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  1. 2016/08/17 | 721 views Actor Kim Nam-gil is doing something no one has done before. He has launched a project that finds and spreads the existence of our cultural asset, the Fortress Wall of Seoul. He even personally established a non-profit organization and set out to work on related materials with several cultural artists. Through a portal site, Kim Nam-gil is conducting a story funding under the theme 'Our Cultural Heritage, the Fortress Wall of Seoul'. It aims to raise 50 million won by the 10th of November. Until the 17th of August, it has raised 2.6 million won with the participation of over 200 people. There have been cases where story fundings were carried out for low-cost movies but not a case where an actor put his name on the line to protect a cultural asset. Kim Nam-gil's 'Gil Story' was established in 2012 and has been active in various sharing activities using culture and arts. In 2013, he started 'The Man Who Leads the Way' and started to spread the values of 'The Fortress Wall of Seoul'. The current story funding aims to raise money needed to find the remaining 15 kilometers of the Wall. 'Gil Story' plans on producing guide books and maps of the Wall. Kim is also planning a 'Fortress Wall of Seoul Concert'. This is all Kim Nam-gil's idea. He's got lots of experience doing charity work overseas and as a result of his thoughts of doing more for the society, came up with this idea. Kim Nam-gil has also been successful with his work. He's starring in upcoming movie "My Angel" with Cheon Woo-hee as well as "A Murderer's Guide to Memorization" and "Pandora". Source :
  2. Hellooo dear friend @irilight~~ feel pleasure that i share my admiration of another Korean actor with u~~ Actually am surprised now that u too got to know him from Bad Guy and Shark but you loved him more in that past work, the historical drama QSD ~~ that call for musing .. especially that i guess that historical drams not ur type like me .... yes that i do got impressed with his acting -and his charisma as well actually in the two drama bad guy and shark, but havn't think to watch that very long drama QSD ..But seeing many of his fans and now you too talking this praising of him in it, i would think earnestly to spare from my tight time for watching this ... Actually he deserves my time Me too got exciting that he could to have big chance like attending in Cannes and then the European Short Films Festival. ... But he indeed deserves that in spite of the fact of his few works Photo from Cannes 2015
  3. Hello Hello My Dear Lovely Raewoners~~ Wooow ~many many posts, many pages, many discussions ~ Enjoying it all as always...And my warm welcome to all new fans posting or just-reading in our Prince's comfortable Home~ Am getting too busy these days that i cant post often, but though i cant endure it when i saw Prince's Passionate, Sweet and HOT Kiss to PSH in Ep12 ~~~ am Melting right here over an over as am keep repeating it ahhh And here the making of it is even more Melting~~ Waving to my Dear old friend Ploy even though am too busy to post often but feel content that you become always here posting for Prince Keep U All the Hard Loving work for Prince-raewon ~~
  4. Hello Lovely Raewoners~~ miss you~~ So glad to see you all enjoying the drama that much too do likewise sooo... cheer up for the success and high rate it makes till now Welcome Blue_Shirt and rori0711 with us here in Prince Rae won world ~~ as you Blue_Shirt said Raewon has always been like that since first time i got to know him through "Love Story in Harvard" and "Which Star are you From" never had mercy with our fragile hearts hehe ... Since then he kept melting my heart with his sincerity emotions, his profound eyes, and his deep voice And Here till today still there new victims by his charm hehe :D.... Here some netizen comments on the drama and Prince's scenes in Ep4 Doctors', Kim Rae Won Park Shin Hye, why do you keep making our hearts flutter? 1. [+12,059, -72] "Are you married? Do you have a boyfriend? Okay then"...this part is everythingㅠㅠㅠ _ 2. [+8,540, -92]"Are you married? Do you have a boyfriend? Okay then" why did my heart flutter so much over this?.. My heart fluttered from start to finish because of Kim Rae Won, I think I'm gonna fall for him _ 3. [+6,950, -84] Kim Rae Won makes me crazy... I love you _ 4. [+6,261, -65] "I'm not married" ㅋ ㅋ Look at him being all foxy. He's so cute ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ _ 5. [+5,243, -102] I was expecting a kiss scene in the end _ 6. [+1,487, -13] All of Kim Rae Won's scenes today made my heart explode ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ _ 7. [+1,521, -26] This is the most fun out of all Park Shin Hye's dramas _ 8. [+1,376, -14] Kim Rae Won's lines are sure to make the heart race
  5. AWWWW ~~ They are really such a Perfect Match Couple~~ *Update of Park Shin Hye instagram 아시죠?! 오늘 닥터스 첫방!!! 밤 10시에 만나요!!! Doctors first on air today!!! See you at 10
  6. Hello Dear Lovely Raewoners ~~ Thanks all for all these updates and lovely conversation .. although am too busy but cant help my self of reading everyday and enjoy every post of yours here, you really make my days~ Big hug to dear @irilight for all your great effort, all updates and info you provide to dear newcomers NileRose and @maris1 about Prince's previous works .. you really did great job.. me myself enjoyed reading it~ Big Welcome and really happy to meet you NileRose and @maris1 in our warm second home, Prince-Raewon home.. hope to see u with us here often.. And Welcome back our dears @ploy and @catherinesmith .. sooooo happy to see you again with us.. hope u manage to be with us and with Prince often from now on Cracked me out again you cheerful gals @maria1983 & @peanuts281 ... @maria1983 i always had been wanting to put a description of how Prince has strong chemistry with anyone but dunno how, but you bring out the best description, mango tree hahaha Thanks @willenette for bring us what PSH had said about Raewon.. indeed am sure Prince makes anyone with him feel comfort and ease [URL= /33330f46f21fbe092e0d5a2763600c338644adae.jpg.html][/URL]
  7. hahahahaha , you burst me out literally @peanuts28 feel for u friend , we kept ask for romance drama of him and when we got it we merely got lost i think we would not be able to take it along june like u said getting faint every episode he apoear in
  8. Thanks for sharing ...absolutely Raewon would be such a cool an attractive doctor
  9. Yes yes @kilumar and @Kasmic they look so so good together even their glimpse to each other is melting without we watch anything of the drama yet like you said hehe actually at first i doubt their chemistry , but then i cant help when look at them but see their faces even have the same cuteness and amiableness
  10. Awwww Prince in doctor coat such cool an attractive doctor ....cant wait to see him in this drama
  11. Thanx @irilight for making our day with these script-reading photos ...they really look good together ..their faces have the same cuteness and amiableness
  12. Awww~ never expect that they would be such cutiee together like that ~~ Prince such cute in this hairstyle, really~ Thanks @irilight & @yumenas for updates
  13. Good morning Dear Lovely Raewonrs ~~ How i love their faces combination in these Fan-made posters~~