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  1. WAHHH!! Just found site that has 结爱·千岁大人的初恋 e09-12 but still NO Sub 结爱·千岁大人的初恋 fastdrama p.s. if it's not allowed, pls feel free to delete this post
  2. BTS of FIRST-KISS-Scene of Love Knot a.k.a. 结爱·千岁大人的初恋 cr. xiaoxia황징위的 i can feel Jingyu awkwardness n embarrassment YuZhou FIGHTING!!!^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXm8n5l8erI
  3. BTS of Love Knot a.k.a. 结爱·千岁大人的初恋 cr. KnightNT Vincent no worry Jingyu, I also faces the same difficulty dealing with accessories like necklaces or bracelets
  4. wanna share an article in english (a really RARE occasion) about Jingyu's new drama project "Operation Ice Breaker" Huang Jingyu takes on leading role in upcoming crime drama
  5. here is the link for 结爱千岁大人的初恋 a.k.a Love Knot ep 01 ep 02 P.S. i dont know whether its bcs I'm BIAS or not, but Jingyu really acts WELL plus Jingyu topless body is HOT><
  6. hi, im just wanna to share link for Operation Red Sea movie, bcs some fans might not be able to watch it (cinema in my country NOT airing it) but if the admin think its VIOLATING the rules, then pls feel free to delete this post