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  1. Apparently, no *LOL* But I saw a clip about dramas that are going to air in 2019, and this drama was one of them, just like @angelangie said We just have to wait
  2. Hi! I havent been here for a long time. Is this OT if I ask this : so Zhao Ge is never going to air? Hi, @raziela! Yeah, sometimes I rewatch a drama in viki just for the timed comments. They are hillarious sometimes
  3. Let us support each other and adapt to the beggar costume . Just hope that this will turn out great I love all of his long jacket
  4. We are so similar in this *LOL* That BTS / wrapping party video has really changed my mind. I'm now more interested in the drama and I love the hair . It does make him looked more mature, but it looked great and it's suitable with the costumes style. I just dislike one costume : the brown + colorful one. Sigh ..that one has gotta go. Sadly, it seems like everyone is wearing the same thing . Probably that's the school uniform
  5. In the end, we are the only ones who know what's entertaining and what is not for ourselves . Anyway, now I LIKE CFY's hairstyle in LoA . I think it's good, not worse than NQ's hair style, hahaha.
  6. You will understand if you read them slowly. I read them randomly , but ..yeah still understandable. Indeed, Butterfly Blue is not detail in describing things . It's like he just wrote the points, then we have to figure out the rest by ourselves.
  7. Yeah..I thought that it was EN based on the hairstyle, but I dont recognize the costume.
  8. Isnt that happening in Ashes of Love too? I didnt watch it, but I checked the thread sometimes. Actually, I'm the same as you *LOL*. We are the same in choosing a drama, right? Hahaha. I just love the shooting atmosphere. So fun and warm. Actually, from what I've managed to read from the novel, the story is so not idol-ish. Well, my definition of idolish is they have a lot of romance and less non romance plot. LoA novel, just like King's Avatar, has very little romance. Instead, there are more fighting and 'technical' explanations about the cultivation methods or fighting scenes. So, yeah, it'll depend on how the drama adapts it and what kind of changes that they make.
  9. Thanks! I've never seen it before. Is that EN or LoA? His mom . .is as tall as his shoulders *LOL* . He is 18 years old, so is he still growing ?
  10. I'm also still very sad about it, but things have come to this so I just want to look forward. IMHO, EN novel has one of the best storyline compared to other dramas that I've heard about. Plus, the production level is also one of the best. That is why, the sadness is real ..considering that I really love CFY there. The actor himself + the drama is a perfect combination for me, so it's hard to accept a replacement. And I'm already bothered with the news behind the scene. Well, that's just me I think it's gonna be very hard to find other storyline as good as Mao Ni's novel. Even Novoland Eagle Flag, IMHO, doesnt have a storyline or storytelling as interesting as EN, although I still like it. Then again, a good drama is not just determined by the storyline. For example, Fighter of Destiny is also based on Mao Ni's novel and from some little part that I've read, I really like it. But, I dont find the drama as good as the novel and I dont enjoy watching it. In the end, EN is indeed one of the best C dramas that I've ever seen, despite it's negativity. Of course, it'll be hard to find other production as good as it is. So, as long as I can enjoy the new drama, then I'm fine with it .
  11. In my case, I've lowered down my expectation since I saw the casts and read a bit of the novel, and knew the scriptwriter (although I think Butterfly Blue is also one of the team? Not sure). I'm curious to see Gordon Chan's drama, and the fact that this is a major production who takes some efforts to shoot to Xinjiang (?) for real sceneries. From the pics, I love the costumes and the atmosphere. The BTS of fighting scenes looked decent. But yeah, it hasnt shown much. The one that I'm worried about the most is indeed the story. I'm also preparing myself that it is an idol drama, but even if it is, it should be an expensive one . Well, I still have hope that this will turn out well. We'll see
  12. Regarding the romance, I think it's also because the romance in EN novel is already beautifully written, while in LoA, it's not *LOL*. I mean, from people's comments and King's Avatar novel, Butterfly Blue doesnt (cant?) write romance much. The relationship between ML-FL are usually subtle and loyal to each other , but that's it . No romantic or sweet words or anything. So, yeah..it's easier to accept , although I still want it to be the same as novel *LOL*. Cant help it, it's a habit ...hahaha
  13. I wont worry too much on that, @angelangie . In my case, the problem with EN is it has been following the novel VERY closely, so when changes happened, viewers were shocked. In LoA case, I'm pretty sure that the changes will happen since the beginning of the show, because we have 900 chapters being condensed into 50(?) episodes. Some is shown through BTS, so the audience will be prepared more. Still, I'm gonna cry when changes on my fave parts happen *LOL*
  14. Ahhhh you are right. Yeah, that makes sense. I also saw the bts of him being caught by the official
  15. You know what..I cant guess what he is doing there. I thought that he was drowning , but he just put his head into the water . Cant imagine what is actually happening in that scene