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  1. Proably because there aren't subs for it. And probably there isn't much news about this series. I'm sure few people who like the ML in Nice to Meet You who has English subs will show up here after while. At the moment I like that series but I prefer the supporting roles and lovelines. Don't know why but the chemistry of the OTP is still off for me. Probably getting better this week since the show had to establish the entire background last week and hopefully the actors got more comfortable with each other over the time. As much NTMY is a Makjang and not my cup of tea, the OTP there had chemistry instantly for me. Probably because the actress is way more natural in acting, she is way better than him.
  2. EP 7+8 - Ahjumma's wake-up call and JH's morning persona - The car "wardrobe" and Healer Minion taking a peek. - Noona is the only piece of MS's soul that wasn't corrupted. - The roof top scene. The first erotic hand-holding scence for me since P&P (BBC, 1995) and her words deeply affecting him. - YS's camera testing. - The elevator incident and the kiss scene. I still can remember that when I watched it first I thought the kiss would have been stopped at the last moment...like usual in most K-Drama . I still think it is a very cute kiss but after The Legends and this week's kisses I'm ruined for a while. * The violence in EP7 was really hard to watch for me. I know it is necessary and that guy deserved it but I'm still not used to it and hopefully never will. * First BR with a Special Feature: Both Directors telling about the characters MH, JH/Healer, YS and their interacting with each other and the other characters.
  3. I'm a bit behind, so EP 5+6: - PTSD YS in Healers arms and the almost hug disturbed by the police. Boy, you already started to fell. - Noona's hysterics while MH trying to tell her the truth. Poor boy. Noona still has to grow up. - JH's jealousy about YS's crush for MH and then her confession that she feels attracted to Healer and JH's priceless face. Somebody hug that boy please. And his happiness when she told him, she is feeling comfortable with him just to instantly friendzone him . YS doesn't know she fell for 3 guys at once . - MH's decision to stop hiding and taking over Sunday News. He was so cute and badass the same time. BS's pissed face. For the first a "that didn't work out for me": YS facing the bad guy despite her PTSD was rightout stupid since he should know she is not help to anyone. A good reporter should know what work they can do and when they need help. Without JH she would be beaten to pulp. And his BS antics were too much. I only could watch that constantly rolling my eyes.
  4. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album//1454216200?i=1454216204 Unfair! Found an Link for all songs for Users of Apple Music. Since I don't like music streaming (I want to own that thing and play it offline) I can't get it . But there is the link for it: https://itunes.apple.com/cn/album/1454038677
  5. The Main Song is up for a while at iTunes now but nothing more. Already searched the other Song titles since OST often has the songs listed under the singers names. Nothing yet.
  6. I watched EP33 and I can't agree with you guys, I really liked it. EP34 was boring but because I don't care the tiniest bit for these characters. Whip girl is getting on my nerves. She doesn't have a reason besides she want MQ for herself? Even LMX is a character who isn't really evil by design. He can truly feel love and he thinks he is doing it for a greater good. I love this Drama so much BECAUSE they gave almost all characters their own story. As cute ZH & MQ are, the lovestory alone is too little to fill that much episodes.
  7. Haha, he went into my focus because of that series and was the reason why I diddn't dropped All out of Love. I still think his face looks kind of weird but in a very intruging way. I can't stay away.
  8. To be honest, everything different today would have surprised me since this director seems to love to torment us. And the kiss looks awesome. Incredible natural and one of the very few in this industry who are good. I have seens well known clouples who kissed awkward compared to this. No wonder there are a lot rumors .
  9. The premise sounds a bit like the webnovel It‘s not easy to be a Man afterTravelling to the future. Even when I can’t imagine her with her expressive acting and face playing a male I‘m curious. That girl can act.
  10. Regarding Viki anyone who thought about the fact that they probably tried to get the license but didn’t got it? I wouldn’t be surprised if Chinese streaming sites got this series exclusively first. Wouldn’t be the first time. Probably we will get it after it finished airing or the official YT will have it then. I only hope it gets popular enough for a Malaysia or Singapore DVD relase. This show is good enough to be watched on a bigger sceen aka kiss scences on 43“ and more . Besides, this show has lots of other eyecandy too.
  11. Sorry, yesterday night I went into weekend coma . EP3/4: - Healer hiding under YS’s bed and fall “victim” to her antics. And that copy machine incident in the office. - Healer imagining YS being a honey trap what means he really is attracted to her. And his determination to pick that bait. - YS’s Dad calling her out because of her boisterous behavior and then be afraid to be a real reporter if she has the chance. She got a first hand hot story but in the end she needed to be a bit drunk to act without the consent of her boss. - MH and that meeting with BTS guys when every word he says is meant but they are thinking he is joking. He doesn’t drink with them. The news about the rapes and him crushed hearing that his brother was involved in this business. Meeting YS and knowing he will break her heart. That guy is so honest and so alone. - Secretary’s Doctor Evil laughing. - BS showing up. I confess that I missed him later soooo much, JH was too capable. And YS stealing her boss’s food. - JH’s selfish mom. I can understand she had problems after her lover died but never coming back even when she started a new family was simply abandonment. That she even now doesn’t understand what she did, is really sad for him. In that way he is very much alike MH.
  12. Depends, if he was already legal when the filming took place. Even though his visuals are mature his body language is still that of a teenager especially when you see him in RL. I'm curious if he will be still around in 10 years and if he still looks like that since normally this type looks like that for half a life. At the moment he is just a little boy for me. What disturbs me is Peter Ho as love interest since he looks his age and even older. Can't he get roles with women in their 30's or 40's?
  13. The wheelchair woman is Noona. Ahjumma is the hacker. Proably Noona may be an Ahjumma for you but since JH doesn't know her real name she never gets called MinJa. So this name is already given. You can call her Myung-hee or YS'm mom then . Good luck in finding such big spaces to rent/buy except in the rural parts of the country . And don't forget to order a few infra red heaters probably the ones with marbles to save a bit energy .
  14. Yeah, she rulez. But I love her for year since she was in a lot Dramas I watched. But Ahjumma is cool because she is a geek and I'm truly happy they didn't used the usual young and male type of hacker. And I want her making me food since I love Kimbap . Nope, since in my country energy does cost a lot. It is very hard to heat. And the production team never did too . I prefer MH's type of apartment. Those windows are awesome. I live in a city and all what I see when I look outside are the walls of other houses. So I would love living above anyone and no curtains needed for privacy.
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