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  1. This song become my anthem song hahahah ...well not this one but the orginally version, I think I keep replaying this song on and on hahahah.. Loveee it and missed them... ottokee Heartbeat heartbeat speeding up... heartbeat heartbeat on and on ... heartbeat heartbeat in my mind (litterally in my mind) hahah
  2. Me too watching My secret romance.. it;s good but not really much.. still the SWDBS is the best hahahah
  3. Oooooohhh wonder ...but none of my business actually.. usually, the group chat are hot in during the event ( Shooting drama). wondering if they still contact alot through this chat.. imagine like the award... BY : Im going to the Baeksang award JS : me too HS: im not going
  4. I am crack by your comment on this @Mings30 haha I can imagine that...hahaha.. I think his IG almost 70% intentionally and without delusion haha...he is pretty obvious haha lol... @bongsoonie love it ...your comments
  5. I saw it it's 7 hours ago not 17hours his IG account is this @phs1116. This is official instagram from PHS
  6. @bongsoonie I love your insight anyway I have promise not to look at this forum again but I failed again.. hahahah you guys rocks with all the comments hahahah love to read it...
  7. I was like "I promise I will not refreshing the shipper puppy cpuple" I did actually but I couldnt resist to refresh the forum again.. hahahahhaah I found this then suddenly I remember the sofa scene.. "please like me" and bongsun replied" I am " I feel that PHS during this was really speak what in his mind and it really emotional scene... btw, I really loves all your thoughts and comments...... PS I am making the new pages hahahahahah
  8. Other side of the chair switch. She said to sit down first then after the chair fixed she said komapta ...and he looks abit confused here ..
  9. why I keep looking at this forum almost all the time and check the all the update from them.. so PHS ( oops I almost type PHS name into PHY= Park hyung young hahahahhaha ) still in SG and today he will be back? I think perhaps he will text PBY, noona did arrive well? rest well" I am agreed with @Mings30 again hahahahah Im always agree with you btw. hahahahah PHS is AMH hhahaha... I remembered the why that he is really shy when almost all the time in fan meeting. Btw, who's fall in love? why everytime I look at the fanmeeting video Im like sceaming, giggling, smiling all the time... is it me or them who fall in love? aahhh I guess I am too much ship this puppy coupleee... hahahah I start watch other drama but I havent found some drama that has same feeling as I watch do bong soon.. I need BF like AMH ooooh I mean PHS hahahah
  10. I think I agree with @Mings30 comment, His ideal type hasnt changed. My thought that maybe because he is now have a clear image ( of PBY hahaha) so he somehow added the comment hahaha.. I think also he was told to be careful and I think he still have a lot things for his career path because he still young and growing bigger as actor with the new agency. and plus he still have to go to military soon or later. But I really hope that he will still be friend with PBY and keep their friendship. I really dont want also DISPATCH to catch them. and yessss I think we wont get any news from them again after the fans meeting in SG but I hope in real they still comfortable with each other and still contact. Btw, does anyone know how about rain and ta hee after dating was revealed? I think we also dont saw them doing CF or work together?? I hope at the end they will get married hahahahahahah ... meanwhile sad for us we wont see them together....
  11. Aawwwww they are so sweet... im wondering if PBY still feel the zero potential. For me if I was her, it will be hard to avoid hahaha. I mean her reaction were showed that there are possibility...hope they still can continue there friendship thought and figure out about each other more.. and also Im hoping yhat PHS take one step closer tp her....which I think probably already?? Hahahahaha.. Anyway, i cant stop smiling and eager to search about them hahahahaaaa...
  12. Im actually abit confused where to talk about PHS or PBY , meanwhile I keep on refreshing SWDBS forum to get update but I think I shipped these two really hard hahaha anyway I hope that they really build the friendship first and slowly later have relationship. Btw, I just watched werewolf boy ( where Hyungsik said once because he watched it and really want to act with her) I really like the movie, no wonder that hyungsik really love her in that movie...hahaha
  13. Im really missed this drama... hope they can make season 2 when their twin daughter bigger... haha I think someone mention how about the lee twin cast(seola sua) would be hilarious funny perhaps hahaha.. I need to rewatch again from beginner hehe