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  1. Just finished watching the finale and just wanted to share some thoughts on it. Mystery Queen was easily one of my most anticipated drama of the year. Simply because of the crime solving duo. I loved it that they kinda acknowledged their mutual interest in each other, but the drama ended it at just that. Mutual interest. Come on show, not even a peck?? The big mystery of who was Secretary Kim was solved, but that's about it. He was Detective Ha's good hyung. We didn't know why in the world did he became a professional murderer, what was his relationship with Ha Ji Seung, why in the world did he want to kill Seo Hyun Soo, we didn't even know what was it that the crazy rapist had against Ha Ji Seung and Secretary Kim. Worst thing was, he wasn't even captured in the end!! I just..gave up. I managed to watch through this because I watched it while it aired. 2 episodes per week was just enough. If I had wait for it to finish it's run and binge watch, I'll probably would drop this by the 5th episode. I still love Ahjumma and Grumpy Detective. They're the best thing that came out of this show. Mystery Queen Season 3, I'll watch only if the original casts remain.
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