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  1. @Berou I definitely agree with you. Fans from Ruler and IANAR are all here. It's nice to see everyone again on this project of his D-1 is in 2 days, and I too am worried about live shooting. It's harsh in this season of the year to shoot live however, the posters and trailers all look promising, so I am looking forward to analyzing the aspects. I think VIKI is subbing this drama too, which is a plus for me. I don't have to go looking for online sites to watch this drama. AND..OMG..i am loving that avatar of yours there! i love it when he smiles like that
  2. I saw the trailer! can't wait to see YSH back on screen! @Berou i am planning to participate more in this thread once the drama begins. RL is busy but cannot miss out on our Mr. Sexy Everything i hope this drama gives us and me lots to discuss and analyze i love a good drama with balanced elements.
  3. I loved this drama! I even teared up on a few scenes and love the OST especially the one sung by our KHJ but I am not fond of the ending
  4. OH YESSSS!!!!!!!! COUNT ME IN!! YSH! I am ready to see you on-screen again thanks @Berou for pulling me here
  5. vangsweetie637

    [Drama 2018] Lovely Horribly, 러블리 호러블리

    Yes! This is how i feel, too. They were supposed to face things together and yet, I felt like they were not together at all. I don't get it. I don't like secrets being hidden and such for so long. I know it's supposed to help build tension but in this case, it drags all the subplots. The viewers, like me, become distant and detached. From the posts, it seems like we got a happy ending. But the path to getting there was rushed. I have to say, SJ is such a sweet heart in this drama. I really love him and his role. He didn't annoy me with his actions, and I could actually feel how much he cares about ES I will be back with my final thoughts after watching the finale
  6. vangsweetie637

    [Drama 2018] Lovely Horribly, 러블리 호러블리

    @Mau_Cherry @turtle0217 Honestly, i have been very disconnected with the past few episodes. Particularly because there were many chances for the secrets to be revealed and yet it was kept hidden until the very last episodes. Then it feels like everything is rushed. I am hoping the ending will make me feel somewhat better
  7. vangsweetie637

    [Drama 2018] Lovely Horribly, 러블리 호러블리

    What? SJ has to be sacrificed to save ES and Phillip? No way. Even that isn't right.
  8. vangsweetie637

    [Drama 2018] Lovely Horribly, 러블리 호러블리

    @Mau_Cherry yikes. Reading your post above is exactly what i thought would happen. Drama endings (and the episodes prior to it) rarely make me satisfy with the resolutions i have yet to watch the episode but i have a feeling i am going to feel the same way you are.
  9. vangsweetie637

    [Drama 2018] Lovely Horribly, 러블리 호러블리

    I feel the same way. I think the drama is starting to drag. Secrets are still being hidden with only a few more episodes to go I have a feeling everything will be rushed in the end. And im hoping SJ does not have to die in order to reverse or fix the curse. That will be too sad for such a sweetheart like him. Just give me an ending that makes sense and ties everything together with some kind of satisfaction Exactly my feelings right now. The drama is dragging on its subplots for me. We are so close to the end and secrets are still being hidden. Like come on. Out with the secrets so we can have proper resolutions the way i feel about this drama in the beginning is not the same as i do now. Its charm have gotten lost along the way. I just don't like it when problems are left until the very end..and then boom, the ending gets rushed because the problems took all the time to get it resolved.
  10. vangsweetie637

    [Drama 2018] Lovely Horribly, 러블리 호러블리

    Sung joon...you are such a sweet man I have a feeling the ending is going to be rushed. Seems like there are still secrets needing to be revealed.
  11. vangsweetie637

    [Drama 2018] Lovely Horribly, 러블리 호러블리

    I agree. Some parts scared me. The bleeding tree. The crying sounds. And it's night time too! But honestly though, the ghost should just communicate nicely with Producer Lee. He can pass on the messages without anyone needing to get hurt. But perhaps her purpose is more than just scaring us (kdrama land lol ) I hope they don't make Philip take the amnesia route. Please no!! @alekaonu chingu! You are here too! *hugs* we haven't spazzed for a long while now together i will come on here to spazz as much as i can. Loving this drama!
  12. vangsweetie637

    [Drama 2018] Are You Human Too?, 너도 인간이니

    Okay. I still don't know why the mom had to die. It could have easily been avoided. Unnecessary death. But perhaps it was the only thing that would have pulled NS back from his thoughts. He realized it all too late which is very sad. And something humans do: taking anything for granted. While i am glad there is a happy ending, I feel the ending is rushed. Quite some loopholes we had here. I just spent 8 episodes watching NS go jealously bratty with NS3 and every one else only to see that his mother died and then he redeemed himself and became good? Something doesn't add up. One thing i don't like about kdramas is the wrap up of the climax to ending. Beginnings are always good. Middle episodes get interesting and then as we reach towards ending, everything becomes loose and rushed. One thing i am glad is the relationship between NS and SB remained the same. It would be weird to see them fall in love haha. I may be one of the few who actually don't mind NS3 with SB. Heck, he looks so real even i wouldn't know haha. The development of NS3 and SB made me enjoy their moments together. Watching NS3 question himself and then slowly growing attracted to her was sweet. But..i still have a problem with why the mom had to die. And Seo only got jail time? Dang..for the crimes he committed, I was expecting some harsh pay back. The good one dies. The bad one goes to jail. At least he lost what his purpose was then if i don't accept it, my mind will keep arguing back and forth. Overall, nice drama! Awesome ost! Outstanding performances from the cast especially our human and robot hero! I am going to be watching his next dramas! Gotta see that smile of his! I thoroughly enjoyed this drama. @Kasmic haha for some reason, i don't feel completely satisfied with this finale. Everything felt fast and rushed for me. Didn't spazz as much as i did at Monarch lol. Maybe because i didn't have to throw too much shoes and frying pans with this one see you all in another drama chingus!
  13. vangsweetie637

    [Drama 2018] Are You Human Too?, 너도 인간이니

    Whoa. While catching up on episodes still: Such an important device (Kill Switch) and SB just leaves it in her room, behind some pillows? Like..girl..really? Come on. it should not be hiding there.
  14. vangsweetie637

    [Drama 2018] Are You Human Too?, 너도 인간이니

    Haha i was wondering where everyone was earlier? I thought maybe this drama became too much for all of us and we decided to skip out on the finale
  15. vangsweetie637

    [Drama 2018] Are You Human Too?, 너도 인간이니

    Dang. If mom really died, i wasn't expecting that. If mom didn't die, it must be a trick on Seo but did it really have to take a 'death' to possibly unite the twins? @Kasmic *hugss* chingu! I have missed watching a drama with you! And spazzing! Edit I just watched the mom's dying scene clip i think she really died