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  1. Thanks, @sonicwave, @lynne22 Btw, I just knew that the novel has won an award! I hope the adaptation wont be disappointing. The dynamic between NQ and his friends are not as 'fun' as the novel, but I think it's still quite decent. Yeah, CPP is adorable . I think Ever Night is a web drama and not being aired on TV, pls cmiiw. Yeah, waiting is a torture. I hate watching an ongoing drama, because I have to wait for the sub and the next episodes. But, I ended up watching ongoing dramas anyway ..and I watch the raws too. Luckily there's a novel translations this time. Btw, tonight we'll have new episodes. Yay!
  2. @lynne22, I just saw the pics in your spoiler tag.
  3. Yeah, I think Chen Feiyu is good with fighting scenes + being ruthless. Then again, I'm actually glad that they toned them the ruthlesness. And, I like his charm, with a hint of arrogance and youth/teenager vibe.
  4. The Emperor.., I think? Pls cmiiw ..IIRC, the Grand Prince called him Big Brother in the earlier episode
  5. It's good enough for me too
  6. @Wotad, yeah..above 7 is considered quite good in Douban. I think some people gave low stars because the male lead's acting wasnt very good. Personally, I think his acting is decent and enjoyable. He is 18 yrs old now and only 17 yrs old when he shot this, so it's understandable if his acting needs improvement. I've seen older actors whose acting also needs improvement, or even worse
  7. Actually, what I meant with no 2 is ..
  8. Do you mean Hu Jun (General Xia Hao)? I love Hu Jun. He is very manly, cool and charismatic. I dont mind him being a villain here, coz he still looked badass and amazing. Regarding SS, I think some viewers have problems because she looked so small and childlike. The problem is, that's how she is in the novel : cute, small, thin(due to the harsh life) and dark (the drama SS is not that dark, I think). IIRC, she is 14-15 yrs old in the beginning parts of the novel (should be season 1) . Yet, in a traditional setting, 16 years should be eligible to get married. Nice. The douban rating has been going up and down between 7.2 and 7.1. Last time I checked, it raised again to 7.2 Yeah. He discussed everything with her and shared things with her. And in epi 12 :
  9. Just checked and found it. I should've asked this earlier *LOL* Thanks a lot! I read the comments in Vikii . One thing that I really enjoy there is reading the timed comments *lol*. Btw @lynne22, regarding the Emperor , I"ve been waiting for :
  10. Yes .. dinosaur. I even wonder how the translator found that word Anyway, didn't you say that you've read until 700 chapters ? Did you buy the novel or something ? Since the online translation has just reached around 560 chapters Thanks!