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  1. Sigh. I really really can’t stand the Mother. Maybe she’ll turn around after JA’s father B* slapped her and told her to get off the high horses.
  2. I had a feeling from the beginning that she would be the one to break it off. Why? Because she has been the negative one in their relationship. She always has that “what if’s “ in her mind. It means she doesn’t have much faith in herself or him.
  3. Exactly. She’s not standing by him at all. She wanted to call it quit as soon as it’s getting hard. If they’re referring her standing next to him when they’re together for dinner or out on a date, then they totally misunderstood the meaning of the song. I’m so disappointed on where the ending is leading. Can they just get rid of the writer and hire me instead? Arghhhh
  4. It seems like JA doesn’t love JH as much as he loves her. I know it’s hard when your parents disapprove the relationship. However, if your love for him is strong enough, you’ll stick with him no matter what. Isn’t that’s the reason why they kept playing the Stand By Your Man song? I would be so tired of this relationship if I were JH. Poor guy. He gives so much and got so little in return. My heart aches for him.
  5. Lol. Great minds think alike. Hehehe. I don’t know why but watching them would remind me of SongSong couple. I was obsessed with that couple and stood by them when my sister told me they weren’t dating. Now I’m beginning to obsess with this couple. I also just wanted to say-Damn JH and his baby face. I don’t think this guy ever aged because of his baby face. I think his face is the size of my palm. He looks like he’s in his early 20 instead 30. And syj hardly aged from the “A moment to remember” day. I have to confess that I only watch their scenes and I could careless about the rest. Why? I have JA’s mother to thank for that. She annoys the life out of me. Every time she’s on screen, I’ll fast forward and say “BYE FELICIA!”
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