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  1. HAHAHA I love this! First time I'm noticing it So-joon's too darn adorable for his own good lol
  2. So before I can be coherent about any other part of this episode, I'd just like to introduce THIS WEEK'S EDITION OF TOMORROW WITH YOU: UNSOLVED MYSTERIES After that passionate kiss last night (er, last week), how how HOW is uri couple still FULLY CLOTHED the morning after?? They were supposed to be making up by making love, as our wise chingu So-ri so aptly mentioned in ep 8 that newlyweds just can't keep their hands off each other. Were they afraid to disturb Mama Song by bringing out their "wild" side? I, for one, am thoroughly confuzzled and mayyybe just a tad disappointed that there wasn't a steamy bed scene... BUT that bed scene we did get was all kinds of toe-curling LOVE & cringe and if we were in any doubt about SJ's feelings for MR, this just confirmed how well and truly over the edge he is now lol *apologies for my mind going straight to the gutter in this post lol*
  3. Hi everyone, I'm coming out of lurkerdom to enjoy this drama with all of you I love Shin Mina, but I really fell in love with Lee Je-hoon here (ha! who hasn't? especially after Signal) So in this episode 7, So Joon made me want to bang my head against the wall. Repeatedly. While uttering a string of colorful curses. You idiot, just be HONEST with her! Thank God for the last 5 minutes for preserving my sanity. Just wondering why the next episode's scenes are already released before airing? They did that last week with ep 6 too.
  4. UGH, this episode's so well done, I mean SO WELL DONE, that I'm sobbing like a wet kitten here My poor babies, I just wanna bop their heads together and make them confess, kiss, make love, make wedding, make love, make babies, make love etc etc etc Whyyy did it have to be so beautifully heartbreaking?? Random Thought 1: Dada drew that X on the contract end date so perfectly from corner to corner that I almost applauded (my OCD can rest in peace now hehe) Random Thought 2: HSJ looks so fiiiine in those suits drinking wine at his big corporate fancy-schmancy meetings
  5. I thought the editing in this episode was less smoother than usual. The transition between the scenes made it seem like they just spliced them together rather than letting the story flow organically....which is why I burst out laughing at the random dance scene between Ji Su and JI's sister. It just randomly popped up out of nowhere. Today was a good episode, but it just felt like "ok this happened, then this, this, this" between different people. Probably just to tie up some loose ends.
  6. Hi @jellybellymonster, thanks for the warm welcome! I think we're all just grateful that Hyun-jin's wish for a hot and passionate night finally came true. I refuse to believe that that kind of kissing led to anything else *humming loudly with fingers in ears* If only, we were given a hint of a morning after scene!
  7. Hello everyone (AKA my fellow spazzers), I'm coming out of lurkerdom to share in the spazzfest with you all. Congrats on passing 100 pages! I started this drama when 6 episodes had aired. I wasn't quite sold on the 1st episode, but by the 3rd or 4th one I was a total goner. I rarely ever rewatch dramas, but this little gem has shot straight to my All Time Favorites and I can't help watching the episodes on repeat endlessly. It helps that the episodes are on the short and sweet side and that 90% of screen time is focused on wuri beautiful couple A couple wishes I'd like to see fulfilled before this drama ends: 1) DH drops the formal jondaemal with JI (no more Jai In-sshi pleeease!) 2) A glimpse of their married life And most importantly today: THAT KISS THO. *dead dead dead*
  8. @phikyl Yes, thank you! I found it on YT soon after my initial post, been listening to it ever since ^^ I think this song perfectly describes the relationship between Wen Kai and Yu Tang. The lyrics are beautiful and meaningful, the music is lovely, and I just love the singer's voice. It's my favorite song from the OST, can you tell?
  9. Any kind soul please tell me the song that played right after they were thinking about their first kiss?