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    Kpop Podcast

    Cute. I think the host of this YouTube channel has a different focus on content as well as medium of delivery, but perhaps someone we consider for a future beginner-friendly dive into a topic for a future roundtable discussion.
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    [Eclipse] GOT7 - Look Full Dance Cover

    Ayyee, I see you, Eclipse! Bay Area represent.
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    Kpop Podcast

    Hello Soompi friends, Do you listen to podcasts? There's a kpop podcast I've been working on for the past year-and-a-half or so and wanted to share it with y'all. Published on an approximately weekly basis, the podcast reviews latest songs, provides listening recommendations, and pulls in kpop voices in and around the community to discuss industry trends. If you're new to podcasts, it's an audio show which you can listen to while on the go. It's a great thing to listen to while you're driving, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, etc. We've tried to keep our episodes in the 30min mark so you can listen to it during your daily commute to work. We're hoping our show can be another way you can reflect on kpop after watching the latest music videos. Q: How can I listen? A: Anywhere where you get your podcasts! iTunes is the most popular channel (check out the podcasts app on your iPhone), but it's on Stitcher, Google, Soundcloud among other places. Q: What do you do on the show? A: We pull in different hosts based on who's most enthusiastic with the most subject matter expertise, but at the same time try to round-out perspectives so it's not always a fan-gasm without any critical analysis. Typically show episodes start off with lesser-known/prominent songs we recommend you check out, followed by a review on the hit song of the week. For this hit single, we discuss the message/theory, concept/visuals, audio/song and an overall score of whether the song is "Daebak or Not." Our goal is to introduce some critical thinking into the kpop discourse and hopefully introduce new ways to appreciate the songs you already love. We occasionally have special episodes which deviate from this regular show format which open up roundtable discussions. From "how to be a parent in kpop" to critical analysis on the BTS highlight reel series, we try to bring in relevant voices to introduce ways to think the unique things in kpop. Q: Can I join or participate? A: Yes! Whenever possible, we quote people who tweet at our handle @TheKpopcast on Twitter, to spotlight interesting ideas which progress the discussion. We also hold weekly twitter chats every Tuesday at Noon PT around the songs we review. Q: Why should I listen? A: Because you want a group of friends to have an honest conversation with you on the latest happenings in kpop - joining you every week from your mobile device. We're your kpop living room on-the-go who: Provide weekly song recommendations Introduce new ways to look at or appreciate the songs you like Bring in guests in and around the kpop community Like to listen to and highlight your own thoughtful remarks on today's latest songs in kpop Be entertained on kpop topics while do you other things Here are some of our favorite episodes: As well as some of our more recent shows: I hope you'll give our podcast a look! If you have any constructive feedback on how we can improve the show, we're receptive to that as well. Let us know what you think!