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  1. Im actually abit confused where to talk about PHS or PBY , meanwhile I keep on refreshing SWDBS forum to get update but I think I shipped these two really hard hahaha anyway I hope that they really build the friendship first and slowly later have relationship. Btw, I just watched werewolf boy ( where Hyungsik said once because he watched it and really want to act with her) I really like the movie, no wonder that hyungsik really love her in that movie...hahaha
  2. Im really missed this drama... hope they can make season 2 when their twin daughter bigger... haha I think someone mention how about the lee twin cast(seola sua) would be hilarious funny perhaps hahaha.. I need to rewatch again from beginner hehe
  3. PHS will be in korea tomorrow ..he just posted this. S9 fast like only 2 days holidsy
  4. Really love how PHS answered the question about worked with PBY... now just act like AMH daepyo.. it only take one step closer to become a lover hahaha... Hope that they enjoy time in bali hehhe... as we didnt see PHS en Jisoo probably they are secretly dating hahahahah
  5. Hahaha the fans really dedicated already late there in Bali... so many people ...funny they said "let's give way" (so that he can walk through). PS: I keep on refreshing this forum ... it;s bong soon power I guess hahah
  6. Yes I can read the comment too... are you Indonesian?
  7. No, dont think that the man doesnt appreciated PHS. It's just teasing other people who cant take picture with him ...nothing really serious...really ..hope dont missunderstand the translation.. haha
  8. So much to catch up but I skipped to the last pages of this forum.. wow really well done ending as we expected, it's really beautiful ending but abit sad because they have twin daughter hahahah ... I really feel sorry for Gook du thought, He has indeed alot of chances but I think he was not confident enough with what he felt. it's really different with Min yeok. He is confident and eventhough he doesnt know what bong soon feel he keep trying to win her hard. I think also Gook du situation is a bit different you know when you are friends, it's really hard to admit somehow if you like your friend. but my heart really sad for GD. Minyeok, he really confident and loves bong soon so much. Gosh I need to find AMH, praying that I will find someone like him. other comment , Bong Ki: I am glad he didnt date hee ji.. I think somehow he really attach to Gyeong sim.. hahhaha they really match though Hope for PHS en PBY the best and hopefully they will meet again in different drama perhaps hahaha I know it wont happen.. but I hope that they remain friendship and later date for really and get marrried, I think the pressure for PHY is now less than if still idol now he is just an actor .... hahhaha but Ithink both of them will focus on work first.. but yeeahh who knows hahhaha now they can enjoy holiday hopefully pictures of them. and lastly, thank you all for all the recaps etc etc.. I really enjoyed while I reading all of your comment... yoreobun saranghanda annyong!!
  9. ch eps 13 & 14 again in the 2 hours counting down! Dont know what happen to my qoute cant delete... please send me the link live streaming please