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  1. So for the most part we have backstories on most of the cast members except YC and DM. DM, all we know so far is that he's loyal, smart and his parents are always overseas. I feel like there's something more than we haven't been told yet. YC is also a mystery and seems like he has a dark past and I'm pretty he had a part in a crime involving the factory that Jh's dad owns. JH was so close in letting go of SJ but after today's ending, I think it's far from over. Anyone know where I can find a song list of the episodes so far? The OST is excellent!
  2. Dong moon is such a heartbreaker. It was so cute when he was crying his eyes out with jung hee. He likes her that much that his only concern is for her happiness. I thought JH would be over SJ but sadly I think she has a relapse in the next episode. Wasn't there suppose to be a mystery at the factory? There's 4 left after this week and this plot hasn't been established yet so far. Also, WTF is with Jh's dad? I'm starting to resent the aunt more since he knows this about the dad yet she's totally falling for him. He treats her better than his wife and daughter!
  3. I don't understand the fascination with Hye Joo. She's pretty but I don't think she's that much prettier than the rest of the girls in school. Is it because she's from seoul and gives off a "different vibe"?
  4. What is the viewer's response to this drama? It's not bad. The settting reminds me of the Reply series. I have a feeling Jung Hee won't wise up and treat Dong Moon better until he finds someone else. I think the "aunt" and the dad are having an affair. JH might be calling her aunt because she's close to the family.
  5. [Drama 2017] School 2017 학교 2017

    I think KJH just did some post drama interviews. So this on IG. http://mosen.mt.co.kr/entertainment/broadcast
  6. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    I just checked SBS drama schedule and the only one that might be okay for YJ is the Hong Chun Gi drama from the same author of TMTETS. This is not scheduled until 2018 and I'm not sure if YJ wants to do another saeguk or a modern drama for her next project.
  7. Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    YJ looks so youthful in her Fila ads especially the latest ones. Anyone notice though that SBS posted about YJ's fanmeet? Does this mean YJ's next project will be for SBS?
  8. [Drama 2017] School 2017 학교 2017

    Picture from the cast party and BTS from the finale.
  9. [Drama 2017] School 2017 학교 2017

    I think for the official wrap party (first round), it's rare for the leads of the drama to have pictures taken together. It's usually because they're busy mingling with the other cast members and crews. I'm rewatching episode 10 again because I just miss jealous and petty TW. He was at his best when he was jealous.
  10. [Drama 2017] School 2017 학교 2017

    I noticed a small contiunity error during the beginning of the episode. When the students started cheering for X, in the background you can see TW and EH already holding hands even though EH didn't grabbed TW's hands yet.
  11. [Drama 2017] School 2017 학교 2017

    Just finished the finale. It was pretty good but not as good as other episodes. They sped up on some plots. I feel officer SJ was idle on her investigation then all of a sudden she was in full force. Happy that Mr. Gu became principal. I always knew in the beginning he would become the next one. He was always on the students' side despite being a disciplinarian. Although the ending made sense, there's a tiny part of me that didn't sit well with the finale. Even though I already anticipated that TW would probably end up transferring, I was kinda hoping it wouldn't happen. It's just I got so use to seeing TW and EH together in school that I'm kinda sad that they now had a long distant relationship for at least a year or until they graduate. I mean TW will probably move back to Seoul when he graduates but I was hoping we would have gotten a peak of this. Did anyone else got the impression that EH spent most of her senior year in TW's bungalow? I can see EH missing TW as she sees NJ and DH together or even walking around school. EH's aegyo! OMG it's even better on repeat! It's like they were purposely copying Ae Ra and Dogman in FMW. Seriously where would TW find another girl like EH. Anyways, that aside it was a nice finale overall. Friendship and family relationship was mended and new ones were created. But did EH's brother finally find a job? TW's dad approved of EH and TW/EH kept their promise. Also to the very end, TW was still EH's #1 fanboy. He still kept tabs on her webtoon and I can just imagine him forcing BG or DH to keep tabs on EH and alert him of any guys making a move on EH.
  12. [Drama 2017] School 2017 학교 2017

    It's just refreshing to see in a drama where the couple doesn't stop communicating with each other because of the distance. I don't know how many dramas I've watched where one half of the couple stops calling, emailing etc because It made them miss the other too much. I love how TW and EH were actively communicating with each other. EH was also active in making sure TW follows his dreams just like he has done for her numerous times. I took the long road they were walking together at the end as a positive sign. It would be a long journey but they were in it together.
  13. [Drama 2017] School 2017 학교 2017

    I'm glad I didn't listen to the harsh comments the show received during its first week. I had zero expectations and was actually looking forward to it since Kim Yoo Jung was offered the role. I had my reservations about KJH being the male lead even though I loved him in Rebel. I'm glad though that Sejeong took on the role. She's new but she did really well as EH. She had really good chemistry with KJH and i don't know if EH would have been the same character if KYJ played her. KJH did a good job in this series and I feel he has a bright future ahead of him.
  14. [Drama 2017] School 2017 학교 2017

    Aww so dad supports EH to be TW's girlfriend in the end. I was hoping a little bit more of closure like if they have plans to go to college together. But it's good that it seems like it's been almost a year since TW left and they're still going strong despite the distance. They didn't cut off communication and visit each other often. I just can't with EH's aegyo attack! TW couldn't stop smiling and was loving every minute of it. He really does only look at one girl.