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  1. Hi everyone... Just drop by and wanna thanks @pauliza, @babyval22, @midorinokerochan for keeping our thread alive with the posts Love reading the 101 NamJi countdown. NamJi goodies never get old. The feels still the same Post this, one of my fave fan's edit Cr: ceonghyicoe Have a great day ahead ^^
  2. Good morning NamJi Goners... It's D-101 til Wookie finishing his MS. So close to the 2 digits countdown! Yeay... Cr: jilighted_soompiers So happy that we got so many updates from Jihyun yesterday... From Soopoiler, her appearance in SMA, and Eujo's Room cameo. Feel so blessed! Love uri couple sooo much that 101 reasons why I love NamJi is not enough for me. Will always be and will always love NamJi Cr: jijicouple_517 Happy WedNiceDay everyone... Have a great day ahead
  3. Wookie! Thanks Mr. CEO... The pic means a lot to us, NamJi Goners Today is his D-134 but the pic from Mr. CEO is actually taken on D-222. The day of Jihyun's Birthday! @excitedgal finally we got to see the pic on the day you met Wookie in September, 4 months ago. What a serendipity And also thanks a lot for sharing your memories about Jihyun's Fans Meeting, HY Ctto
  4. My fave from Jihyun's update... She's wearing the plaid shirt... so sexy, and her bare legs! Reminds me of SP's second bed scene, Bonghee woke up with Jiwook's white shirt! Ctto
  5. Annyeong! Welcome to NamJi Heaven @Agnes Haryani and @blooddiamond... nice reading your posts, remind me why I was here and still here until now, more than a year later and it seems like there is no turning back once you fell in love with NamJi. Not complaining tho... I was a silent reader in this thread until I bought the Dcut. Watching it made me had the urge to join this family, because I wanna share what I saw and felt. Like I can't relate if they're not real... haha So... just like @achinawa and @pauliza said, it is worth and highly recommended to buy or have the Dcut. But the version which available on the online shop now is without the 2 special discs (the couple discs, 1 of which contains the 27 mins kiss scenes). You can still watch NamJi interactions in the bts/making or NGs in other discs tho, along with their interactions with other casts too. And the drama version in Dcut a bit different with the aired version in some scenes because they included the deleted scenes (extended version). If you curious to know what's in the 2 special discs, I think you can find some sneak peak here and there in twitter or IG... haha Let's keep this thread alive, keep on posting and spamming NamJi goodies... coz the feelings watching them remain the same, even stronger and will never go away at anytime soon And good luck for your PhD @Agnes Haryani... Fighting! Btw are you from Indonesia?
  6. Wookie is scheduled to perform in the "Independence Army Arirang: Song of Hope". Concert to be held on 20 November at 7:30pm, Seoul War Memorial National Hall. Open to the general public! Ctto
  7. Wookie update! He really looks like a university student Ctto
  8. Happy birthday, Jiwook... uri lovely Lawyer cum Prosecutor ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ctto
  9. Amazed by the number of viewers and Kfans comments in this recent SBS Catch vid. Even after more than 1 year many still can't move on. And NamJi has been missed by so many fans. Legend!
  10. @achinawa @daloula @midorinokerochan what?! What 30s?? hahaha... It's like 30s but 27mins, or 30s going on 27mins And we only saw and given what's in the Dcut. Who knows PDnim still have a lot of hidden NamJi goodies, unreleased
  11. THIS! Couldn't agree more! I thought the same. Jihyun's answers quite match with Wookie's especially in his Jiscovery. Like she's willing to wait Idk... but seems many doubt NamJi, and even jump ship. It's okay, their rights. But I keep on believing that NamJi is real. Until it's proven otherwise. Then I will continue to support them, our two precious babies individually