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  1. @Cedric Ong Yeah, I love his or her videos. There's been one video being cranked out every few days. They are amazing to look at and listen to. The quotes and the comments on the videos are good to read because they are spoilers.
  2. Well even though the translations are off of wattpad. Anh, the translator and her group, have moved to saehan's blog where the Addicted translations are currently being worked on. So my two current obsessions on one blog is amazing. I just found this out yesterday so I'm very happy. They started reuploading the chapters already! You can go here to read.
  3. The waiting is so torturous. Also, just found out today that the english translation of the novel has been removed from Wattpad, which sucks!!!! I can only watch mvs on youtube and wait and try to read the raws. Well, it seems to be slowly heading in the right direction, right? They released the ending credits and also that notice about watching the show through legal means. I hope that means they will be releasing it soon at the least.
  4. They just released a video of the ending credits on weibo. Lol. I don't know how to embed a video. Nvm. It's on youtube now.
  5. Yay for full version and overseas version. Lol, I'll probably buy the dvds when they come out. But then, I hope they have english subs, which is unlikely. So we will just have to wait for some kind translators to provide us with great subs. The subs on youtube right now from Boy in Love is hilarious because of the side comments in the subs. It's like watching a drama on viki. LOL. I was looking to buy Addicted but I couldn't tell if the Taiwan version was uncut or not. The korean version had so much stuff with it but I don't think that's being sold anymore. Hopefully we will get options with AB.
  6. I had read somewhere they that had cut that kiss with Brown out. That's the cut that they were talking about originally. I completely agree with you about the sound. It was pretty silent in the leaked hd version. The cam version had all the music and bgm. They just call it fine tuning when we know they probably have to edit out a bunch of bl scenes to make it pass the censors. I don't think that's really possible though because all the interactions are pretty flirty in nature with Yuan Zong and Xia Yao with YZ being so blunt. The Peng Ze and Li Zhen Zhen couple is also all flirty. If they have to be edit out, nothing will be left of their interactions. Oh man and then with Da Yu and Wang Zhi Shui and their stuff too. This is so bad. I keep on imagining being happy when it finally gets released but it will not even follow the original story line at all since they would have to change so much. Lol after getting into Addicted last month and now this. I can't wait for some of the fanart to come out from AB like with Addicted. They are amazing and makes me wish for a manga version. Lol, they can be as graphic as they want.
  7. It's not there at all. Lol, it has kdramas, Chinese, Taiwanese, and also Japanese dramas too. This series has been postponed. I keep on looking on weibo or baidu for news. Same stuff over and over. Nothing new. We just get the leaked HD version and nothing more as of now. We're just gonna have to wait until they announce the new release date, whenever that will be.
  8. The one on iqiyi is still the leaked HD version missing the 7 minutes at the end. You can just watch that on youtube.
  9. I think this would be free on tencent when SARFT finally allows them to broadcast it. It will probably be on a schedule but maybe VIP members will get it faster. That's how it is with the other show I'm following. Tencent is releasing the episodes day by day while the VIP members already got the first 21 episodes. People who got all the episodes have already uploaded them to youtube. Lol, if not, I'll just wait for the dvds to be out. I'll totally buy it.
  10. Yeah HIStory was sooooo good, especially Obsessed. I watch this one music video of it almost every day. Just can't get enough of it.
  11. Yeah, they're missing 6-7 minutes that was shown in the cam video.
  12. We can only blame the Chinese government for being overly controlling and a**holes. To postpone the series a day before the premier after giving approval is the douchiest of moves.
  13. Have you not read part of the translated novel yet? LOL, in the beginning, he's probably doing it to see the guy that Yuan Ru likes. However, we all know his other reason. It'll be revealed in the next episode or so. You should really start reading the novel if you have not already. Sadly though, it's not done being translated, However, when the series does finally get released, at least we will get to see everything. They did film the entire book. So we will not be left hanging like with Addicted.
  14. Sadly they don't consider the whole drama. I think they don't like the BL element of it as well as the fact that Xia Yao is a cop in the novel. Just like with Addicted. It got way too popular and had so much swaying power. They probably didn't like the BL element of it as well as the fact that the main characters were in high school doing pretty realistic things like drinking and fighting. Gu Hai and his behind the scenes powers demonstrated the corrupting influence of the government too. They probably didn't know that it would be that popular, that's why they had to ban it so quickly and cut off all activities between the two main actors. China makes pretty good BL movies and series too. I think they just got more popular in the recent years. That's probably why SARFT started banning them last year. I just recently got into BL stuff like a month ago. All the popular ones that ended on a cliffhanger will not get a sequel, which sucks for us fans. I'm just gonna console myself in the novels and hope for the best.
  15. Yeah, Gu Zhao is the real grandson, spoiled and lazy. Gu Zhe's adopted. I didn't really pay close attention to what he said happened to his parents, just know that they both passed away. However, in the ending credits, I think you see his younger version with his parents involved in an accident in the rain. That's probably what traumatized him.