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  1. Now that Ga ryung and Gil Dong are makes me look back to episode 1. We saw Gil dong shooting an arrow at Ga Ryung. Is that just to trick the king? Pretty sure Nok Su will be the key in Gil Dong and Ri Ni's reunion. She stills holds that piece of cloth that her brother gave her and Nok Su is familiar with the other half of that cloth.
  2. I love The new OST. It seems like it's Ga Ryung and Gil dong's theme. There's a time jump in the next episode. I'm curious why the three water maids were highlighted at the end of today's episode. One of the girls looks like Jang Da Bin. Glad we got a bit of background about Ga Ryung but is that it?
  3. It's getting to the halfway point and we just found out how Hong Gil Dong's name came to be. But we still don't know anything about Ga Ryung. Why does she have that scar? Wasn't she sauppose to hold some grudge against the king and a widow as well? I really hope her character doesn't get downplayed like in LITM .
  4. Is that SN pregnant? I'm happy that she and SD will finally have a child together. That's the ending I've always wanted for them.
  5. I'll support this drama. I loved her last drama with Lee Joon. She jumped in the Han River also here. Lol.
  6. It's really too bad that this show is not getting more viewers. The two leads have one of the best chemistry I've seen. The story is complicated and does a lot of reboot. Maybe it's just too much for some knetz and is just not ready for it.
  7. I just watched episode 3...I always think something will happen o the sister or to the dad and that's how Gil dong will remember how strong he use to be.
  8. Finally we get to see YJ again. I feel like it's been a long tIke since we last saw her. I can understand why they don't want to disclose her flight info. It's more likely to build up the anticipation for her comeback.
  9. I don't think it's too early yet. The proposal will probably be in two or three weeks. Then the wedding shoot followed by the wedding. I'm curious who they'll invite for their wedding. I think Song Ji Hyo might go since she's done WGM before and she's doing that show with GM. Maybe even GM's costars from Drinking Solo. For HS, Bo Gum would be a long shot but maybe some of HS's costars from Love in the Moonlight.
  10. I'm behind one episode but I'm truly loving them. They're becoming more comfortable with each other.
  11. Is there a link for the new preview? I didn't think SN was actually sick. I guess she really is.
  12. What's frustrating about SD and SN, their plot moves at a SUPER SLOW pace. I feel like it will be 10 episodes before we find out what the doctor found. The only reason I'm suspecting pregnancy is because of SN's mood swings, dizzy spells and now the throwing up. She probably didn't think about missing her period because she's been so stressed out about dying.
  13. Has SN even been diagnosed? I don't remember. It seems like she's showing more that she's pregnant.
  14. Yeah what's up with the no kiss? The kids are missing from the wedding too. I'm still behind but what happened to GD's sister? I read she quit the show. How did they write her out? Also the chaebol kid, have they written him out too? I guess the last twenty episodes will deal with GS winning over her mother in law. I wonder if they will have a real pregnancy this time. I don't think I can stand twenty episodes of GS being mistreated by her MIL.
  15. I know we might have to wait a while for her next drama/movie but these are the actors I would like her to work with some day: Young actors: Kim Sae Ron, Yeo Jin Goo, Kim Jae Min, GOT7's Jin young, Do Kyungsoo Adult Actors: Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In, Jo In sung, Cho Jin woong, Kim Hye Soo, Han Suk Kyu, Gong hyo jin, park bo young