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  1. I'm going on vacation to japan starting this coming monday. I will go hunt for that magazine, if it'll still be available then..
  2. Infinite Challenge!! Omg we get to see him again. And he gets to be with YJS! This "break" suddenly doesn't feel so bad now.
  3. OMG HE LOOKS LIKE RED WAS CREATED JUST FOR HIM DARN IT! I CANNOT! WHY ARE YOU JUST SO PERFECT IN EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME?!! Lol sorry guys, had to get that off my chest. This be the accumulation of days of waiting for something. I got overly excited seeing this upon waking up.
  4. The waiting actually wasnt as hard in the past as it is now, for me personally at least. It's because now i think i've been too spoiled, what with IRY then R88 then MDBC not too long apart, and there was also MuBank. Then we had a series of fanmeets and commercials so it was a barrage of Bogum-related things which got me used to having news of him regularly. Then there was also the fact that he wasnt as famous yet so it was kinda less intense, the waiting. Now it's like a lot more of us waiting so i get impatient sometimes because it's just so hard when there is more of us all hoping for some news. I hope somebody understands what i mean.
  5. Yes, saw the pics of students lining up for his autograph. So cute to see a good mix of males and females in there. Hopefully he doesnt get bothered too much by this.
  6. Lol articles left and right. Makes it look like he was there longer than he actually was. Am still gonna download the subbed version when it comes out early tomorrow though.
  7. Omg guys, this is gonna be our life for the next few months until he announces a new project! I cannot live like this. Haha
  8. Lol i watched it too! And got screencaps. But cant upload them here. Sad. Did it wven reach a minute?? He just happened to be there.too bad ji hyo didnt go with kwangsoo. She wouldve been so happy
  9. Mubank era when friday was Bogum day. Now we have to wait for long periods to see our boy. The price of fame..
  10. Wow they're really milking that RM guesting even though it will most likely only last a couple of minutes. Clearly they think Bogum will bring the ratings up. Looking forward to the day that he'll guest there for the whole show, which might take forever as it is on sbs. Like @badukstone, i would just skim through a show if it's not good plotwise and acting-wise, if only for the sake of looking at my favorite actors. Good thing shows that Bogum is in are actually quite good. Although admittedly, i haven't watched NC. My love for the original Nodame jdo is just too great, even the prospect of seeing Bogum in the kdrama adaptation is not enough to make me watch. I just watched the yt vids of him on that show.
  11. I am sad that there's no runningman today, but in line with what's happening in sk, i think it's fair to cancel it in the meantime. Also, it gives me something to look forward to, because i can feel the upcoming Bogum drought we will be facing already and i don't think i'm ready for it
  12. Gosh the stuff he gave away! Those things have sentimental value for him so u know he really thinks highly of his fans. This boy is so selfless i
  13. He looks soo good in the sightseeing pics! I love seeing him in casual clothes. I believe he mentioned buying the Gryffindor outfit before? During his LA photoshoot
  14. Not thread-related but... Joseph Morgan!! I love him. He's so good they had to make a spinoff show for him and his character. It is not unusual for Bogum to be mentioned amongst these kinds of actors, as he is really just amazing in acting and bringing a character to life, bias aside. I also made my mom watch IRY and she just loved Min too, not only because Bogum is so cute but more than that, it's because he made her understand and care for the character.
  15. Wow, the send off at the airport was really impressive. It's great to see him influencing people this way. I'm sure he was proud of the fans who were there. Happy Valentine's day everyone!