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  1. Lee Young Ae 이영애

    November 20, 2017 Lee Young-ae donates 106 miliion won for Pohang, Iran quake victims SEOUL, Nov. 20 (Yonhap) -- South Korean actress Lee Young-ae has donated 106 million won (US$96,398) to a local charity to help recent earthquake victims in Pohang and Iran, the charity said Monday. The Seoul-based Korea Foundation for Persons with Disabilities said about half of the money will be used to help quake victims in Pohang, the southeastern city recently hit by a magnitude 5.4 earthquake, and the remainder for quake victims in Iran, particularly children and people with disabilities. "My heart broke upon hearing the news of Pohang citizens who received injuries and lost their homes in the earthquake and on the suffering of the Iranian people who loved my drama 'Daejanggeum' so much," Lee was quoted as saying. "Feeling sorry for the situation where the damage is getting worse, I wanted to help them out a little." The foundation said it conveyed her donation to the Iranian Embassy in Seoul on Monday and decided to cooperate with the embassy in aiding relief efforts in Iran. This file photo shows actress Lee Young-ae. (Yonhap) sshim@yna.co.kr
  2. Kim Hye Soo 김혜수

    November 20, 2017 A SPECIAL LADY Goes to Brussels KIM Hye-soo Starrer Invited to BIFFF for Competition by Christopher Weatherspoon / KoBiz Actress KIM Hye-soo’s action-crime vehicle A Special Lady has officially been invited to the 36th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF) for the competition section. Directed by LEE An-gyu, A Special Lady is a noir film that centers around KIM’s character Hyeong-jong, a woman who becomes the 2nd in command of a gang and grows it into a major criminal operation. The film also features LEE Sun-kyun who most recently starred in The King's Case Note and LEE Hui-joon, who will have a role in the upcoming political drama 1987. The Brussels Film Festival takes place in Brussels, Belgium and will be held in April 2018. The festival, which was founded in 1983, programs horror, thriller and science fiction films. Korean films have done well at BIFFF with Seoul Station (2016) which was helmed by TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016) director YEON Sang-ho winning the festival’s Silver Crow award in 2016 and Bong Joon-ho’s The Host and KIM Ji-woon’s I Saw the Devil (2010) taking the festival’s top prize, the Golden Crow award, in 2007 and 2011 respectively. A Special Lady was recently invited to the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival where it received the Asian Best Picture Award. Sitges is one of the world’s three major fantasy genre festivals. A Special Lady had its domestic theatrical premiere on November 9th.
  3. November 19, 2017 [V Report Plus] Titanic pose in drama ‘Witch’s Court’ looks cold (Naver V app) Behind-the-scenes footage of KBS drama series “Witch’s Court” was unveiled via Naver V app Saturday. Jung Ryeo-won and Yoon Hyun-min, who play the lead roles in the drama, boarded a boat in cold weather for the shoot. (Naver V app) Jung stood on the prow of the boat in the classic Titanic pose, saying “I’m flying!” Despite the sunny weather, the two casts shivered with cold. After the shooting, Jung and Yoon stomped their feet to warm their bodies. (Naver V app) “Are we done?” Jung asked a staff member, putting her hands in her pockets. Naver’s real-time broadcasting app V allows fans to interact with their favorite K-pop stars through live broadcasts. The app is available for Android and iOS. For more information, visit http://www.vlive.tv. By Park Ju-young (jupark@heraldcorp.com)
  4. Lee Young Ae 이영애

    November 19, 2017 TVXQ, Yoo Jae Suk, And Other Celebrities Donate To Aid Pohang Earthquake Relief Efforts Source: Soompi by J. Lim Celebrities have come forward to lend the people of Pohang a helping hand following an earthquake last week that devastated the region. It was confirmed on November 20 by various organizations that TVXQ, Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Dong Gook, and Lee Young Ae each made donations to help the victims of the Pohang earthquake. ChildFund Korea, which specializes in helping to improve children’s welfare around the world, revealed that TVXQ donated 50 million won (approximately $45,400) to the organization on November 17. Their donation is set to be used to help cover the living expenses of children from low-income households in Pohang. A representative of the Korea Disaster Relief Association, also known as Hope Bridge, announced that both Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Dong Gook had donated 50 million won each to help the victims of the earthquake. FNC Entertainment confirmed that Yoo Jae Suk had made the donation but added, “We were not aware of his donation. We believe he quietly made the donation personally.” The Korea Foundation for Persons with Disabilities revealed that actress Lee Young Ae had donated a total of 160 million won (approximately $96,300) to help the victims of the Pohang earthquake, as well as the earthquake that occurred in Iran on November 12. 50 million won will be sent to Pohang to help in the restoration efforts, as well as to help families with disabilities. 56 million won (approximately $50,900) was delivered to the Embassy of Iran and will be used to help with relief efforts and to help children with disabilities who were injured in the earthquake. Through the foundation, Lee Young Ae stated, “My heart ached to hear the news of the people of Pohang who have lost their homes due to the earthquake, as well as the people of Iran who have shown their love and support for ‘Jewel in the Palace.’ I wanted to help in any way I could.” On November 15, a 5.4 magnitude earthquake hit Pohang that resulted in over 50 billion won (approximately $45.4 million) in damages, 76 people injured, and over 1,300 people who have lost their homes. Source (1) (2) (3)
  5. Kim Tae Woo 김태우

    November 20, 2017 KIM Tae-woo Replaces Late KIM Joo-hyuk in CHANG-GWOL Period Zombie Film Currently Shooting by Pierce Conran / KoBiz Upcoming Joseon Era zombie film Chang-gwol (Korean title) has found a replacement for a small role left vacant by the late actor KIM Joo-hyuk, following his untimely passing in a car accident on October 30th. The part will now be taken over by actor KIM Tae-woo. Chang-gwol follows the Crown Prince Lee Chung, played by superstar Hyun-bin, who returns to his homeland ten years after being kidnapped by the Qing Dynasty. His older brother, Prince Lee Young is preparing to take the throne, but a threat arrives in the form of monsters that run rampant at night. KIM will play the part of Prince Lee Young and is known for roles in Hong Sangsoo’s Like You Know It All (2009) and period action film The Pirates (2014). He was last on screen in the Colonial Era noir The Tooth and the Nail, which coincidentally starred KIM Joo-hyuk. The film is from director KIM Sung-hoon and reunites him with his Confidential Assignment star Hyun-bin. KIM Joo-hyuk also featured in the Lunar New Year hit, for which he received the Best Supporting Actor Award from the inaugural Seoul Awards just a few days before his death. Filming for Chang-gwol began on September 1st. The film co-stars JANG Dong-gun (V.I.P.), JUNG Man-sik (Asura : The City of Madness) and KIM Eui-sung (TRAIN TO BUSAN).
  6. Kim Hye Soo 김혜수

    Published on November16, 2017 by K STAR 생방송 스타뉴스
  7. Thanks to the highlight at PlanetBH0712, ChaseCult pics from GSGM Family & FB CHASECULT BRAND LOOKBOOK 2017 Winter Special #1
  8. A series of CANTATA Coffee captures feat. Lee Byung Hun courtesy Rubeurs Photos: bh_rubeurs
  9. Super thanks to the fan-highlight on twitter another new TVCF for Lee Byung Hun. Definitely a bittersweet life story -- after every dark cloud comes a silver lining indeed. And with his Barista certification, this coffee deal definitely brings a much sweeter taste! November 17, 2017 Lee Byung Hun in a new CANTATA COFFEE TVCF Source: 칸타타&Premium Life / Lotte Chilsung / Yowazzup? Coffee Cantata Original Blend Coffee are specialty coffee from Korea. The range include Cantata Premium Blend, Cantata Sweet Black and Cantata Black. The Premium Blend flavor is a combination of pure coffee extract and fresh milk while Sweet Black contains original brewed coffee with a slight hint of sweetness. The Black flavor however, is consisted of black, deep and full bodied of a real brewed black coffee. Cantata Premium Blend has fresh milk, and is therefore like the normal coffee with milk except with good quality coffee beans. While Cantata Sweet Black is like black coffee with sugar and taste slightly bitter.
  10. Thanks to the sharp-eyed fans on twitter, it does seem that the photos posted by hyunseokch were taken at BHMJ's home. Two years ago, they moved into an apartment in Samseong-dong in Seoul and in the recent ARENA interview, Byunghun mentioned that they recently moved, perhaps to a much bigger home, now that Joonhoo is growing up. This posted by Minjung @216jung in September Similar painting, right. From the events they've attended, the Hunnie Couple really have similar interest in paintings and art.
  11. Thanks to the sharp-eyed fans on twitter, seems that the photos posted by hyunseokch very likely were taken at BHMJ's home. Two years ago, they moved into an apartment in Samseong-dong in Seoul and in the recent ARENA interview, BH mentioned that they recently moved, perhaps to a much bigger home, now that JH is growing up. This posted by MJ @216jung in September Similar painting, right. From the events they've attended, the couple have similar interest in paintings and art.
  12. 11/18 News compilation at EverythingLBH.com Lee Byung Hun in new Chasecult Winter 2017 CF Arena Homme October 2017: Lee Byung Hun interview (Part 1 & 2) Arena Homme October 2017: Lee Byung Hun interview (Part 3 & 4) Composer Ryuichi Sakamoto to receive award in Korea Keys To The Heart at AFM 2017: The buzz titles from South Korea Lee Byung Hun at LACMA Arts & Film Gala 2017 Nominees Announced For 38th Blue Dragon Film Awards Mr. Sunshine: No regrets even if it has poor ratings MA$TER & THE AGE OF SHADOWS in back-to-back release YTN Star: TOP 5 Korean Filmmakers selected by Foreigners THE FORTRESS x Dir. Hwang Dong Hyuk by The Lady Miz Diva A Single Rider: ETERNAL Japan Trailer and website revealed Make A Wish: Lee Byung Hun Making A Fan's Wish Come True TVCF Making Film: K-Bank x Lee Byung Hun Compilation: Lee Byung Hun at the 38th Blue Dragon Hand-Print Event Review: Sublime Political Allegory Closes Its Doors to the Uninitiated AJU News 10th Anniversary: Celebrity Congratulatory Wishes Keys to the Heart: 'It's Only My World' to be released in 2018 Wonder if the juice served at the Blue Dragon event is really sour that LBH kept his head down while drinking it, not facing the camera? From the reaction of others and previous BD winners, it's presumed that the drink is extremely sour, perhaps as an awards tradition for the winners? Anyway, ELBH apologizes for the erratic layout particularly in the recent news posts i.e format of the content appearing haywire. We're going through and still trying to adjust some technical changes at the backup site. A bit of a headache nearing the year-end and we still have not celebrated the website's 7th anniversary, maybe next year?
  13. Lee Min Jung 이민정

    Photos: MJ @216jung
  14. Kim Hye Soo 김혜수

    November 18, 2017 Kim Hye Soo Talks About Wanting To Move Beyond Typical Mother Roles Source: Soompi by C. Hong Veteran actress Kim Hye Soo recently gave an interview on her new film “A Special Lady,” where she plays the second-in-command of a crime syndicate. Although the film was marketed as a “female noir movie,” it was not able to escape the criticisms affecting other noir films, including its portrayal of women. When asked whether her movie was a “female noir” or a “noir,” however, Kim Hye Soo said: “Choose [between those]? I’ll just say ‘no comment.’ Is it possible to remove the word ‘mother’ from a female character who shows maternal affection? That’s what I had in mind [when I made the movie]. I wasn’t playing a mother at all. The things I did to protect Joo Hwan were eventually just a result of protecting the vague ambitions for a normal life and happened to include a son. Rather than maternal affection, my character is trying to protect her ambition. The moment you think of someone as a mother, you start thinking of them differently. I intentionally tried to exclude this, but it seems the audience still thought of me as ‘maternal.'” She added, “To be honest, Na Hyun Jung [her character name], Kim Yeo Sa, Wei, all the female characters have their own kind of solidarity. That that didn’t show much on the surface is regretful. Wei’s character was much more important in the original script and it would have been nice if it had been the same in the movie. They had their own love, loyalty, and depth that didn’t lose out to Sang Hoon [a male character in the film]. If those parts had been shown in the movie, the actors would have had more to do and the movie would have been better as a result. It’s not like female characters in noir movies have to [just like the men] bust through everything using only action.” “A Special Lady” premiered on November 9 in theaters in South Korea. Source (1)