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  1. [Photo + Video] Added new poster and main trailer for the upcoming Korean-Chinese movie "Bounty Hunters" Added new poster and main trailer for the upcoming Korean-Chinese movie "Bounty Hunters" "Bounty Hunters" (2016) Directed by Shin Terra With Lee Min-ho, Wallace Chung, Tiffany Tang, Karena Ng, Fan Siu-Wong, Jeremy Tsui,... "Bounty Hunters" is a co-production between Korea, China and Hong Kong Synopsis A blockbuster about reward hunters based in Korea, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and other Asian countries. Release date in Korea : 2017 Source :
  2. More birthday greetings from Goodbase Source Innisfree cr innisfree weibo From Scene Number For cr Scene Number For Weibo
  3. Happy Birthday to our bb and happy birthday to pixie and gaeingoh Birthday greeting from Pyeongchang Birthday greeting from Visit Korea Year Source
  4. [DMZ 더 와일드] 2부 '대지의 파수꾼' 예고 (feat. 포토그래퍼부터 코트까지 완벽 소화하는 프리젠터 이민호) Screen Caps by vin_minoz
  5. Scene Number For FB & IG update IG Anchor Beer (Cambodia) FB update
  6. ‘DMZ, the Wild’ unveils behind-the-scenes photos with Lee Min-ho The upcoming MBC documentary series “DMZ, the Wild” released some behind-the-scenes images featuring Lee Min-ho, Monday. Lee, the presenter of the program, accompanied the production team to the Demilitarized Zone that separates North and South Korea from October 2015 to April 2017. He filmed himself observing rare animals in the South, such as otters, yellow boas and ocelots, which inhabit the area untouched by humans. The three-part series on wildlife inside the DMZ will premiere Tuesday. The Hallyu star is currently fulfilling his mandatory military duty as a public service officer at Gangnam-gu Office in southern Seoul. By Jie Ye-eun ( Source
  7. GoodBase Blog updated source GoodBase TVCF 15 sec GoodBase TVCF 30 sec cr samsamstory