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  1. I only left you ladies and gentlemen’s for a few hours and came back to 12 pages of comments to catch up… Don’t anyone of you sleep? JK....LOL Seriously it took me an hour just to catch up on all the comments and take notes. After watching the preview spoiler of the wedding makes me happy. We got to see GTY come pick up ML with pride. SH was happy because finally one of his daughter is making him proud with honor (besides Hualan). @ForgottenSoulx LOL… your comment about people flying away…. So funny….just made my day LOL in my office….Good thing I have an office so my co-workers won’t think I have issues… @tomo74 If I was in QH shoes and my uncle wants to marry my ex-lover (whom I never got over) OF COURSE I would be super mad and want to kill him. But honestly I wouldn't have the guts to say anything because it was my fault that I lost her and broke the promise. I give QH credit for trying and didn't give up the second round. Finally I get to see QH put effort and stepping up to proving his love for ML by talking to GTY to stop with the engagement and trying to convince Grandma or chat with ML. @nichiwoohee Love that moral code of yours. If only QH know about their skinship - I'm sure QH would've been even more pissed off. @Golden Flower I was thinking the same too. As you climb up the ladder and became a trust worthy associate to the new emperor; I’m sure everyone with wealth would want to snatch you as a son-in-law. That reminds me of when CB passed the royal exam and all those official was trying to congrats him and snatch him as a potential son-in-law.
  2. @ForgottenSoulx I loved that QH stood up and helped ML at the Polo game... which caught all the spoil Princess eyes but still he was true to his feeling and helped her. What I don't get was why he turned down GTY offer to help ML and QH to be together..... GTY is very good at calculating just like ML when it comes to situations. I had a feeling that ML was testing QH if he will keep his promise…. Even after QH meet ML at the party during his starving quest… ML even confirm that she is loyal to QH. If QH did truly loved ML like how he stated then he would’ve listen that what GTY had to offer.
  3. Can anyone determine what is the time jump since QH wife was killed during the rebellion to the time now when GTY/ML are about to get engage? I'm starting to hate QH. Even if he was forced into marrying the princess and of course the princess was killed. QH couldn't even protect his wife. How dare he have the guts to blame GTY that he came between them. QH can't even protect ML in the past and how the hell is he supposed to protect ML in the future?????... It's about time ML gets herself a man (GTY) to protect her. After ML confirmed with Grandma that GTY saved her along with GTY setting up the Sheng’s family… I think Grandma saw the bigger picture that GTY will be the only one to protect ML once she is gone. After all he did fought and climb up the ladder to get where he is now....
  4. I agree with majority of you that Rulan can be straight forward but she has a softy for ML. I guess because ML always respected her in return. I love the bromance between CB and GTY… if CB was a girl, I’m sure GTY would’ve liked him at first sight… just like how ML first impression caught GTY to look twice. I’m getting super excited and can’t wait for ML and GTY to be together. GTY might be a scammer but he was true to his heart and fought for ML regardless of these people blocking his way. @dito Thanks for the little translating. I can tell QH is still stuck in his puppy love for ML. He needs to move on and grow up. His tantrum of starving himself the first time didn’t do much because that cause his mother to kill his closest aid. He still didn’t get ML. Forced to get married to save his family and Sheng’s family; I didn’t see any effort from QH to handle the situation. Even GTY was willing to help and was turned down. The only thing our rich little master QH has is support from his mother whom makes the decisions’.
  5. I’m getting super excited as our main couple is starting to get closer and seeing almost everything from eye to eye level. ML did a awesome job at killing two birds with one stone (Molan and her mother out of the way) that should be one step closer to having a little peaceful life. idk how ML deals with all these family dramas and not have white hair or wrinkles and stilling looking young as ever...
  6. I agree with you. As much as I liked HQ, I hope HQ doesn’t turn out to be some crazy obsessive ex-lover. It’s about time he moves on with life instead of lingering on his puppy love for ML. I actually would love to see Madam Qi come and propose marriage for ML or the Sheng family to have grandma stump on their pride in front of everyone.
  7. I’ve always been a fan of Ariel! Can’t believe she is back in time period drama. After watching a few episodes… I’m loving the pace of the drama and crossing my fingers that it won’t get draggy in the middle. I like the chemistry between out leading couple so far with their bickering. I’m not much of a fan of ZBB. I had watch a few of his dramas but his acting hasn’t won a spot in my heart… LOL… I guess because majority of his facial expressions has always been the cold stare… @jongski if you have access to viki or YT then i believe its up to ep 4 with eng sub....
  8. samanatha_xyooj

    [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] The King of Blaze 火王

    Finally BC is in a time period drama... I hope the drama doesn't get draggy during the middle.
  9. samanatha_xyooj

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Bloody Romance 媚者无疆

    Sounds super interesting... Can't wait
  10. samanatha_xyooj

    [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Legend of Fuyao 扶摇

    @trinity2018 IKR… overall I think this is the best drama that Ethan had ever done. His acting has improve a lot and GOD DANG IT… that eyes of his is so freakin dreamy… Every time when he looks at FY… his eyes show so much emotional feeling. (Not trying to go off topic but I see a lot of these eye acting with Thai actors from Channel 3. Esp James Ma, James Jirayu and Mario Maurer)
  11. samanatha_xyooj

    [Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2018] Legend of Yun Xi 芸汐传

    I'm in love with this drama. Never once did I come across a dragging ep that made me skipped between this couples (I skipped a lot when the king came on). I will come back and write more of my thoughts once eng sub is available for eps 19- 48. I really hope end sub for the rest will come out soon. Watching the ending with raw is so hard because I'm just going off by their acting and trying to puzzle the pieces together...LOL I really hope they have a 2nd season as I really want to see our couples together again.