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  1. @GongLee Global, that photobook is so beautiful and special... I hope they have kept their copies well and have looked and will look at it from time to time... I hope it will remind them of the joy they have given to many during their stint in WGM that survives up to now and that we are here to continue to support them as a couple and/or as individual artists striving to excel in their craft...
  2. Hello everyone! Thank you for all your hard work for keeping our beehive alive and thank you @GongLee Global for starting our 2nd thread.. All for the love of JH and SY..
  3. Wishing every brownie a blessed new year.. Keep safe during the celebrations!
  4. A Merry and Blessed Christmas to all brownies!! Hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends..
  5. So I read that it is a short film.. I wonder if it will be shown on TV or in theaters with other (?) short films?? I want to watch it so badly..
  6. SY has a new project with Byun YoHan, My Dream Class 2018... I’ve seen some clips and it’s promising (and I like Byun Yo Han, too) Has any of you seen it or has read about it?
  7. So JH’s gone to fulfill his duty for his country.. All of CNBLUE members are.. Oh my heart!!! I pray for their safety and health.. Jonghyun.. I’m gonna miss you so bad!.. AYHT also had it’s final episode.. I’m happy and proud of our SY.. You did a wonderful job portraying Kang So bong!! Can’t wait to see what your gonna do next.. I'll continue fill my void from missing both of you (together) by rewatching My Only Love Song and your WGM episodes.. Thank you dear @Aileen4ever for all your updates.. Nota bene:
  8. Can we shoot SY's stylist now! Kidding.. But really? I'm pretty sure he/she could have done waaaay better than that.. SY looks beautiful, though, as always.. Like I said before, SY can be in a sackcloth/rags and still look beautiful.. But really, BH ent?..
  9. I wonder who Papa Bee is with? Hmm.. Someone who also appreciates the weather, I bet...
  10. Oh my.. The recent events makes my Brownie heart giddy.. Her friends working at his store (which by the way, I sort of think she may also be part owner/partner) and then why Sungshin Women's University? Does FNC has ties with the school or there's no other place to hold the fanmeeting? I may be giving it too much meaning (well, I'm a Brownie), but what ever the reason is.. My Brownie heart is still doing a little happy dance to the tune of delulu... Hahaha.. Have a good day/night my dearies..
  11. @ai1317 That tweet really brightened and sweetened my day.. Like honey sweet.. If this is true, it somehow calms and assures my brownie heart.. I wonder who the baristas are, though.. Ugh.. I wish I was in SKorea right now so I could also take a peek and get me some of those Nerdy clothing.. Welcome to all new brownies!
  12. Welcome @amethystha to our lovely beehive.. Hope you enjoy coming here and feel free to post. But, just a reminder to everyone, please delete the photos when you quote someone's post.. It's against Soompi's rules. Thank you..
  13. Omg, @ahnborabora that 1st photo of SY from the insta post made me really want to get a copy of Grazia magazine..
  14. Eldest noona liking SY's IG post just made my night.. It's just L VE to me.. Heheh.. Hope everyone is having a good day or night (for those who are working like me )