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  1. Apologies for cutting your post, but I just wanted to say... There's definitely something in the kdrama waters this year lol. So many reel-to-real life romances, it gives me hope for the inevitable Puppy Couple announcement.
  2. The little hearteus on her nails....is this a sign that love is in the air?? She's letting us know without really letting us know lol Delulu mode ON
  3. Oh goodness, I know fans tend to get excited, but we really should take care not to go overboard in bombarding cast + crew with our assumptions. Don't want to make it harder for our puppies to be seen together in future On a happier note, Happy 100 Pages, chingus! Keep the faith!
  4. If JTBC's still posting BTS stills a month after SWDBS stopped airing....then it is too much to hope that they'll send BY & HS for Japan promotions together? Oh, pretty please pretty pleeeease I really hope they do! Is there any way we can sign a petition or something and bring it to their notice? lol
  5. Aww thanks @razledgoose glad I could make you smile ^^ It's been over a month and I still find myself smiling/giggling like a crazed fangirl over our puppies scenes/bts/fan theories (delulu ones are the BEST! Shoutout to @Mings30 @bongsoonie @swagpuppysong @hennybird , you guys seriously transported me to another dimension with your posts. HOW do you gals even come up with such creativity?? Love love LOVE it, thank you! Thank you to EVERYONE for keeping this awesome thread alive! Can't wait till we cross 100 pages
  6. Hi chingus!~ I'm just popping back in to share an interesting video I came across yesterday regarding the Korean dating culture of wearing matching clothes. I knew that it's a thing in a Korea, but this video kinda emphasized just how much couples embrace it in lieu of PDA. So with my delulu mode ON, I'd like to believe that after the lack of skinship our puppies had in SG fanmeet, they might've read fans' reactions (disappointment? suspicion?) and decided to indirectly send a message to everyone that they're totally together by wearing matchy-matchy white shirt + denim + white shoes + white caps at the hotel the next night. And if we include the suspicious lack of Bali pics (not even a group photo of them standing on opposite ends!) and their matchy caps and grey shirts, then I'm in agreement with others that something definitely happened in Bali and everyone (cast + crew included) as well as fans who saw things they're not allowed to share, they are all trying to protect them in their new budding romance. Basically, in the words of the great Dido: I will go down with this ship - And I won't put my hands up and surrender Keep the faith alive, chingus!
  7. Ah @bongsoonie you really know how to feed a shipper's soul lol I'm imagining PHS's thoughts in those last photos (On fans chanting for the two to kiss spontaneously after airing of the scene) 1. PHS: hahaha (laughing at fans chanting) 2. PHS to PBY: Shall we? 3. PHS: Just kidding!
  8. Totally intentional! No delusions at all! In one fell swoop, he answered everyone's question of him (not) attending and his feelings about it - with a single expression & emoticon LOL
  9. Bong Bong looks so fresh-faced and beautiful in that icy mint dress! I wonder if she chose a long-sleeved gown to hide her wrist bandages? The length also covers her ankle bandages. I hope she's okay walking in heels, poor BY
  10. Hello chingus~ I'm delurking to finally post in this awesome thread going on for uri Puppy Couple. Thank you to all the posters for sharing all the goodies and your insights, it's been a real pleasure to read it all I love how everyone is so positive here! I was really hoping to see PHS at the awards today, but I guess he faced stiff competition in his category? Was there public voting involved for that? Anyway, our MinMin surely wears his heart on his sleeve, just look at that expression on his IG lolol - I'm torn between wanting to laugh or cry lol (really wanted to see him on the red carpet with PBY) like how NJH-LSK walked together on the red carpet for some awards a few months ago. And this was when they were secretly dating!