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  1. I've locked this thread until proper confirmations are announced. Korean news outlets report different casting news - either saying that both are still in the midst of reviewing the script or at least IU is confirmed. Please PM me as soon as both leads are properly confirmed, @marykarmelina. - Jillia
  2. Reminder: Please do not post drama-unrelated news about the actors. News in regards of the actors belong in their respective actor threads. Also, please refrain from concealing an off-topic post by adding a drama-related comment or link. Thanks. -Jillia
  3. Jillia

    Kim Yoo Jung 김유정

    On the occasion of 100 years of March 3rd Movement "100 Years of Spring" Kim Yoo Jung and Jin Young will reunite to be the MCs of the KBS anniversay program to air on February 28th. Source
  4. I remember falling for him in Coffee Prince. He was such a brooding character back then with a man bun. But somehow it hit all the emotional buttons for me and I thought "he must become a lead someday". So when the casting news were announced, this was me: I don't care if it's another fluffy romcom as long as it's well-written and I'm emotionally invested. But like you I hope for a good writer.
  5. kkk @stroppyse That was the most astonished reaction in a comment I've ever seen. So glad to see you here in this thread! And yes finally Kim Jae Wook will get the girl.
  6. We can't change anyone's opinions on this drama or pairing outside this thread. But let's keep this thread beautiful and good mood-wise. Let's rewatch the 3-minute making out scene and the whole drama and let's enjoy our Soft Couple. Credit: vivere-militare-est
  7. I really adored this final kiss. Rest of the gifset HERE; Credit: vivere-militare-est
  8. Rating-wise the drama wasn't a success, so no interviews or anything afterwards. But that's the case for other dramas as well. It all depends on the broadcast station and so on.
  9. Which is mostly why we never got a making of video for the making out scene. It's one thing to film this scene and see the end result on screen. But to protect both, Kim Yoo Jung and Yoon Kyun Sang, it's a different matter to upload a making of for this particular scene. I'm okay with that. I'm used to not getting any photos post-drama and post-promotion phase.