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  1. Hi everyone! OFFICIAL MV FOR OST 6 IS AVAILABLE Yoo Yeon Jung (유연정) – 마음이 하는 일 (Stay With You) [Lyrics]
  2. Are you guys ready for tomorrow's episode? It's been such a LONG TIME since I last expected a new episode for an ongoing k-drama. OMG! Where Stars Land is UNIQUE for sure! I'm ready! See you tomorrow if time permits!
  3. Actor Lee Je Hoon has released SBS 'Fox Stars Star' rice car shots. Lee Je Hoon said on his official Instagram account on the 11th, "I am now shooting the 'star of the fox city." "Thanks to that, I ate it warmly and drank it warmly. Thank you "and several pictures were released. In the photo, Je Hoon is posing in front of a rice car made by his agency, entertainment company. It collects two hands and gracefully greets them, and from the state where they are blowing the heart of a hand, it brings out a feeling of goodness in various forms. Je Hoon is playing Lee Soo Yeon who is wearing a wearable walking aid due to a traffic accident at the 'Fox Stars' on the air. The nationwide ratings of 7.5 percent and 22 percent of the nation's ratings, which was broadcast on June 6, topped the nation's highest audience rating (based on Nielsen Korea). source: http://news.hankyung.com/article/2018111142764
  4. Hello everyone! THE LAST EMPRESS has been LICENSED AT VIKI CHANNEL: https://www.viki.com/tv/36241c-the-last-empress SUBBING VIKI TEAM NAME: THE EMPRESS' MINION TEAM
  5. Hi everyone! Just sharing some scenes from today's episodes. I overslept today