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  1. I'm super excited for this scene. I'm not sure cause it's really blurred but does it not look like they're outside the christmas shop, la boutique de noel. Which ET ran into and got KS to take a picture of her in? Does this mean they meet again in Quebec?
  2. I actually thought I wouldn't be able to follow or obsess over another drama for a while after MLSHR. I guess I was wrong. I've just watched episode 1 and 2 again (second time) not counting the fact that I ended up watching it without subs too. I guess when you spend your time stalking a thread and re-watching episode's that's really a sign of how hooked you've become. And I planned on watching this drama once all the episode's were released but just like KS my curiosity won over my will power. I'm a big fan of KGE and I'm so glad she was casted as ET, her energy and her facial impressions were really on point in the first two episodes. YIN mentioned in the press conference how beautiful KGE's smile is and I couldn't agree more, the scene of ET in the christmas shop and how she turned around and smiled at KS is a great example of how pretty her smile is and you would see that KS was taken back by it too! It was really disheartening reading comments about some people's disappointment in casting KGE as the female lead along side GY. I really couldn't understand why, I find her to be such a refreshing beauty and I'm looking forward to seeing the romance develop between KS and ET. I may be the only one, but I feel like they have a good if not decent chemistry already. I can't say much about GY and LDW, I think theres a clear consensus about how both are just swoon worthy and great actor's. Their bromance has left me replying their scene's over and over again. I just can't wait to see them in action saving ET next week. Regarding the book that DH took after ET placed it on the shelf, there's a scene of him in the library holding the book and the leaf (he's wearing a checkered yellow suit) guess we will see the scene soon.