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  1. The table has turned - the Moo family has been conquered - and the girl WR hypnotized!!! Sad - sad - sad!!! I can understand GH loving her daughter so much - but her love for her revolves only on 'she loves her' - WR's involvement with DH is all her fault for not properly providing her with information on how crazy their surroundings is. Thank you @Misstwilightfan1416- for the preview - now I can wander off somewhere for a while - like WR.
  2. @Yongzuraand @jimb- oppss!! I must have missed that episode. See what happens to an old woman who keeps on switching/jumping episodes??? Thank you!!
  3. Rather than praise or admire DH for being nice to WR, I would say he has a purpose for being so. In one previous episode, DH told GH that he'll do everything for GH to fall for him - and of course, the easiest way to do that is throught WR who GH loves more than anyone else. As mentioned by someone earlier, DH only loves his own blood - his only sister BR and his father. He is an extension of his father - they both don't care about people who don't have the same riches as them. i just realized something. Does anybody from the police station know that GH deceased husband was a cop? I think all they know about her (including jerky chaebol) is, she was a former boxer. Also, GH always calls her daughter Moo Woori - why isn't she using her deceased father's last name? If DH indeed caused the death of GH's husband, I'm pretty sure he would be aware of the identity of that person whose death he caused. GH's husband's death was never discussed at all. I am hoping that someday, BR would be comfortable in disclosing some events in her past life to her new family - there may be some unfortunate events that might be connected to her new family - the Moo family.
  4. The case is confidential indeed, and probably TJ feels, since GH is not assigned to the case, that he should be divulging any info on anybody - even if they are a couple. TJ hates his mother that much that he doesn't want anybody to know his relationship with Ms. Seo. I guess the part that is really missing - GH is aware TJ was abandoned by his mother, but GH is not aware who the mother is even tho' she had seen her quite a few times. I will be depending on the Caretaker to solve the connection to GH - she is the one who's slowly becoming the 'go-between reporter' for the 2 families. No clue as of yet as to linking DH to the death of GH's husband - other than the case TJ is trying to re-investigate?
  5. I am definitely getting on that ship where most are skipping episodes. The preview definitely shows a GH professing on a sleepy???? DH. WR needs some spanking for wandering the streets just because nobody played with her - and her mother just played along with her. Okay now - when we get on that 'skipping episode ship' - shall we take TJ with us?
  6. Let me make a guess - WR will wander around - GH will blame TJ for not looking after her while the girl was at the police station - and guess who finds WR - tada!!!!! Drunken Tiger!!!!!
  7. Is it just me or everyone else is experiencing the same problem on soompi - I am not able to backtrack or read the previous pages if I want to. BTW @monica63- hope you don't mind my asking - who is GR (who will be haunting TJ of his return)?
  8. So, this means GH is not aware who the people around her are. She is friendly with DH - she knows DH is brother of BR - but she doesn't know who their father is. DH told GH his father lives with a woman 'for money's sake' when GHC asked him who the woman was (in a chance meeting). GH doesn't know, because her mother hasn't said anything to her, that the father of DH and BR was the one who slapped his twin brother; she doesn't know that the woman DH was referring to is the mother of TJ; and she doesn't know that TJ's biological mom and DH's bio father have been in a common-law relationship. I'm sure she is not well aware either that TJ was abandoned when he was a young child. TJ hasn't said anything to her except 'that woman showed up and just told me she is my mother'. I wonder where GH's mind was all this time. BTW - I read in one of the episodes that Hwang mentioned to Ofcr. Cha that the main thug has a mole - and she is someone worst that the big thug. Could he be referring to Ofcr. Cha's bio mom?
  9. The preview shows GH the true color of the thug family - and it also shows GH meeting with DH again. I didn't quite pay attention to the other female cop before but looks like GH is in for a rival with this female cop with Ofcr. Cha. I agree with the comments above - there should be distance or separation between TJ and GH. Ofcr. Cha's sister's suffering has started - at the expense of her own son.
  10. I'm curious about that too - in one episode, she saw with her two eyes how DH collared her brother and tried to punch him. Didn't her mother tell her anything about what kind of family DH is from? Does she only see the nice one BR? I hope your prediction about TJ don't happen - what I'm hoping is for GH to experience for herself the kind of person DH is. He is being so straightforward with her and it gives me the creeps. At this point in time, I wouldn't really care if TJ turns his back from GH - give her the biggest space possible and let her coming running back to him.
  11. @stuartjmz- I guess we really have to constantly remind ourselves this is a K-drama - and knowing it will stretch the story up to over 100 episodes, we should also be able to endure the torture each episode brings us. Some of us (esp. myself) just don't learn - no matter how much we hated a just concluded daily drama with over 100 episodes, we still couldn't wait to watch the next one - and suffer the same circumstances. DH really cares only about his family - his dirty family - and I don't know how he would show his concern on Ofcr. Moo and her family. Also, is Ofcr. Moo unaware that she is putting her twin brother in trouble by forcing him to reconcile with BR?
  12. I have to wait for @jimbrecap before I watch the actual episode. Thank you again @jimbfor continuously providing us with the recaps.
  13. I am quite puzzled with Ofcr. Moo's actions. She already told DH to stay away from her child, meaning he has to stay away from her too. But, each time he calls to meet, she shows up. If DH has something to tell her, since he knows her telephone number (how did he get it anyway???), then they can talk on the phone. I would probably understand her if she had broken up with TJ, but she took back her decision of breaking up with him so that means she shouldn't be doing what she's doing. It's okay if she isn't aware o DH's feelings for her, but she is. I am getting real disappointed with her and her mom's actions. And her convincing BR to continue on pressing her brother about their relationship, would just be good reason for DH to keep on slipping next to her.
  14. We seem to be having problems with posting - still - since yesterday. I must have missed something so I will ask my question: Does GH brother know the settlement regarding the accident was initiated by DH? Was this the reason why he's been distancing himself from Bora? And - was the accident intentional (knowing DH was able to settle it himself - to make himself look cool in the eyes of GH)?
  15. This is going to be the biggest surprise when someone initiates a re-investigation. DH is so into himself bragging nonstop who he is and which family he belongs so I am guessing that tongue will someday slip (especially when he is drunk) that will lead him to jail. The first episode showed he was on the plane returning to Korea (and so was TJ coming from abroad) - so - did DH come back after hiding? Also, the drama is now in episode 71 and nothing about the accident that killed GH husband was ever discussed - except for a flashback of how he died.