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  1. @thesuitelife547- thanks for the preview. Now I don't have to watch the remaining episodes. The preview is clearly telling us DH is getting a free ticket out of his crimes. He will die for WR as a way of redeeming himself. And his father sending him somewhere is even worse - what a drama!!! But I want to thank everyone for all your contributions - whether or not the drama is running well, you all continue to share pictures and vids and most especially your thoughts - which is a lot better than watching the drama itself.
  2. I love Do JiHan in Hwarang - that role fits him better than the one he played in this drama. I'm with @newyee here, I don't see the chemistry between the two leads - it is quite obvious ISH is older than him. I like ISH better when she did Tales of New Gisaeng - had a great chemistry with Sung Hoon too. @Auntie Mame - I just remembered Full House BTW - talking about acting - I guess JuYoung is doing a better job in his role.
  3. These daily drama producers have a set number of episodes - even tho' their dramas could be done in less than 100. They end up stretching the scenes - and of course - hundreds of flashbacks. What happened to TJ is expected - like what someone has predicted, TJ is the only one among the lead characters who hasn't gone to the hospital. What I didn't expect is the recovery of the old thug - which means, it would be good news because he won't be spared, along with son DH, at the end of the drama. I haven't watched but I kept on reading all recaps here. I am assuming the issue with BR hiding her brother's sin was just forgiven without much effort. They (SH and BR) really deserve to be away from the Moo family for a while.
  4. Mole was saying there was a videotape in the bag his mistress handed to GH then GH handing over to YP (?). All 3 (TJ, YP and GH) didn't find any videotape in the bag. Also - where is that bag now?
  5. The highlighted portion makes me laugh so hard!!! What kind of reasoning is this? It's like saying 'you have to admit you caused the death of WR's dad since WR adores you a lot'. What good would that do WR and GH herself and her mother? What a lame excuse. I still don't like the BR SH reconciliation - too easy!!! The writer couldn't think of anything better to pump up the situation. The last few episodes were done on a rush. I understand why Ms. Heo felt that way towards GH - because she really did gave the wrong signal to DH - letting DH hug her is the biggest mistake she did - and not letting TJ join them in the celebration when WR got out of the hospital because DH was there, was another mistake. Ms. Heo heard everything from DH how much he loves GH and how he is willing to do anything to get her.
  6. But looks like the Moo family accepted her with open hands (with the baby as the saving grace) and didn't look back at the tragedy they suffered from the loss caused by her brother. Actually, BR is to blame also from the accident since she allowed her brother to pick her up knowing her brother was also drunk like her at the time. I didn't like the fact that despite being untruthful to her husband and his family, she was back to them like nothing happened. We didn't even hear harsh words from the Moo family to BR? I think I would rather not see BR and SH in the remaining episodes (well, I haven't watched anyway - been dependent on the recaps from this forum for updates) - send them abroad so they won't be around SH's family. But of course, still waiting for the fall of the Grim Reaper - the most exciting part of the drama!!!
  7. As expected from the emotional police officer - confronting a suspect without the proper paperwork. What if DH runs away knowing GH knows his secret?
  8. @evie7- looks like the writer has just disappointed the two of us. BR got it easy despite avoiding the whole truth to be revealed. Actually, I don't care much anymore about the rest of the characters - not even the OTP - I am more excited to see THE FALL OF THE GRIM REAPER HWANG. It is already assumed DH will be vacationing in prison - even if he tries to get rid of the mole. He didn't know his mortal enemy Heo is also aware of his secret crime. @thesuitelife547- SH and Mom readily accepting of the truth regarding the death of GH husband was too quick a decision from the writer - so shallow. I know the twin's mom is not very fond of BR and she just wants them to go away. Anyway - looking forward to the awkwardness amongst the members of the Moo family and BR. SH didn't care but will BR be able to live with no guilt in the same household?
  9. @evie7- I feel the same way - but - you know that's not going to happen. After keeping SH in the dark about her attitude, then it's going to come out she is hiding something from them and about them - and she will be forgiven!!!
  10. Now that GH knows who TJ's mom is, she can also make the connection between TJ and BR - and - looks like BR will be given a free ticket without question back into the Moo family - GH will consider the fact that TJ and BR are 'almost' siblings and will forgive her; DH will go to jail and will be forgiven by the Moo family as well.
  11. Maybe SH harbored more hatred to the one who caused the death of his brother-in-law than GH herself I remember in an earlier episode while talking to DH about the incident (stemming from BR's hurting arm) that SH looked sad and angry.
  12. SH would probably be able to get together with BR because they are going to have a child; however, I don't think BR would be able to live with the guilt - she is a nice girl and knowing how nice her new family is and knowing her own family caused some tragedy in her new family, she wouldn't be able to stay with them.
  13. More respect to the new husband Song JoongKi for taking the time to pay his respects to a departed colleague.
  14. I hope GH don't interfere and let justice do what is right. She lost her husband because of DH - why would she persuade him in any way? Is it because of DH sister who is pregnant with her brother? That doesn't make sense; BR hiding it from them is already too much to handle.