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  1. I think the whole family of Crazy Ahjumma is underestimating the Lee family. Lee family is way too smart for them - they won't be able to get away with anything no matter what they do. SeokJin can erase or edit what's in the black box but there definitely would be loophole - he will never succeed - he is a director, not an editor. It is not that they are doubting who did the accident - GW and family are being careful with pointing fingers until they have full evidence. In reality, they have only one person they are suspicious of - Crazy Ahjumma. It is easy to connect the dots - from discovering ISW is alive, to him being holed up in one of CA apartments, the heated conversation between Mr. Lee and CA (which include her lies) and the recent SJ/EunHa accident. Somebody wants to not discover ISW is alive, somebody doesn't want ISW and daughters to meet - and that somebody who lost her senses in a flash is CA. I agree with someone's post above - they should find the caretaker - he knows too much - he won't be able to hide anything because he was hired without him not knowing who the person is, and why he is watching over him. He wasn't even paid yet by CA for his services so there is a chance he would surface any time soon. MiSook should be awarded the 'most stupid character' in this drama. Too many clues around her and she is still in a blank. Desire for inheritance and money is all that's in her mind.
  2. I can see this coming, considering how Rich Brat is, and the way ES is being treated in that household behind her husband's back. Re: Dr. Kim - I am guessing he is a victim of arranged marriage - no love for the wife he married, so that feeling was passed on to his bratty daughter. That's why when he met ES mom, he fell for her in an instant. Even tho' I left the drama (as with another daily), I continue to come here only to read. I haven't watched the drama in a while as the continuing painful life of ES around BitNa keeps on happening. Reading everyone's opinions is enough for me to understand what is going on with the drama - so far no good conclusion yet. Especially when SooHo continues to stop ES from telling him what happened between her and Bitna 8 years ago. BitNa's pregnancy - is it for real? I think BitNa would be that careless to get pregnant so quickly - she has high regard for herself - she doesn't want to take care of anybody - and that would probably include her own child. It seems like this drama and the other drama I dropped (First Love) have the same theme - 'I Am Not Telling' - that was actually the new title I gave that drama. Like this one, I content myself with reading everyday opinions from members. thank you all!!!
  3. I may sound silly but I think SeokJin don't have the same guts GW has - he is not strong enough to fight. Right now, he is a defeated man and by trying to learn the ropes of real estate (as mentioned by MiSook), he is trying to straighten his life. He has lost his wife. son and trust from everyone - he even said he is ashamed to face MiSook. With all the events unfolding in front of him (finding his mom committing crimes), he seems more likely to straighten everything out rather than letting his mom continue on walking that crooked path. He was teary-eyed the first time he met ISW - that means he still has some soft spots left in his heart. I may be wrong but I am hoping he will not look the other way - for the sake of his own family - so that his son could at least have some respect for him when he grows up. The fact that he told MiSook to hurry and get out of the house is a sign (a good one for me) that he doesn't want to cause more harm on their lives. Gwang Soo is the most pitiful character in this drama. He was brought up as a slave by both his mother and sister - too defendant on them. He never had anybody who he could talk to but the guy in his store; his conversation with MS was not even meaningful since both of them were drunk which lead them to commit a big mistake. Being a dimwit himself, he says things he shouldn't - which ended up with him being mocked more by everyone. MS was right - who would want him to be her baby's father? Why do I have this feeling MS will have a miscarriage?
  4. @colourgraeand @Winksteyk- you are good observers! I only watch once and don't pay much attention to the sequence of scenes. WGM is really bad when it comes to editing. BTW @colourgrae- you cracked me up on your spell-checking - seems like you and MinYoung aren't going to get along. The holding hands and the back-to-back - no giggling from DoYeon there - maybe they don't mind since they are not young anymore.
  5. Just finished watching the subbed episode - entertaining. Sleepy has a good-looking father. All three of them (GJ, Sleepy and father) shared a nice meal together and father gave them gifts. The Island Couple is more entertaining to me. Looks like wife is getting used to island life. What I find nice about this couple is the husband seem to get the upperhand in their relationship. No matter how much the wife complains sometimes, the husband wins in the end with his sensible argument. So the wife is good on her role as a wife who listens to her husband. Funny how Do Yeon laughs at her own doings.
  6. Quite similar to what I said before - she hates MH so much that she said she is willing to 'die with her'. Then what was her point in being overly emotional with her missing son when she is willing to die with the devil anyway. That is the reason DY won't share his plans with her - she is too emotional and couldn't think straight because just like MH, her mind is all about revenge. She is getting to be as evil as MH lately. HJ mom being overly protective of GO - the boy would probably wonder what is wrong with the woman - she used to hate him and want to send him away a few months ago. I think HJ mom is doing it not because she loves GO but she is doing it to butter up on HJ - she always is concerned on what HJ will say, what HJ will think, blah blah blah.
  7. I did appreciate how GW confronted Gwang Soo with regards to being irresponsible towards MS condition. However, MS will not like it - I'm sure she has no feelings for GS and wouldn't want to be married to him. Forcing him to take responsibility is more hurtful for MS. Still - I don't want them to be together.
  8. While almost everyone is keeping everything a secret, HR is spilling her secret away. She told MS and DY the same thing - not to tell anyone she is meeting someone.
  9. I'm bored so I came back and found @baduy's explanation - and prompted me to pull out all my Korean textbooks to locate which chapter I saw the explanations. Anyway, @imgreatgal- like what I mentioned, DY is delaying the divorce so he can clean all their (DY and MH) assets - and that would lead MH zero. He will take his shares back from MH that she used while he was in a coma - this is just my opinion. HR would grow up like MH - and JW himself would be the first one to notice that - she really is acting like her - she is not aloof and approachable.
  10. I concur! I don't like him either - especially for MS. MS is too good for him. He is irresponsible just like the rest of his family. And yes!! MS better make him suffer if ever he wants to come around when MS starts showing her pregnancy.
  11. I think DY is planning on taking MH to the cleaners - that's why he is telling the bank officer they are still married. I think I said it before - would the time come for GO to resent his own family because of what happened to him in the past? He is almost showing that sign towards his own father. Talking about HJ is exhausting - she is still too emotional in handling every situation, unlike DY who is calculating his every plan. I think with 20+ episodes in the work, the scenes/events are being recycled. Need to take a break from this drama - will come back with 5+ episodes to conclude. BTW - as always, thanks everyone for sharing everything (clips, recaps, observations, etc. - it helped in my decision for timeout).
  12. Thank you all for sharing thoughts and clips of the latest episode. I think this drama is progressing well than the other 2 daily dramas I am watching. This one gets you so excited and making you feel you are in with the characters.
  13. GO is back to his mother - what happens now to the deal between JW and Mdm. Kim in a previous episode? Didn't JW promise Mdm. Kim he'll drop the charges if the boy is returned to the mother?
  14. Thank you all, once again for sharing the clips and the translations. CA got her match!! She continues to maintain her innocence and evil acts while her son SJm's knees are shaking. SJm is now confused on which way to look.
  15. I didn't know there was a new PD on WGM - that's why it's kind of messed up a little bit. The one who's supposed to stay left and the ones who's supposed to get kicked out, stayed. It was really unfair that TaeBom left without notice - not even a 3-day notice or quit (referring to us viewers/fans). Just when TJ finished his drama (didn't know he was filming in Jeju), and their segment just disappeared. It was TJ who explained to us viewers the reason they left. Just like him, there are so much more we wanted to see them do together - but - too bad - wrong production. @cdcotr- I read that somewhere also - I guess that time, KSE was idle after she finished the 'Game' drama. @Lmangla- agree - they even act like they didn't know each other when the cameras are not focused on them. And her interview when the scandal came out - very defensive!! About the new guy Choi Min-Young - he was a guest in Abnormal Summit. I don't think he is an oddball - he is into survival or living on your own. I think when he said 'we can raise hens' when him and wife talked about eggs, he was thinking loud - that if they have hens, then eggs would come handy (like 3 Meals a Day).