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  1. As a long time HS (and ZE:A) fan since his idol days, I think I need to defend him on this. I've seen a lot of interviews and read as much as I've watched too. Maybe because he's too honest, his answers in written interview came off as blunt or harsh, or even rude to some people. However, if you can find the video interview of him talking about the same thing then you'll know that he's a person who talks very softly (nicely) and carefully. The way that he put his words were also not as harsh as it came out in the written interviews.
  2. Finally a coffee CF! Big name actors/actress in Korea usually shoots coffee CF, good job HS. And thank you UAA. Can we talk about how sexy he looks and sounds in the CF?
  3. Yup ripped jeans are definitely trending and it's been a while now. Not sure if the trend will ever die as I see more and more people wearing super ripped jeans. The "beggar" fashion is in too, tees with holes but costs a bomb for example. You're right, the one he wore is a better one because I've seen him wore worse lol...but then he's been wearing ripped jeans since debut that I'm not really complaining (or maybe I'm immune because my other bias is obsessed with ripped jeans too, atrocious ones which look like if you snip a tiny teeny bit at the sides it'll transform into shorts) Yup, there were a lot of topless HS in Real Men, you can see that he has a body of a high school boy lol Even if they don't meet I'm sure they still have a chat room like Kakao Talk between them...
  4. Omo new stills. Piano stills! So from the interviews, there's a lot of changes made to the drama. HS's interview (from what I can understand...long interviews always kill my brain) - He was scared/worried about working with BY since her male leads are all top stars. - Feels sorry that the bromance with JS (GD) is couldn't really take place. - BS is BY and BY is loveable. - Chose the project because not only AMH is charming but also because the co-star is PBY. - If he love then he will say "I love you", able to say "don't touch my girlfriend". Treats colleagues as friends. Looking at the laid-back AMH made HS feel like doing the role. - Laid-back AMH is similar to HS. - He doesn't cringe while saying sweet stuffs because it's normal in (his) household. They say "I love you" a lot between family members. (every time I read/hear he say this I think that his future wife will be so lucky) - He's not dating now. How he loves depends on the girlfriend. Different girlfriend different dating styles. There's a lot more but my brain got tired of reading and translating it to fit english words...and I need to focus on work first. He looks really good in the photos and a lot more relaxed due to more rest after the drama ends before doing any interviews. Glad that the company's handling it right, he looked tired and sounded tired (his voice even cracked in an interview) after High Society because of the non-stop interviews right after the drama. BY's situation reminded me of that and it hurts my heart a little. Talk about company, isn't his manager(s) the same from SE? I hope everyone has fun in Bali and fans don't disturb them much. Especially BY because she clearly needs some time to unwind. And I don't understand the notion that celebrities need to be all friendly and approachable all the time. Off course it makes the fans happy, it gives good image for themselves but they're also normal human being. They can't please everyone. Also, nobody is the same, if person A can fly to the moon and be all bubbly after the ride it doesn't mean person B will be the same. Btw, HS was in Bali before with DJ and they looked like they had a lot of fun there. @ferily I know right, his entire outfit alone is almost USD4-5K+ (or it might be more), when will we ever?
  5. I feel bad for BY. She's not in good health and long distance travelling is uncomfortable even for healthy people. I know fans are excited to see them but I wish they could also read the situation/body language.
  6. He really really looks good in it. The hair and clothes make him look so youthful and fresh. HS's airport fashion never disappoint. P.S. the jacket alone is USD1K-2K+...there are a few versions of the jacket with different materials and I don't know which one he's wearing.
  7. Whoa HS's dressed in Saint Laurent from top to bottom...get that sponsorship!
  8. This is like my favourite ever! I always play it before sleep because his voice and this song is so soothing it helps me relax. Not sure if HS's ever going to gain weight (well he might after the MS because most celebs look healthier and more buff when discharged). Back then when he still has his baby fat and was a little chubbier on the cheeks he's still so skinny. I don't know how much he weigh now but back then he's already tall but just weigh around 64kg/141lbs. If my memory serve me right he said that no matter how much he eats he won't gain weight but his brother does. He also dieted (he's skinny enough) and worked out for the role in High Society. There's a scene where drunk Ji Yi ripped his shirt you can see his ribs and I was so shocked to see that. I sometimes wonder if any of ZE:A members tease him for all the honey dripped eyes articles nowadays. They've always teased him for acting cool and having those "eyes" in front of the fans.
  9. I was typing something on the address bar for work and the link for the (not-so) old pann post on them suddenly popped up. I've read everything down to the comments but I miss the good old time so I decided to read again and saw this comment that I haven't seen before. Not sure if the OP is just saying this or it's the truth because he certainly won't be calling her by name on stage. Maybe backstage, who knows. If this is true then HS not only talk to her in banmal but doesn't call her noona either. They've certainly established the friendship between themselves even though BY is a noona and a sunbae in acting.
  10. That second gif, I almost shipped it when it happened! PBY and PHS are the example of actor/actress who you can pair them with anyone and anything and they'll make it work. Put them two together and the chemistry is out of the world amazing. Just dropping by here to see if there's any new interviews but there's not that many today...
  11. Most of the observation was based way back in 2013...when he was in so many shows after his break through in Real Men. At the time he's quite crazy about girl groups since he's an army LOL. If you watch Real Men clips you'll see him go insane when girl groups performed at the base. Ailee was a memorable one, it was cute how he would rather hug her than win against her in immortal was so cute but manly and heart fluttering at the same time aaaah this guy. The next one that I know is IU, this was also in 2013. He shared that he listened her song to get in the mood for crying in his drama and he likes her (as a fan/likes her songs). When he told this IU was clearly flustered hahaha and then she said he's her favourite out of all the ZE:A members. He was also flustered he can't sit still Ah I'm glad I found this thread, it was hard fangirling alone for so long...he was the "IT" boy since 2013 but there's no thread for him at all.
  12. I know I'm quoting myself but there's something to add...I've realized that even tho he avoided talking about female celebrities in fear of rumours he's very open about being a fanboy of some female celebrities and is never shy to admit that. I find it so cute and endearing Btw, when will we get interviews from him? It's been two days...
  13. Thanks for the clarification. I didn't read this particular article in Korean and commented based on the translation only. Anyway, it's good that I learnt one new term today.
  14. There were extremely a lot of kissing scenes in the drama - not enough and they're all too short, we demand uncut version! every morning she kisses so many times - eh when did she kiss every morning? did they edit it out? i need the deets on this. he then told us to face each other and kiss. he said we have to kiss no matter what. - no wonder he suggested to shoot again at the beach director be like:
  15. Hi @ferilythanks for inviting me here. This drama is indeed in my to-watch list but I decided to wait a bit because my heart can't handle live watching anymore, oh the anticipation. Now that it's already halfway to the end I might start watching it. Lee Hyun Woo is love!