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  1. Ye, about the editing. at first i was forgiving about it, but from episode 6 until now it's too much, i understand they don't have much budget, but sometimes it's like they don't even care because they know the fans will watch it anyway.
  2. There's no spoilers but if you didn't watch don't read my comment;) It was depressing episode, most of it i understand without sub, Tee repeating his mistake by not communicating with Mork , and to tell the truth it's making me tired,even it's your first relationship you make mistakes, it's ok, but then you talk and make conclusion, but here...i don't know if his character his dumb or self destructive. About the endless melodrama at school. The teachers getting involve in his privet relationship and because he is gay (or bi) it's not their business.so to sit and talk about it is very absured , for me at list. I watched again "love of Siam" yesterday,after couple of years , because people say the drama remind them the movie. i didn't remember the movie, back then it was cute. but now i didn't enjoy it at all, i make a Comparison between the movie and the drama...and i think the end will be similar concept of open ending, because how Tee acting and all the issue with school and parents. and the similarity is the concept "the all world against our love" What i really don't understand is why all those stories they get can't be more acceptiable, why they need all the melodrama, to make a good story you don't need to take it to extreme i think it's new era for TV when we see more dramas with happy ending and acceptness, i thought it will be a little different in a way the story goes when it beggan , or maybe how it will be more focus on Tee and Mork, when they could develope their conversation as in the beggining ( for example when they talk sitting the bench or on the bridge at night) but now they have less communication and just everything is the surrounding on focus. the teachers , the police the parents ... I think the writer didn't make something different sadly
  3. JAN

    Park Shi Hoo 박시후

    I would like to know what Korean women think of him after the scandal? someone can answer? Update: I read people comment on it, most think he is guilty
  4. No waylol He is jealous of Tee because actually he like Mork 1. He follow him in the phone of Bambi while searching for him 2. He don't wake up Mork in the Car 3. If he wanted Bambi he say go for Tee ...but he doing the opposite 4. He puling his hand and say he is not brave enough...if it was Bambi that he was inlove with he would not hide it and tell Mork...but he don't say the name and just say : "Any thoughts?" so he givehim a hint 5. When Mork get out of the car he give a look as he walk a way
  5. So after watching with sub i guess Au has a crush on Mork , and not on Bambi Anyone else think like that??!
  6. The mother hearing Mork saying he love Tee again and again and again...but still she doesn't give up, she is cruel in a way , even for a mother Now we know why the title of the drama is "Couse you are my boy " and not "My Tee"
  7. I knew it,,,she is so clueless ... Thank you man you are just amazing!!!! you put so much effort into this
  8. I think My Tee is a lot better, but maybe there's a similarity of the production...and the look of Chonlathorn and Drake Chonlathorn Kongyingyong so handsome. he is one of those that you can watch forever and smile, he did the drama, to my opinion, even if he wasn't a good actor he was cute unfortunatly he was going trough a rough times,he had some scandal...(don't understand why people need to know this , i don't have interest in this but i read this at some subber page) so i don't think it will be another season Yesterday i watch beautiful film called "Remark" the end is open but still it was very good short film because it was so good it was nice, i hope My Tee wouldn't end like this but the writer give hints that it does..anyway it is good drama , probably ( i) need to let go of the happy ending..:)i'm addicted so it's too late to give up :)) Ha ha, something like that... There's not only "My Tee" but also "Love by chance" subbed(maybe:) and another Jdrama based on a manga..it's great (Adam Uni subbing), for sure it's the best day of the week:)))
  9. Yes exactly,Krist is amazing actor, But i felt all a long there's more wormth and real love moments between K & S, i skiped BTW all the "communist" parts ( don't know how to call those student groups leaders scenes) I can tell you when i re watch PH the second time it was even better, Gunn Atthaphan is adorable and i love sassy Off Jumpol , Maybe they already have more fans , because they have show of their own and it's good...so maybe those votes are not so accurate?
  10. I hear there's extreme violence there i just don't want to write about it because it's not the place as you said also. "Puppy honey" should have been in the first place, the cut bl scenes was way better then Sotus , maybe just because there was straight couple in this drama it's only 21% rating:) it's a drama that you can rewatch again and again unlike Sotus
  11. OMg i don't want to know it's making me so sad Please don't let it be a sad ending or even bittersweet...there is a lot of those dramas, more then happy ending That is why in his fb he put the pictur of the sea washing a word in the sand, and he like most Mork and Tee holding hands looking infront of the sea.. Mork said that there is something sad about the sea in episode 2 He giving those clues already prepare us for this sad sad ending:((