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  1. your puppy honey fanfic matches well with the new season :D

  2. Just finish sotus series. i want to read this novel too. but i don't know how. 

  3. Thank you delightful for being amazing! for sharing your works despite some people leaving harsh comments about it! I just want you to know that you've been super amazing! and that if it wasn't because of you we would have had settled for watching raw and not understand more than half of the series! it's because of you're unselfishness that we got to grasp the whole story! thank you and to your friends who had helped you throughout...sending you lots of love because you deserve it.

    and I'm not a Taylor fan but I've always love her phrase... "haters gonna hate so just shake it off"

  4. I really like your work as you can clearly show how the words were delivered in other languages without changing the meaning of them. :DD thank you for your great work :DDDDD Wish you all the best in 2017. Happy new year.

    BTW, SOTUS EP13 41:34 [Yes, he uses the word 'return' here. But I think he's just messing with Kongpope.]
    In my language (cantonese), theres also something similar. one of the words that means 'return' can mean 'return' and can be used (spoken only) as an adv which represents 'too' or 'also' (do the same thing to you). 

  5. Can't you tell me sotus the series have a season 2??? I am really hope sotus the series have season 2! I will miss Kongpob and P'Arthit :tears:

    1. gdgt


      I dont think there will be season 2. 

    2. arifraise


      There will be a season 2 in November of this year. :D

  6. HI! You are an angel! I couldn't thank you enough for all your effort and time you spend on subbing SOTUS. I'm so sad that it will already come to an end. Hoping for season 2. BTW How can I join the pinkmilk forum? I don't seem to find it anywhere can you please add me? Thank you very much! Biggest fan of SOTUS in the Philippines BTW :)

  7. helloooo,, i'm here becoz i start watching bang rak soi 9/1 and  i think its subbed by you,, i just want to say thanks for your hardworking, and i wanna say that i like your live comment on it haha its like it speak my mind while watching, and i didnt feel lonely while i'm watching it alone (i didnt get it why people complaint about it coz i find its cute >.<)

    cheers ^^

  8. SOTUS could have been a good series. But someone created idiotic comments throughout the series. I suppose they thought they were clever, but they were childish and revealed a very lonely, self-centered, and immature personality. If SOTUS is available without the comments, I hope someone will let me know.

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    2. fatfatphat


      omg dubiaku san, that is very rude of you to say such a thing to subber who kindly translate everything you didn't understand, your comment just show how immature you are

    3. closetsheeet


      You hated it. But we loved it  :blush: Any recommendations @delightful, on what to watch after SOTUS?

    4. callmeleezsha


      @Dubiaku if you didn't like it, you should have found sub elsewhere. you don't go mooching off other's work and demanding or insulting them like you own it. you're just "parasiting" these subs...

  9. Damn! That's intense! So Boss went and hooked up with his professor who is married and has a kid.. then Boss's IG gets hacked and it's posted on a prostitution website! Then his old flame comes back into his life, after 3 years they can't let go and starts to see each other again? The daughter wants to destroy Boss... OMG! The drama! I usually don't like storylines like these since I'm more of a fluffy/dreamy genre type, but I love Pchy!!! What to do....
  10. Ep1 for My Lil Boy s2 is up at pinkmilk with subs. Now... I need Ep.2-4... anyone have it? Please PM me here or at pinkmilk.
  11. I actually make a soompi account just to tell you this. Also, this was hella confusing, I had no idea soompi was this hard to operate lol. Thank you for subbing SOTUS first of all! I searched high and low for a clearly subbed episodes and thank god for you I found them. You are a life saver. Also I really loved your little comments lol it was like you literally said what I was thinking. Again thank you, and even if you by any chance stop subbing, thank you for doing it up till now. It must be hard and time consuming but man do I appreciate what you're doing! I really love sotus and thanks to you I can actually watch it and understand instead of totally guessing what they're saying which isn't really that fun:) thanks again. 

    1. delightful


      You're welcome! If you want more information go over to and register, that's where I post all the episodes, talkshows, and other videos subbed by me. See ya!

    2. yoongihope


      Omg thank you ! 

  12. I have been getting many questions on why I have stopped translating... well, here is why. This was my biggest fear, this is why I asked you all not to share the links or the translations. There is an official message on Bittersweet's Facebook page. There are four things that needs to be addressed. 1. การเขียน #fanfiction จากนิยาย SOTUS ถือเป็นการละเมิดลิขสิทธิ์ แต่! เราอนุโลมให้มีการเขียนแฟนฟิคชั่นได้เป็นกรณีพิเศษ ดังนั้นใครที่หยิบตัวละครของนิยายเราไปแต่งต่อก็ยังคงสามารถเขียนได้เรื่อยๆ ค่ะ ด้วยเงื่อนไขว่า ห้าม! มิให้มีการ #จัดจำหน่ายรวมเล่มแฟนฟิคชั่นใดๆ จากนิยายเราในทุกกรณี The writing of fan fictions from SOTUS is a violation of copyrights. BUT! I will let this one be an exception. You can use characters from SOTUS in your fan fictions, so those people who have done so can still do it. But you must agree that it will not financially benefit you in anyway. 2. ห้าม! มิให้มีการ #ถ่ายรูปจากหนังสือนิยายที่ตีพิมพ์ เพื่อโพสแจกจ่ายกันในกรุ๊ปออนไลน์ใดๆ ทั้งสิ้น หากใครพบเห็นกรุณาแจ้งให้ลบออกด้วยนะคะ เราเปิดให้ทุกคนอ่านเนื้อหานิยายตอนหลักบนเว็บออนไลน์ฟรี แต่เมื่อมีการตีพิมพ์เป็นเล่ม คนที่ซื้อหนังสือก็ควรได้รับสิทธิพิเศษ #อย่ามีน้ำใจในทางที่ผิด ขอความกรุณาเข้าใจตรงจุดนี้ด้วยนะคะ Do NOT take photos of the pages from the book and post them online! If you have done so, please delete them! The story of SOTUS is available for reading online for free, but the books are for those that have purchased them. They deserve that right. 3. ห้าม! มิให้มีการจัดจำหน่าย #สินค้าใดๆที่อ้างอิงตัวละครจากนิยายsotus เช่น เสื้อ เกียร์ หมวก เคสโทรศัพท์ ฯลฯ Do NOT sell products associated with SOTUS! Including shirts, gears, hats, phone covers, and so on. [I believe all those products can only be sold by the copyright owners, which are listed by Bittersweet and NABU] 4. ห้าม! มิให้มีการ #แปลนิยายsotus เป็นภาษาต่างประเทศในทุกภาษา กรณีสนใจจะซื้อลิขสิทธิ์เพื่อทำการแปล กรุณาติดต่อสำนักพิมพ์นาบูโดยตรงค่ะ Do NOT translate SOTUS the novel into any languages! If you are interested in doing so, please contact NABU PUBLISHINGS to purchase the rights. [This is the most important one for me, since I have not purchased the rights, I will need to stop. I will also be deleting my links to the already translated materials. If anyone out there is SUPER rich and can purchase the rights for me, I will translate it! LOL!!!!] ใครที่มีข้อสงสัยต้องการทราบข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม สามารถสอบถามได้ตลอดนะคะ ขอบคุณค่ะ BitterSweet
  13. Omg hi Delightful, wanted to say you are the best translator. When I was watching Sotus with my friend we would always laugh to your comments and we totally agree with them. Thank you so much for translating Sotus for everyone, you are the best. We look forward to the rest of your comments in the last few episodes :)

  14. PM me your email dear. And I'm guessing you want to use your username from here, right? Also, you guys need to go see Khun Ploy aka Bittersweet's new update on FB. She gave us a very short special chapter and also... read all the way to the end of her post. Her 'P.S.' is special .. to me at least.
  15. Hey there! Im looking forward to the new chapters!! Any idea when they'll be posted? *Im checking about 20 times everyday haha* thanks for all ur hardwork <3