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  1. hopefully we'll see Lee Yuri noona fulfilling her promise to Joon cardboard cutout Joon for the win!
  2. Lee Min Jung 이민정

  3. Lee Min Jung 이민정

    MJ and Joon Hoo @ Disneyland
  4. Lee Min Jung 이민정

    MJ for COSMO (c) http://star.mk.co.kr/new/view.php?mc=ST&year=2017&no=776584
  5. Hope he's doing fine during the training , I can't help but worry about him a lot lately T-T
  6. Lee Min Jung 이민정

    by JDZ :
  7. Lee Min Jung 이민정

    soompi is so weird lately , I have to make several attempts to post something is frustrating MJ today at Gimpo airport on her way to Japan: Credits as tagged
  8. Chang Sun-ah, please take care of your health and serve well ... we'll wait for you hang in there, lovelies * group hug *
  9. congrats on you solo debut, Chang Sun <3 IG update
  10. already missing him, hope many of his friends and co-stars visit him in the future
  11. when I woke up the first thing I saw on my twitter was the pic with his FIS castmates ... I'm just so happy I dont even know what to do XD I'm glad everything went as planned