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  1. I thought i’ve recovered from the withdrawal syndromes because work was so busy.. and then one of the hwayugi OST Mackelli - Believe started playing on my spotify.. and i felt overwhelmed with grief (lol so dramatic i know) The lyrics are made for SOG.. especially the part that said “where are you? More than any other day, i miss you..” Can anyone imagine the pain of SOG who was left behind? ...
  2. Oh no.. with everyone hating on the ending, i think i wanna step out to defend it a little. initially without the subtitles, the ending seemed like a whole mess. But if u really just focus on our OTP scenes.. it tied up a lot of loose ends. Pls pls watch ep 20 with the subtitles. Why? Do remember that Seon Mi passed away thinking OG’s love isn’t real, that it was a one-sided love all along with only her loving OG like crazy. With the one last day she had on earth, she could finally receive a sincere love confession from OG, who removed the GGG in front of her eyes. When OG defeated the dragon, it is said that his body and mind was broken. He lost pieces (memories) of himself, and whenever he recalls these little pieces, he only feels excruciating pain. Because it’s so painful, and because he doesn’t understand why, he chose to shield himself and locks himself up in sereumdong to prevent these pieces from coming back. But the heavens wrongly thinks the pain is caused by GGG, and decided to call JSM back to earth to remove it. MW knows the pain is not caused by GGG. He knows the owner of GGG has changed, and that owner is OG himself. Because he is the owner of his own heart now. MW hopes OG can pick up and patch back his own broken pieces, but he knows it is impossible for OG to do it alone. OG himself chose to refuse recalling the pieces, so who else can help him? It is the one and only person causing the pain who can help OG become whole again. MW doesn’t want to tell the heavens this, because if heaven knows, then they wouldn’t call forth JSM from hell. When SM meets OG again, she is anxious. Her heart breaks thinking that GGG has yet to lose effect, and that Is causing OG to be in pain. In her mind, she just wants to remove GGG asap. But the OG she is facing now, is feeling confused, empty, experiencing short bouts of pain. The one thing OG cannot figure out, is that even though the memories which came back to him are all supposedly happy memories, why does he feel pain? Why is everyone telling him to remove GGG? Will removing the GGG really remove this pain? Why is this female ghost saying that his love for her is fake, when all the memories he had is him loving her so so much, and it felt so real? When SM cannot remove the GGG, she became confused. And so is OG.. but with MW egging him on at the final moment, OG finally allows himself to recall her death.. that is when he became whole again. OG can finally.. do that one thing he really wanted to do. That is to remove GGG in front of SM after defeating the dragon. To proudly show her that his love is real, that her worries were unfounded. But is it not too late? SM has already passed away, and her one day on earth is ending.. he then rushed to her side, removed the GGG on his own and begged her to ask him anything. And there she received her long awaited answer.. but Seon Mi ya... did you not realise that you have actually heard his heartfelt sincere confession twice? At the exact same location? I think this scene is heart wrenching, but so so so beautiful. They both can finally see the truth, they have both came to the same understanding, that they have sincerely loved each other. Of course, rebellious monkey king will never let go of his love just like that. Eventually he is off to fetch his bride in his 99-5050 mercedes. Their initial contract is broken because SM has passed away. He is no longer bound by anything, but he continues to run to her side whenever she calls his name one day again anyway. Why? “Because I love you” it’s a beautiful ending chinggus so don’t be sad!
  3. It was one hell of a ride.. but reading everyone’s comments here in the forum really made the drama more enjoyable. the ending is what it is, and i decided to just accept it, knowing that SM is probably immortal now. She didn’t reincarnate, and OG will find her, and they will be reunited I didn’t regret chasing Hwayugi till the very end. I mean, look at that smoking hot Lee Seung Gi! This drama has turned me into a LSG and OYS fan, and i’ll be sure to watch all of their future works from now on. Goodbye for now everyone! Hope to see all of you again in another drama.
  4. At least... SM got to do the things she wanted right? She kissed OG one last time, hugged him one last time, ate teobbokki, cotton candies.. with one eye of OG, i don’t think she’s a normal spirit anymore in the land of the dead. Let’s just imagine that SOG finally meets her again in the land of the dead and both of them can create havoc in heavens together
  5. Wow the ending... i am speechless..
  6. I am hoping that the memory loss in ep 20 is due to SOG sealing his own memory. That’s his only defense mechanism to cope with the loss of his loved one.
  7. Omg yes.. aside from OG, SM only has Buja and Han Joo who cares about her :’( oh and Jonathan. How could i forget about him! The necklace he gave SM will be a symbolic item that brings SM back to life for a day. So i guess he is important afterall haha.
  8. Did anyone realise that even up to the moment of SM’s death.. she had noone but SOG by her side? Heavens literally placed a human girl in front of the gates of hell, expecting her to die n succeed in closing it. N don’t forget, they also left her alone with a freaking murderer on the side as well. Yeah, SM gained some powers towards the end.. was it enough to defeat a huge richard simmons dragon though? Does one really think that her power of being able to.. i duno.. break a wine glass and lift a spoon weakly with her psychic powers, was enough to fight a MURDERER and a BLACK DRAGON? ... The main role of her powers to foresee the future was for her to discover the truth, allowing her to strengthen her resolve to fulfill SJ’s fate. So i don’t see what’s the plot hole here.. yeah execution wise of ep 19 could have been better if they had a higher budget. But honestly regarding the way the main characters have been written and acted... i don’t think there’s any major flaw in ep 19
  9. I hope SM is able to use her one last day on earth to console our poor monkey’s heart, and tell him.... That it wasn’t his fault that she died. That she’s sorry for leaving him behind, and hope he will one day forgive her for choosing to sacrifice herself That their contract will never be broken That she will one day call his name again, and be his one and only bride That they will one day return to Namsan tower to eat cotton candies, followed by watching his favourite movies. That apart from winter, they will experience spring, summer, followed by autumn.. and many more seasons to come.. together as one, and maybe with their monkey baby, or babieS. :’)
  10. I just realised how emotional and dramatic i was earlier during the broadcast (LOL).. now that i’ve calmed down.. and rewatched some of the key translated scenes (thank you @stroppyse !).. i kinda accepted the way this story has turned out to be. the trauma from seeing his precious partner die in his arms must have been hellish for OG. Yet he picked himself up to carry out his beloved’s last wish and went on to destroy the black dragon, almost at the cost of his life. with SM dying thinking that his love isn’t real, can you just imagine how much regret OG must be feeling? With SM dying because he wasn’t able to protect her in time, can you imagine how much he would have blamed himself? I don’t like it when writers use this memory loss plot device. But it really makes sense for OG’s case.. just google memory loss and you’ll get this: Severe injuries and physical trauma can also produce post-traumatic stress disorder, a condition that can cause temporary memory loss to help a person cope with the traumatic event that caused the injury OG has a long long looooong life ahead of him. He needs something to cope with the death of SM. His love for her is true, and thus removing GGG cannot remove his love for her. GGG was his safety net.. and now that it has lost its effect, he literally fell to the depths of hell....
  11. To ease everyone's pain, let's just remember that we will get a sweet hug scene in ep 20. See link below for a fan's video capturing the filming of Hwayugi at Namsan Tower: https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/G5eHkcKzH?fid=1034:7c2445a4c11a2068585c733609339491
  12. Ok then, if i want to stay positive, then i am hoping that hong sisters will adapt the ending from “The Monkey King 2”. To summarise the ending in that movie: in the ending, buddha told the monk (SJ) on how the demonness can gain mercy, and the monk eventually chooses to sacrifice himself in order to do just that. So Sun wu kong (SOG) tearfully granted the monk’s wish and “kills” SJ by turning him into a statue. Eventually Guan Yin drops a bead of water which landed on SJ’s hand, and eventually the surface cracks, revealing SJ’s finger (meaning SJ will come back alive). here is an extract of the ending from wiki: Saddened, Tang begs Wukong to kill him, too. The Monkey King refuses at first, but Sanzang explains how he used to think he just had to recite Buddha's teachings to convince people to become good. Now he understands he must also lead by example and do good in order to convince people. Sanzang had to do this for his own journey towards enlightenment. Wukong finally understands the monk's desire to help the demoness change her fate, and tearfully agrees, promising Sanzang to wait for his return. Wukong brings his staff down and Sanzang's body is changed into a statue. In return Sanzang says if he gets a chance to do so in his next life, he would be glad to be Wukong's master again. Because of Sanzang's sacrifice, he succeeds in leading the demoness to her next reincarnation, freeing her of her pain and hatred. Some time later, Wukong and his friends still wait for the return of the monk, but continue their journey to the Thunder Monastery. Wukong rides on Sanzang's horse with Sanzang's statue strapped to his back. From Heaven, Guanyin drops a bead of water from her magic vase that falls to earth and hits right at Sanzang's hand. The surface cracks, revealing a human finger underneath. WITH THIS I HAVE HOPE. We have all established that the shopkeeper granny is the equivalent of Guan Yin. I believe she is the key to bring Sun Mi back. Whether or not it is as a diety or human being, i am certain Sun Mi will be back with her memories intact. Notice the parallel in the ending? 1. "Sun Wu Kong promises Sanzang to wait for his return" --> SOG told Sun Mi to REMEMBER HIS NAME, and he will definitely find her again. 2. Sanzang sacrificed himself and "dies" --> SM also sacrificed herself for the world Oh lord have mercy on us viewers. Thanks.
  13. Ok i strongly believe that SOG is faking his memory loss. Maybe he is faking it so that heavens will grant him one more time to see SM. I think with the one last chance that SM can go back to Earth, she will go back to that Namsan Tower and call his name. The GGG WILL be removed, they kiss.. and they make a promise to be reunited again one day. and then SM is gone and SOG looks up to the sky and cries :'( As much as I would like to deceive myself...this is strongly hinting towards the reincarnation route.
  14. i think we will have a happy ending. I mean that necklace's meaning is happy ending right? RIGHT? I DEMAND A HAPPY ENDING. Sorry i'm so sad right now, grabbing onto any hints of happy endings.
  15. @walkinsiesta Am hoping that she will disappear... AND COME BACK AS A DIETY!! WHEEEEE