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  1. ....can I just add to your list the face powder case that makes people invisible the ink stamp that heals another bracelet (seems there are two? the gold one belonging to the old couple and the beaded one from the painter) another album (seems there are two? the one held by the old lady, another by the orphanage children) the hand torch ...the fun of watching the last 10 minutes of Ep14. I think all the items are meant to be mementoes from the ones who perished in the fire to their loved ones who survived. I wondered who is the one with the yellow cap.
  2. wow ! you were spot-on. I love the cinematography, the pace of the drama. The music in the background accompanying the scenes between the clown and LK reminds me of the emotional tension like Painter of the Wind. And really, I could not skip the conversations. They were either witty lines or one-liner that predicts their destiny. I am going back to watch ep.1 again after I have finished with Ep14-16. There was one female character I could not recognise in the last 5minutes. The camera focused on her teaching the young children in the cheomin village.
  3. I considered this good ending.........and now, I shall start watching the last three episodes which I skipped.
  4. The context of the storyline reminded me of that cheesy Goong drama. That was the main reason I didn't start watching until the GED died. The writer: Kim Sun-Ok ...well the handsome guard who was Yu Ra's no.X lover didn't die. The drama's ending with a visit to the palace museum reminded me of Bertolucci's The Last Emperor. Lee Hyuk is probably the best written and most complex character. In the beginning he was a villain.Someone in the thread lamented his character goes crazy on wednesdays, act cute on thursdays. So was Yu Ra's character. Thank you all for the instantaneous recaps. I just couldn't wait for the last ep. to be uploaded. OMG, Jang Nara looks even younger with a short crop. I might have missed the discussion somewhere in these 180pages. Why was the character of Na Wang Shik switched from Rocky Bear to CJH? When I returned to watch Ep1 to 7, i realised i am biased towards NWS when CJH took over the role. Suddenly the dumb, clumsy and naive Rocky Bear became an ace.sigh! And the ace suddenly turned into ash this week.Grrrrghhhh!
  5. So unfortunate that the anticipated storm of our favourite drama has to happen during the lunar new year celebrations. I have been skipping the episodes to escape the screaming and sobbing. ... ...Maybe when the cherry blossom arrives, the storm will stop somewhat......I will wait till then to watch.
  6. ....this sageuk is a real surprise. I delayed catching this drama, thinking that it would be as cliche as The Moon that Embraces the Sun. The director's style reminds me of the director of Dongyi and DaeJangGeum. It's a roller coaster ride of emotions. Just as we are all holding to our seats with mounting tension, the comedic moments are a real welcome to break the tension.The minor triumphs of the clown also kept me hooked to the drama. Since this storyline has no real historic adherence, I really wish for a less tragic ending.
  7. Kim Soo-Mi is joining the royal mess? OMG..... I like Na Wang Shik's new haircut. Gosh....how did he hide his twenty stitches? I find it difficult to accept Na Wang-Shik collaborating with the woman who mercilessly killed his mother. btw, did Yu Ra have three lovers simultaneously?
  8. I wonder which is a bigger trial for Do Ran. If you were Do Ran's mother-in-law, which is a bigger shock? To find out Do Ran's relationship with Mr Kang (in circumstances that looked contrived) or to find out your daughter-in-law's father was jailed for manslaughter?
  9. ....unfortunately it is for this reason, I have lost interest, skipped a couple of episodes and waited for this last episode. Kim Min-Young is such a confident actress that she really overshadows the grumpy-looking YJH and pretty vase CSJ. I hope Kim Min-Young gets into better projects in future. Watching the last episode, I began to understand why "My Name is Kim Sam-Soon" is such a classic.
  10. Mi-Ran and Go-Rae are such a roooomantic pair. So, "evil step mother' is all geared up to sell Daughter No.2? She is so mercenary. No money should pass through her hands. Can someone tell Mr Kang to stop dropping $$ into their mailbox? I cannot understand how she cannot pay a $2000 rent despite the stacks of $$ Mr Kang gave her as an appreciation for bringing up DR. Go-Rae is not going to be the heir to the millions, Mr Kang is. I can't wait for the autumn romance to begin. I had wanted to take a break to avoid the crying and screaming discoveries but the writer did well in blending the lighthearted moments and the heavy moments. I just couldn't stop watching. Grandma-in-law is so cooool when she roars ! This teaches us "let a sleeping dog lie". The Shaman deserves a bigger reward. Tapping my fingers to wait for the moment Daya has to call both sisters, DR and MR "elder sister-in-law"
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