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  1. Well it's simple, they're the same age but MH just went ahead and speak in banmal to her. She was OK with that because he's her employer (someone of a higher status can easily speak in banmal towards others of lower status). When MH told the story about skipping study time and going to his mom she was surprised that he's a high schooler when the bus incident happened, she thought that he's older than her. Now, BS speaks in jondaemal with MH but she doesn't really show much "respect" to him as her employer. MH even pointed out that she talked to him like she's his friend. I'm sure he doesn't want her to know because, 1) she'll be mad at him for "lowering the speech" right away because they're strangers to each other so they're not that close to be speaking in banmal. 2) She treated him like a friend even when not knowing his age what more if she knows that they're the same age.
  2. a forced kiss is a no no but she was so ready and the mood was so perfect.why amh why?
  3. i didn't say it here but i had a hunch why mh wants to keep his age a secret and it's true hahahaha. omg the bibimbap scene hahahahahhaha
  4. i didn't say it here but i had a hunch why mh wants to keep his age a secret and it's true hahahaha. omg the bibimbap scene hahahahahhaha
  5. I have the same question too. So my guess about GD seizing the thug is not true then. Did he got flung to the side or what?
  6. some fanmade trailers by kfans FSOG (btw I also saw some SWDBS and FSOG parallelism gifs on tumblr but I can't find them anymore) My Love My Bride Things changed after marriage. The husband turned from a handsome kind man into a jerk. The wife turned from beauty into a witch.
  7. He's promoting Primera Alpine Berry Watery Cream and the Love the Earth campaign which has been conducted by the company since 6 years ago. It was a campaign to protect the ecological wetlands. He will be doing the activity in collaboration with Primera regarding the Love the Earth campaign this coming 22 April at Coco Bruni in Samcheong-dong and is inviting viewers to the activity. Btw, he is referred to as the 착한 수분 오빠 which literally means "kind moisture oppa" lol. Btw, as a long time fan I have always love and envy his skin at the same time! It's so nice and smooth.
  8. The comparison between MH & GD's reaction to BS beating up the thugs can be seen at 0:09 sec into the video.MH looks so awestruck & GD has this "what's going on here?" face. BS has really mastered the art of controlling her strength, the thugs are not flying everywhere but the fighting scene looks like...well...the usual fighting scenes in movies/dramas. Then again you can see the difference between MH & GD's expression at 0:14. MH's expression shows concern towards BS while GD's shows anger (towards the perpetrator). One of the thugs will really use a knife to attack BS; he's holding a blurred knife (kdrama censorship) at the 0:18 mark of the teaser. Skip to 0:20, GD is bending down looking angry. This is a guess but he could be seizing the perpetrator down and only then looked at BS who's crying with MH on her lap/on the floor. Both men run to save her, but their actions differ. GD, being the policemen that he is, prioritise catching the thug first. On the other hand we have MH sacrificing his own life for the woman he promised to protect. All in all this just a theory, we'll see the whole story this Friday and things could be the other way around. Who knows. If it is true then I love how the writer put the MH and GD together in one frame yet again for us to be able to fairly compare and contrast their actions and reactions.
  9. @carolinedl yes,that was what I mean too. Thank you for putting the words in a better way, writing is not my forte.
  10. Sorry to cut your post and sorry if anyone has answered this before me (I admit I'm lazy to backlog)... Secretary Gong didn't know that it was one of the brothers. If I remember clearly he thought* that it was some random psychopath threatening MH. BS made a confused face upon hearing this. *he had always thought it was one of the bros but in the end heard that it was a random psychopath. thanks to @carolinedl for the clarification So this brings back to the question MH asked after being betrayed by his second brother. "Who should I trust?" The answer is BS, it was her all along. He subconsciously puts his trust in her from the very first night they spend together in the basement. He told her about his mom and his family. He took her to the dad's house and his mom's cemetery. This might be a reach because background information needs to be shared to catch the person threatening him but I doubt he will be sharing this much information if the bodyguard is someone else. We can take a look at his relationship with Sec.Gong as an example. They have a very good employer-employee relationship but he is still void of information about who the real person behind the threatening is. @mundaliv I wanted to quote you but I don't know how to add another while editing a post...BS said that she's been hiding her strength for 27 years so she might be 27 (26 int'l age). This is just about right because BG is an intern at the hospital, some of my friends who are also in the medical fields are interns/first year residents at hospitals (now everyone knows my age lol). GD commented that MH and him are the same age, so basically MH is 27 too. If the bus incident happened around 8 years ago, MH and BS are 19 (kor age) and are high school seniors. I'm confused about the study abroad thing too, dad said that he sent MH to study abroad after his mom died. MH said his mom sent him to his dad's house before passing away but we all know that he was still a child then. Did he study abroad in high school then came back during his senior year? About the company, he might've started when he was still in uni, it is possible to run a side business esp in IT/gaming/tech while you're a student if you have the knowledge about it. As for BS, she didn't attend any college so in a competitive country like Korea where you need at least a degree to land a permanent job in a company all she could do are part-time jobs. Not sure if you missed the part where she worked as a telemarketer and a farmer(mom's idea). Yup, she never had a proper job and spent time playing games,she also attended some game development class in ep 1.
  11. BS's voiceover in ep8 reflected on how historically women are always the victim to violence/crimes because they are weaker in power, she described it as the tyranny of the strong against the weak. As human, we shouldn't abuse our power to bully the weak, never. She also found it unacceptable. Ironically, the abuse of power and the bullying is happening in her own home. Not sure how the father got the bruise but everyone will assume right away that it was her mother's doing. That is domestic violence and I just pray that the writer is not trying to be funny about it. Unlike some of the viewers I can tolerate the issues on sexuality in the drama as I don't feel like the story is belittling anyone and it is not making fun of it too; there's no negative implication shown as a result of MH rumoured to be gay other than Ohsung Group's declined stock price. However, I feel very uncomfortable at the thought of BS's mother physically abusing her husband, even if it's a plot to make her go on a trip somewhere. The writer could've tastefully make the mother go away on a trip in anger without leaving a bruise on BS's dad imo. I wish this scene happened in this episode just not for the sake of the laugh or to build up the events just to trick BS into BT's trap. Hopefully the writer put these two scenes (BS's voice over & dad's bruise) together for a bigger purpose than humour. Ah I don't even make sense anymore repeating myself...I'm sorry. Btw, AMH is the #boyfriendgoals2017...last year's title went to JJH(WFKBJ). And he is the nicest super rich guy that I love in a Kdrama other than Louie(SKL). And oh, there are so many charged moments between BS and MH in these 2 eps I melted into a puddle and evaporated into much drama lol. but but but what i like about it is that there's no forced kiss! MH could've easily kissed BS if he wanted to during these moments but he didn't. I love how MH's attraction/love for BS and even his authority as her boss doesn't make him feel entitled to owning her. As impatient as I am, I can wait for BS to fully accept him as someone she loves for it to happen. For now I'm praying once again that they didn't go the forced kiss route most dramas are doing. Also the engagement! What will they do about it? Is it Friday yet?
  12. this drama has been hinting about marriage so much from the first ep. i wonder if BS & MH will really get married by the end of the series.
  13. I agree, it's so uncomfortable, GD and HJ are crushing on the Do twins while being in a relationship. What kind of logic is this? At this rate both of them are cheating/emotionally cheating their partner and their own feelings. And if GD really like BS since highschool (saying that he like girls who are "willowy" while sneaking a look at her) why didn't he tell her? I mean he dated a girl in highschool and HJ afterwards. If he's so afraid to break the friendship between them then he should move on's either you do it or you don't. And now I'm even more worried about what will happend with GD and BG's friendship with HJ trying to make a move on BG. I'm giving BG the benefits of the doubt his feelings for HJ. Aside the "moment" at the hospital, he doesn't seem really into HJ. He was neutral when she asked him out for the "thank you" lunch, he searched for GD when he saw HJ alone at the table, he looked uncomfortable with the talk at the hospital during ep 5. Writer-nim please don't do BG dirty. The way GD treating BS gave me headache, more so than the way BS's mother treat her. Can't he talk properly to her without berating her? Why did he always have to shout at her? Why does he treat her like she's 5? BS should've beat the kidnapper to a pulp before tending to her friend. I mean it's understandable to panic and help your friend but I agree with Mom, she should've caught him. But good job BS for giving the groper on the subway a taste of his own medicine! BS didn't tell anyone about the metal and gas smell she detected from the kidnapper, I hope she will soon because they're so close to tracking him down at the junkyard. MH...ah no words for this guy. I'll pack my own luggage and go live at his house willingly.
  14. Hi guys! Reply 88 was the last time I posted in Soompi but I guess I'll make an occasional appearance in this thread now as I love everything about this drama so much (for now tho the editing could do some work).I love reading all of your posts too, they're very insightful. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast MH opened up to BS about his family situation, other dramas will take at least around 4 episodes before the reveal. This drama is fast phased and wastes no time dwelling on something. For example, BS straight away became MH's bodyguard in the first episode. No stalking around for episodes, love it! The characters are all likable (except the murderer/kidnapper/people threatening MH), even the gangster developer ahjussi are hilarious. BS mom might be a bit meh in the way she treats her like she treats BG better than BS, always complaining about BS, ordering her around, and beating her up..and oh the way she treats her husband too. I think her character portrayal has a lot to do with her name, based on famous gisaeng Hwang Jini."Hwang Jini was noted for her exceptional beauty, charming quick wit, extraordinary intellect, and her assertive and independent nature" and BS' mother does fit in the description. But I do understand that she was afraid that BS will loose her superpower that's why she's so against BS using her power. About BS's superpower, I hope she won't loose her strength at any point of the drama. That'll make this drama the same as any other dramas, where the female lead needs to be saved again by the males. I want BS to be who she is, a super-strength lovely girly lady with an attitude until the drama ends. I don't think that using her strength to get paid is wrong as money is needed in daily life. One of her ancestors abused her power to gain money and lose her superpower, so did BS's mother. She was doing fine weightlifting but the cause for her to lose the superpower was that she was trading her gold medals and bullying others for money. I agree with @jina_bing_bang, I saw MH's scared eyes too(from the first time I watched ep1). He was certainly panicking and had that "life was flashing before his eyes" moment, like he knew something was up and it's not just any case of popped tire. Pretty sure that's just a comment and not a video file. I've seen a lot of those he*lyeah.mp3, b*tchpls.mp4 comments in international forums and even the .avi comments in korean articles. Btw, I guess the drama will be alternating its light and dark episodes each week as demonstrated by last week's episodes and the preview for ep 3. Odd episodes are the lighter ones and even episodes are the darker ones.