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  1. Having a nice time reading your posts, peeps/chingus. I have a question (which I might forget to ask later) before continuing on reading: How did SG get into SJ's room? Isn't SJ living in her own apartment? Who have SG the key to enter the apartment? Looks like he might end up in the rent-a-cell again with what he just did - entering illegally (reminds me of the migrant caravan) and then stealing.
  2. I hope her brain got put in its proper place and realized what she has been doing all along. Apologizing to JH means she realized she is in the wrong - and has been doing the wrong things - and should eventually leave the couple and their child alone to become family again. C'mon writer, few episodes with a reunited family won't be so bad.
  3. Exactly!! Just because SN is afraid to go back to being poor again, the writer blew it up thousands over!!! I don't care how it will end anymore - all I can say is even tho' I've stopped watching the drama, I still enjoy reading everyone's opinions, observations, etc. - only the opinions - not the drama itself.
  4. The title of the drama has no relevance to what is happening. Love to the End? End of what? Revenge? Dumbness? Sacrifice? I've watched so many dailies and this drama has the most #$%^&*#$% story ever!!
  5. Didn't Chairman Jung also promise to give JH YB Distribution? Isn't that enough to take SN down? She'd be left with nothing then.
  6. Why do I have a feeling GY is going to lose to SN again? SN is always confident in front of GY while GY is not. I think this is the worst idea she ever thought of -and what did HK say? He hasn't done anything - and the culprit is right under his nose. Can't he look for the evidence himself since they live in the same house? Kick her out of the house empty-handed and empty her room. Would an outsider be able to look for what they were looking for in their own house? Is she going to look through every corner - and would that include Kang JaeHyuk/s area?
  7. I agree @celebrianna- Emily is being judged because of the way she presented herself. She was also a victim of SN and came back with JH with the sole purpose of taking revenge on her. Instead of abiding by her contract with JH, reality slapped her on the face and she then turned to be one of the enemies. She only cares about herself. Despite everything that JH did for her, she flatly told him she don't pity him at all. Emily, from the beginning, was an enemy just like SN - she did things just like what SN did, except that SN has more brains than her when it comes to evil deeds. JH pitying her is JH's biggest mistake.
  8. I agree = there is not a moment, when I used to watch this drama, that my heart fluttered or a small giggle would leave my mouth. The only time I find myself smiling is when YS is on the screen being so cute and mature. The scenes were really outrageous, each crime unforgiving and endless. This drama has turned from a family drama to a horror drama. I also disagree on some scenes where they involve the kids - no kids should have to go through with what happened in the past few episodes.
  9. @watchumlotsjust love your observation. Maybe JH and I are on the same page as far as Emily is concerned. Emily's body covered only with towel while getting treatment from JH should have resulted in a steamy scene; however, that scene alone didn't bother JH -- like what I said, I am still confused if Emily is a he or a she. That's why it feels icky every time Emily tries to get close to JH. @celebriannaI've said it many times, JH is the one who suffered the most, and no one, even GY was on his side; that is why I don't blame his mom and JB for not divulging anything to GY about JH when he was gone - they were the only one who sympathized on JH - in spite of all the misfortunes, (loss of business, death of his father), JH was quiet and kept everything to himself. And because GY's first priority at the time was her family, she chose to grant JH the divorce and allowed him to leave. They divorced because JH didn't want to involve GY with whatever it was he was planning - the divorce is for him to cut his relationship with GY. Unfortunately, they had a son and that is one responsibility a guy like JH didn't want to ignore. @dramaninja- so true!!! BTW - in the next episode, GY will probably find the missing cp - she has the blueprint in the Kang house so it would be easy for her to locate it - in HK's room - probably in one of his pillows!!!
  10. I believe I asked this before - but I want to ask again - WHY DID SIU AND SH MOVE TO NJ'S HOUSE?? The chairman's will did not say for them to share the house with NJ. They were awarded their own. I hope JA's words really thrust deep in NJ's heart and I want it to hurt him - that's the only way he will move on without thinking about JA and not feeling any guilt. SJ and NJ - HWAITING!!!!!
  11. NJ considered her as a very special friend and helped her a lot but look what she just told him - he needs to be erased from her life so she could go on with her life. So ungrateful!!! Let me join you in despising her - will put her in the same jar as SiU!
  12. @Ldy GmermI love, love, love your observation/opinion - very well said. I have actually stopped watching since last week because I don't see where the drama is headed to. All the crazy and ugly scenarios - makes me want to puke!! I come here once in a while to see if there's something worth reading. I am a fan of JH also - and I've said it several times. He is the one who has suffered the most and yet everyone don't even dare look his way. Too bad GY didn't pay much attention to his suffering before he planned all these revenge. She pursued him so hard when he didn't even want to get involved with her but at the end, she turned his back on him. And then when he returned from the US, everyone is mad at him because he hurt GY for getting married. JH didn't expect for GY to wait for him - and he didn't tell her to do so. This drama is just crazy as hell - and they extended to more episodes? The writer is probably twirling her fingers trying to think of more evil ways for SN to commit. They already got Chief Baek, they know where and what happened to CDB - what else are they looking for? What kind of evidence? They want to catch SN stealing cookies with her hands in a cookie jar?
  13. thank you @jayakrisI am glad JA said it herself!! Now it is really time to move on, NJ - as fast as you can.
  14. Thank you @jayakrisfor the translation for the next episode. Well, oh well - seems like JA found her Mr. Right in the name of SiU. Now SiU can say and do whatever he can (like he did with SJ before) because he found his equal - JA - she is just like him. But seems like JA tried to climb the wrong tree.