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  1. ♣ Park Hyung Sik 박형식 Official Thread ♣

    Personally I am okay with shipping, only when you know you are 'shipping' - aka likely not real until proven otherwise. Saying things like 'they look good together', 'I wish they are together' are fine, but making it sounds like fact (e.g. they must love each other, he must be crushing on her, I hope he confess etc.) puts me off. One of my pet peeves are when people post interviews and they bold/colour the parts they think are hinting something. It is demeaning towards the artists themselves. I'd rather they just post the whole article as it is, people can interpret them however they want. Also, why are k-drama fans so vulnerable to clickbait article headings? Just because it fits their imagination? The damages shippers can cause towards celebrities can be much more than people think. Just look at Kuntoria. It was ridiculous. Been a k-entertainment fan for over 10 years and I am too tired of this richard simmons.
  2. My first reaction towards NJH and LSK dating: No wonder Jisoo has to go to his Hyungsik hyung instead lol poor thing
  3. @lingx2 @fionnoula @lovephs Thanks for the suggestions guys. Will check them out.
  4. Thanks for the reply however I find the soompi threads not updating frequently enough (this thread is more up to date than those two) - I am looking for places where majority of their fans hangout thus more up to date? Do they have livejournal communities? Their OH threads are super slow too...
  5. Can someone recommend places where I can get the most updates of PBY and PHS? Like individual threads at other forums or blogs or twitter or fan community etc that updates frequently. I would like to drop this thread - please do not feel offended - Just that the direction of this thread is not to my personal taste, nothing to do with you guys. It was great seeing everyone having fun discussions here. Thanks!
  6. If anything I think it is more like he got used to keeping his image like that after 4 years (since 2013) it became part of what he is. Yes he has been friendly with people he knows before that but he wasn't good with strangers, he even said so himself. He spent lots of time searching his own name and reading netizen's comments about him and was very conscious about how people sees him. With the post high society interview he didn't snap, it wasn't like he said anything offensive. He was just tired and less enthusiastic when answering questions, giving shorter answers - if it was another celebrity the backlash wouldn't be as bad (or it wouldn't have been a controversy at all) however because of his image people were expecting him to be bubbly all the time (what I meant by unusual friendly image), and that was what caused the problem. What I am saying is what he is doing is not the norm and what PBY is doing isn't that unusual either. Just that when you have PHS in the same trip as PBY people just subconsciously compare the two. Imagine if PHS is not there, people wouldn't say anything about how PBY behaves. People would be satisfied after her Vlive.
  7. that selfie with Heeji...he looks drunk lol PBY probably is just not in a good condition...either physically or mentally, or both. It is normal and common for artists to stay away from public eye when they are not in good condition to avoid backlash. If she appears in public and cannot hold up a happy smiley face it would be even worse for her reputation. Do not compare her with PHS because he is used to being an idol where they have to be nice and friendly even towards saesangs (unless you are well established aka EXO level), and on top he has this unusual friendly image he has to uphold as it was what got him popular in the first place (hence the post-high society interview controversy). When you think about it Jisoo is kinda half hiding as well and didn't join the rest and I am fine with that. This is meant to be a private trip afterall.