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  1. Another update from our girl. Will she keep making us hungry everyday now? kkkk ^^ And seems like IRIS 2 will be broadcast on Brazil TV Channel
  2. @Annya I think she is calling herself fat in the caption!!! not sure how to comment on that, lool Another update, is she back in cooking mood too? This Caprese salad looks so yummy
  3. Seems Dahae heard me, kkkk ^^ She updating her IG today after such a long time, good to see her at her favorite spot although the angle and filter she is using made me take a double take at the picture and doubt it was her, lol
  4. @Annya Yes dear, it feels so long and she has been quite for long too My days aren't the same without her updates or news Hope she can at least update her IG soon Thanks to a fan on Weibo who have been doing Gifs for our girl, I discovered that our girl was a living meme in "Best Lover", loool
  5. How is everyone doing? ^^ Just dropping by posting some cute fan art of our girl who I am always missing
  6. So finally, "My Girl" Thailand version is going to air on the 10th of July Remakes are usually a hit or miss but I do think Thailand remakes usually tend to have their own taste away from the original so lets hope this remake will end up enjoyable for viewers and also remind them of the original ^^
  7. Few pictures from fans who were lucky to meet our girl on her latest trip
  8. This may have been the longest time I didn't come and post here in Soompi but hope you are all fine Chingus ^^ Although still nothing much happened in my absence but yay for seeing our girl updating again after some silence. Always great to see her with her friends and have to say I do love all her looks in those vacation pictures These are the pictures she posted from Vienna before (didn't see them posted here )
  9. Haha, one of the funniest "expectation VS reality" that ever happened in dramaland Credit: Weibo
  10. @ELY_397 That is quite weird if it is really from that movie team since if they have been able to sue her they would have done that years back but they always resorted to such internet attacks but if it is only her personal account, that won't do much effect for them actually specially with Dahae not that active or popular there compared to years back. Anyway, may be at the time her withdraws from those projects it wasn't very common but after so many years and with this kind of thing happening so naturally in so many projects. It is weird to see people still take that as a point against her. It is a very obvious double standards and hate for the sake of hate really.
  11. @ELY_397 The last link has nothing to do with MGMM. I just saw it in Weibo and was curious since it felt to be an insider info and I saw they were mentioning Dahae so thought of asking here although I wouldn't take it seriesly. And who is XJ?? It is always weird seeing such hateful account really. Who knows who is behind such moves but hopefully it is not something to worry much about.
  12. Waaah, did they make a book for MGMM story!!! http://www.cooldu.com/book/9032.html https://weibo.com/5393754647/Gk73BFgul?type=comment#_rnd1528302494639 Also not sure if this is saying any news about Dahae https://weibo.com/3851642147/Gk6Oe8fe8?refer_flag=1001030103_
  13. @ELY_397 Thanks for the info dear. Jade lovers is always the first drama to be mentioned in reports about dramas possible to air TBH I am not sure about MGMM chances because if this really came true and they started airing those dramas, the list is really quite long with many big names so priority may not be to MGMM even with JX name attached to it unless they still really have a very strong connection with a channel to air the drama. But at least if they started to air the dramas we will know the hope is there to see MGMM even if the it didn't air in the early batches. At least the production team didn't end up doing drastic actions to air the drama like other cases in which they replaced or cut the actors to air the drama. (which would have been quite hard in MGMM case given that the story includes Korean characters and culture). I think other high profile drama are "Braveness of the Ming" with Park Min Young and Zhang Han who are both so famous and "Endless August" starring Rain and Victoria who both are also so famous. I don't remember the whole list but there is other big Korean stars who have dramas. PMY have another drama as well in addition to Park Hae Jin, Ji Chang Wook, Joo Jin Mo, Joo Won and Jang Dong Gun.
  14. Seems everyone is busy these days to post here. Anyway, here is few news reports about Dahae latest SNS updates http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201805310916431110 http://pop.heraldcorp.com/view.php?ud=201806051616312496163_1 Also a couple of pictures from ANYA