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  1. Hi, are you also translating the book (novel)?? If so, can I have a copy of the link... I really wanna read the novel.. and also, thank you for the translations!! Keep it up!!!

  2. There's a subber on yt by the name of Adam if you don't like reading my comments.
  3. Because he goes shirtless in front of Beam... To the point where Beam will ask if he likes to just show off his body. Then he lays on Beam's lap, just like how Yo rested on P'Pha's lap, and Beam will cover Forth's face with the shirt. Kekekeke <-- me giggling. So... Forth being shirtless is VERY IMPORTANT!
  4. It will be available under Jamsai Publishing's new website which will allow for international viewing and ordering.
  5. If I remember correctly, Wayo said that to Ming because Ming said Wayo would be the bottom if Wayo slept with P'Pha. Wayo knew full well what his 'position' is, but he has his pride as a man... So he said he could top P'Pha if he wanted. I don't remember the details, sorry.
  6. Just a friendly reminder, translations done by JayBL of 2 Moons the novel is now officially Jamsai Publishing property. JayBL and I are now basically working for them, we have been given official translation rights. So, please try not to share the translations from JayBL here or anywhere. If you take parts of the translations for references please do credit JayBL properly. I want to ask that we support the authors properly, we should have good news for you guys soon. I am in the process of editing the translations. The editor has given us translation rights and it will be available soon. We will give a warning and if it's not resolved we will have Jamsai Publishing take care of it. Jamsai Publishing has heard the voices of the international fans and wish to translate other Thai novels. So please hang in there and support them legally. -Delightful
  7. Kongpope got his P'Arthit in one semester... But Wayo got his P'Pha in 2 weeks? Well... minus the 4-5 years of secretly crushing on him. Hahahaha
  8. Wow, didn't know you guys were talking about 2 Moons on soompi. Glad to see it's popular here, too. Ep.5 is my favorite episode so far. Phana finally getting to care for Wayo was such a treat to him and to us. Phana's face when he told Wayo to keep sleeping on his lap... It was satisfying.
  9. dear delightful, first of all I want to thank you for translating. i'm so grateful you can not imagine it!

    I register to this page because I wannted to ask you something. I searched a bit and I found "pinkmilk-index" :

    I wanted to ask why you can not register anymore. Is there a special reason like you don't use this page anymore ? I would love to register but if it is no more possible i can understand it.

    Thank you for everything and please continiue subbing and commenting on the things you translate

    best wishes,


    PS:I also send you a message via messages sorry for writing two times

  10. Dear Delightful

    Thank you very much for all your hard work in subbing and translating for us fans who can't speak Thai, but love the series so much. Thank you for bringing us Sotus and for your wonderful comments which made it even more enjoyable.

    Thank you :heart:

  11. Hi there! I specially created my soompi account to leave a comment on your page, hahaha.

    Thank you for subbing many thai drama especially Sotus and 2 Moons (I hope you'll also there when sotus 2 aired lol). I know many people doesn't like it when you left comment / opinion on the upper part of the subtitle, but you know what? I really love it, it explained many things to me as i don't get to read the novel version (bc. i don't know any thai at all). So, I hope that you'll ignore all the hate-ish(?) comments and keep subbing it bc. i believe that also many people who waited for your work^^


    p.s : sorry for bad english^_^"

  12. Hi, my account is new here in Soompi but I've always read threads of topics here. :) I'm not yet familiar with everything on how this site works. I just want to say thank you for your hardwork and I'm sorry I was just able to thank you now. I'm one of the people that watch BL dramas and what you do is amazing! 

  13. Hello, I just wanted to thank you  for your amazing and hardwork subbing 2 moons and I also wanted to ask you if you have any kind of requirements to be able to join the forum, if you do I really hope you would be so kind to tell me if not, then don't worry I understand you need to protect your translations the way you think is right. again thanks a lot :)

    1. charlesmorris


      I tried to join the forum over at Pinkmilk.  However, registrations have been closed.  I don't think they will be accepting anymore in the future.  I wanted so bad to read 2 Moons translated into English.  I haven't been able to find it anywhere.

  14. Thank you for all your amazing work, hope you know that you have friends reading your work from all over the globe!!! We really appreciate all the effort that goes into subbing these series and novels. :D