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  1. https://www.instagram.com/gotsattapong21/ That's his instagram.
  2. People are so funny.
  3. Yeah. 5. NO DIRECT LINKING OR SHARING OF COPYRIGHTED MATERIALSYou may post a general link to other resources/websites, but direct linking or sharing of any copyrighted material on Soompi.com is strictly prohibited. If you are in doubt about the content of your post/topic, please contact a moderator and/or administrator to inquire. I think someone came into the thread to state that. I kinda forgot this fact in my enthusiasm before so was doing the same. I think it's copyright to GMM so every other source should not be allowed.
  4. LOL. There's gonna be more flashbacks? Yay!! Nvm. LOL. I did not get to see Beam and Kit's junior high parts. Just saw it. LOL at Yo running away when he saw Pha.
  5. LOL. Even GMM is fast. The first part of 2moons episode 7 is up. I'm glad they did it so they can get revenues from the views. If not, someone else will and well, already did. LOL.
  6. I think the only way would be to get a vpn to say that you're in thailand or taiwan. I didn't read up on it. I just know that I can't access it. It was good watching it live but I had technical difficulties and couldn't hear anything.
  7. Yeah, now the waiting for the raws begins. I keep on refreshing. Too bad I'm can't access LineTV.
  8. I can't wait to watch the raws, then the fast subs, then the pink milk subs. LOL. This was a good episode. Lol @Luke Lee Evans and @nammminn. You guys are fast. Remember to not paste the link to the episode when it comes out. I think it's against forum rules.
  9. we got so many good flashbacks
  10. Soooo cute
  11. Yeah. I adore the one with August. That was the first one I watched after Push and Esther's. LOL. I'm currently waiting for Survey's last episode to be subbed. I just got into BL in March, so have not watched Love Sick yet. I just started and finished at the beginning of this week. So tried to find Captain's and White's stuff. That lead me to their Uprince parts. Bas shows up in Kiryu's, which is Captain's portion. It's called the Extroverted Humanist. Bas looked so normal and NOT short. LOL. Godt is so freaking tall. Bas looks short in comparison but I think I'm even shorter than Bas.
  12. Sorry for the quality. Bas in UPrince. Just watched the series yesterday and saw Bas. I knew he as in Uprince but didn't know which one.