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  1. Cannot help but feel proud every single time i hear praises of him. In the early days, i was worried that it wouldn make him a target for malicious people. But now i see that he just wins everyone of them over so much that they can't help praise and love him so i'm sure he'll get defended by those he has come in contact with if ever someone will spread rumors about him. GUYS!! SUBBED EPI IS UP!!
  2. "Challenges are infinite, and life is forever and ever, as you think, and as you speak." #parkbogum #박보검 @BOGUMMY https://t.co/ib1rTefdw4 Credit to tetunnie@twitter I like that he is so eloquent. Waiting for Mudo to start! Hopefully the streaming won't lag this time around.
  3. Happy 1000th page everyone!!! It seems there's something happening in the Bogum ministry everyday to keep us from getting really impatient for the next project. Thank God for his bazillion endorsements and magazine shoots. And he just tweeted a video of him and V on vacation. Where is our reliable twitter update person, @in00022? Hehe
  4. What does the TNGT article say? I'm assuming it talks about a boost in sales?
  5. I agree with u guys re: asking help from other fandoms. it sometimes gets really complicated esp when asked to return the favor. @MichelleBG has a very good point, let's just rely on the ministry and aim to reach as many fans as we can. Am doing my little bit of telling friends about it. And thanks @mellinadear for posting the kkuljaem article. I am so proud, look at all those upvotes! Bogum republic indeed.
  6. True to form, our boy just tweeted some Bible verses. Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Off to church myself after watching his mudo epi.
  7. Well that's not bad. I was expecting higher ratings jump, but i guess it's really hard right now esp since it's the cherry blossom season and basically this is in mudo's history, ratings dropping during spring. Rewatching it with subs and in hd! Omgosh the dance part i keep rewatching. It has grown on me. Haha!
  8. Yup, it's for next week. The epi is finished. So basically we get Bogum next week too! And they showed kim yuna. Does that mran we get Bogum and Yuna in one epi or is she gonna show up when he exits? Omg waiting game again..
  9. @ccube3 it isually runs for 1hr 20mins Omg the stream is back up! Patience is really a virtue. Haha
  10. I hope it gets uploaded in a few hours. That's my only hope now. Pretty sure it's gonna get subbed by tomorrow though. Are they going to finish his guesting this whole episode only? Or are we seeing him again next week?
  11. The stream is dead. Oh well. There must have been too many of us streaming. Haha Bogum magic killed the stream
  12. @MichelleBG he was actually quite cute. I cringed but i couldnt help but laugh. Supporting our boy even through embarrassing moments. Lol
  13. Omg my stream stopped at that scene.. i cant seem to get it back up.