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  1. Poor Ilyong PD indeed!!! Lol Anyeong chingus! Its been a long while since I sign in last on Soompi. I can't even sign in and had to reset my password. Things change so fast in this hi-tech world BUT I am glad that the "old" faithful fans of 1N2D remains. Its good to "see" many chingus still around. Please continue to eat well, live well, love well... hugs. Ilyong PD have my full respect and support for a long time now. Hojin PD was my first PD love (started watching 1N2D S3 only) so it was heartbreaking to let go. Kekeke...never knew I would do that. Now I feel pity for Ilyong PD as he gets "bullied" and taken advantage of a lot of times. The cast are also older and "bolder" nowadays. Haha... 1N2D is much more than a variety show. Never have I seen such close relations between cast and crew and how they participate spontaneously in the games. And they (crew) also show their true selves and feelings when they had to go along undesirable locations for punishment eg. island, mountain, deserted places but they went despite that and make the most of it. They really care for each other, this big group of 100+ cast and crew. They also understand each others weaknesses and support each other. Hope 1N2D will continue to go on despite the ratings (no need to be No1). Its already No1 in many, many hearts all over the world!
  2. I have to agree on OR's dowdy wardrobe (and dull colors too). I dunno if its planned by the team but its just so unfavorable. Go Ara already have such a round face and the coats' big collars hide her neck making her look "fat" in many angles. Cant blame many critics who say she looks fat in this drama. We are OR fans so we know better and also looks are not everything. The steno dresses so well and Judge Hong looks good in ep8.
  3. Anyeong everyone! Its been a few years since I posted in Soompi. Also a long while that a drama makes me crazy, addicted again. I am hesitant to start ep9 since so some of you say its " too realistic and heavy." Ep8 was already very heavy for me. I have been marking my calendar and also concern that we have to wait a whole week for the grand finale! Because of the postponed ep8, now the episodes are out of "sync." Thanks everyone for all your wonderful, meaningful insights, info etc ctc. I can't express my views in writing so will just continue to enjoy all of your posts.
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