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  1. Yup. Agreed. He sees that she is very hurt and in pain, and even though he himself feels neither he's worried and concerned for her.
  2. Hey all, Began this drama and I'm a goner now. It's going so good. I have watched and loved the jdrama one. It's actually one of my top fave jdramas. But I'm still all the way hyped about this version. I'm really excited about how korean interpretation will turn out and so far I've not been disappointed. The plot, the actors...yup, all good. MY - He's such a manipulator and bad guy and a weary one at that. It seems that he is tired of life and out for himself. And you know he has been hurt by life a lot. But I also think, its his defense against the world. This way he always has the upper hand and never becomes too attached to anything. But every time JK appears, he smiles. He is definitely intrigued by her. Also in some weird way he helps the women he is with. He essentially saved YR and it appears that he accepts her for who she is, mental illness and all, and even with SA, he gives her an escape for a time. Has anyone noticed that even though he is a mystery, he never lies. He obsfucates, ignores or just tell the truth, like even with SA when he told her about his family. Also noticed how when JK told him to get lost, twice already, he immediately did abruptly. lol. Now whether he's the murderer or not, I'm going with not for now but it's way too early to tell. Sigh, MY needs a big long hug. JK - She's such a strong girl. And I'm very pleased that she stands up to MY bs, and tells him as it is and confronts him. It's such a nice thing to see in kdramas now. From how bright and cheerful she is, you can see that she received all the love from her brother and he tried to shield her from a lot of things. But then under the brightness, there is evidently a lot of darkness and she hold a lot of hurt as well and its evident with how much empathy she has for MY. She sometimes sees through his facade. SA - I see that the Knets don't really like SA actor but I think she is doing a good job so far. And although I do think she is being very irrational right now, I think I understand it. She has been living in a golden cage and is moving to a bigger cage with thicker bars and MY, the bad boy, appears right when she was vulnerable, helps her out of a situation and gives her a thrill and she's smitten. And now, he is a path to escape her current life. YR - Does anyone else think that she has some sort of dissociative condition? Anyways, onwards to episode 6. Eagerly waiting.
  3. diamondzr4eva

    [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    Ok, it's looking ever more clear that it's KTW. I'm getting a sinking feeling in my stomach that it's him. And in his conversation with the detective, he himself said "criminal" referring to himself. He is looking a lot guilty right now unfortunately. What to do!!!! And everything is finally going well with GHR and his parents appears to have begun to accept her as well. Sigh! I mean the only other culprit I could think it could be is that it was an accident. That KTW did something that accidentally killed KL. Which would still implicate him. I am possibly sensing that there is no happy ending to this drama and that the best that I can hope for is a hopeful one. Whyyyyy!!! Well, on towards the finale. The writer has done a good job so far with the story, so it's only to stick the landing now. And whoever is the culprit, it had better be a good story and reasons. And I hope everything gets resolved at least, whether good or bad. Also, loved the scene between GHR and HJW. The tears welled up as GHR was passing the anchor torch to HJW. I felt sooo proud of both women. GHR for knowing when to yield and allowing her junior her time to shine and for HJW for fighting so hard and growing so much. GHR in the News Nine studio alone looking at the anchor desk and then is joined by HJW and then GHR leaving the studio, leaving behind HJW, the new owner, looking at the anchor desk and chair. *sniff* So proud!
  4. diamondzr4eva

    [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    Y'all, ughh, this drama! My brain is just spinning about who could have done it. SEJ is behaving very suspicious. Does she know something or has she really gone of the deep end in her revenge? I mean she even went out shopping for clothes to attend the the trial for her husband's death and repeatedly watched her statement to the press on tv. She's acting really weird. I also, don't know if Directer Jang is working directly with GHR or not. Either way, if he is helping her directly or on his own, I think that Director Jang is aiming for his superior's position. He wants the VP spot of JBC and in this way he removes the corruption, gets a promotion and GHR gets his former position. Win-win for both of them. And then KTW! Sigh! In the beginning, I thought it would be him although I hoped against hope it wouldn't be. I mean look at him. It just can't be with his fine self. Ji JinHee don't do this to me. Like half of my brain is saying it's him. I mean, KTW has been acting very, very, very suspicious and even lied to the detective about what happened in the parking garage with KL's manager and HMW. And even with what the detective testified about how HMW was driven to kill in the past; love, obsession and/or jealousy, any of those possible reasons could also be applied to KTW. A normal person driven to the extreme. And wasn't it in an earlier episode where he punched somebody in a restaurant who was gossiping about his wife supposed affair at another table. But then, the other half of my brain is saying they're not showing us everything and it's a red herring and also he was even willing to go so far as to divorce GHR when he suspected that she was seeing someone else. So if he was so ready to divorce her, why would he kill KL? Ughh, this show is hella good.
  5. diamondzr4eva

    Welcome to the new Soompi Forums!

    Hi So I haven't been on soompi for a long time. I think from since before all the changes went on. But its nice to be here again. Anyways, my problem - I see on my profile that I have made 36 posts but when I go to check them I'm only able to view from only 1 year back. Is there anyway in which I can see the 36 posts?
  6. diamondzr4eva

    [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    So my current suspect for the murder is no one. I'm actually thinking that this was an accident. My prime suspect was TW. His motive would have been the supposed affair but how he looked so shocked this episode, I'm guessing its not him no longer. And I really cannot see how it could be anyone else. GHR insists its not her, I think HJW was not in town during that time since she was assigned somewhere else and EJ was supposedly at home. I see some people saying it could be the steel company, but what would be their motive to kill the model for their company? There was no obvious conflict there so I don't see it. The only thing that is throwing me off is the brooch though. So for now, I'm going with accident. Man, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. EJ was terrifying in this episode. And it's not only being scorned but betrayed and also jealousy. Scorned because she did love and sacrifice a lot for her husband, betrayed by both KL and GHR who she thought was her friend and jealous because everything always works out for GHR. GHR had a supposed affair and is undergoing investigation and yet her husband is still supportive and she still has a great job. EJ's life is a mess and yet GHR who contributed to that is still living a great life. Also wondering would pregnancy hormones be contributing to her emotional state? So, does this mean that EJ knows that GHR is not the culprit since she gave her a choice to choose and she lies to the detective since there was no way that she could have heard a woman's voice on the phone. I hope EJ catches herself before she does anything she regrets going down this path. Also, all this means that the car chip was taken before GHR got the call to go meet EJ at the cafe at the night of KL's death. Because, it appears that EJ and TW did not see the look of regret on GHR's face and her wiping her mouth after in disgust. So I'm wondering how KL got the chip? That means that GHR must have left her car at some point during their encounter. Hmmm... The case the prosecutors have on GHR at the moment appears to be very thin to say the least. All they have is her brooch at the scene, she supposedly is the last person he talked to with the phone call and she doesn't have an alibi. But being that some powerful people want GHR gone now combined with the detective dogged insistence and the prosecutor want to take down TW, I'm sure that it will go to trial. And GHR to the outsider was acting and moving very dodgy concerning KL so I'm sure that there would be a lot of coincidental evidence. I'm very excited for the trial. Friday can't come quickly enough. Also, TW is just so
  7. diamondzr4eva

    [Drama 2018] Misty 미스티

    Is no one suspecting KTW? Too me he is also very suspect although I really don't want him to be on the list. I mean he is just brimming with jealousy rage every time the thought of KL crosses his mind. Every time I think he's going to blow his top off but he just keeps the anger repressed behind those furrowed eyebrows. I'm also wondering if somebody really killed him or is it one of those cases where everybody had a part to play in his death, where everyone did a minor little thing that would not have done anything but because it all accumulated together, it caused his death?