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  1. It was so close today. Ga Ryung was so close to finding out about GD. I can't believe they're still playing the Eorini game. GD and GH thinks two different girls is their sister. This makes me think that the real Eorini is gone and Sang Hwa was close to the real Eorini and keeps the piece of cloth to remember her. Well that would be a real twist... The king is losing everything-- his people and mind. Nok Su will be gone soon. We're getting close to the moment we're all waiting for - Ga Ryung's uptimate fate.
  2. How are the sales going for her fanmeet?
  3. Yes there will be a dcut. Hopefully it will be released this summer. It's in post production now. You can still order thru this page. There is also sneak preview of the dcut. If you're from North America, you can't purchase the dcut thru YesAsia because of copyright issues with kBS. But you can buy it they Aladdin or innolife.
  4. Today was all about the women. I thought Ga Ryung had a scar but I guess that was just a trick or possibly forgotten by the writer. Finally the real Uh Ri Ni is revealed. I really thought it was Ok Ran so I was surprised by today's revelation. But still I don't think it was necessary to put it off that long.
  5. Today's episode was sort of incomplete. We didn't get to see how GD and his crew broke out of prison. I'm glad though that GD waited until they found a safe place before getting GR (even though she left home already). Hopefully it's a positive sign that the Shaman told GD not to worry about GR and that they'll reunite at the proper time. Seems Euh Ri Ni 1 will be jealous of GR's presence in the palace. I'm guessing she'll be the cause of the rift between Nok Su and GR.
  6. It took 22 episodes but Ga Ryung is finally getting her revenge on the king. It's also nice to see Ga Ryung do something else besides waiting on Gil dong. How will Nok Su react when she finds out that her former left be is now married to Ga Ryung. Anyone else over the who is the sister game? Is there a point to this plot? Mori I think will eventually join Gil Dong's side. He seems to be a lost child who's trying to find his place. Gil dong is back and plotting his revenge. He obviously recovers and brings his brothers back but does he ever wonder what happens to Ga Ryung? Like after he recovers and leaves the palace, does he look for her? When GR is tied up in episode 1, he seemed surprised to see her. Sometimes I feel GR is too good for GD. Hopefully we won't have to wait until the finale to see how GR was put in such a predicament.
  7. I love the 1930s part of the story. Wish it would stay there for a while. The cast looks amazing in their period clothing.
  8. I voted 10 times. I hope this will help.
  9. You go to the box that has a check box on it. To vote everyday it's only $2/10 votes which is not bad.
  10. I don't think it's available yet for iPhone users. Well at least I couldn't purchase it.
  11. How do you buy points?
  12. Cute shot at the end. Was Gabsoon telling Gabdol that she was pregnant again and with twins?
  13. It looks like the Yoo Jung fan base will have a tough battle in the next two weeks. Park Shin Hye will soon take the lead. I tried signing up but all I got was SNS error during the verification step.
  14. Yoo Jung is just effortlessly beautiful. This shoot is way better than that app cf. I can't even count how many products she's currently endorsing. Anyone know the total this year?
  15. That picture of Soo Bin in the gisaeng outfit - is that for Rebel or was that for another project? I can't believe there's only 5 weeks left of Rebel. Gil Dong and Gil Hyeong finally reunited and he has finally met the king. Eo Ri Ni looks like she lost her memory. I'm still thinking that Jung Da Bin is the real Eo Ri Ni. Why do I feel like the next time Gil Dong sees Ga Ryung is when he's pointing that arrow at her. I seriously hope that's just a trick because the poor girl is always waiting for Gil Dong. She deserves some kind of happiness when the series ends.