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  1. I'm super excited for this scene. I'm not sure cause it's really blurred but does it not look like they're outside the christmas shop, la boutique de noel. Which ET ran into and got KS to take a picture of her in? Does this mean they meet again in Quebec?
  2. I actually thought I wouldn't be able to follow or obsess over another drama for a while after MLSHR. I guess I was wrong. I've just watched episode 1 and 2 again (second time) not counting the fact that I ended up watching it without subs too. I guess when you spend your time stalking a thread and re-watching episode's that's really a sign of how hooked you've become. And I planned on watching this drama once all the episode's were released but just like KS my curiosity won over my will power. I'm a big fan of KGE and I'm so glad she was casted as ET, her energy and her facial impressions were really on point in the first two episodes. YIN mentioned in the press conference how beautiful KGE's smile is and I couldn't agree more, the scene of ET in the christmas shop and how she turned around and smiled at KS is a great example of how pretty her smile is and you would see that KS was taken back by it too! It was really disheartening reading comments about some people's disappointment in casting KGE as the female lead along side GY. I really couldn't understand why, I find her to be such a refreshing beauty and I'm looking forward to seeing the romance develop between KS and ET. I may be the only one, but I feel like they have a good if not decent chemistry already. I can't say much about GY and LDW, I think theres a clear consensus about how both are just swoon worthy and great actor's. Their bromance has left me replying their scene's over and over again. I just can't wait to see them in action saving ET next week. Regarding the book that DH took after ET placed it on the shelf, there's a scene of him in the library holding the book and the leaf (he's wearing a checkered yellow suit) guess we will see the scene soon.
  3. I like to be king and I cannot lie, you other brothers can't deny. When I walk in with a sharp jawline, and looking so fine. You get killed... My obsession has turned me crazy!
  4. Thinking about it, I can understand that Soo's ending is rather tragic, cause she's just been bombarded with so many memories (all at once) and will live with the knowledge of how lonely WS had been in those 20 something years without her. But, knowing that he was alone shouldn't sadden her as much, or at all, because that was his fate so it was inevitable, and there would have been nothing she could have done to change that. Which is why it's definitely So's ending that actually brings tear's to my eyes, he started off with having no one he could call his person and along the journey he finally got his own little family (HS and BA) but it was all short lived cause the moment he became GJ he was alone. No matter how hard he tried to keep his little family together, eventually they all had to leave him. Also, the fact that if he had only opened the letter, he may have had the chance to see HS. He lived the rest of his life knowing that HS always loved him and reached out to him during her final moments but he missed his opportunity to see her, because he was just to stubborn. To think that he lived wondering 'What if..' just break's my heart because there's endless possibilities. I believe that when HS died she was content, heartbroken yes, but she died achieving the freedom she had always wanted from the Palace. While WS lived and died wanting to be with HS. Which is why, the main reason So's ending is more heartbreaking for me is because we've been through this whole journey with him and I've always foolishly routed for a happy ending for him, even with the knowledge of this being highly unlikely. In regards to WS having a family, YH and their son. IMO they can't be considered to be his family, definitely not someone he can call his people. As he knew she was only using him to achieve her own goals and is probably busy training her kid to be the king while waiting for WS to die. Just like how his own mother raised WY to go after the throne (of course I'm just presuming this and it's all because I'm blinded by my hatred for YH, as I'll never accept her actually loving WS. She's always been Queen Yoo number 2 for me).
  5. How I feel right now, knowing that there could have been an extra scene of WS and HS meeting in the future. And my message to the writer, who's done a great job but
  6. Guys, I'm not sure if this has been already shared but 2hrs ago the cast were eating together not sure if LJG was there but IU was. SD (Z.Hera) posted it on her insta but not as a picture but as a video/snapchat thing, you can now do on insta. You can see it by following her instagram. Sorry, just noticed it's been shared.
  7. @ruizaio thank for sharing this information. Hmm, do you guys think that maybe WS/modern WS did meet HS in the future but cause there wasn't enough time they had to edit it out?
  8. I'm presuming they've had to cram a lot of scene's into the final episode, maybe that's why the ending is not satisfying. That's why I need the un-cut DVD, that is our antidote. Also, the ending felt very much like there should be a squeal, or at least another episode one where WS finally finds HS. I'm glad they went with the baby arc but seriously WS finds out he has a daughter how many years later and when he walks past Jung and his daughter my heart broke. Is this a drama that wanted to highlight in every episode that WS is forever a lone wolf.
  9. I like the ending. Even though I was waiting for the ending to be similar to the Chinese one but although my heart is crying and I want more, at least a scene of WS with his daughter playing etc. But I'm feeling content with the ending, maybe we will like it more once we watch it with subs?
  10. So at the end WS said he will find her, fanfic gods please make this happen. I will be checking fanfic websites everyday to help restore my broken heart.
  11. The ending, WS and HS laughing. I'm content. If there was a WS look a like in the future, it would not be enough cause he wouldn't have their memories. I need lots of tissues. My only wish would have been that they explored WS and HS daughter more.
  12. Oh god, why are the versions different. I'm still watching WW and BA, WW seems ill. Now to the scene of YH complaining to WS about their child.