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  1. You are my pink monster hero :D

  2. Spoiler



    I can't find your translation of the novel :( please help me 

  3. Hi. 

    Do you know if  the second season of Sotus the series -sotus s will have a happy ending or not ? 



  4. [Thailand Drama 2016] SOTUS The Series

    Have you guys been re-watching SOTUS in preparation for SOTUS S? If you haven't started then do it! SOTUS S is suppose to air in early December! I'm so excited! I miss my Pinkmilk Monster!
  5. Thank you for translating 2 Moons.  You made it possible for my to enjoy a series that I wouldn't have been able to otherwise.  Love the little comments you add.  I have to agree with most of them.  Again, Thank you.


  6. PinkMilk Forums is open for registration. For latest updates, follow me on IG delightful0062

    1. nammminn


      ahhh yayy ;D 

  7. hi master :D love your work and those comments everytime you subbed makes me giggles and those comments are really what i thought whille i watch the series :D i heard that you'll make the official english tranlation for 2moons? is that right? su su na p' :wub:

    ps : i just want to know do you subb for my dear loser series too?

  8. Just want to say I really enjoyed watching 2 moons. It was better with your commentaries, it was more fun!

  9. Hi, are you also translating the book (novel)?? If so, can I have a copy of the link... I really wanna read the novel.. and also, thank you for the translations!! Keep it up!!!

  10. [Thai Drama 2017] Two Moons

    There's a subber on yt by the name of Adam if you don't like reading my comments.
  11. [Thai Drama 2017] Two Moons

    Because he goes shirtless in front of Beam... To the point where Beam will ask if he likes to just show off his body. Then he lays on Beam's lap, just like how Yo rested on P'Pha's lap, and Beam will cover Forth's face with the shirt. Kekekeke <-- me giggling. So... Forth being shirtless is VERY IMPORTANT!
  12. [Thai Drama 2017] Two Moons

    It will be available under Jamsai Publishing's new website which will allow for international viewing and ordering.
  13. [Thai Drama 2017] Two Moons

    If I remember correctly, Wayo said that to Ming because Ming said Wayo would be the bottom if Wayo slept with P'Pha. Wayo knew full well what his 'position' is, but he has his pride as a man... So he said he could top P'Pha if he wanted. I don't remember the details, sorry.
  14. [Thai Drama 2017] Two Moons

    Just a friendly reminder, translations done by JayBL of 2 Moons the novel is now officially Jamsai Publishing property. JayBL and I are now basically working for them, we have been given official translation rights. So, please try not to share the translations from JayBL here or anywhere. If you take parts of the translations for references please do credit JayBL properly. I want to ask that we support the authors properly, we should have good news for you guys soon. I am in the process of editing the translations. The editor has given us translation rights and it will be available soon. We will give a warning and if it's not resolved we will have Jamsai Publishing take care of it. Jamsai Publishing has heard the voices of the international fans and wish to translate other Thai novels. So please hang in there and support them legally. -Delightful