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  1. It's too bad this show was dropped. Aside from no promotion, no one seems interested in subbing it. The how is a good one - but nobody seem to care. I do, anyway!!! Love the concept!
  2. Just finished watching the last episode - it was perfectly wrapped up. The punishment for CA and SJm we were all hoping were laid out simply not harsly. The IM sisters did not verbally forgive but heed GW dad's advice - by going on with their lives without worries. CA and SJ are being punished for what they have done and as their father's wish, he (ISW) didn't want his daughters to bear the hatred for mother and son all their lives. SJ, although in prison, has come to terms with what he deserved. The most heartbreaking is CA - I think having that dementia is worse than her being sane and getting in jail. SJm will eventually get out and enjoy his life again but CA won't be able to enjoy freedom again - she will disappear from this world not knowing who she is, and why she is at that present state. This is a good daily - I'm glad I didn't drop it like the other two. I was a bit irritated during the times CA and SJm were easily getting away with their crimes but eventually got over it.
  3. I guess the BitNa character is more shining than the ES character - nothing shiny about ES - she is always overpowered by the BitNa character. BTW - what happened to the EunHo character? They could have made some stories about him too. A comment from someone in a previous page - 'this drama doesn't make sense' - I agree. All the mischiefs done by second lead and her grandmother were written off - and they continued to shine over everyone else.
  4. I purposely didn't watch the last few episodes but made sure I come here to check on what's happening. Reading everyone's observations, opinions, etc. and watching the clips provided by @Lunkera, @eurakaand everyone else gracious enough to find time to share, more than fills my anxiousness about this drama. Not to leave out @stroppysefor taking time (always - even tho' you're on a plane traveling) to share translations to anything asked of you. I don't want to forget @gerrytan8063who pops up on emergencies when needed. This is a fan daily drama to watch - the only one I didn't drop because I find it something worth my time. Everyone who made their contributions while the drama is ongoing - THANK YOU - YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!!!!
  5. She's envious because of the love ES grandma is showering on ES mom who is only a daughter-in-law. She's probably thinking a DIL shouldn't live her MIL after her husband dies - which , I think, is illogical. Well, that's BitNa!!
  6. I've stopped watching this drama long time ago - I just come here to read and everything that I read just makes me fall back and ask wth is going on with the writer's head. Are they trying to make the drama laughable or funny by having the old cranky woman move to her eternal enemies' house? This is not funny at all - this makes ES family (entire family) idiots for allowing themselves to be treated as such.
  7. Makes me wonder (with few episodes left) what her real intention is in helping the CA household. She is doing things in that household that she didn't even do in her own. 9 years is too short for SJ crimes - he should spend more. However, just knowing he is in there and being tortured by his own conscious self on what he has done should be a bonus to the initial sentence. CA, however, is better put in a mental facility. But knowing how she is right now, going from sane to insane in split seconds, it is still good to watch. Good to see her witnessing the downfall of her very precious son, the person who gave her so much happiness, that she has to commit horrible crimes. How is it that CA and her family are still able to live in that big house? With all their loses, they should be now living on the streets. But first, MiSook should give YuRi back to her dad so the child don't suffer with them.
  8. OMG!!! What happened to this drama? Now that cranky grandmother who humiliated ES family and slapped her and pushed her grandmother around at the school 8 years ago now lives at their house and be taken care of? And BitNa is ordering the members of that household around like she owns them? WTH??????
  9. I can't believe this guy - he is lying down in the hospital and still blaming someone for what has happened to him??? Blame your mother, stupid guy!!! Your mother was the one who pushed you to where you are right now - a criminal - from the time you discovered your mother's crime, you decided to not believe on the accusations and chose to be like her. His reasoning is worst than a 3-year old child. And for JK to tell HY 'they gave him to EH and GW' - trying to clean up their messy lives. Didn't even mention something like 'we put you in a box and left you somewhere'. I want CA to get out of that illness - I want her to remember all her crimes - and I want both MiSook and SeokJin to witness the sufferings - that's the best payback. If there's something worthy of this drama - there is the actress Kim Minkyung aka Crazy Ahjumma - she is good in portraying different characters - I've watched a lot of her dramas and she is really good.
  10. I won't say MiSook is naïve (IMHO) - she is just like her brother SeokJin after they were able to taste the meaning of money that don't belong to them. Fortunately for her, she married someone and left her with a child and ended up with a mother who didn't care one bit for her. MiSook never got fair treatment from her mother - no matter how much her daughter YuRi reminds her of how she is being treated by her own mother and continually suggesting they leave CA house, she won't. All she has in mind is getting some inheritance - like she is entitled to - not even thinking the roots of that inheritance she is imagining. I was going to take pity on her when she once urge SeokJin to apologize to ISW while he was alive but then she turned around to being stupid so quick. I tried to understand her actions but I always end up looking at her like how I described her. I don't know how far off CA's dementia is - the doctor said 'she is showing early signs' - and she did understood the meaning of the sickness. But for her to use that sickness to continue on with her evil deeds, I don't think she has it at all. All her actions sometimes go overboard - too much!!
  11. So JK turned up a little stupid on the latest episode by taking care of CA. Even those who's got the loudest voice expressing anger on CA and SJm, in the name of Myung Son seemed forgiving. I guess historical dramas have better endings than these regular dramas. In historical dramas, no one is spared from punishment.
  12. Just thinking silly here after I saw that pic with CA dressed like she ready to start surgery - is she now thinking she is a doctor?
  13. These writers are all toying with our emotions. Do they think that we, viewers understand if there's mishap on their stories? Their viewers are not kids - we are adults who understand life and life's happenings. That's why most of us are upset on how they write their stories. They are pretty good at the start but then starts to drag as if they forgot or have no idea how to end the drama. Also, one thing I noticed in these dramas, unless the story is about police officers or something that has something to do with the law, the way they present their police officers are somewhat weak. In dramas that involve police officers and how they rule the streets, they were pretty rough. But in dramas like this, they are presented as weak characters - they just look at the perpetrator and do nothing until they start running - and they are pretty slow in running too. Haisshhh!!! I'm complaining again!!
  14. Ouch!! That hurts! My son has that and he said it does hurt a lot so he makes sure he stay away from beans.
  15. Is this week the end for this drama? I thought it has 120 episodes - which means next week would be the end. @Lunkera- hope you are well - take care of yourself.