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  1. I’m so surprised with this series. I don’t know why but I really like SH’s character. Maybe it’s because I’m at the point where I feel the same as SH. Honestly, if SH gets past his rigid personality, he might actually see that JH is not just his ideal roommate but a partner as well. The selfie pics is hilarious. I don’t know if it will be scary or nice to see LMK smile. I love seeing LMK in a series again. I haven’t seen him since I Really Really like You. His appearance in Shut zip flower boy band was too short.
  2. It's too bad the series is only 8 episodes. They left a lot of stuff open ended. What happened to HJ's dad? That was a nice twist where HJ leaves with YC. It's fitting of the time period. The word "affair" must be a taboo because I notice that the characters like the mom, HJ and etc never gets to close to saying it. I knew that would be a fake out the minute Jin asked JH to meet him at the exact time DM did. Seriously though, 1 hour early??!! DM is hopeless but is still a sweatheart. His crying at the movie theater was cute. There would be just no way JH was going to break his heart again. JH loves steamed buns because of DM. The series wasn't perfect and I'm sure they omitted a lot of things from the book and simplified the plot. The characters and the music made me wish for another Reply series set during the same time period at GG1979.
  3. Last episode preview. I think JH is asking DM for a date??? But Jin is back because I assume it’s for HJ. ,
  4. Awww they used one of my favorite songs today - I Just fall in love again. Today’s was episode was good but kinda went long. I felt bad for the mom. I wished she would just confront the aunt and the dad. Instead she took out her frustrations on JH. Today JH is finally realizing what DM means to her. She confronted her feelings for Jin only to find out that being with him didn’t really make her happy. She still doesn’t acknowledge DM as a man but is slowly getting there. I’m glad DM is finally giving her space. He’s done enough chasing. Let JH sort her feelings before stepping back into her life.
  5. I guess someone messed up in the PR department and was trying to keep DM and Jh’s ending as a secret. If you look at the Kbs naver page, they purposely only show someone’s arm reaching out giving JH flowers. Obviously this got spoiled already.
  6. @jongski I was actually talking about the song that played at the end of this scene. Thank you though. https://youtu.be/rinIJp7acyc
  7. What’s the title of the song during the end of episode 3? It’s playing when DM and JH both start crying uncontrollably.
  8. I wonder if they’ll make it clear next week regarding the Dad and aunt’s affair. It’s like everyone is suspecting but don’t want to label it. The mom knows there’s something going on but I think she knows that her marriage has been long over and that the Dad is staying for the kids. Thank you DM for standing up for yourself. He lasted about a minute but at least JH seems to have acknowledged it and is aware of DM’s presence. There’s not many guys that will stick around watching their girl pine and cry for someone else. I hope next week he gets a happy ending whether it’s with JH or someone else. I saw on twitter .. spoiler below
  9. Today’s episode was okay. I might have to watch it again because I didn’t really pay attention during the first half. I think it’s safe to say the writer has decided to use the book as a backdrop for the series. There’s 3 episodes left and I don’t see the writer adding the mystery/disappearance plot. It would be too rushed. I think they decided to focus more on Sj’s dad disappearing rather than the women at the factory. I do like Jh’s growth in wanting to be treated as an equal to her brother. Unfortunately, I don’t see her moving on from SJ anytime soon. I honestly think it will take DM stepping away before JH starts missing him. Does his character really have no other story than just following JH? SJ, I don’t understand his deal regarding JH. Let the girl move on please! I hate the fact he keeps leading her on but good for DM as he keeps defending JH. But DM, please for your own good, leave JH alone and let her miss you. Your constant presence is annoying her more.
  10. So for the most part we have backstories on most of the cast members except YC and DM. DM, all we know so far is that he's loyal, smart and his parents are always overseas. I feel like there's something more than we haven't been told yet. YC is also a mystery and seems like he has a dark past and I'm pretty he had a part in a crime involving the factory that Jh's dad owns. JH was so close in letting go of SJ but after today's ending, I think it's far from over. Anyone know where I can find a song list of the episodes so far? The OST is excellent!
  11. Dong moon is such a heartbreaker. It was so cute when he was crying his eyes out with jung hee. He likes her that much that his only concern is for her happiness. I thought JH would be over SJ but sadly I think she has a relapse in the next episode. Wasn't there suppose to be a mystery at the factory? There's 4 left after this week and this plot hasn't been established yet so far. Also, WTF is with Jh's dad? I'm starting to resent the aunt more since he knows this about the dad yet she's totally falling for him. He treats her better than his wife and daughter!
  12. I don't understand the fascination with Hye Joo. She's pretty but I don't think she's that much prettier than the rest of the girls in school. Is it because she's from seoul and gives off a "different vibe"?
  13. What is the viewer's response to this drama? It's not bad. The settting reminds me of the Reply series. I have a feeling Jung Hee won't wise up and treat Dong Moon better until he finds someone else. I think the "aunt" and the dad are having an affair. JH might be calling her aunt because she's close to the family.
  14. [Drama 2017] School 2017 학교 2017

    I think KJH just did some post drama interviews. So this on IG. http://mosen.mt.co.kr/entertainment/broadcast