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  1. He looks so good in all those pics! I especially love the one taken in Insadong, so casual and relaxed. And is it just me or does it look like our boy is working out? His muscles look thicker(?) somehow. I am super happy with these sightings and updates, don't get me wrong, but we are nearing the end of the first half of the year and still no project announcement. I dread the coming later half already. Dear God, please don't let this year end without a drama or a movie project.
  2. Omgosh that Goong ps! The memories... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mothers in this thread! and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all those in here who aren't moms yet but think of Bogum as their son. Hehe
  3. Wow they really are becoming strict with his fansign events. Daebakie!!! I waited and waited for them to show him on TROS, kbs ent awards epi but they didnt. Oh well. At least there are pics of them meeting each other. Soo cute!
  4. The 0 vote made me sad, but at the same time, thinking of the day when he will have the most votes. Imagine how sweet that will feel for all of us esp when we will remember this moment. Let's look forward to that thought instead.
  5. I think it's normal we feel a mix of gratefulness and disappointment for this. We fans worked hard for this and it is a gift for him, and we can see he was happy with it. And of course it is already an honor for our boy to be nominated amongst really strong contenders, but i cannot help but feel sad. The wish for an award based on his acting ability is still elusive, at least for baeksang. Yes there will be lots more chances, but i hope they get to take him seriously as an actor as time goes by. I hope he doesn't get Leonardo'd, all because of the fame and prettiness. Hehe. Thank God he won an acting award from kbs.
  6. Did Gong Yoo just win the Best Actor Award? Lol my stream comes and goes
  7. Me too! My stream suddenly came alive when it was their turn. Then it died after their speech. Lol
  8. He looks really really good!
  9. Excited about Baeksang too! I said before i will be hopeful of an acting award for Bogum, but i cannot help but feel doubt as well, especiqlly with auch undeniably strong contenders. Sometimes these awards are also political or subjective, and i cannot help but think that maybe the organizers/jury would think the netizen popularity awards is enough for one actor. Hopefully it isn't so..
  10. Omg that kakaopage pic of him in a suit... i need more of that eventhough it might be the cause of my death. Lol
  11. Cannot help but feel proud every single time i hear praises of him. In the early days, i was worried that it wouldn make him a target for malicious people. But now i see that he just wins everyone of them over so much that they can't help praise and love him so i'm sure he'll get defended by those he has come in contact with if ever someone will spread rumors about him. GUYS!! SUBBED EPI IS UP!!
  12. Mine has stopped too.. sad.
  13. "Challenges are infinite, and life is forever and ever, as you think, and as you speak." #parkbogum #박보검 @BOGUMMY https://t.co/ib1rTefdw4 Credit to tetunnie@twitter I like that he is so eloquent. Waiting for Mudo to start! Hopefully the streaming won't lag this time around.
  14. Happy 1000th page everyone!!! It seems there's something happening in the Bogum ministry everyday to keep us from getting really impatient for the next project. Thank God for his bazillion endorsements and magazine shoots. And he just tweeted a video of him and V on vacation. Where is our reliable twitter update person, @in00022? Hehe
  15. What does the TNGT article say? I'm assuming it talks about a boost in sales?