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  1. thanks @triplem ! I wonder if there is still sub for rest of his v live .. haha @40somethingahjumma i like how you explained of the drama , very logical. Probably the story is too normal and "logical" that ppl didnt find it is interesting to watch as an entertainment. However, i am glad that writer go for the logical way . I repeat the whole drama again , and i found that the flow was actually fine if watch continuously ( as i was following live weekly ) , just realized that Dr Ye couldn't remember the name of the intern or care about others personal business, he actually from the start that remembered the compliment card was from BY , he was actually care about BY when BY seems not having eye contact with him or tried to avoid him and also remembered what BY said about the Dubai chaebol , she likes walking etc .. hhaa that shows that he has already noticed BY and started to like her day by day when he gets to know her more ..
  2. Thanks @triplem , yea i will put this in to watch drama list( for LJH) , i can't see Dr Ye shadow here in this drama ( so far from the trailer), he really bring on the character for his role in each drama he did . Its an interesting story line , with good actors and actresses .. hope this will be a good one !
  3. I am kind of picky with kdrama , and i am happy to watch this ( even follow live ) . Thanks @triplem for providing so many info for APAD . I am waiting for LJH's next drama but i think i will observe first coz i still can't get rid of Dr ye character from him ( hope he is not villain in new drama). If i am not wrong , JDY also filming Law of Jungle , i am glad they are having new projects, hope there are more to come
  4. Personally felt that the writer is still lacking in making a firm decision on which line / ship to be end game ( 3 writers for one drama ?) , during the conference LJH was first to go up as male actor with LYB on stage , so i thought he might be the main lead for this drama, however, drama started with MH BY stories and Dr Ye less screening time , make me confused that who is the lead .But then writer created Yeline ship, and it seems garnered lots of supporters , may be then they decided on Yeline end game. I felt that writers not even have the complete plot when they started to film .. However, let cheer and support the actors n actresses and all the crews that work hard to bring out this meaningful drama ( at least the poem and the warmth hearted story still win my heart). I prefer a story that both male n female lead like each other from the begining till the end, no switching partner etc.. unless this drama has 50 episodes to go. In such a short time ( only 2 months old stories) , the female lead can fall in love with one then switch to another one .. unless they use a time jump which they didnt't.. One message from this drama is life goes on , and timing is very important. Everyone moves on with their lives after MH & NW left , only BY & Dr Ye have a new chapter in their life. LJH said that there isn't much romantic scene in this drama , which i agreed. BY & Dr Ye lovey dovey scene didn't have much compare to other rom com drama. The drama wanted to put in so much stories but its too little time to talk about . Epi 14 is a waste as they should make the MT scene for whole episode, but from that we also know tht Dr Ye will cherish BY even more after MH confronted him. Hope that JDY will get a better script next time , he has the potential here. I also hope that LJH will get offer on lead role more than as second lead .. . I am not sure how much similarity of LYB and WBY , LYB make WBY character alive .. i like her very much in this drama. wish everyone here all well , i am still trying to withdraw from this drama..
  5. Yes , Dr Ye himself charisma already shine more than others. Come to think of it , with little screen time but won ppl's heart within 4 episode is not easy , that means LJH really have good acting skill and know how to capture audience with the acting especially the eye. I also think that the flow is quite smooth and the story line is very logical .. so i don't understand that how come writer give that statement.
  6. Thanks for the post of the article that Minho was the initial end game plan . I wonder when they started to change the story plot ? for the first 4 episodes i have already rooting for YeLine , understand that the first 7-8 episodes we were still not sure who is the lead or end game actually . Thanks to the writer that change the line half way .. everything it seems make more sense to be this way . Only thing that is not necessary is to bring down MinHo character in epi14 . JDY has a likeable face , its unfortunate that writer change the end game half way. So , thats why everything is on writer n PD'shands. I believed they sure discussed a lot and make final decision to firm on yeline , not only due to the viewer prefer YEline ship . Maybe they also surprised that Yeline become preferred line while during the broadcasting .. hhaha.. Anyway , i am still enjoy watching this .. if MH is the end game ..i don't know how would it be . may be a lot of ppl suffered from second lead syndrome again.
  7. Indeed good ratings will cheer the staff/ actors , however, this drama didnt really sustain above 1% in the end. I don't understand how come cabled tv also looking at ratings now? i watched a chinese drama "Love O2O" , the male lead n female lead never had break up , no misunderstanding , very sweet loving couple.. the rating is so good in China. I guess it's really depend on the audience from SK. I hope LYB and LJH won't feel discourage as there are many ppl like use enjoy this drama. I find this drama really different from others as it uses poem to describe daily life and emotion, it's more towards literature , so mayb ppl find it boring . i don't regret watching this .. and i felt sad that i have to bit farewell to this drama.. i worked in the hospital , whenver i see co medical staff , reminded me of this drama haha
  8. part 2 it seems not possible .. but i don't mind a movie hahah .. hope tvn can make a movie for APAD with continue story after epi 16 finale heheheh
  9. I was wondering how come no one in the department notice this 2 love birds? They cant keep off their eye on each other during the celebration party , they even exchange smile while working .. Initially , i so hope to see everyone reaction when they announced their relationship. However, later on i think they should keep it in secret as BY just promoted to full time staff, if they know that they are in relationship , sure there are rumours around , futhermore , Dr Ye is so famous in the hospital. i understand the purpose that writer didn't put the end will something all good ending , as this is part of the life , their job , their lives will be on going .. the most important thing is their perspective changed, their mindset changed and it may lead to a different pathway , thats reminded me on the pain poem where BY received from the patient, every pain will lead to a pathway , there is a will , there will be way .. ..
  10. Hi , their wrap up party already overed last week . u can see the post few pages ago , there are some pictures from the wrap up party . I just found out that the rating the last episode is 1.4% good job APAD . I have one more good drama to put inside my pocket that i will rewatch . @ELlovelyz i like Migyo also, during the heart broken episode with this ost really make audience feel their pain. Besides that , Falling ,Feeling and To Me ( the one Dr Ye narrated the raining poem )also are my favorite among all.
  11. like this OST , and remind me of the happy ending scene for APAD
  12. Just finished with the sub , does Dr ye exist in this world ? haha , but he did has his flaws , since he doesn't like to gossip before , thats why he won't asked / pay attention more on others personal life, but now he is willing to get close with the colleagues because of BY . This drama doesn't have an ending story as life goes on , everyone has their own story in this drama, too bad it is just 16 episodes, but if it dragged too long , ppl will find boring coz it is just normal life stories as the co medical staff. As someone here said this drama is very low key , however i like it, it gives me calms and relax while watching it. You can find each character in the drama looks familiar on someone in your life , may be your friend, your family members or your colleagues .. i think Dr Ye is the exceptional , he might not easy to find . For the OTP , despite the age gap , i think the get along pretty well. I hope that they will still get in touch in future, i don't think they will have project together in near future . During LJH's vlive , if i interpreted correctly, he said to work in ROM COM is more tough then others genre drama, could be something like he need to keep his image/looks well , or look good in the drama, he can't eat well during filming etc but now finally he can eat a lot , he even shared what he had eaten this few days hahah . True enough, he is seldom in ROM COM drama ( i think this might be his first time as ROM COM lead ? ) Surprisingly , i teared during the scene when Joo Young rushed to DB and apologized to him what he had done / said to DB earlier. It's not easy to say sorry from a young adult to a senior. This morning , i felt empty as i realised APAD already ended, MON n TUE i will get back to normal life ( no need to rush hm for live broadcast ) . I seldom write any comment in soompi , usually will be as silent reader, but APAD make me get out from the shell to give comment here. I really enjoy all the good stuff and info that shared by @triplem @ELlovelyz @bella1025 @Nodame @stroppyse and many others who i didn't mentioned.. Thank you ! kamsahamnida ! see you all in other drama thread
  13. i watched live, just dun want to be spoiler here , so i think i will wait for sub tomorrow.. @triplem i m watching too.. haha.. not really understand wat he said..
  14. The episode ended , i am satisfied as Yeliner , tomorrow will watch with sub so i could understand more especially the poem . This drama didnt bring any heart attack to me , i like it . Thank you @triplem and many of others for providing updated info here, also @stroppyse@Nodame for the sub/ translation ! kamsa hamnida ! @bella1025 LJH seems very low profile , noticed him since three brothers.. too bad he seems not a good person in his coming drama ..
  15. First attracted me to watch this drama is by LJH , i don't know what drama is this , and i am attracted by his charisma in the drama. Only thing that i thought he is second lead as he appeared in the drama later in episode one. When i continue to watch this drama, i am so hoping that he is the lead or Dr Ye is the lead. It's really confused me in the middle of episodes when both male leads have about equal screening time, slowly when during the heart broken scene where BY had imagination of Dr Ye at the beach, i am sort of can confirm he is the male lead because the writer wanna put him there even he is not suppose to be there with the gang and i am thrilled that he got to confess to BY as well. Yes , i agree that Dr Ye is a perfect man in life , he can be a sole mate to his partner , a consultant and he can be a good listener. I don't know is this the culture of working in SK? BY as a contract staff cannot get convert to a permanent staff, she was right , how come they can hire someone like Dr Ye with probably higher remuneration than BY . I hope BY can find a job in a better hospital, not only in Shin Sun hospital, life will be better for her when she met good ppl like Dr Ye By the way , tonight 11 pm LJH has his vlive broadcast