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  1. I'll find out Sunday if the negative ratings are true. When I watch a movie, I don't pay much attention to the cinematography or whatever else is involved - I would rather get consumed with the meaning of the story. DOTS is a hit - but even as a fan, I saw some flaws - but it didn't matter anyway because I am more into the true meaning of the drama. The same goes with BI - especially knowing it has a resemblance to the hardship (as I earlier mentioned) my ancestors experienced back in the olden times in the Philippines.
  2. That's what I was waiting for to happen. Kim Woo Bin came at one time to watch his movie which was showing at the time here in LA. On a related matter, when SJK expressed the desire to continue doing charitable work, and this time together with future wife, I feel like they would be like two famous celebrity couples who do the same thing - like Cha In Pyo and wife, and Singer Sean and wife.
  3. So, is it for real that Ock Joo Hyun will be singing at their wedding? I was hoping it would be Yoon MiRae singing their fave song Always. CTH must be giving JoongKi a lot of pointers on how to be a good husband (although we already know he will be) especially knowing how the future wife would be. Didn't CTH and SHK starred together in a movie some years back? I believe it is My Girl and I.
  4. Leave it to the Big Boss to handle the difficult matters - let him do the talking and everything would be ironed out. We all knew they would let us know pretty soon about their real relationship - and some of us here even discussed something might happen after the filming of the movie. Unfortunately, there was someone who wanted to take the credit of exposing the private lives of the power couple. They probably didn't know they barked at the wrong tree - that's Song JoongKi. I applaud SJK for not being afraid to talk about how much he loves his future wife, and how he learned so much about life just being with her. SongSong couple - may you be more blessed than you are now with your big hearts!!!!
  5. People love to talk - both negatively and positively - so what is happening right now is quite understandable. Although irritating, I have no choice but to ignore. There is no right or wrong, or some netizens don't know the difference between the two - they just want to butt in - because they feel they are entitled to. Anyway, I feel like what I'm saying is not taking me elsewhere so I'll just express my anxiousness about two things - first is the return to Korea of the future wife and take the mic from the future husband (who had done his share of spilling some beans about the upcoming union), and second, to show my support to the future husband, my friends and I will watch BI here in LA next week. I am so looking forward to see this movie since it seems to have a resemblance to what my ancestors in the Philippines experienced during the earlier years from the same country.
  6. I agree on para #2 - some are saying she got involved with every leading men she had and there's no forever for her. - which means they are expecting for them to break-up soon. Those 2 mistakes made SHK wiser and more mature - until the right one came along - and now she is happy. Glad there is a man like SJK who believes in pursuing what you really dream for in life - to marry a woman he loves and be with her forever. BTW - during the presscon of BI, SJK mentioned 'he was so embarrassed to find out how much the ancestors suffered in the past' while doing the movie. How kind and sympathetic - just like the future wife SHK - they really are meant to be together.
  7. That picture from SHK IG proves she is on cloud 9. Shall we all join her??
  8. JoongKi' dad wants to see grandchildren ASAP so that would probably be a priority for SongSong. SHK also said she's getting old and wouldn't want to lose time - and that includes having kids.
  9. You go, captain!!! Tell them how proud you are with the woman you love!! I still read bashing but like SJK, I don't care!!!
  10. Am I the only one here who opposes to SHK's appearing at the premiere showing of BI? Inasmuch as I want to see them walking hand-in-hand in front of everyone, it is no denying her appearance would fire back at SJK and the producers - they will be accused of using SHK and the upcoming wedding to invite viewers to the premiere. Netizens will start talking - and when they do, it gets so loud. Even if there is an official invitation, I don believe SHK would appear - she would send her wishes, of course. She would rather see her future husband shine on his own.
  11. Some of us wants to keep it private, just like what the other celebrities did, i.e. Rain/TaeHee, KSH and LSW, JSW and CRH, and just publish the pictures afterwards. However, some fans would not be as understanding like the others and send out harsh words later if the location is not disclosed and they are not allowed to see the power couple on their wedding day.
  12. It's been a week and the news about Song Song wedding hasn't died down. All the networks in SK (and even other countries) seem to be talking non-stop about the couple. I turned on the TV this morning and a broadcast station in SK with an all-male panel were talking about them too - non-stop - from the time they did DOTS to their secret trips and even the photos revealed by Dispatch were included. Well - the power of the power couple is now being felt - worldwide. Now that their relationship is out, it's nice to reminisce something about our Song JoongKi. I remember their press conferences and appearances they do in some events, whenever SJK is asked to describe SHK, he always says 'she's pretty - very pretty - she's beautiful' - now, he describes his future wife differently. When asked, he would describe not her outer appearance but the good inner qualities that she has - that being of a calm person, etc. It's nice to know that he started liking her as her fan to someone he grew to know and admire and as someone who he wants to spend his life with. What a man!!!
  13. Actually most of us here were already anticipating that SSC would sing that song (Always) because SJK sang the same song in one of his fanmeets. Some of us were wondering 'why that song' - it wasn't very popular amongst the OST of the drama. Then of course, only them knows that's their way of expressing their love for each other. The song's lyric was full of 'I love you' Song Song couple thought they could full us.
  14. The SongSong couple wedding announcement is the biggest news in 2017 - bigger than the election of SK new president. And - their wedding (if to be held in Korea), would be the biggest event ever - will definitely surpass that of Bae Yong Joon. Why? Bae Yong Joon is popular on his own while his wife is, although a celebrity herself, is not that popular. In the case of our Song Song couple, they are both loved worldwide, together and separately, and everyone who loves them were all hoping and praying for them to be together. Therefore, now that everyone's wish have come true, SK's tourism would definitely rise in the next few months - fans from all over the world would definitely be swarming the airports of SK - especially on the expected date of the Song Song couple marriage. Re-watching DOTS and other events were Song Song couple were together, and can't help but smile - seeing how proud SJK looks just being beside SHK and how lovingly he looks at her. BTW - at the 2016 awards nite where Song Song got the grand award, the MC asked Kim Min Suk something and he seemed flustered trying not to answer the question -while the two seated next to him seem to be holding their breaths - for KMS not to reveal anything.
  15. I guess since the issue involves their respective artists, it is wiser to do a joint statement - more so for accuracy. I wish someone here would make a compilation of all of our speculations, guessings, etc, to let the non-believers know we were not on delulu mode most of the time. That would really be awesome.