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  1. Ah, interesting theories! Thank you!
  2. I finished S1 and it's getting more and more exciting. I have just one question though...
  3. Anyone watching this? It's a web drama from Shaw Brothers. Considering how their previous work Flying Tiger was surprisingly good, I'm gonna put it on my watch list.
  4. Yes there was a green snake. I think that character is pretty much a given bound to accompany white snake.
  5. I saw the trailer for the animated film, it looks very well done and tasteful! I'm hoping it will come to select theaters in the U.S. since it is produced by Warner Bros. As far as this 2019 drama goes, does anyone think the male lead will gain powers? Or perhaps show scenes of their past lives together? So far I've only watched the 1993 version when I was little and was not aware they had a past life story which I noticed seem to be what the previous snake drama with Yang Zi was about.
  6. I just finished episode 1 and I like how the story just drops the audience in the middle of some family conflict. One thing I'm not used to is seeing the same cast as different characters. I keep expecting Wu Jing Yan to lay down the law much like Wei Ying Luo did in Yanxi but alas, there is none of that here... I do look forward to the continuous chemistry between Wu Jing Yan and Nie Yuan.
  7. I lost my hopes. Is it likely they'll air 2 snake dramas in the same year?
  8. It feels kind of weird to watch another drama about Zhen Huan when Ruyi was supposed to be the sequel to Legend of Zhen Huan; both written by the same author. Also, I'm not quite sure how I feel about the main actress here... I hope she is good. Her character was a bit annoying in Ruyi.
  9. Wow so many! I agree, JJY's version looks...better than that trailer above.
  10. I read this one is also based on a book. Is the author also Liu Lian Zi?
  11. Maggie Chen who played green snake in the original 1992 drama will star in this series as Yu Fu Rong (not sure what character that is). Cecilia Yip who played Xu Xian in the 1992 drama will star as Xu Xian's mother in this series. l'm disappointed Angie Chiu is not mentioned. Let's hope she still makes a small cameo. I know she played a goddess in the other white snake adaptation recently. See photos in Sina article.
  12. Were there edits to the drama? I also want to rewatch the drama but I don't think I can stand rewatching Yanwan... I read somewhere the reason for the long filming duration was due to it supposedly having more episodes. But many were cut due to SARFT or to fit the broadcasting schedule.
  13. There is a trailer! The visuals look nice. The CG doesn't look too jarring from this trailer. I LOVE how they incorporated the original theme song. Anyone know when the release date is?
  14. Does anyone know in episode 75 (or it might be a different episode) when:
  15. I am now at episode 71 and unfortunately, I am starting to lose interest. It feels like they're in a constant mission to get pregnant since the very beginning. I get the idea that sons are preferred over daughters but how many times do they need to remind the audience that? It feels like I'm constantly being reminded in every single episode. Concubine Ling is starting to get on my nerves as well as Qianlong. I get so angry when either of them appear on screen -- a sign that the drama is done well as I can totally relate to and feel sorry for Ruyi. I have a strong urge to skip to the last episode but I don't want to miss the juicy (backwards) development between Ruyi and Qianlong. As a side note, my favorite character is totally Hailan! If you compare how she was in the beginning to how she is now, her facial expressions, schemes, etc. it's really inspirational to see how strong she has become over the years. Her devotion and loyalty to Ruyi is also to be admired.