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  1. Dior Weibo Update 180621 #DIOR Dior's 2016 Summer Menswear Collection Show # brand will invite Dior Fragrance Family Ambassador @ Johnny Huang Jingyu to open this season's release show. By then, Huang Jingyu will take over the brand Weibo and set off on a modern journey to Dior Menswear. They will lead you to explore the exciting moments of the show, so stay tuned! Trans. cr. Google Translate Huang Jingyu Studio Update 180621 # Dior fragrance family, Ambassador Huang Jingyu # Boss @Johnny Huang Jingyu about to leave for Paris, stay tuned, this fashion and romance ... # # Huang Jingyu Paris roaming mind Trans. cr. Google Translate 【#Star Internet Influence Index Ranking】 Chinese Actor Top 10 164th Period June 11th ~ 17th 2018 #3 HuangJingyu [黃景瑜] cr. Star Power List Jingyu, XueDong, kiddo Jackson, HaoHao, n Halin (?) in photoshoot session (?) @ Amsterdam - still filming Let Go of My Baby cr. 好菇凉ove XueDong's outfit is really beautiful, as for Jingyu, I think he's already given up all his cool pose that we usually see from his photoshoots
  2. 腾讯视频放开我北鼻 Weibo Update 20180620 "# Let go of my 4th week of the North Nose # 4! Congratulations to the whale brother @Johnny Huang Jingyu. Once again, they won the championship. Tencent Video App opens the screen + Exclusive Page Card Paping ! Please continue to look forward and adorable baby brothers who leave the story to play out of Beibi family friends" Trans. cr. Google Translate 20180620 Congratulations to #JingYu gege again for being voted no 1 for the fourth week consecutively "Fresh & Cute Beibee (baby)" poll cr. Baby_LoveYZ2626 Jingyu, Zhennan, n Jerry Yan been spotted filming @ the street in Amsterdam cr. pochu52 180620 #结爱·千岁大人的初恋's Weibo Update: #MoonshineAndValentine You have to believe that there must be a person in this world, that each encounter is destined to be, so that every time you reunion is full of emotions. Pipi #VictoriaSong & Helan #JohnnyHuang at 20:00 at #Tencentvideo cr. victoria02_O2 Today, Moonshine and Valentine's drama officially ended Youtube Link for Moonshine and Valentine E25 P.S. Dramafever already released the Eng Sub vid of E25 https://www.dramafever.com/drama/5190/25/
  3. Hi, I wanna ask, this song: 黄景瑜 一路风景 瑜你同行 This song produce by 黄景瑜全国粉丝后援会 (HuangJingYu National Fan Club) 作词:郭晶 陈柯宇 作曲:陈柯宇 is HuangJingYu National Fan Club the same w HJT or it was older powder (CPF)? i'm curious cs I hardly heard this song in any recent vids of Jingyu made by Chinese fans these days....
  4. Let Go of My Baby S03E04 [VIP ver] 180615 cr. t7ys.com http://www.t7ys.com/index.php?m=vod-play-id-98591-src-1-num-1.html Vid of Jingyu n Zhennan @ Amsterdam Airport , playing with kiddo Jackson (?) cr. radiojwhale Vid of Jingyu n JiaEr 're arranging their luggages into the car cr. on the vid kkk, Jingyu really has good figure, can sense his buff but not excessive muscles through that "Dior" tee Vid of Jingyu with Chen2 n Harlene (?) @ Amsterdam Airport cr. in the vid
  5. VIP CUT of Let Go of My Baby S03E04 180719 - Jingyu's cooking making (??) n egg tomato noodles cr. sguie a 5 mins long video w ABSOLUTELY NO SOUND of Jingyu https://weibo.com/tv/v/GlYehf5HX?fid=1034:ec402a160a888a6e018335c6e62e42f8 Vid of Jingyu @ Amsterdam cr. 芳华如梦fang p.s she even able to pass gifts (cherry dumpling n Belgian handmade chocolate) for Jingyu https://weibo.com/tv/v/Gm048gdaT?fid=1034:7aef966c523134442ed6555a85969eff Pics of Jingyu @ Amsterdam cr. on the pic
  6. Let Go of My Baby S03 E03 [Eng Sub] cr. jiaersubs Dailymotion Part 1 Part 2 Google Drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oq4cxAwSkO9AeF_Gv06LjoBve661gVKM/view Openload https://openload.co/f/2cydh1fnE1c/eng_LGOMB_Ep3.mp4 Let Go of My Baby S03 E04 180617 cr. Tencent https://v.qq.com/x/cover/mqfszcigbo3luqv.html?vid=a00262pe4uc
  7. ENG SUB Let Go of My Baby S03 E01 [VIP ver] CUT cr. jiaersub YT : Dailymotion : Trailer for tonight 180617 Let Go of My Baby S03E04 - [@ 01:35 ]Jingyu was sobbing in the veranda made Jackson n Hao2 worried cr. Tencent video https://v.qq.com/x/cover/mqfszcigbo3luqv/i0026hgm700.html
  8. Sand Painting of Moonshine and Valentine OMG, its so beautiful, 1st time I watched sand painting with colors n the artist can REALLY projected Jingyu n Vic 's face using sand cr. 茗喆S source. http://www.miaopai.com/show/TN5Zf~23ACHhs0mpdH0vGHu~jBLdcePHIFHCYg__.htm Youtube link:
  9. 《放开我北鼻 第3季》 悠享版第3期 a.k.a Let Go of My Baby S03 E03 VIP ver Finally TT, enjoy ^^ http://www.t7ys.com/index.php?m=vod-play-id-98591-src-1-num-1.html English Fan Translation of article in Figaro 20th Edition (24 May 2018) about Jingyu cr. 爱吃鱼的ZouZou and 雨舟凤吻 https://m.weibo.cn/status/4250009149029309?sudaref=t.co&display=0&retcode=6102#&gid=1&pid=1
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