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  1. How do I create topics??

    1. phikyl


      You need to first have made 5 replies to already posted topics before you are able to post a new one yourself. =]

      A lot of the threads in the general discussion area are a good place to start to get those initial 5 posts. 

    2. Kristy Asao

      Kristy Asao

      Okay. Thank you. ^__^

  2. Hello! I inboxed you! Might you take a look, please? 

  3. Since its birth as SoompiTown in 1998 and rebranding as Soompi, we've seen our online community grow exponentially and change in the course of nearly two decades. Soompi continues to grow with the support of our members. While the main site continues to grow, certain sections have aged differently over the past several years. While Korean Music and Korean Drama related sections continue to thrive, other sections are obviously in decline. In general, with improvements in mobile communication, the emergence of facebook, reddit, youtube, and many other social media platforms, have led to a general decline on internet bulletin boards which were particularly popular in the 2000's. Declining sections also attract spambots among many others. As a result we will be consolidating several forums Current Events will be merged into General Discussion Fitness and Sports will be split into Health and Beauty and General Discussion (Fitness going into the former and sports the latter) School Zone will also be merged into General Discussion This is not the first time we've re-organized the forum. As the forum population continues to change, so will our forums. For the following weeks, we will begin moving threads individually and hope to complete the re-consolidation by February. Thanks for being a part of Soompi!
  4. UAE/Dubai Kazakhstan Iceland New Caledonia Bhutan
  5. That's probably one of the worst feelings. Not getting that closure you deserve. Its happened to me too. Its best to move on and not linger over it or it'll keep eating you
  6. I really liked that anime! I really like the art style of late 80s early 90s anime, with their bubbly faces. I also like the current one now.. but really hated the late 90s, early 2000s style where everyone had really jagged faces and super large shiny eyes (even more so). As for my username.. I changed it often, but this one was fresh after finishing the game Phoenix Wright 3. I wanted Godot, but some idiot with only 1 or 2 posts and never logged in again took it. Was tempted to abuse my admin powers to force a name change, but decided not to. A lot of the cool/fun usernames on this site are taken by accounts that have long been inactive and didn't have that many posts to begin with. I've been petitioning for a purge of inactive users to free up names.