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  1. In witch episode Tin kiss "Cantaloupe"? (the second time)
  2. Ha ha ha, and this is after i watched My Tee when people complaining about those things When you are 18 you don't rush things. Especially if you found out you are not straight and confused, but i'm not complaining
  3. Ha ha apparently i didn't see the rest of scene .. anyways i thought it's weird because it's Ae first love, he is moving fast I agree it would be better but because he have a nerd character or shy they want to portrait him less fashionable and more as a dork
  4. Hi what hour the next episode?
  5. Ha ha we so different, sometimes i even wish that Gmmtv will cast ugly or average looking actors to keep it more real...all the actors look so "perfects", as time goes by the becoming more and more neat -faces, skin color, their hair style fashion and even do makeup. I recognise J them and know who is who ...mostly by the face, but also because of the hair style..ha ha ,, i even up until recently can tell you who is Japanese who is Korean and who is Chinese, combination of things . did you see "pornographer"? i think it's one of the best iv'e seen. but yes...the hairstyle is the same!!!! so maybe you can skip... You write about the light.,it's funny because i wanted to write that is a big advantage, they professional of lighting because through play with shadows & light they show emotions...,, so we don't see it the same also here:)) Nevertheless i think it's because i like things that restrained so it's a matter of taste no wright or wrong.. Yes...Frank chosen mostly because his look...and also he is cheerful,attractive, they both are like that..so this is also important i guess Can you put a pic of Khatong? interesting...that how its goes We will agree not to agree about that, but what is true that it's all over the world and not just for Thai /Asia Anyways thank for the information it was interesting, i don't know how you know all this information...it astonishing
  6. I don't know what you have watched so far But Jdrama productions is the top cinematographic and actors, the fashion is not modern and it's all the beauty in it because japanese don't go after trends( in their dramas) so for me it's hight quality and more authentic than others, They also more depth and focus on emotions in general . but it's your taste I will try to find the My best gay friend series with sub. Anywayss................never minddddddd it's off topic so i will be scoled by someone Frank has much more success because he is more "hansome" and more responsieve to his fans in the social media Korean style also is to be with more western look...(white skin, big eyes,bright colors hair and so on) I don't think we will see eye to eye in this, so i leave it here.
  7. 55555 probably because all the comments Vietnamese bl films are not good example ha ha ha ...although i watch it also , they just so much poor and without a budget it's more like a student films...so i don't blame them , i watch now "Active Boys " again..it's not so good , but it's very short if you want Japanese and other i can give you a list They are both to blame i don't , i even think both are choosing by mistake i have seen some comment about Drake chosen because his look and not his skills , and it's not fair for other actor that has more talent...and skills, even if they are just 17, there are. the issue here is the look and courage, he have both....he not afraid and he look cute, have white skin and look western...and gmmtv prefere white skin actors with western look ( not only them but you see it very clearly) , At first i protect him and his acting skills and the reason of him choosen ...but now i just can't anymore, sorry . Even so- there's nothing to compare, Drake is better than Frank and he doesn't have so much more experience..just a little, i'm even suspect that Frank didn't had Audition at all..with those level of skills, i understand you protect him but he didn't improve unfortunatly. i also don't think it's the place or time to improve...on this cute drama that has a potential at first Ok , so why the production is less invested than other gmmtv dramas? Not long a go Lazy subber complain about it ( a lot of her posts)...so i'm not the only one thinking like that.
  8. I think you missguided because maybe you ( as me too) watch most of bl, on sources like YT and DM , but if you look a most asian websites with international viewers you will see it's clear that the Bl drama have less fans and views ( and even sometimes don't even uploading even ignored complitly or not to mentioned homophobic comments iv'e seen) than straigt dramas. Lets take it to prespective and talk in numbers,maybe Mel_Rios can provide us some statistics from reliable source . i'm sure for 90% that straight dramas make more profite and bl not so much. You didn't notice also that the facebook pages always asking for more support(so they keep on going)? sharing and also cancelling a lot of bl dramas? there's a lot of problems Just yesterday i've watch Bl drama that they want to end it with only 6 episode instead of 10...why they have to wait and say it just now ? when we are still in episode 5? uselly in straight regular drama they tell in edvanes how many episode there is.and not shorten the drama Yes i'm watching tham ...it was exaggeration because i'm disappointed from him after i protect him this much and like this drama , and now it's become worse because of him 555555 it's both fault ..Mork maybe don't want to burden Tee, but why exactly he feel so insecure? because Tee don't ask that much! and even of Mork try to open discussion like with the condom and the hotel room ..he dosn't answer! so most of the fault is on Tee ok, i accept i just wrote it because it's look for me natural and not a curse or insulting to be gay but if you ask i take it back and apologizing! Still not the worst, but he have a lot to improve 1, Everytime he suppose to be upset or sad he look like he almost smiling. 2. when he found that Au been with him he dosn't look surprised, to take someone that afraid from sex and, want to take it slowly, and than find out that he slept with his best friend!!!...you have to be with more surprised and upset expression 3. When he is play drank, he's exaggerating There's more, but i think most of the problems began when he need to become more sad...and he isn't convincing because his lips little smiling all the time, or just not sad at all the scene when he cry on Tee in episode 5 i think was good ...but in the long run when he need to be tired and depressed it's taking more than that, he don't have to hide is face I also watch dramas from all over the world and i don't agree with you... the begining of this drama was good, it was funny , smart, but from episode 5 i think the lacking of editing and the actors is not helping at all, if we take "addicted" that was maybe even with law budget it was a lot better, from the begining trough the end, the develpoment and all their emotions, also with new actors without any experiance, puppy honey also was better actors, and if we talking about japanese so it's 90% high quality production and with great actors. Yet...this drama is sweet, i still like it and want to watch till the end, i'm just disappointed from the acting and editing lately (cause my expectations was too high at the beginning ) and hoping for improvment for the ending , that's all