins to 'work together' . Well, perhaps I'm wrong coz I was only watching raws, but I'm guessing that both guys understand each other's feelings. If I'm correct, then I think my wish to see ZZH-Merxat working together as partners is fulfilled . Although, I have to admit that these 2 boys are great as rivals , like @anonymouschic said. Yes, it's actually good to see them competing against each other Btw, based on the long trailer of Zhao Ge, it seems that they're going to be friends . Let's see..
  13. Perhaps he has better self control after learning to control poison zombie for 15 years I like it that this drama made them (and the whole family) reconcile. I've always been a fan of a drama that maintains a close relationship between family members. It's good to see the dad maintained his stern attitudes in front of YX, but being blatantly honest with Feiye (like a dad entrusting his daughter to the son-in-law). Then Feiye waited until the time was right (to confirm whether Dad was being honest or not?)before telling the truth to YX. Then in the end, the whole family reconciled with smile on their faces. Nice. Oh, I thought that there was something wrong with my handphone coz I couldnt log in. But I noticed that there was no new posts in the whole forums for hours. Then, I tried to log on from my laptop, and it got error as well. Luckily soompi is good again now. Based on the novel ending that you posted here some time ago, I thought that the novel ending was quite depressing as well . Anyway, it seems that the novel is indeed a lot more complex. Too bad there are still more than 600 chapters to translate. I dont think I have the patience to wait until it is finished, and I dont like reading a story which is cut in the middle. I just randomly read several chapters, and how come it seemed that many girls got attracted to Feiye, while the boys fell for YX ? Long Tianmo and Gu Beiye seemed to fall n love with her, while Chu Qingge and Feiye's martial sister fell in love with him . Anyway, I think the scriptwriter for drama YX is not bad, although they have to learn to fix the flaws and clear several things in their next dramas. I wonder whether YZ himself who wrote the script, or whether it was someone else. I just noticed that he writes the script for Zhao Ge, so I wonder how it will turn out
  14. I'm quite irritated too. I dont understand why they chose to ignore the warning from others and went by themselves. That's pretty reckless. @jd50, @eileenmarcelin, hi there! Welcome! @cancergirl87, thanks! It seems that the drama took bits and pieces of stories from the novel, then modified them. It's more embarassing to talk about that in public . Regarding this topic about lack of intimacy, I think it's like @jd50 said. The drama is starred by young idols, so it follows the standard setup for idol drama / romcom. The female lead is an overly innocent girl who is shy and never consider that her gorgeous hot male best friend, who has been helping her a lot, has a crush on her . I can still accept her naivity about intimate relationship, even is she is a doctor. It's a traditional setting, and perhaps she knows the theory but doesnt understant/cant imagine how to really do it , as well as being too shy about it. I've seen people in real life who is comfortable with friends from the opposite sex, but become very timid when it comes to people that they like. So, yeah, I can accept this. The problem arises because YX lives in traditional setting, but being too unrestrained to Qishao. I believe that this is a common problem in periode idol/romance dramas(Korean, Chinese) nowadays. The characters are typical, the setting is traditional, but the 'style' is modern. Like I said once, this drama is cliche and also not. YX-Qishao's friendship , with Feiye being the jealous husband/boyfriend is the typical setup in idol dramas. So, yeah..there goes the inconsistency. Luckily for me, this drama has other things that makes it so enjoyable and fun to watch. I can just let these flaws pass
  15. Well, BMX cant resist Feiye, so at least we have a girl who can *LOLOL* . I dont mind about this setup. They are soo cuuuuuttteeeeeeeeee
  16. Yeah, AFAIK, ZZH and Merxat are from the same company. I checked ZZH's old dramas, and they were both in Cosmoteology High (didnt watch it, just heard some news about it) as supporting actors. They were also in Banshu Legend, but ZZH was already the lead there. They began to be rivals in love (ZZH as the lead, Merxat as the 2nd lead) in Demon Girl, then L of YX. Honestly, I think both are very handsome and talented, and I'm waiting for the day when they become partners, instead of rivals . Regarding Zhao Ge, I dunno whether Merxat is the 2nd lead or not. If he is, then I hope that the drama gives him a girl this time @thunderman1, the ending is indeed unclear. Like @yueyyo said, we are hoping to get some answers in approx 10 days, when they will air extra episodes (is it 2 episodes?) . I'm curious myself, whether this extra episodes have been confirmed to air or not, though. And I checked the theories that I found , but it turned out that they are the same with the ones you posted here . I'll post here if I find another theory
  17. The ending is the problem for everyone. That is what's lacking from this show. If I didnt watch it first, then I'd be really annoyed I watched the raws for most part and read spoilers/discussions. Here is what I think : --Edited-- Just went back to your post and noticed that you added more info in a new spoiler. Gotta read that.
  18. She is not just blinded by obsession, but she is also not mature enough to handle failures. I've met a character like her in real life and, she just has to grow up. Actually, she has been lucky to be surrounded by good environment that has been telling her what to so and still protecting her. Too bad, so chooses to not listen to their words and keep on making mistakes. I've been calling it as his dirty look . Oh I love that part . Cant forget the look on their face when the Consort told them to work hard *LOL* , then he looked at YX, as if he was saying,"Did you hear that? " *LOL* . I love it everytime he teases her like that. It's the part that I've been rewatching all this time
  19. Ahh, so that's what happened. Thanks! Oh, there's also one question that I've been wondering for quite some time. I don't understand this traditional marriage custom. I thought that there's a part in the ceremony when the bride and the groom have to bow together, before they are legally husband and wife. YX-Feiye didn't do in their marriage in epi 3, but how come they are still considered as legally married ? Is it because it it bestowed by the Emperor ? Well, I usually copy--paste my message to laptop Notepad or memo in handphone, but sometimes I haven't had the chance to do that coz the error suddenly happened . I will do that quickly after I finish typing next time, thanks for the advice! Yes, that is Feiye's character development , as well as a part of the building relationships between him and YX . I understand him because, I think if you really love someone and care about them, then all you want is for them to be happy and not to experience hardships. And he is the type who keeps problem by himself. If he has to choose whether to have a relationship or to give his loved ones a good life, then I believe that he will choose the second one. In a relationship, one of the things that you have to do is indeed to open up with your partner and to share things with them. That is the thing that Feiye has to learn, if he wants his marriage to work . He has learnt a lot, actually. He was an ice prince, and now we get to see him smiling more and showing more emotion. This is one of the good things about this show. The main leads don't just have excellent chemistry, but they are also complementing each other and learning how to be a couple.
  20. Finally, I'm done watching 36. Phew .. Despite BMX madness, I'm so glad that everyone around her doesn't support her. Yeah, this is one of the rare dramas where the supporting characters are logical and sane enough not to support the 2nd female lead's crazyness. And Feiye is indeed a wise and mature character . He protects people around him, and he always thinks ahead for the good of people and country. I enjoy watching Tang Li slowly growing up under his guidance. I like Tang Li - Ninjing more and more, and it's refreshing to see this couple's relationship developing naturally, like friends or partners. After the angst between the main leads, I'm glad to see Tang Li-Ningjing always support and help them, and wish them to be together. Yes, it's too bad that Feiye used to handle things by himself, though. Considering YX's personality, she actually has the same level of maturity and wisdom to balance him. She is a perfect match for him. He just loves her too much, so that he doesn't want her to suffer with him.
  21. Ah, I see. JJY is indeed small. She's even shorter than the actress Ningjing. Btw, I've watched until epi 33 and have a question :
  22. Not again. I've written a long post, and now it's gone *sigh* I've been trying to watch epi 31-39 with engsubs, but I can't connect to the usual server. So, I watched epi 31-32 from another, which has lesser quality of eng subs. It's still good actually, but I need to confirm something, coz I'm affraid that I don't understand it correctly. I also pity Feiye. Although I have known what happened to him in the past, but watching him while understanding his conversations + reactions were really sad. In the novel, it should be Qishao who experiences this, right ? I think the decision to shift this part to Feiye is a great one. It's not just making it more dramatic and giving more conflict to the main leads, it also maintas the focus of the story to Feiye-YX. If it followed the novel, then the focus of attention will be split between Feiye and Qishao. I haven't read all the posts here, but I read that there were some topics about Feiye loved to control YX and kept his problems alone. In this case, I understand Feiye. He is very reasonable. I'm not someone who hates noble idiocy plot, coz I have to see first, whether it has strong reasonings behind it or not. In this case, Feiye is a leader, the 2nd most powerful person in the Kingdom. His power is only 1 level below the King (and ED?). And he is also supposed to be the Crown Prince of the previous dinasty, who has a mission to revenge and to overthrow the current Emperor . It is his nature to order around and manage things. Because of the politics, his mission and his own poisoning condition, he thinks the best for YX, a woman that he loves. Yes, it's best if she is not involved, so he keeps her in the dark (because if she knows, then she won't stay put). He is actually the same as Lady Tianxin who wanted YX to marry a commoner, so that she wouldn't be involved in politic. Yes, perhaps YX herself wants to be with him and be happy with him, but because he loves her, then he doesn't want her to experience hardships with him. Regarding BMX, I think that she is a very stubborn girl who has been madly in love with Feiye. She, and Qishao, are very wrong, for refusing to give up. They are acting like all 2nd girls in dramas, who keep on holding on to their love, eventhough they already have someone else. One thing that's making me understanding more is because I think that she really concerns about Feiye and tries to protect him,despite the selfish reason to get his attention. I'd say that it's a mix of love and obsession, that is you have to own the things that you love and refuse to let them go, no mater what. @cancergirl87 , @40somethingahjumma thanks for the goodies!LOL at frigid Feiye . ZZH's acting is veeery good (and did he call JJY as 'small' ? ) .I've been digging his old dramas as supporting actor, and he was really different there *LOL* . The Emperor! Yay! I think that he has chemistry with Chu Qingge. It's kinda funny to see him - Chu Qingge being calm in real life, while ZZH-JJY were joking all the time . I also like the actress Ningjing. Yes, I don't like the scene from epi 18, but I still like her (the actress). I saw her the first time in Fighter of Destiny, as Lu Han's friend (a dragon demon ?) . She was very cute and looked like a kid, and I thought that I would like to watch her again when she grew up. Then, I watched her in YX and thought that she grew up fast . I wish to see her and/or Tang Li again in other periode drama. They looked good together. That Tang Li actor has potential too. And the Special Collection videos, awwww.. I've been watching the old episodes, while still trying to connect to the usual server, hahaha. Watching YX-Feiye slowly building up relationship, with the people around them, has been really fun . Oh, about the small community of YX here, we just have to think positively. Perhaps people who have been watching L of YX don't go to soompi Welcome, the more the merrier @linhduo
  23. I'm inclined to think that Feiye is around 25-27 years old. Yes, the child Feiye should be at least 10 yrs old. I also prefer "handsome aloof male falls for cheery girl" storyline than "the loud-mouth jerk reforms when he falls in love". For the 2nd one, it feels like it's every girl's dream to tame a handsome badboy. In my case, I dont trust bad boys who turns nice because he falls in love. The 1st one is more believable, and I even have an example in real life. One of my friends is like YX and her husband is cold and aloof like Feiye *LOL* . And yes, why must cheery spunky girls have to be silly? That's the reason why I've been watching dramas like investigation ones or action stuffs. The romance ones are so typical, with the same spunky girls . In real life, some intelligent guys prefer intelligent girls too, because it's easier to communicate and to share things. I like it that Feiye-YX are complementing each other, working together through difficult situations. Yeah..I think his real personality is more like his character in Demon Girl : sunny, rather dominant, and perhaps extrovert too. I actually prefer an honest celebrity than a diplomatic one.
  24. I read somewhere that, in the novel, YX was 16, while Feiye was in his 20s. Perhaps @cancergirl87 or other novel readers can clarify this I have browsed (watched but skipped some parts) until 48, wacthed them with eng subs until 30, rewatched 31-39 in raws. I havent been able to watch 31 onwards with eng subs, coz the server was too slow. I skipped some parts, since I still want to enjoy the detail. But, since I've read a lot of posts/comments containing spoilers, I think I can understand 90-95% of the whole drama . What is the ending that they havent shown? I think the ending is the same as what people have been talking about . which is kinda weird
  25. @40somethingahjumma, thanks! ZZH was so honest , not being diplomatic at all.. . And it's funny when the audience yelled ,"He wiillll (fall in love with another woman)" Btw, the douban rating for L of YX is now 6.5 . When I posted it in this forum, the rating was 6.3. Although it is only 0.2 points higher, but I'm actually surprised that the rating increases. I wonder whether it is going to increase again.
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