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  1. Music director shares another picture from the filming set. Seo Ji Hoon getting ready for filming.
  2. I saw the images of KYJ as well. So far no real pics of the male leads. But SJR tends to post a lot on IG. I'm sure they're all getting ready. My guess: as soon as they're getting busy to get ready for filming the drama they won't be as active. I know that also Kim Min Kyu who got cast in the drama is most likely getting ready for filming his next projects as well.
  3. Jillia

    K-drama/movie wishlists?

    @Kim Yunmi I moved this thread to general k-drama entertainment section since the k-dramas&movies section is meant for the current/upcomong dramas/movies threads only. -Jillia
  4. Friendly reminder for everyone: Please keep in mind not to post articles/news unrelated to this drama. News about a cast member which are unrelated to this drama belong in the respective actor thread. Any posts unrelated to this drama will be hidden. -Jillia
  5. Even today the music director went to the set and PDnim gave him CDs to help him with the music.
  6. Posted by the music director, GFT filming on set. Seeing they're filming inside right now it explains why we aren't getting a lot of photos. I can't see if it's Yoon Hyun Min or Seo Ji Hoon on the small screen.
  7. @JAN I have moved this thread from the k-dramas&movies section to the general discussion section. It's nice you would like to have a new drama for this drama. But the k-dramas&movies section is only meant for drama threads - upcoming dramas/movies and current dramas/movies. Any other topics belong in the general discussion section. -Jillia
  8. Thank you, @jeijei! And you're welcome, @nrllee. I hope this will help in regards of confusions. Still if there are any question feel free to ask me via PM. In the end you're all here to have fun and that's the main reason: to enjoy dramas.
  9. Some more images from the filming sets - also cast/crew fighting against the hot weather in Korea. Also, Korean fans are currently collecting money in support of Moon Chae Won. Most likely to send maybe some sort of snacks, coffee and so on. International fans are welcomed to send money as well. For details follow the IG link and the link in the bio. The post on DC Gall includes information in English.
  10. I understand the confusion, @nrllee. The 50 images per post is an additional information. You can post 50 images per post BUT you have to follow rule 16. The rules need amendment but until then I would like to ask everyone to be reasonable and put more than 3 images in spoiler tags. It makes the navigation - not only here but in every thread much easier. Again it takes too long loading each page when there is a mass of images. @Farbod Asha Thanks for your question. No matter if there are images, gifs or videos, also Twitter and IGs which show up like images, please put everything more than 3 in spoiler tags. -Jillia
  11. A general information for everyone: Please read the rules carefully. It even says: "When posting screencaps, if you have more than 2 images, please use the spoiler tag as a courtesy to your fellow drama fans." It should be common sense not to clog the thread with posts full of images. It takes longer to load and slows down the thread for other members. Just keep in mind to put images in spoiler tags and all will be fine. It's good to share informations and images/screencaps. But keep the other members in mind. If you have any further questions, please PM me. -Jillia