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  1. Episode 16 (Final) Recap: YC goes to TJ to ask about his love problem lol. He presents what BR said to him and TJ accurately guesses who said it. YC realises he probably shouldn't ask TJ but TJ says he was jealous of their relationship. Since BR and YC got close, he lost his place. He apologizes. He doesn't feel anything now except relief that everything's out in the open. He tells YC that what she meant was she didn't know what to do with so much love for him, which is why it hurts. He says YC should understand since he felt like that for BH back then. YC asks what he should do, and TJ asks about his feelings. YC says, "It's nice when I'm with her. And I always want to be with her. I like it when she smiles. I tell her things I don't usually tell others." TJ tells him to tell it to BR instead of him since she wants to know his heart. TJ asks about NI and YC reassures him that he has the solution. YC meets with Taesan, asking them to make it possible for BF to be made. He'll give up rights and profits from it. Taesan directors are incredulous because he's ignoring their compensation and instead asking for more money, specifically 50 billion won. YC says that BF will be a product that will last more than 100 years, as compared to all the other products they're making now. They continue resisting, till TJ's father, the Chairman comes in. The Chairman hears YC saying that this project is his life dream. YC looks at the Chairman and says that he needs to protect the spot for his employee to return to. The Chairman says it sounds interesting and agrees, in return for a condition - BF must launch in a year or Next In will merge into Taesan. After the meeting, YC goes after the Chairman. He conveys that TJ is doing well and says that TJ will return to him, despite the Chairman's wishes. He thanks him sincerely for the chance he's giving them though. TR meets TJ and says goodbye. They make amends. Dir. Nam and YC go back to the office to think about the work to be done. Dir. Nam says that they lack manpower. Just then, the lift opens and the BF team does the whole power walk led by DJ. Woohoo! They've come back. Everyone rejoices. Chan Soo sneaks the photo frame of BR and YC to YC. YC looks at it and gives this whole pep talk, about how IT needs to be about people, about bringing loved ones closer even if they may be far in physical distance. Everyone cheers. YC writes on the white wall, "Next In. 차기 혁신은 바로 우리들! (Next Innovation is us!)" DJ and MS get married. YC runs late because he's at a meeting to sign an MOU with Taesan. BR is leaving to the airport after the wedding, despite the BF team's efforts. YC gets the info from CS and rushes to the airport. BR sees 13 missed calls and turns her phone off. "You said you were always gonna answer my calls!" she hears this shout. "Stand right there!" Seeing YC coming after her, she runs. LOL. "Why are you running away without saying a word?!" YC starts off by talking about NI is doing. "I know all the employees now. They don't have to tell me their names. I also know how to bow to people now." BR praises him. "TJ hyung also promised to come back. Everything's perfect, except the fact that you're not there. So stay by my side, don't go anywhere." BR: I'm sorry. YC: Why? You love me, don't you? I know it all. BR: Eh? No, I never said that. YC: You were tormented because you liked me. It means you love me, right? BR: So? YC: So... BR: What about you then? YC hesitates. BR sighs and says he should just find a woman who's good at her job and turns to go. YC: Stop. No other woman, but you. I want to be with you. Because I like you too. I'd like it if you stayed by my side. I like it when you laugh. I tell you things I never tell others. I'm fine with anything if you are. I want to be the man you like. And also... BR: Also? YC: I love you. He grabs her for a kiss. Flashbacks of their time together. They break off and BR says it's too late for her to stay since she promised the minister. YC says she can go, he'll make it so their distance won't matter. They'll talk and see each other's face every day. BR says "But we can't kiss." YC agrees. BR says, "Let's kiss more now then." She grabs him for another kiss and they make out. WEEEEE 1 year later. BR and YC video chat on their phones, talking about their lives and jobs. YC complains that he can't see her. TJ returns to NI. The bromance is back as YC and him hug it out. CS saved their photo from back then and they put it back on the wall. BR and YC have another chat session as he works. She goes on a spiel about law and policy and YC just listens half-heartedly. LOL He doesn't even notice her background, which obviously shows she's in the company. She complains about his half-heartedness as he sulks that he can't touch or kiss her. Suddenly TJ floats in and out behind her, which YC catches. He thought it was a trick and then DJ and CS start popping up too hahaha. He runs to his window and sees her down there. He quickly runs down. BR: "What are you waiting for? Touch me then." They hug and share a long kiss to the cheers of the crowd. - The End - ---------------- I was wondering if they would have 3 kisses this episode to match the number of kisses YC shared with TR, and they did! hahaha... well I can't say I wasn't disappointed by this show but I guess this episode is better than nothing.
  2. It's finally DONE! I guess I should feel accomplished that I finished this since I haven't finished dramas for a while... Episode 16 (Final) Recap: BR packs up at Dancing Whale while YC returns to Next In. YC appears on the news which gets reported and TJ sees. BR and YC are both busy at work. YC calls BR but she decides not to pick up, which makes him call her "Liar" again. He actually stalks out her house but she's not there. She comes home when he was about to leave. They talk nearby. Basically YC's come to whine about it being a difficult time. BR tries to get him to think positively. He asks if she's really decided to leave to Jeju. He says that she's not keeping her promise of staying by his side. She asks the reasons that he wants her to stay. He says that it's comfortable with her around and she promised to make him laugh. She concludes that it's because he needs her (for practical reasons) and he admits it. She says that it's the opposite for her, that she doesn't need him because she feels troubled when she's with him. YC: Why? BR: I don't know. YC: You said you liked me! BR: Liking you and being troubled can be two separate things. YC gets frustrated that she's not changing her mind and he doesn't understand. He starts saying that it's not a job only she can do and he doesn't know why she needs to leave to do something not even that special. She sarcastically replies that she doesn't do creative jobs like him and it's fine because it's still a job that will change the world. She just says goodbye and walks away. YC shouts after her in frustration. He continues to work till the morning but reflects on what he said to BR. He finally calls her to apologise for looking down on her job and says it wasn't what he meant to say. He says he must have been worked up over the thought of her going to Jeju. She is stunned. He calls her "Bo-Ra yah, are you sleeping?" She says it's the first time he's called her name like that. He tells her he saw TJ and talks about how the office has changed. BR admits she does miss the place. "I always saw you when I looked down from here....and Chan Soo, and Team Leader Jang and Steve. Do you want to come see it? Now?" YC asks. BR says she has to meet the minister, and YC suggests the evening then. BR agrees, which makes YC grin like a fool. After she hangs up, she berates herself for being weak. YC goes out to meet her in the evening. BR calls to say she can't come after all. She finally says "I don't want to see you. Goodbye." YC: "Hang on. What does that mean? Are you never going to see me again? Is that why you're going to Jeju-do?" BR: "Yes. It's too hard. My heart hurts, and I'm tormented." YC: "What? Why? What did I do?" BR: "That's not it! Because I like you too much, I'm tormented because I like you too much! That's why I don't want to see you. I won't see you. Goodbye." She hangs up, leaving YC looking like a lost puppy. MS comes home to BR packing up. BR reveals that she can't see YC because if she sees his face, she might not be able to leave.
  3. Episode 15 Recap (continued): YC goes to meet TJ but the police say TJ refuses to see him. A month later. YC has an interview about his new company's success. The reporter asks for his secret, and YC answers, "Because it's me.... that's what I said 6 months ago. After leaving NI and hitting rock bottom, there were people who stayed by my side. I was able to rise again because of them. Actually I think they've always been there, I just never realised." Everyone is touched by his growth. Later YC asks BR his score, and she gives him 100 because he was amazing (the preview scene). He leaves with the reporters, and BR holds her heart still. The next day Dir. Nam asks YC to return to NI if possible. He says that he can't see NI fail, and people will use their failure as an excuse not to innovate anymore. He argues passionately, but YC turns him down, saying that he has other things to protect now. YC goes back to Dancing Whale and suggests to his BF team to return to NI, but laughs it off as a joke when they react negatively. BR sees through his facade and talks to him separately, encouraging him to do what he really wants. TJ gets a visit request from TR, only it turns out to be YC instead with TR watching. YC tells TJ that he'll save NI and wait for TJ to return. TR tells YC that she's leaving to Venice. They say things to end their relationship nicely. Hug, go separate ways. BR meets the Vice Minister Lady. The new job as her aide is in Jeju-do. BR is worried about her abilities but lady boss encourages her to find her path, telling her that she has lived well so far. BR starts packing up at home and tells MS, who is surprised at her plans. She wonders why she's leaving YC when things are progressing nicely. BR tears up as she says she happened to be by YC's side when he was weak, and now he's gotten up again. It's too hard to stay by his side when he's doing such great things. BR doesn't like her self that doesn't seem to have accomplished anything. YC also tells DJ that he's returning to NI. He entrusts Dancing Whale to DJ. The next day, DJ announces it to the team at the office. They were surprised but thinking about following YC, until DJ asks them to stay. BR and YC meet in a cafe with news for each other. YC goes first and declares all his plans to BR, which she already anticipated. She drops her bomb on him however by telling him that she's leaving. He doesn't understand what happened and struggles to contain his disappointment that she wouldn't be coming with him. He asks, "If I don't go back to NI, will you also stay?" BR explains that her decision has nothing to do with what he chooses to do, and no one should have to give up their dreams for someone else. Having said all there is to say (except what they choose not to), they go their separate ways. YC turns back and mutters "Liar" at BR's back. Some uninteresting bit about TR and the artist. YC returns to NI and thanks Dir. Nam for protecting the company all this while. He bows to the remaining employees. -End of episode-
  4. I think @dramaninja is mirroring most of our disappointment that MBN didn't do more for YC-BR with 5 more episodes than the Jap-version. They should have chosen to include more for the special episodes and lovey-dovey bits after they became a couple instead of expanding on the YC-TR loveline, which was doomed anyway. Bad choice. I'll only recap briefly since I'm really tired. If you're curious, you can read recaps for the J-version, and basically still know everything that happens, only in a different order lol. Episode 15 Recap YC and BR are at the terminus after they both fell asleep on the bus. There happens to be an amusement park nearby which YC recognizes. BR pulls him in and he follows although he doesn't want to. They ride the carousel, which awaken painful memories for YC. YC tells BR how his mum abandoned him. He says their family used to sell kalguksu (the noodles he likes to eat). It wasn't any special taste but it tasted of the sea, and he still remembers it. He remembers all the details and faces in his memory now. BR comforts him and says that he has her by his side now, which makes him smile. TJ is interrogated by the police over the intruder incident before. The police ask why he didn't report it back then, and TJ hesitates before he confesses that he was the one who handed over the data. BR and YC return just as it goes all over the news. YC thinks of their past, how they established the company and the obstacles they overcame, the milestones they achieved to be in their current position. There's even a bit of how Dir. Nam believed in their company when his colleague didn't, which is why he joined them I think. Their friendship was so lovely. YC misses his last bus to the church. BR is there and she invites him back to her house since she doesn't think he should be alone. They take the bus back together. YC asks how many times she's invited men home lol. BR huffily confesses that she's never done such a thing, and never dated before either. YC says that's twice then, since she also took him home last time (haha.) She remembers him in the funny pyjamas, and they laugh together. YC is in a different set of PJs that somehow matches her bedsheet (not important). As BR brushes her teeth, she has this funny spaced out silly grin on her face. She slaps herself and tries reminding herself that men are wolves. But she thinks she's more like the wolf here, and actually howls. LOL. She goes to check on YC in her room and tucks him in. YC speaks as she leaves, wondering how TJ is doing. He wants to see the old TJ again. BR asks if YC doesn't hate TJ, and tells him that it's ok even if he does, for a bit, since hating implies that you once liked that person. BR tells him to forgive TJ after. Everything gets too overwhelming and he turns around to sleep. BR sits on the bed next to him, then lies down looking at his back. She says that she likes it better now, and she feels like if everything went back to before, she'd lose her place now (beside him). She gets up and leaves the room. They are snuggled in bed together the next morning, BR's head fitting perfectly in YC's shoulder. BR wakes up and squeals, as I squeal too. YC sleepily says he must have walked into the wrong room when he went to the toilet during the night. Hah.
  5. Can't believe this drama is almost reaching the end. I guess it's a relief in a way... the drama at this point is really similar to the Jap-version, the difference being they took events and sort of rearranged them to say - here, we did something. Anyway, the preview for Episode 16 (the end): BR: I don't think I can come after all. YC: What are you talking about? Are you never going to see me again? BR: I feel like I can't leave if I see his face. YC: Does it make sense to be troubled because you love someone too much? TJ: What are your feelings towards Kim Bo-Ra? BR: I miss him (it? unclear object). Though it hasn't even been that long. CS: Did you know that BR is leaving for Jeju Island today? YC: Not anyone else, but you. I want to be with you. So just stay by my side.
  6. Episode 14 Recap (continued): YC strolls into Next-In, which is deserted on the weekend except TJ who is brooding. YC says he came from meeting Mr. Go at the police station. TJ asks what he is implying and denies that he had any part in the personal data leak. YC looks disappointed. YC: "TJ-hyung, how did we become like this? When did we start to go wrong? I guess I must have done great wrong to you. But I wonder if you were ever on my side." TJ is incensed and says they must have gone wrong after he held it in for years and finally couldn't hold it in anymore. He rages at YC, saying that he held on even though his efforts were never recognised, scoffing that YC's become so sentimental all of a sudden and tries to provoke him into admitting that he wants revenge. YC asks, "If I change, will you be able to back to when you liked me?" He glances at the repainted blank wall, and walks away as TJ struggles to find his composure. Back at Dancing Whale, they talk about YC's going to the police and BR tells them all to keep smiling at YC when he returns. He comes in to a sea of smiles lol. The wall has a slogan saying "We will never leave." He assures them that he's fine. The team nervously gather to present a game that they were working on to YC. YC tries it out and in his old style, throws it on the table, declaring it rubbish. Everyone deflates and Team Leader Jang tries to argue that the game is in trend. YC says that the concept is good but there is no selling point that stands out from the crowd. Steve mutters that he's rude as ever lol. BR asks if they should throw it out then, but YC says they can all work on it together to improve it. Wow... improvement. He starts distributing jobs to each one of them, pointing and calling their names. Everyone is happily surprised... "You can recognise us now?!" YC comes to realise it at the same time. DJ stands up hopefully and YC looks at him, "Who are you?" LOL. DJ gives him the stinky eye. After another marketing meeting, YC shakes everyone's hands and calls them by name. He even bows before BR does. As they take the bus back, YC asks for his score again. BR says it's 89 this time. YC is indignant since he was almost perfect, but BR says it felt forced and unlike him. YC mumbles that she's hard to please. YC tells BR that he realised he had lived only thinking of himself all this while. He was never afraid to fail because even if he did, it affected only himself. But now he wants to be better for the people who came to him. BR praises him, saying that he's the coolest now than ever before. They doze off, and BR's head falls on his shoulder. YC nods sleepily before resting his head on hers too. -End of episode-
  7. Episode 14 Recap (continued): BR briefs YC on the people he's meeting, and social courtesies like bowing and speaking in jeondaemal. They present an app called "CARE app" to some doctors at a hospital. It helps patients navigate their way, beeping when there are obstacles. The doctors are impressed, especially when YC says it's free. They only want their app to be made known to the patients, and BR says they are collecting user data. She bows and kicks YC to do the same, which he does. After they leave, YC grumbles at the hard work they're putting in marketing their products, and for free. BR believes people will eventually pay them since his apps are good and useful. She says that TJ did all this legwork for him previously before catching herself. YC asks her how did he score, and BR says 75. He's shocked at the low score, and she says he was still arrogant and tells him not to think that he's so special since everyone lives like that. MS texts DJ about making another appointment. DJ calls YC out and presents his dilemma to him. He says, "For example, imagine if you slept with BR one day and..." YC shuts down that line of questioning LOL. DJ tells him about MS and the baby, and YC agrees that the only viable solution in their situation is abortion. DJ is frustrated since he actually wants to be convinced otherwise. YC wonders why DJ is telling him all this, and DJ says employers need to listen to their employees' concerns and try to help. DJ and MS are at the hospital. DJ asks to see the ultrasound again. He walks out when MS is called for her examination. He paces outside, caught with indecision. Finally he runs back inside and sees the baby scan with MS. They see the baby moving and hears his/her heartbeat. They walk quietly out. MS declares that she's decided to keep the baby, and only asks that he pay half the living expenses. DJ throws out marriage as the solution, which offends MS. MS doesn't know why they should marry if they don't like each other. DJ says he liked her. MS asks why didn't he hold on to her, and he says, how could he when he was jobless and almost homeless? He told her to wait but she didn't. He says she should have held on. They both accuse each other of turning around and dating other people quickly. Hurt, MS walks off and almost gets hit by a motorcycle (DJ thinks it's the same one that almost hit him lol). DJ quickly grabs her, and MS finally breaks down and cries. They finally throw everything out in the open and have an honest talk. DJ suggests marriage again sincerely, and MS agrees.They hug it out and DJ promises to give her a proper proposal and everything. Aww. YC gets a call from the police saying that they found the culprit who leaked the personal data. YC meets Mr. Go in the interrogation room. He knows that there is someone else from within the company who passed him the data. Mr. Go doesn't rat out TJ and expresses his hurt from YC. He wanted to ruin him just as YC ruined him. He said that YC was the one who gave him a dream and took it away, 7 years of hard work. YC apologizes for not knowing his situation. He tells Mr. Go that he'll rebuild his company and hire him again if he wants, and he promises that he'll not let him go first another time. Mr. Go is affected by this as YC leaves the room.
  8. Episode 14 Recap: Starts with ending scene from before. BR starts writing everything about the BF interface project down. YC leaves and sits in his dark room, thinking about all the people who left him. He cries. The next morning, he walks into the office and sees what BR left. The preview part is here - BR wrote "I will never go and leave you behind. Trust me. I believe in you." He thinks, "1 week? I only need 4 days." He starts programming, ripping off the papers as he completes part by part. He flips BR's photo frame back up. BR comes in to the office (probably after days) to find a USB on her desk. The new interface is presented by Taesan's side at the meeting, and it only took half the cost. The lady minister is pleased. BF team from Next-In wants to try it out, and they marvel at the user-friendliness and intuitiveness of the interface. TJ is curious as to the developer as Taesan doesn't have this kind of talent. Suddenly the screen freezes and the team discovers an Easter egg - their faces along with their names dance out with a slogan, "We'll change the world." The three of them smile in recognition. BR happily tells YC that his design has been approved, although it's credited to Taesan. YC is fine with it. He returns to find the BF team back in his office. DJ wants to join in, and declares YC as the president, while he's vice president haha. They think of a name for their new company, and BR does her hand dancing gesture at YC. YC says "Dancing Whale" and everyone agrees. They actively start working on their BF project again. YC talks to BR (like in the preview), "It doesn't matter if you're trustworthy or not now. I've decided to trust you. So you take responsibility for me." BR nods happily. At Next-In, TJ hears of the team's resignation from Dir. Nam. He goes into problem solving mode, thinks to hire new people and mentions the finances. Dir. Nam cuts his off and says that's his job. He tells TJ to think of new projects, and to make something "fun and interesting." Hmm... sounds familiar, doesn't it? Dir. Nam says back then when YC and TJ started their projects, they had such an infectious energy that he had a lot of fun too, even when their work seemed unpractical. TJ asks, "Is the work I do so boring?" Dir. Nam tells him to look at his own face, and says he should have stopped TJ instead of YC. TJ meets his dad, who tells him to bring Next-In and merge with Taesan. He meets TR in a pub. TR asks about the company since she heard about her father's request. TJ doesn't answer, and she is disappointed that this is what it has become. She says that she is closing her gallery and intends to leave; she hates everything including running into TJ. She tells him that she saw YC the other day, and she saw that he could be jealous too. TJ asks about her feelings for YC, and she returns the question about BR. She says that it wasn't love for both of them, but possessiveness. She tells TJ not to touch BR, since she's all that YC has left. TJ asks angrily, "What about me?" TR reveals that she told YC everything that they did, but it turned out that he already knew. She says they can't even beg for forgiveness, because YC doesn't want them anymore, they're finished. TJ orders her to leave and never to show up in front of him again.
  9. The episode just ended. Fast paced, as expected since things had to get a move along. YC is letting more of his human side show, which just boggles the mind of those who wanted to bring him down. They try to provoke a rise out of him, but he leaves them hanging with a stab to their hearts. We're at the end bits of Ep 9 and parts of Ep 10 in the Jap version now. Preview for Episode 15 first: Reporter: The reveal of the current Next-In president, MTJ as the culprit behind the personal data leak incident has come as a great shock... Dir. Nam: It would be nice if you'd return to Next-In. BR: You want to go back, right? YC: Well, Next-In was my everything. YC: So, be on my side. MS: You're meeting the congresswoman? (The Vice Minister lady who was going into politics before) DJ: You weren't going back to Next-In? BR: It's too difficult to be with him because he's too great and amazing. YC: I always saw you when I looked down from here. YC: I wanted to ask you to come back.
  10. Episode 13 Recap (continued): Back at the office, YC flips BR's photo of them both down. The lady minister secretly meets with BR. She passes information about what is wrong with the BF interface and tells BR to memorise everything. She says there's only one week left before the presentation, and says YC is the only person who can fix it. BR happily memorises everything. The minister asks BR how long will she continue helping YC, and tells her not to cling to a man but to find her own path. BR rushes back to tell YC what happened. He isn't listening however, and says he saw her with TJ. BR explains, but YC just apologizes and says she should go back to Next-In. BR refuses. YC: I don't need you now. BR: Have I become your burden? YC: Yes. (stands up) You'll eventually leave too anyway. BR: You don't trust me. Because I'm a liar? YC: Yeah, probably so. He walks out of the room. BR cries. (NEW OST.) -End of episode- There are some extra lines in the preview after the episode that's not in the YT video, strangely. So after BR tells YC to trust her, she also says, "I'll never go and leave you behind." Dir. Nam tells TJ in the office, looking at the blank white wall, "You don't want to change the world. You just want to erase traces of Lee Yoo-Chan."
  11. Episode 13 Recap (continued): TR meets TJ outside the company. She asks how YC and BR are, and if they're together. TJ says he doesn't know or care. She wonders how long has TJ planned to destroy YC. TJ asks what she means. TR: I liked you when I thought you were different from Dad and the people in Taesan. But it turns out that you're actually the same. You think about being free from the rigidness of the system, but they remain just thoughts of you. Ultimately, you make the same choices as those in Taesan would. The only one who is truly free is YC. That was probably why I liked him, why he was the kind of person I wanted. I abhorred those people because they had the freedom I couldn't have. Oppa destroyed YC because you couldn't have what YC had, and you planned this a long time ago. Meanwhile, BR and YC start in DJ's office. DJ leaves for another appointment with MS. YC is demotivated and says he doesn't feel like doing anything. He says he even has a headache, and BR forcefully massages his temples LOL. YC ends up asking to borrow money to buy some ice-cream. BR takes him there, and marvels that he really is a kid. YC stays in the office and plays mobile games as BR leaves for the day. DJ calls her to tell her to contact a company who wants IT work done. Out in the streets, DJ almost collides into a passing motorcycle. His heart thumps in shock, and he suddenly remembers what the pregnant lady had said about his baby's heartbeat. He touches his chest, having second thoughts. He tries to shake them away and walks on, waiting at a pedestrian crossing. He imagines MS next to him, carrying a baby and calling him Dad. MS gets a call from DJ cancelling their appointment again. He gives her the excuse that he needs to go out of town for work. But he is actually staring at baby shoes in a shop, wondering how a person could fit in those little things. MS sees him after they hang up the call. She calls out to him but DJ leaves, not hearing her. She walks in his direction, then realises what he was looking at. BR lies to her family about her work. At night, she asks MS if she can borrow some money for the company. MS tells her not to get silly ideas and think for herself. BR asks about her baby, and MS gives DJ's excuse of being busy. The next day, BR gets another call from Mum, who called Next-In this time. She tries to placate them by saying she's set up a new company with YC, and it might take some time for them to earn money. YC approaches and BR quickly hangs up. In the office, BR tells YC about the job DJ had set up, but YC doesn't want to take outside jobs. Suddenly, BR gets a text saying that she's received a huge amount of money in her bank account (about 10,000,000 KRW if I didn't hear wrongly). She rushes out. YC walks around the office and sees BR's frame with their photo on her desk. He goes to the computer and sees news of BF's interface change. TJ and Taesan present the new interface to the ministry. The lady minister is not pleased, saying that the new interface is not user-friendly, complicated and presents nothing new technologically. It looks just like any government website. BUUUURRRN. The BF team is noticeably twitchy. Taesan's side argues that it was due to financial concerns and practicality, which TJ agrees with. The minister, "I see. Now I wonder why we need Next-In to develop this programme if there are no technological advancements at all." Back at the company, everyone watches sadly as the wall is repainted. TJ comes as the painters reach the main grey part. He takes over and paints it himself. Dir. Nam looks disappointed. Downstairs, TR sees YC waiting outside. Dir. Nam comes to meet YC and YC asks about the interface, telling him to tell TJ to change it back. Dir. Nam seems to appreciate YC's concern for the project and says he will talk to TJ. YC walks on and sees BR in the cafe meeting TJ. BR asks about the money and says she wants to return it. TJ tells her to keep it since it's her promised incentive if the BF project is green lighted. He asks what YC is doing and if he's finding ways to get his revenge. BR says he's not doing anything. TJ asks if she's happy that she left with him, and BR says yes. TJ tells her that she can come back anytime, and BR gets up to leave, saying that she'll keep the money and use it well. TJ asks if she can stay for a bit, and BR sits again. TR sees YC watching and tells him who they are, then remembers that YC must have recognised BR. She asks if she should help him find out why they met. YC doesn't say a word and walks away. TR follows him. She says she'll help him if he wants revenge. She tells him everything that her brother did, and how she gave her shares to TJ to help him set up the company in China. She says she did it because she hated him then. YC finally answers that he knows. TR asks why is he not doing anything. YC: "What is left if I take revenge? It's not like Next-In will be mine again. Everyone did what they did because they hated me. I can understand that. It's all my fault." He leaves. TR shouts that he should at least be angry at them. His indifference and acceptance seem to give them a hollow victory.
  12. Weee watched it now. Storyline is almost synced with Episode 9 in the Jap-version.... feels like everything will be rushed to be honest. Think everything with the company will be settled by tomorrow (one can hope) and we get on with YC and BR! Also it's getting rather late so I think I'll try to cut down and be as precise as possible. Or type really quick lol. Episode 13 Recap: YC wakes up from his nap on BR's lap. They're by the Han River. He wonders why she seems so happy although they left the company. She says that instead of being so high (unreachable) above, he's much closer now, right next to her. Suddenly a plastic bag is blown into her face. She yells in shock and gets it off. YC goes closer and tries to help with his hand. They notice their closeness; YC leans in really close, their foreheads almost touching as BR closes her eyes.... before YC backs away. BOO. They leave to go home for the night. BR is setting up for YC in DJ's office. DJ says he has to go meet MS, and when BR starts to say something, he stops her - saying exactly what MS said about BR trying to change their minds. He leaves with the intention of aborting the child. At the hospital, MS rummages in her handbag and finds her ultrasound. A mum-to-be next to her says her baby looks about 3 months old, and that their heartbeats are the fastest then in their development stage. DJ and MS look affected, and DJ wonders why their doctor is late. The nurse confirms that they'll have to wait longer. DJ asks MS to go grab a bite. He orders burgers and soft drinks. MS is incredulous that he can eat at this time. DJ is basically acting like a jerk. She says she felt guilty about the baby but thinks it's good not to be born if the baby will have a parent like him. DJ snarks that he didn't think she had that kind of humanity, since she only met him because she thought he was rich and successful. MS can't deny it, but throws the drink in his face. She calls off the appointment and orders him to leave. DJ leaves angrily, but turns back and watches as MS eats while she cries. TJ is featured in a magazine as the new face of Next-In. Meanwhile an accountant comes to tell YC that his car and house belongs to the company. He tells YC what he actually has in cash, and YC leaves with just a suitcase. He has lunch, sees TJ in the news. He goes to sleep in the church. BR stands outside in the compound of the church. The pastor comes out and says he was surprised to discover that the Bo-Ra YC spoke of was indeed the girl he met 7 years ago, the one that BH passed her possessions to. He's glad that YC has BR by his side to help him through his tough times, and when BR wonders if YC will open his heart to her, the pastor tells her to force his heart open to her, if necessary. He thinks it was God's will for them to meet. The next day, TJ and the BF team meet with Taesan's side to discuss the BF project. Taesan wants to change their current interface, citing that it costs too much money to perform too little, that it's not cost-efficient. The 3 members of the BF team argue that their design is meant to be user-friendly. TJ agrees to Taesan's plan. Back at the office, the team try to voice their objections since their role was to provide the technology, not Taesan. TJ distracts them by offering them shiny new, generous contracts. Going down, TJ passes by the founding wall. He takes down the photos he took with YC, passes them to Chan-Soo to throw away. He tells him to get painters to paint the wall over.
  13. Haha missed the whole show. Will watch later when it's available. In the meantime, the preview! Preview for Episode 14: TJ: Resigning? All of the BF team? YC: Now, let us get BF back. DJ: Let's get married. TR: Now all that YC has left is that girl. BR: I believe in Lee Yoo-Chan. So believe in me too. YC: I'll believe in you. That means you have to take responsibility for me. TJ: Is the future that I'm making no fun at all? YC: How did we come to this? If I changed, would we be able to go back to how things were?
  14. Hey everyone, recaps will probably be quite a bit later today as I had to work overtime and I'm only going home now... Will probably miss at least half of the live stream so I'll have to watch it later... Hoping for more cute moments!
  15. Episode 12 Recap (continued): DJ calls YC to tell him his findings. He suspected ex-employees of Next-In for the data leak, and among them, he found Team Leader Go, who went to Taesan after being fired, but recently took two employees to China and set up a new company there. He sends the information to YC, who sees that the new company was set up by TJ. He finally knows what is going on, and storms off to confront TJ. He asks if everything was his doing, since that company has bought all of the shares he sold. TJ acts nonchalant, "What was my doing? Oh right, everything." He snarls that he was the one who found this young'un who had no social skills whatsoever, gave him dreams and set up a company using his capital with him. Basically, he says that he's the one who made YC who he is. YC grabs him in anger, and TJ says he gave him so many chances, "If only you had once said "us", that it wasn't just you who owned everything, I wouldn't have gone this far." TJ tells him to announce his own demotion or resignation to the reporters who have gathered in the lobby. BR brings a suit to YC and ties his tie for him. She knows that something is wrong, but YC just walks off soundlessly. He announces his departure from Next-In to the shock of all the employees watching. He keeps it short, and walks past TJ who steps up and continues announcing his future plans. YC watches TJ announce that they will be working with Taesan on the BF project. He heads off to Dir. Nam to gather what he has. Dir. Nam basically tells him that YC has nothing left, and that since BF and everything YC made is company property, he cannot work on them after he leaves. Dir. Nam says that TJ has over 40% of the company shares now, and combined with TR's, he is the majority shareholder. YC realises that TJ has been planning this for some time. Dir. Nam can't believe that he is telling YC all this but when YC asks if the data leak was TJ's doing, Dir. Nam says it can't be since that would be a felony (TJ kept this a secret from TR too). YC shakes in anger when he realises that his precious BF will be taken away. He tries to get his files from his computers but his access has been revoked. He storms down and gathers all the employees. He says that he will start again and invites those who are willing to come with him. He calls for Team Leader Jang when no one responds, but he apologizes. He calls for Steve, and finally Chan-Soo (oh no...) who also apologizes that he cannot leave without BF. TJ shows up and tells those who want to go to go, but the company will run as usual and they will be better than before. YC blows up and trashes the things around, shouting that this is his company! He was the one who made all the programmes, prepared the office, everything! He asks brokenly why he is the one who needs to leave. BR watches all this with tears in her eyes. TR has shown up as well, watching from afar. TJ comes near and tells him to stop now. YC tells TJ not to bill him for the damages, since he has nothing to pay him with anyway. He slowly walks to the lift. He passes by TR with no acknowledgement and enters the lift. BR shouts out for him to wait and says she'll leave with him. YC stops her from entering the lift, saying that he doesn't want her to see him in this state. TJ asks BR not to go. BR asks why he ruined what he held dear. TJ said that he realised he didn't need to care since that person didn't treasure him. The lift comes again and BR gets on. TJ tells her not to go, that there was no need for her. She faces TJ and declares, "I like him. So I'll stay by his side." TJ turns back, and TR accuses him, "Oppa, this wasn't the plan." TJ refutes that it was what she wanted. BR chases YC down and tells him that she's giving up on everything, including working with the minister, to follow him, because that's what her heart is telling her to do. She laughs at her impulsiveness while YC looks at her with a mix of resignation and perhaps kinship? He motions for her to come along, and she asks for a photo first. She says she was envious of the photos on the founding wall because they were part of the company's history. She asks for a photo since it's the first day of them making a new history. She makes him laugh with her dolphin wave, and they take a selfie (exactly like the J-dorama - I watched clips of this scene before haha). - End of Episode -
  16. Episode 12 Recap (continued): DJ visits a very hungry MS, who cannot eat till she has passed gas after her surgery. They talk outside - MS says she'll pick a date and asks DJ to find a hospital and pay the fees. As DJ turns to leave, he questions MS since they only "did it once" - MS takes off her slippers and whacks him, telling him to leave. She finally passes gas as she hits him, to her embarrassment. Back at Next-In, everyone watches as YC announces on TV about his compensation plans. TJ wonders why he did something so unlike himself, and YC reveals that BR advised him that he has to do things he dislikes sometimes to protect people important to him. They head off to the board meeting. YC presents his plans for BF as the solution to regain their reputation. Before they can vote to proceed or not, Dir. Nam stops and changes the agenda (as TJ planned). He says that the company needs a new leader and proposes to strip YC of his position. The whole time, YC looks at TJ as Dir. Nam but TJ resolutely keeps a poker face. Everyone raises their hand to vote, and TJ finally shows his hand too. The employees get wind of what has happened. BR remembers what TJ and TR told her, and realises they must have used their influence in some way. YC leaves in shock. BR hangs around till late, hoping that YC would return. She stands in front of the founding wall, looking at her name that she wrote before. TJ comes and asks if she's waiting for YC. BR wonders what went wrong between them, and TJ says it's because people change, and he thinks this is best for the situation. He asks if she'll leave since she said she came back to Next-In not because of YC. "But I guess relationships change." He walks off. BR finds YC at the rooftop of Next-In. He says he wants to sleep under the stars. BR asks what will happen, and if it means he'll be demoted to Vice President, or if he'll be leaving. YC hears that both TJ and TR mentioned to her that he would leave, realising that the siblings planned this. BR says she'll leave if he does since she got scouted as well. YC says he's not going anywhere since Next-In is his everything, and that she should stay too. She asks about TR, and YC tells her about the breakup. Back home, BR and MS catch up. MS tells her what she plans to do about the baby, and stops BR from saying anything. BR denies she was going to, but ends up saying that the baby was conceived at a time when they both liked each other. MS refuses to be guilt-tripped; she doesn't want a baby to derail her life and blows up at BR not to say it ever again. The next day at Next-In, the BF team wonder about YC's future in the company. Everyone is fine with him being VP, except Chan-Soo. He reports to YC as he comes in, before realising he shouldn't do that now LOL. YC enters his office and sees a notice on his tablet - he has been fired by TJ. He calls TJ, who doesn't pick up. Downstairs, Dir. Nam asks TJ why he did such a thing, since he thinks YC is needed for BF to proceed. TJ says nothing will change if YC remains.
  17. Episode 12 Recap: The ending parts of yesterday's episode start today's, on both sides. BR takes her leave from TJ, and sees YC's missed call. She calls him back, but of course he's busy at the moment. The next morning, BR visits MS and finds out about her pregnancy. She argues that MS cannot make decisions by herself and DJ must know of the baby. In the meantime, DJ is still with his playboy ways, flirting with a barista in a cafe. BR calls and tells him. (Oh, and MS was admitted due to appendicitis last ep). We see YC lying on the pyung-sang (? the Korean low platform wood table/bed thing they have in their front garden). Ooo, means TR's not here. People are resigning at Next-In, as the Big File (BF) team watches. They wonder when YC will return with a solution. BR decides to go to his house after he doesn't answer her calls. When YC sees BR, he just calls her a liar again. BR says she called him back. YC flashes back to what happened with TR last night. He had broken off the kiss, "You're right. Nothing will change with this." TR asks if he is sure she's not the one. YC says it's his problem, "This is the best I can do." TR leaves. Back in the present, BR promises to always pick up his calls from now on. She asks about his plans and YC wonders if she wants him to tell irresponsible lies just to placate everyone. BR says he should, since not everyone is his enemy and some people might be on his side, citing LJY at the shareholders meeting, herself, TJ and the BF team. YC is convinced, and rises to go back to the office. He greets all their shocked faces, and says he has a solution. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. YC meets TJ and Dir. Nam, saying that he'll offer the affected users compensation, out of his own pocket by selling off the remainder of his shares. Both of them protest and offer to share it, but YC again adamantly says he'll take responsibility by himself (dammit. I mean TJ is being villainous now, but you can see YC figuratively stabbing him every time he says something like this.) TJ and YC stand in front of their founding wall. YC asks if he was wrong. TJ says that sentence in the preview, "It's hard to tell. But this is your company. What you choose must be right." They fist bump, but TJ's face hardens when he turns away. At the pub, Dir. Nam asks if TJ is moving on with his plan. TJ tells him to call a board meeting. Dir. Nam agrees with a heavy heart, confirming with TJ that this is the only way to save the company. TR calls TJ and says she's onboard as well.
  18. I guess today was better? since there's no way it could actually get worse. The typhoon passes through the entire episode, and everything is practically the same with the J-version I almost feel like I'd be repeating the recaps that I read. We still gotta wait more for any real progress on the romance front though... the good news is YC and TR are broken up!! WHOOP! Preview for next week first (Episode 13): BR holds up a poster "Let's try (Bo-Ra) making something fun!" DJ: Just think of this as your own office and use it comfortably for the time being. YC: I have nothing I want to make. BR: You won't be Lee Yoo-Chan if you lose like this. You must stand up again. Aja! TJ: The interface overlaps? (like with another product maybe) Dir. Nam: Don't make me regret standing on Min Tae-Joo's side. TR: Don't touch Bo-Ra. She's the only one/thing Yoo-Chan has left. TJ: You can come back any time you want, since your spot is still there. YC: Go back to Next-In. (Even) You will eventually leave anyway.
  19. Episode 11 Recap (continued): TJ comes to YC's office and unleashes his discontent. He says that calming the angry investors should have been his priority, that he shouldn't have mentioned Big File. He says that he was wrong in giving YC free rein to do everything all this while, in thinking that even though he couldn't, YC could. He says that he should have held on to Taesan even if he hated it, and knelt in apology to the shareholders. He says that YC always makes unnecessary things, which is why the data leak happened (WHAT. YOU were the leak.) He says that YC will the one who will ruin Big File. He repeats that YC is a kid who only thinks of himself, whose time stopped at the moment his mother left him at the amusement park. TJ is literally trembling with anger. TJ exits, running into BR who comes in. He goes back into his office, collects himself. He looks at the dropping shares and orders a bookie to buy all the shares he can. BR stands behind YC, offering him a handkerchief. YC reflects that the money that came in quickly also left quickly. He admits that he is a kid, and that Big File was his childhood dream. He thought that if everyone shared their information, he'd be able to find all the people he lost - his mum, BH. He scoffs at his child-like fantasy, since both of them are no longer there to find. BR doesn't know what to say to comfort him. It's time for a meeting with the lady minister. YC sends BR in his place, since he's not fit for any meeting now. He watches her leave with TJ. At the meeting, the minister suggests that Big File be cancelled, but TJ persuades her to give them another chance. She says that they have to submit a report by the next day. TJ gets ready to go but the minister wants to speak to BR alone. She tells BR that she's quitting her post soon to run for office. She invites BR to be on her team. BR calls MS who's whining from hunger and pain. BR says she'll be late. MS tries asking the nurse for painkillers, but the nurse says she can't since MS is 2 months pregnant. LOL WHAT. TJ works on the report with BR at the office. BR is relieved that TJ seems to have returned to his usual self, and she says that she was worried his friendship with YC would be broken. TJ says that he'll be stuck with him forever (hmmmmm). BR says she's envious that YC has someone like him by his side. TJ comments that she has him too. YC broods at home. He eats his last dessert cup and thinks of how BR made him laugh. TJ apologizes to BR for the hug the other day, but he asks her to reconsider accepting his feelings. BR repeats that she wants to maintain the status quo. TJ tells her that YC will soon leave with TR. BR misses YC's call! YC is disappointed, "You said to call you whenever. Liar." Then his doorbell rings. He opens it with a smile only to drop it when it is TR with a bottle of champagne. She tries to cheer him up with her 3 good news, although YC is mostly just getting through them with nary a smile. She offers herself, saying that she's staying the night. YC's phone rings but she stops him from answering. She kisses him. His phone rings again, showing "Pabo." ARGH. - End of episode - *bedtime to forget about all this*
  20. Episode 11 Recap (continued): TR threatens that she'll have to make YC leave then, since she has enough influence to make that happen. She tries to make it seem like BR is intentionally making things hard, "everything can be solved if you would make the right choice". She tells BR that she can look into better jobs or send her abroad to study if she wants. (Doesn't this sound sooooo last-decade...) "But if you insist, so many people will get hurt..." They reach BR's house at this point. TR asks for her choice. BR: I think this is unreasonable. You are trying to keep what is important to you by taking away what is important to me, and using your power and position at that. Well, of course, I should make that choice, if I don't want the person I treasure to be hurt. Give me some time since the condition at the company right now is really bad. After things settle, I will leave quietly. I do not need all those things you mentioned though, since they will not be the reason I'm leaving. She gets off the car. You can almost see TR realising how much of a better person BR is. Also, she basically put her foot in her mouth after what she told the artist last week, about wanting something that is not hers. Back at home, BR gets a call from DJ, who's calling about the chaotic situation, although he really just means to boast to Mi-So through BR. He says that he'll help to look into the data leak, pretending to order invisible workers over the phone. MS tries to ignore what she hears. She doesn't feel well. She crawls into BR's room in the middle of the night, and BR has to send her to the hospital. The doctors say she requires surgery (for something not really serious, I think... I don't understand medical terms though.) BR can't stay with her since she has to head for work. A shareholder meeting is called at Next-In and hordes of angry shareholders enter the meeting. Most of them are rich investors who are only interested in throwing their weight around, demanding apologies from YC and compensation for their monetary loss. One of them shouts at him to kneel in apology, and YC replies that he would if that would solve the problem. He says that Big File is the way, and pleads for one more chance, which only makes them angrier (Earlier TJ and Dir. Nam had told him to not mention Big File). In the midst of this, there is a young guy, who nervously states that he's a small shareholder, named Lee Jae-Young. He bought shares with money earned from his part-time jobs due to a friend's recommendation, and as he grew to learn about the company, he became a fan of YC and his innovative thinking. He thought that YC was someone he could trust his money with, and he is here to state his disappointment. These words affect YC, who steps off the podium, asks for his name again, bows 90 degrees in apology, and thanks him for his trust. He promises to make things right, and says he will remember his name forever. LJY is assured, but the rest of the crowd resume their shouting. YC proceeds to walk off since they're not really interested in listening to him, then he gets pelted with an egg from the back. He turns to face a granny, who cries that to him, the money may have been insignificant, but it was her entire fortune. YC is shaken by this and has nothing to say.
  21. *repeats this to self* There is no way to go but up. There is no way to go, when you've fallen to the bottom, but up. This too will pass. *breathes* Guys, I don't know how much I'll recap because this episode was mostly about all the things I don't care about, and it was so freaking frustrating!! To be honest, the betrayal was a big reason I didn't watch the J-dorama... I mean, I get that it's an important, or even climax of the plot... but I guess I'm kinda over those times when dramas had these villains who were jealous sidekicks in love. According to you guys who watched the Jap version before, you said Yoko (TR) was never officially in a relationship with Hyuga (YC). It makes me feel conflicted about YC's character in the Korean version since he is dating TR, and with his feelings for BR, unconscious or otherwise... he's emotionally cheating on her. Episode 11 Recap: 2 days before the ending of the last episode.... TJ shares his plan of bringing YC down from CEO with TR, asking her to help him. He tells her to stop waiting for YC, since he's someone who only cares for himself. TR wonders what happened between them. TJ bitterly laughs that she doesn't even know who YC went to Namhae with, and who he is currently with. TR realises that YC is with BR. TR asks why he is telling her this, and TJ says it will be good for TR to be by YC's side after his betrayal, suggesting she take him overseas if needed. He thinks YC will understand him after some time passes. TJ says that his plan will not work without TR's help, and that she can't tell him yet. TR goes to look for YC. TR waits for YC to return, and she identifies herself after YC looked at her but did not recognise her. She asks YC why he still doesn't recognise her, and he says he's working on it. They sit down for a talk. TR confronts him about going to Namhae with BR, after cancelling plans to go to Hawaii with her. YC reminds her not to be concerned about BR since he doesn't feel anything for her (idiot, who's the pabo here...). TR asks, "What about me then? What do you feel towards me? Is it love? Or do you even like me?" He says he doesn't know, but he's trying. TR: "But you're not like that with Kim Bo-ra! You laugh with her! Why do you laugh like that with her?" She knows that she's being unreasonable comparing both of them. "Let's break up. If you don't have any feelings for me by now, you're not going to have them. (TRUTH.)" YC doesn't say anything. TR looks at her portrait and says she'll remove it since there's no need for it anymore. YC stops her, and says he'll work harder. TR cries, "Why do you have to work at it, why?! If you work harder, will you grow to have feelings for me? Will we be in love then? What kind of love is that?" She leaves and walks slowly to her car. She cries, looking back at the house. The lights go out. She cries harder knowing that YC is not coming after her. BR accompanies TJ back home from the hospital. He jokingly invited her in, then saw the ex-employee (intruder) standing opposite the street. Alarmed, he quickly pulled BR into a hug to stop her from spotting his partner-in-crime. BR leaves a bit shaken. TJ then meets with the ex-employee, and passes him a USB with all the personal data, telling him to say goodbye to his family for a while after he does the act, and to lay low in China. TJ tells him not to feel guilty since he'll take responsibility, and that everything is for the sake of Next-In. I think that TJ truly believes he is acting as the hero. Then we go back to the ending scene from the last episode when the whole office was in a frenzy. YC brings in the cops and orders everyone to be searched. Nothing turns up, of course, and everyone is pissed. TR is waiting for BR when she leaves and basically orders her into her car. She asks about BR's feelings and her lie before. BR admits her feelings for YC, although she said she didn't know her heart back then. BR says that her emotions are her own business and she has no intentions of breaking them up, since YC also said as much to her. TR is direct and says she doesn't want BR around YC, and thinks she has the right as his gf to make such a request. BR politely disagrees, and says that Next-In is her first job; if she were to leave, it would be due to her lack of ability and not because of a reason such as liking the boss. (You go, girl.)
  22. ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH ARGH!! What a frustrating episode!! *breathes* nope. *breathes some more* Preview for next episode (12) first... BR: Are you leaving then? YC: I'm not going anywhere. So you stay right here too. TR: I'll help in bringing down YC from being CEO. MS: I can't trust you so just leave! LEAVE! TJ: Am I wrong? That this is your company. And everything you choose is right. DJ: There's something suspicious about the data leak.... YC: Everything was done by you (hyung)?! TJ: Call for a board of directors meeting. Nam: We propose to strip LYC of his CEO position. ------------------ BETRAYALLLLLLLL!!!!
  23. Episode 10 Recap (continued): In the hospital, the intruder comes to visit TJ. It's the team leader who was fired in Ep 1. He asks TJ why wasn't he reported to the police, since TJ saw his face. TJ thought he wouldn't do it again since his identity's known, and he asks about his 3rd son (in Ep 1, he had pleaded with TJ not to be fired because he had a new child). TJ limps back to work to catch the presentation on Big File but YC had just ended it with his team (BR, Steve and Team Leader Jang). TJ sees the much simpler, changed interface. YC tells him his new philosophy of being user-friendly and matching the "common" standard, smiling at BR as he says "We (uri) made it." As the team heads out, TJ who saw that exchange, says to himself, "You said "we"... made it." YC gives a brilliant presentation using BR's PPT to the board of directors, who are unfortunately not truly interested in listening. They were only there to tell him of their opposition to his project, particularly his need for so much money against Taesan who has a similar product (from the leak) and more finances. They tell him to stop dreaming, and leave. YC is so angry that he wants to charge at them but he's held back by TJ and Dir. Nam. 3 of them gather at the office to discuss their options. YC is mad that his dreams are being stepped on, and loses his temper at BR when she unwittingly interrupted, ordering her to leave. Dir. Nam says there's only 2 options: 1. Stop the whole Big File project. 2. Work with Taesan. YC hates both of it. He decides to sell 10% of his 26% stake in the company shares. TJ objects as he'd lose the majority stake. But YC says TJ still has 25% so it's ok if both of them add up. TJ offers to go halfsies - 5% of his and 5% of YC's shares. YC rejects that, saying that Big File is his project, and he doesn't want TJ to take the risk/ responsibility for it. He stalks out. TJ is again upset by this rejection, commenting to himself, "So it was yours all along. I thought it was ours." TJ thinks of BR who was upset by YC, and decides to pay her a visit. BR is trudging home when she sees a familiar motorbike parked at her house. YC stands up from the steps and sees her worried face. BR asks what will happen to their team now. YC reassures her that he'll take care of everything, and BR cries. He awkwardly offers his shoulder and holds her, patting her on the back. TJ witnesses this and scoffs at the sight before leaving. YC tells BR, "We did a good job today. It was them with the problem." BR feels better with his encouragement, and YC says he thought of her Granny's scary threat. BR says she's motivated and tells him to give her anything to help with and she'll work hard. He doesn't think there's anything like that. She offers, "Other than work then... when you have troubles or when you're sad, call me anytime and anywhere." The next morning, richard simmons HITS THE FAN. Next-In is in chaos as everyone sees their client's personal data being leaked in millions. YC tries to trace the IP to no luck. The phones ring non-stop. The news reports this incident, saying that the police are investigating the matter. All the employees are gathered in front the TV, as TJ watches from above. Dir. Nam comes out in a panic and tells TJ to do something. TJ tells him to wait. Dir. Nam is concerned that their company will lose their signboard (? not sure about this, but I think he's referring to YC as he's the face of the company). TJ says the company is fine, since he is here as the CEO. Nam is stunned but TJ says "Isn't it what you wanted as well?" - End of episode -
  24. Episode 10 Recap (continued): TR goes to the street artist, Dong-Ha and tells him that they'll go get his paintings and his name back. They go to the other gallery to confront Artist Park Soo-Gyeol. The other gallery director (Director Min) understands the situation and she does offer the paintings back. Artist Park gets worked up and threatens DH. Dir. Min asks TR for 5 times the price she offered. DH is stunned and rejects it, denying that they are his paintings. Artist Park-the-worm records his denial. DH walks off. TR follows him and tells him to fight for his own work. When he still denies them, she says that she'll destroy the paintings then. She walks back to the gallery and cuts up the paintings, ordering the shocked Dir. Min and worm artist to send her their account number. DH treats her wound from the cut and says she has a bad temper. TR says that her father told her, "Don't covet what is others. That's greed. Don't steal what is mine. That's righteousness." DH asks who her father is and learns that she's even loftier than he imagined. He reveals that they actually met earlier, 6 years ago in Jeju Island. She had seen him standing in front of "Smiling Girl" (BH's portrait) and praised his taste, saying that it was her favourite from the whole collection. DH reveals that it was the first painting he sold to the worm artist (I knew it looked different! and similar to what DH paints), and that he had been so happy to see his work on display. He says that TR is the only one who acknowledges his talent, and more than once too. Back at Next-In, YC checks BR's work. He says that it's too ordinary and she needs to "hypnotise" her audience and be more confident in herself. They have 16 hours. BR falls asleep as it gets later. Wow, YC brings her coffee and wakes her up. BR starts awake. YC says that he doesn't like wasting time on people who won't make it, but he tells her again, "I believe in you". BR laughs it off this time, knowing it's not his line. But YC says sincerely that he means it. BR is motivated and YC tells her to turn on her laptop. She gets scared from the horror images he's put here LOL YC! So when TR comes to pick him up, she sees BR chasing YC and hitting him, while he laughs in mischief. In TR's car, she asks about BR coming back to work, and describes it as being unlike him to keep someone who's not helping the company. YC replies that BR is useful and he has no intention of sending her off anywhere. TR says that she dislikes BR and the fact that she's always near him. YC tells her not to be concerned since there's nothing going on. But TR knows it's not true, "She's the only face you recognise." When they arrive at his home, YC tells her not to wait for him to get off work anymore. TR says she just wants to see him, and asks if she can go in. He rejects it saying that he has an important presentation the next day, and gets off. TR gets off and tries to get sympathy for her injured hand. But she seems to realise that and brushes it off, leaving. The next day, TR offers DH a residential artist contract for 10 years, taking care of his everything. He likens it to a generous and tempting slave contract, and ultimately asks her to just leave him be.
  25. So. Arhhhhh there's a lot that I don't want to talk about today, because they're mostly non-romance stuff, although they do involve all our main characters. The betrayal begins... and I drew an unexpected similarity to BTIMFL again - the word "uri" (us/we) versus mine/yours. Episode 10 Recap: YC and BR leave her house in Namhae. YC gets impatient with the lengthy familial goodbye and grits his teeth not to offend the elders. BR's grandma scolds him to treat BR well. BR's brother gets a name card from YC. Later in the car, YC tells BR to come back to work, and to prepare the presentation for Big File. He says her style is more personable and better to approach the board of directors, compared to his. TR calls. He doesn't answer but talks about BR's confession, "I intend to do well with TR. So don't expect anything from me after you said you like me." BR says she understands and she wasn't expecting anything. TR calls again and YC finds out that TJ was hospitalised. He lets BR off and speeds off. TJ is fine in the hospital with a broken leg and mild concussion. From the CCTV back in the office, YC sees that it's someone familiar with their company since he avoided all their cameras. YC wants to call the police and investigate all the employees but TJ doesn't want to shake the morale of the whole company and convinces him not to. YC asks if he saw the intruder's face, but TJ isn't sure and says it isn't anyone he knows. TJ asks YC about Namhae. YC says that he sent off BH. TJ asks directly if he likes BR. YC denies it and tells him not to worry on behalf of his sister. TJ says, "I'm asking on my behalf. I like Bo-Ra." YC is stunned. TJ wants to check if he has any feelings for her, "because if you do, then I'll stop now while I still can." YC tells him to give it a go. They fist bump. BR visits TJ in the hospital. She tells him that she'll be working at Next-In again, which surprises him. He mentions his confession, and says that he doesn't agree because he doesn't like that she gets hurt by YC. BR rejects him this time, saying that she hopes to keep their present relationship. He is visibly disappointed, and asks if it's because of YC, "Do you like CEO Lee?". BR starts, "Yes.....No... (sighs) Yes, I do." But she insists that her resuming work is not due to him. TJ just says he'll go back to being her Daddy-Long-Legs, since he's a "nice person".