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  1. True that .. while it's making Eugene sad and mad, he's still doing his duty as a soldier. Hopefully he will be able to think sensibly and deduct the situation wisely no matter how hard it is for him losing someone especially close to him. He must find out how his personal letter ended up with Ae Shin, it's urgent that she shares her intel as well. Maybe because it's the RA, Eugene tend to be neutral but more than ever, he has to know who's who and not put those close to him at risk again, if possible. Life is just so complicated for him.. A little light-hearted moment in ep13.. she has his music box, his gloves, now his hat.. and obviously his heart.
  2. Episode 14 Preview Clips credit as stated: thanks to goblin_mrsunshine
  3. So sad.. so sad. Eugene had it all quite good till now. He's been happy and quite content coming back to Joseon and meeting Ae Shin. Will this make him turn rogue and completely vengeful?
  4. @mistergenie That's right! Eugene showed the photo of Ae Shin's father to her. He doesn't hide it from her, EC told AS what she needs to know. Soon, she will find out about the murderer LWI. There're more than these 2 clips in the particular scene. But this shows that Eugene can't even wipe the tears on Ae Shin's face..
  5. Ok.. ok.. funny scene first.. Ae Shin on a mission from her English teacher to deliver a message to the American Legation. She translated the Korean words & style of greeting into English. Eugene can only laugh at his beloved..
  6. Makes sense, doing it out of respect to Eugene's foster father. But somehow.. it feels weird that 90% probably saying it'll be Joseph. Too predictable? Wonder if it'll turn out someone else and we'll be slapping our foreheads instead. Anyway, it's still not a happy scene. Found this on IG.. looks like MR.SUNSHINE PPL is working well. The candies especially are bestsellers, the cube coffee too. Eugene's music box has found some fans. And now the teacup set is being highly-praised for the unique features. It can't be helped that there has to be PPLs in various scenes, considering that there's no CF breaks. It's obviously not easy to introduce believable items in a period piece without everyone raising one or both eyebrows. Photos: Kim Hyun-a
  7. rubie

    Hwang Jung Min 황정민

    August 18, 2018 S. Korean spy thriller 'The Spy Gone North' released in U.S., Canada LOS ANGELES, Aug. 18 (Yonhap) -- South Korean spy thriller "The Spy Gone North" has been released in the United States and Canada, its distributor has said. CJ E&M America said the movie opened in local theaters in Washington D.C., New York and several other major cities on Friday. Set in the 1990s when the Korean Peninsula was on the brink of war over North Korea's nuclear weapons program, the film tells the story of a South Korean spy who goes undercover as a businessman in North Korea to infiltrate its nuclear facilities. Directed by Yoon Jong-bin of "Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time" (2012), "The Spy Gone North" premiered to a standing ovation in the Midnight Screenings section of the 71st Cannes Film Festival in May. The rights to the film have been sold to distributors in the Americas and Asian and European countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, France, Poland, Britain and Spain, according to CJ EnM. This photo, provided by South Korean entertainment and media giant CJ EnM, shows a promotional poster for the South Korean spy thriller "The Spy Gone North." (Yonhap)
  8. Come to think of it, if someone or some group purposely kill or injure an American soldier, that would mean war. It would be too much at stake, perhaps it's not Kyle. Whoever it is, soldier or civilian or missionary, it's never a good idea to begin with. Whether it's a warning to intimidate & scare off Eugene, it could only escalate into something bad. Fearing for the worst.. the much-touted scene may appear tomorrow (ep 14) as the cliffhanger. Anyway, just like Ae Shin's Mr. Haengrang & Ms. Haman.. here are Eugene's self-proclaimed right and left hand men, photos posted by Do Mi ~
  9. @Ahpheng, Saturday has never been better indeed! Instead of taking the train with many people watching (and talking), the horse-riding date seems one of a kind that truly represents their carefree but intense relationship. Eugene probably suggested the idea and Ae Shin totally loving it, just the two of them, away from it all. Her right & left hand already knew about him and AS is more than capable of taking care of herself. Seizing the precious moment, they realize that there might not be such a chance again, considering the obvious situation against them. The heartaches that await... This latest capture is only adding the anxiety to the coming episode.. sadness appears so much sooner.. It doesn't show who.. or what.. but .. there's just no happiness after the seaside scene. As Netflix mentions tears in this weekend's episodes.. tears are what we're getting. Source: OSEN I could be wrong.. it looks like a Marines' uniform (the blue coat).. Kyle???!
  10. Mr.Sunshine episode 12 Occupational hazard of a 'no ordinary job'.. Stand back, sniper-boy! 
  11. LOL! They do realize their true feelings there and then. Too real! But if she didn't nudge him, it'll turn to something other than gun practice. But obviously it turned to something else.. 'what's in the box' game for two.. and stumble along Searching for the magic box Flower messenger
  12. Alert! Handsome Halbaes (+ 1 genie) in town! If not mistaken, this is the first time that all the halbaes stayed on the trip till the end. Usually 1 or two of them would return to Korea earlier due to scheduled filming, etc. But this time, all of them plus 1 happy-newbie enjoyed the trip throughout. Hopefully, they will have the chance for one more trip together. Published on August 15, 2018 by tvN
  13. People could misunderstood that this is from MR.SUNSHINE but actually a capture from LBH ON TOUR 2018, right.. most likely at backstage before his performance. He's wearing a cruise liner Captain's uniform since the theme of the event is going on a cruise. However, I might be wrong since Aura Beauty mentioned the drama instead. Photo: aurabeauty_01