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  1. I agree. Many dramas make kisses look... drama-like. Something that wouldn't happen like that in RL. And yes, this is still a drama kissing scene but it feels honest and real.
  2. I don't see much wrong either in the kisses. They're in love. What are they supposed to do, sit around all day opposite eachother with him eating? Most opinions on the kisses are positive. Yes, it's a bit shocking for those who followed KYJ since she was a child but she isn't anymore. It's not easy to switch to adult roles. And I personally think CWPFN was a good choice to do so.
  3. Man, that must be confusing... once to have a man who is gentle and then the next moment he is back to his old cruel self. I have now a different idea where this drama will go with Lee Hun and Ha Seon. Looking forward to it... even though it's going to painful.
  4. I think as long as those who watch the drama, love and appreciate it, it's all worth it. The preemptions didn't help but still... it's such a cute show and with deeper meaning than people would think, so let's enjoy it!
  5. Episode 13 was comedy gold. Like I loved when Sun Kyul and Oh Sol came to dad's house and then dramatic typical makjang drama music is playing in the background. Like how did they come up with that? ROFL Also... I thought it was cute that Sun Kyul and Oh Sol didn't want to let go after she called him "oppa". Like they're adorable! Credit: I made this gif (sorry for the crappy quality )
  6. I think they confirmed they will preempt tonights episode due to the Asia Cup. So episode 14 will air on January 22nd. On the upside we can prepare us emotionally for the angst throughout the week while rewatching the kissing scenes and adorable scenes over and over again. @bebebisous33 So basically granddad is still living this dream he can heal and then pressure Sun Kyul into taking over his company? That's really messed up.
  7. The angst is coming. We need to take in all the love from episode 13 to survive episode 14.
  8. Coming to the thread, seeing all the kissing scenes: and: GURL! That's some transitioning to adult roles. But then watching the preview: Angst is coming so fast - OMG! Need to watch this episode first before the pain comes next. @SeGafanlady Sorry for getting back so late! I'm not watching the drama live because I have to work.
  9. Aigooo~~~ seeing the stills, knowing "the" bus scene is coming from the webtoon.