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  1. Oh sorry. I forgot to include parents in my post. I guess they did and we're finally at the point of where episode 1 started.
  2. What an amazing episode. It was painful but yet beautifully executed. PMY's CK has become my favorite character this year. Even though CK is in pain, she still fights back. Today was a teaser of what's to come as CK and Yeok were longing for each other. I wish SDQ was like a fairytale and it would end where the prince saves his princess and live happily after. I'm not sure what the writer has in store for the finale (the skirt story ending?), but I will more likely have a hard time swallowing Yeok and CK's ultimate fate. I'm still holding out hope that history will be ignored and we'll see Yeok leave the throne and fulfill his promise to CK and live a quiet life in the country together.
  3. Is the release date the same thing as arrival date? So that would mean we won't get it until in September?
  4. Any PMY fan here? I bought the director's cut of Sungkyunkwan scandal and I was just wondering if there's a list of hat deleted scenes were added because I can't tell the difference when I watched it. Sorry for the off topic...
  5. Woah that's a lot of stuff going on during the preview. Are we going to see Yeok as King this week? Or did CK become the king's concubine? She's wearing a royal outfit so I'm assuming she becomes queen. She looks so lonely though. I think CK will be the reason Yeok will join the revolt and agree to take the throne. He finally found the reason to be a king and that's to take CK back. Who died in Yung's arms? Nok Su or his wife? I'm glad that CK will eventually leave the palace. It's a scary place to be in. I think they might end the series with the red skirt on the hill. I wouldn't mind though if we get a different version of Yeok and CK where they meet again in a different place and time and start over.
  6. I didn't think the finale would be so emotional and where we would see the two versions of HJ. Seeing the finale and looking back at the past episodes, it does make sense to have two HJ. The writer has in multiple occasions mentioned about the "twin" typhoon which sent 1993 HJ to 2017. It just didn't occur to me that this twin typhoon would result in two versions of HJ and have them be in separate timelines. I should have known though because there were constantly two versions of things HJ treasured - notebook and his watch. One version continued on in 1993, dated BH and eventually died in 1994. The other HJ travelled to 2017 and learned from his past. The 1994 HJ made me so sad though. I wish we got to see more of this version of HJ and see the life he lived which ultimately resulted to his young death. It's pretty clear that he did like BH but I don't remember if BH ever had the chance to tell him that she was pregnant with his child or if 2017 HJ was the one who told him first. They never stated what disease he got and where he died. I did like how HJ seemed to have found some kind of peace in knowing about JH and that he was living a good life.
  7. It was a happy ending but I still have so many questions.
  8. We still haven't seen the BTS of HJ in the background while WS, Drill and JH are together. What if the other HJ did travel to 2017 after all.
  9. Hahhahah HJ can't concentrate while WS is in the shower. He couldn't even stand WS touching him after she got out.
  10. This is where the writer lost me. If there's two HJ, it means the one who time travelled in 1993 is a different person. It's like 1993 HJ got split into two.
  11. Yes Danas is experience in Tagalog/Filipino. I think HJ will use the experience he learned in 2017 and change things about himself when he goes back to the past. Where is BH though. She's a big part of this mystery and she's constantly missing.
  12. Interesting episode. Just finished episode 29. Based on the dialogue between HJ and the doctor and the letter, I think the lifestyle disease HJ got was possibly HIV. During the early 90s this was when HIV really became known to the public as more people got it. People feared the name as no one knew anything about it. KJ tells HJ that he started dating BH in 1994 and HJ disappeared in 1994 as well. I wish BH would speak up and tell her side of the story. YJ is old enough so she should at least tell him the truth about his father.
  13. So that's what Yeok bought at the market. Sweet how he placed it with the beans as a surprise. The night CK planned to get Yeok and his friends drunk, he was looking at the vendor stalls as if he wanted to buy something. I thought maybe he was buying comb or pin for CK but we didn't see anything afterwards so I just assumed it was dropped.