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  1. That's what I've been wondering as well. I actually enjoyed the performance of Lee Yul's mother. And found it weird that we didn't see her die, so I hope she is alive somewhere. Maybe even held in prison by Crown Princess' father?
  2. We certainly will find out. Let's say... I have a weakness for him. The actor is dang hot. So I wouldn't blame the Crown Princess if she got weak.
  3. @stroppyse @allythefangirl @triplem I agree. I was suspicious first that Moo Yeon might be the father of the child but I think the Crown Princess was too obvious about the fact she dislikes him and I think that would've made her look even more dumb if she would choose a man so close to her father. But he certainly is Hong Shim's brother. There were flashbacks and he was waiting on the bridge.
  4. Nice thing though I was proven wrong about the rain during the wedding ceremony. Because if that had happened I would've loved to see Hong Shim's and Won Deok's faces. ROFL
  5. @triplem Maybe Jung Sa Yeob is the father of the Crown Princess' child? He is suspicious and has equal interest to rise in power. I don't think Mr. Dimples has anything to do with it. It's more questionable that he:
  6. Jillia

    Jung Kyung Ho ♥ 정경호

    Annyeong, chingus! Just to leave this information: I've taken over the task to take care of the first post for this thread. Because a first post needs to be as beautiful as this actor. Everything is still under construction and I will prettify the first post over the cause of the next days. But if you have any ideas and so on, please let me know. In the end this thread and therefore the first post is for everyone who adores uri Jung Kyung Ho.
  7. @triplem Yes from what I understand about the descriptions of YHM's character it's true. I wonder how they will do that in the drama though. ROFL
  8. Waiting for the high-res images. There are casting news as well: Actress Yeo Ah Reum has been cast as Yi Hyun' hoobae Ahn Jung Min.
  9. Yeah some sources on the episode numbers are confusing but it will definitely end tomorrow.
  10. First of all: Welcome to this thread, @triplem! Let's have lots of fun watching and discussing this drama. I can say you won't have to worry about the scene distribution for Mr Dimples (I will from now on call him by this name! ). What the writer is doing well is giving each character enough screentime in each episode. There is a lot of jumping back and forth but at least that doesn't feel restless but gives a nice view into everyone's perspectives and developments. And Mr Dimples character, like @stroppyse says, holds some secrets on his own. He is smart but he holds no high position since he is the son of concubine - which is very vague and I want to know more about that. He is also investigating the case that Lee Yul was investigating to figure out the reason why he disappeared and if this case got something to do with that. So I don't think you have to worry. Also: there will be some more scenes with Hong Shim to feed the SLS. I watched episode 4 and I have to admit I found Lee Yul annoying. I mean in the end it led to a realisation: that he needs to figure out who he is and about his so-called promise to Hong Shim. I'm a bit worried about Hong Shim since she is using her memories about Lee Yul to manipulate Won Deok. Yes, he IS Lee Yul... still she is trying to make him stay, not knowing who he is. Yes, in the end if he remembers his promise and realizes that Hong Shim knows about this promise... he will come to the conclusion that Hong Shim is Yi Seo and still alive. So maybe it's a smart move by the writer. We'll see. I hope Lee Yul and Hong Shim will actually end up looking for his true identity. And I'm pretty sure since Hong Shim leaves once a month to go to Hanyang will lead to Lee Yul following her and maybe he will meet Mr Dimples who knows who Won Deok really is. On another note: OH NO! Why, Moo Yeon, WHY!? This was unnecessary! Don't want to spoil anything but was this scene in episode 4 the point of no return for him?
  11. I'm kind of torn. One one hand I LOVE KYJ's long hair but on the other hand I would love to see her cut her hair for the drama. I think Sun Gyul's hair will only mildly change throughout the drama.
  12. Yes, most dramas these days are set in Joseon era because it covers a large part of Korean history. And I think if the drama was based on real people they wouldn't be able to have so much freedom with the plot and characters which don't exist.