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  1. We're definitely blessed that the cast doesn't have to spend most of the filming in a sandwich franchise restaurant. But they at least did some tiny instant ramyun - Shin Ramyun - PPL but I'm fine with that as long as the actors don't start to hold the ramyun cup in the camera. ROFL
  2. Well melos and makjang are exactly that an exaggeration. But by any means I don't want to say that I see them as terrible parents but they are not great parents either. And as I said in my previous posts the family dinner showed me a glimpse of the father actually caring. And I thought it was interesting he made such a fuss about Se-hee when he actually didn't care much who his son is marrying. So I know they hold some type of love for their daughter but they're lacking in many other aspects. My point is: I don't hate them because I know they could be worse but I won't praise them either.
  3. There is certainly a difference between seeing the son as the one who carries and continues the family name and being a good parent for both, daughter and son. I have a good understand of how families in Korea work and I definitely understand it's the daughter who leaves while the son stays and takes care of the parents. BUT... and here it the big BUT: this family isn't solely about the son getting married and having a child but also having a daughter who is neglected any type love from her father and mother. There was no scolding of the son, no consequences for being reckless and impregnating a woman without being financially secure. No, the father celebrated it while the mother didn't say anything at all but she didn't look happy either. Meanwhile the real reason to celebrate: their daughter's birthday was forgotten. So yes, the parents are neglecting their daughter and even their son by not teaching him through discipline. Of them both, Ji-Ho despite going against her father's wish to go to law school is actually so much more considerate and responsible, probably because she had to be since her rotten brother isn't able to be that and doesn't need to be apparently. Also let's be real: in other countries as well it's not liked to be seen when a man or woman gets a child without being in a long relationship or married. Just because it seems a lot less strict than in South Korea even where I live society puts standards on women and men. Expectations of marriage and children at one point are not a solely Asian thing. Just something for everyone here to think about. And I know this is a Western thing to say but:
  4. I find it very difficult to judge either Soo-Ji or Ho-Rang for one of them being somehow a feminist and the other accepting the role as a traditional woman. I know that some were having problems with Soo-Ji being very much against men, belittling them. I think it's really the writer's fault who gives Soo-Ji the worst male co-workers I've ever encountered. I'm not saying that those don't exist. They certainly and unfortunately do but of course there are more male co-workers out there who are simply nice and easy-going. It's such a stereotypical writing to make all the men bad to make Soo-Ji shine as the strong woman and even putting her into the role of a feminist. Which by the way can't be defined by one type of woman. But at the same time she doesn't stand up for her true nature. She hides from her co-workers that she is smoking because it's still something looked down on in South Korea when a woman does it. Even thought times change, it does slowly. But it would speak so much for Soo-Ji to just be like "yeah I'm smoking so what?". It wouldn't make her a fighter for women rights but a fighter for her true personality. She seems so strong but is actually hiding her own insecurities behind her attitudes. May they be good or bad. At the same time I kinda rule for her because I rather see a woman say what's on her mind instead of not saying anything... like Ho-Rang. Ho-Rang who is belittling her boyfriend as well, expecting him to know her wishes and dreams. I know we all live in this fantasy were men know what we want and give us that. But while I think her boyfriend is kinda cringe-worthy, she isn't much better either. She should just open her mouth and tell him her problems. It's okay to say "I want marriage... do you want the same?" and if not, it's easier to move forward instead of staying with somebody who has different goals for the future. These girls are in their 30s. I'm in my early 30s and I wouldn't be afraid to tell my man when something is wrong in the relationship or to tell my co-worker he can talk to my hand if he ever tries to talk me down in my professional field. I just wish the writer would do much better, showing off Soo-Ji's professional skills, e.g. in a meeting with her being the only woman. Show me she can be a future CEO. Show me she can be more than a woman talking down men. Same goes for Ho-Rang. She needs to stand up for what she wants and if her boyfriend doesn't give her that... either work with him or let him go. Don't fight with him and then have make-up sex. It's not good for her or fair to him and the other way around as well. I know these flaws make them human and I appreciate it but it's also frustrating to watch. On feminism and how we wish Soo-Ji and Ho-Rang should act I have to say: we all have different ideas of what feminism is. Some think going against beauty trends like shaving makes you a feminist. Or if you're successful professionally... then you're feminist. Or you decide not to get married or have children, you're a feminist. BUT you can shave and wear skirts and be more or equally a feminist. Or you decide to be housewife... still... you can be a fighter for women rights. You can also fight for men's right and be feminist as well. And I wish we could see this in this drama. I mean they already do a lot of changes in terms of what a female character or a male character would usually do. Like Ji-Ho being more like guy than Se-Hee... at least in the texts. But in the end it needs to be whole picture and I hope we go there.
  5. I'm very torn when it comes to Ji-ho's mother. She is anything but perfect and from the start she felt like a wife who is stuck in a long marriage in which there are routines. She knows how to handle her husband and probably has given up on trying to change him. Yes she holds a certain amount of power like all mothers do, since she isn't living in a abusive relationship she can say her little things. Problem is she doesn't use this power to an amount it protects her daughter. She makes Ji-ho seaweed soup for her birthday as a way to apologize but why not tell dad, brother and his wife "hey this is our daughter's birthday. It's HER day!"? And then she gives Ji-ho money for a room which could be looked at like "oh she is giving her daughter all the money she saved" but all I could think was "why does your daughter have to leave? Why is she the one who needs the money? Why can't you protect you own daughter?". In a way she has failed as a mother. She isn't terrible or evil but the way how Ji-ho hungers for affection, to be needed and to be loved even if she doesn't do great shows me her parents have failed. And in a way this needs to be a goal of the drama as well for Ji-ho's parents to realize their flaws and try to fix their relationship with their daughter. Because even though there is Se-hee now and Ji-ho is happy with small things like when he says "I need you" it's not his task to fill the hole in her heart. There are holes which can only be filled by the parents and personally I think Ji-ho's heart needs to be full, so she can also say "I like you, Se-hee". I will get back to the issue in regards of Ji-ho and her friends later.
  6. Annyeong, @stroppyse, @jongski and @b4l01! So lovely to see you here and thanks for the welcome wishes. I really want to write down what I think but RL is keeping me a bit occupied but also for me it's really difficult to summarize how I feel about this drama. I love it so much - even more now it's 4 episodes in and it has established the whole premise, even though it was done a lot better and far more interesting than in other dramas. I thought the whole scene between Ji-ho, her family and Se-hee was hilarious and at the same time so complex. It's such a contrast to when Ji-ho's rotten brother - sorry but he is a rotten piece of brother - decided to impregnate a girl, to marry and to move in with her. Which was accepted - or was it actually? - by their father while mom is sitting and saying nothing or only making meaningful faces - I know why I loved her the most in Answer Me 1988. But with Ji-ho it's like the father has different standards. Either because he actually cares more about his daughter than I thought or he really does set different standards for his daughter aka women. I mean if I had a son and he wouldn't have a job - like mom pointed out ("Weren't you supposed to look for a job?") - but instead have a girlfriend for a short time and impregnate her I would slap the heck out of him with my moral standards. But at the same time it was really hilarious scene with the sound effects of dad being a grumpy dog and Se-hee the scared cat. ROFL Usually it's the other way around, people are scared by Se-hee. Although I thought mom was a lot scarier, just sitting there eating while probably having a lot of thoughts and feelings to voice out. And can we talk about rotten brother who is like "are you pregnant?". Boy, you're the last person to be moral. On another note I found the scene between Ji-ho and Su-ji in the 3rd episode very interesting when Su-ji is eating her snacks and Ji-ho is constantly picking up the crumbs. She is really made for Se-hee aka he is right she is - if not with everything - just like him. On an important note I love how this drama breaks with the taboo of addressing sexual assault and gaslighting - which happens unfortunately frequently, not only in South Korea but as we know everywhere in the world (see Weinstein incident) - and lets Ji-ho say her opinion, also addressing how women - in her case writer-nim - don't even help other women in this situation either. Good stuff, good stuff!
  7. Annyeong, chingus! I guess I found myself a new drama to watch and hopefully to love. So far so good! This drama takes a been there-done that-premise and mixes in tiny twists and unpredictable moves by the characters. Apperently we also can't find gender stereotypes which is refreshing - aside from few characters (*cough* Ji-Ho's family *cough* and *cough* Se-Hee's family *cough*). I wish we would get this drama everyday because it always feels like forever to pass another week for new episodes. But I'm willing to torture myself and wait for the live episodes instead of bingewatching it after it aired. So hopefully I can join the discussions here to share the love for this drama.
  8. Please keep in mind NOT to share anything DCut related here or on social media. For those who need a reminder of what they can't share - here a link: https://gurumidvd.tumblr.com/post/165393975422/hope-you-are-enjoying-directors-cut-thanks-to
  9. I'm all in for a DM group, @stroppyse! I think we were all looking forward to talking and gushing about MDBC again. And I'm still hoping for the taking down Ra On's hair scene. So we NEED a way to talk about all the differences.
  10. My lovely chingus! I haven't been here for so long... after my computer died on me and I had to reset it all my MDBC stuff was gone, even my gifs. But afterwards my computer died completely and I had to give it away to be fixed and it took ONE month. I was forced to work on a small old netbook on which my internet was basically non-existent and I couldn't write anything properly. But now I have my computer back and what do I read to today? The director's cut is finally shipped to us. Wonderful news, chingus! But of course the rules about what we can post and talk about is a real bummer. Although I think there is more to it than just KBS being a party pooper. Like somebody already said it's a service for the fans who were willing to pay a lot of money for it but of course it's unfair as well not to share the stuff with those who couldn't afford it. I think though the main reason is the copyright... the right of the DC lies with the director/producers etc. They worked hard to create a better content with additional scenes etc. If the whole content is shared on the internet it's easy to create pirated material by certain countries. To recreate the design of the box and maybe even trying to scam innocent fans who still want the DC. So these harsh rules are also there to protect the industry AND the fans.
  11. I'm still not able to watch the new episodes - still don't have my computer back - but I just wanted to drop in and say: While I adore all the meta/theory/critical posts on this drama what I always enjoy the most about k-dramas is people from around the world loving and enjoying the same thing: k-dramas. There is no right or wrong way to watch a drama, even here in the thread. If you're a casual viewer: AWESOME! If you're a viewer who loves noticing details but not writing about it: AWESOME! If you're a viewer who loves writing metas, sharing screencaps etc: AWESOME! If you're a viewer who loves Criminal Minds AND K-dramas and is loving to compare the two: AWESOME! Just want to put out there that it doesn't matter how you watch it - and we're all aware CMKR is a k-drama - you have every right to enjoy this drama, and any drama for that matter, the way YOU like it. Because I learned something as well in over 10 year long time of following k-dramas and even longer American/German/British tv shows nobody is seeing the same things in the same show. I adored - to name a recent drama from 2016 - MDBC but I know many people who thought it was nice but not great and even people who didn't like it at all. But that's okay. So my thing is: I want people to enjoy this drama the way they want without any instructions on how to watch CMKR the right way. Even though it was probably a nice thought.
  12. No problem at all, @zi4r! And thank you for your awesome analysis posts as well. I wish I could contribute more but since today I'm without my computer which now died on me completely and is now under repair. I'm working on my real old netbook and I can't watch proper videos since the video would stop every couple seconds. This also means I won't be able to join the watch of episode 3 and 4. I swear my computer doesn't want me to support my dear Chaewonnie and the cast. But I'll happily read all the posts here and will be looking forward to binge-watch all the episodes I miss.
  13. First of all I'm very sorry I couldn't join the live recapping. My computer is still acting up and didn't let me do anything. Therefore I haven't watched the second episode yet but will do so now. As for the complaints: that was expected with Knetz but I'm glad episode 2 got much better response. And honestly in times of Signal and Secret Forest, dramas like CMKR have to stand the comparison. What worries me more is the departure of Lee Jung Hyo as the PD. I wonder in what he and Taewon Entertainment didn't agree. It's also sad because he was the PD I was counting on since he has Heartless City under his belt and this drama had awesome cinematography and nice noir shots: So his departure puzzles me. But I don't want to judge what's going on BTS. EDIT: But I have to say that with the shaky directing in CMKR I don't think that's Lee Jung Hyo's fault. Because I saw some real good stuff in the first episode alone and thought I noticed his signature style directing. On another note: it's so lovely to see you here, @stroppyse!
  14. I will get back to your lovely post later today, @stroppyse. But first things first: the worst thing that could ever happen... happened to me yesterday... My computer which is pretty old to be honest decided to die on me, meaning I had to do a re-setup which means everything on my computer was deleted. Including: everything I've written on MDBC. My meta text, my OST analysis, my cinematography posts and all my gifs/screencaps: all gone. I could cry and I've been crying because I put a lot of effort, heart and time in them and now all my work is gone, except the stuff I already posted here. I will try but can't promise to rewrite what I've written but of course this will take time and with my schedule I can't say when I will be ready. I'm so very sorry.