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  1. once u have Netflix, you will never go back. Highly addictive contents with superb HD on top of a small money to spend every month. yes expect high production quality, our boy is in demand. Happy for him. I hope its a romcom.
  2. babe... sukkie is good at picking a script and I don't worry at all about that writer. Nowadays Netflix a way to go and I can't wait to watch sukkie at 4kHd lol
  3. @ibru He postponed his enlistment is due to his study which is a legit reason why he was allowed to do so. But like many Korean stars do, you want to optimize your time by acting at the same time which is the right thing to do. I'm sure he does not waste his time cuz master study will just take a few months of the year I believe. I think he will get enlisted in middle or late 2019
  4. I wanted to jump up and down but I do not want to have false hope like jadelover Probably he is still not ready to announce the new project esp when the song of death casting is still new, on top of the enlistment issue which will put him in an awkward position but I believe he already signed the deal.
  5. ^^wow..... interesting and looking forwads to see the chemistry I really like her on forest of secret I dont watch goldern life though...anybody watch the drama??
  6. really.... makes sense as he is the first actor to be announced rather than female lead. very nice of him for not getting any fee out of this drama. He probably wants to challenge himself. good and very proud of this guy. more reason to love him
  7. lol thanks babe for the laugh but yeah it is just my thought I 'm sure this drama will enhance his credential even more - his character choices were varied so far which showed he is versatile enough to take any role. and his fondness for a tragic story needs to be respected as well. lol Honestly, I don't watch many tragic stories as it made me feels sad. I remember it took me 10 years to watch Titanic when I found out Leo would die in the end.
  8. I’m probably a minority here. I was hoping he’d reject that 2 episode drama I‘m actually dreading about watching him die again I have watched him died twice; face reader and VIP cannot stand the idea of watching him die a third time I know it is just a character but still…. VIP was so brutal I could not stop thinking about it for days The story ’s so freaking distressing and sad. I was hoping for a normal romcom but didn’t expect a complete opposite kind of storyline. Anyway, this is just my thought. not so looking forward to it Thanks babes for all the updates. keep up a good work