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  1. @Tey Ling Who knows I personally have a feeling that we will get to see her in this but I can definitely be wrong Since SBS officials and also actors agencies said it is to early to decide as the schedule for the drama airing is not clear yet, I think we won't get news that soon. If the drama ended up airing after Olympics so it means there is still more than 3 months left.
  2. Not sure if this is recent or not but if it is it may mean that our girl is in Korea Dahae's Sign at restaurant in Gangnam
  3. @ELY_397 Hyukie in any drama means you are up to great performance even if everything else falls apart seeing him on screen alone has its magic and he has viewers who checks his dramas regardless of anything else either internationally and in Korea as well. I always thought that if it is not for him, IRIS 2 would have been more of a disaster rating wise. So it is no surprise to see good reviews or ratings about MF, happy for him since I am a fan too(even if I don't end up watching the drama anyway). But again, seeing Dahae in that drama wasn't anything near interesting for me and fourth collaboration was a bad idea IMO so I am still happy she passed on it whatever was the reason and even if we have missed a chance to see her on our screen this year. @emok Hope you are better now no wrong with being optimistic, everything is possible BTW, Koala reported about the news http://koalasplayground.com/2017/11/11/lee-da-hae-ryu-soo-young-talks-spring-2018-sbs-weekend-drama-good-witch/
  4. @ELY_397 Haha, yah I know what you mean but try not to worry so much and lets wait and see what will happen Who knows may be this is an older picture. Anyway, even if she is really on vacation it could also turn out ok with the offer. I remember sometimes she got offers when she was away from the country (like IRIS 2) and she still got to do them.
  5. @Annya Describing her as "Housewife" screams her being married but don't know why all translated news skipped translating that husband part. Have to wait and see.
  6. @Annya Haha, I guess we are thinking alike although I am now confused about the existing of a husband since all the translated news didn't mention about it neither the outline of the drama premise in Naver. @ELY_397 Yah, I agree that many of Dahae insecurities comes from her looks and sometimes that actually reminds me of Kang Hye-Jung who lost a lot her confidence and struggled a lot after she done her PS and later tried to restore her old shape. For Dahae, it is a fight that she needs to win herself and hopefully she is now more comfortable and at peace mentally and with her effort work to not let this hinder her life and career anymore.
  7. @Maetawinz OH welcome back. Always miss you and your amazing art work here ^^ About RSY, I don't mind him being the lead actually since I don't have any previous impression about him, I am open to see him with Dahae if she accepted this role but I still think that he is not the only male lead role. Since we might need two male roles for each of the sisters? just my thoughts, could be wrong though I am still trying to remind myself that things aren't confirmed so don't get more excited
  8. Haha, dahae updated her IG. She still doesn't want to live in winter
  9. @ELY_397 Thanks for the translation. I watched few dramas with double role so I don't mind them although I agree they might sound cliche usually. But I think it also can help showing actor's skills if it is done right. Regarding using that in this drama and since they are mainly focusing on the house wife, may be they will make the mean sister be in a coma or travel away and the kind house wife sister will need to replace her in her work or live her life so she don't get into problems?!
  10. Here is a chinese report http://www.allthatstar.com/view.php?action=1791&postID=372567 Also Soompi has reported about the news but sadly they didn't translate much details https://www.soompi.com/2017/11/09/lee-da-hae-ryu-soo-young-considering-roles-upcoming-sbs-drama/ Lee Da Hae And Ryu Soo Young Considering Roles In Upcoming SBS Drama We may see Lee Da Hae and Ryu Soo Young together on the small screen soon! On November 9, industry sources revealed actress Lee Da Hae is considering appearing in SBS’s weekend drama “Before Nice Witch” (literal translation), which will air early next year. In response, the actress’s agency JS Pictures stated, “Lee Da Hae received an offer for SBS’s new weekend drama ‘Before Nice Witch,’ and is reviewing it.” Lee Da Hae might play the lead role of lovely housewife Cha Sun Hee. Many are looking forward to Lee Da Hae possibly joining as this will be her first domestic drama in four years since MBC’s “Hotel King” in 2014. It was also revealed that actor Ryu Soo Young is considering joining the production as well. On November 10, a SBS drama insider shared, “Ryu Soo Young is in talks to join ‘Before Nice Witch,” before adding that nothing has been confirmed yet. Regarding his casting, a source from Ryu Soo Young’s agency Fly Up Entertainment commented, “It’s still in discussion.” “Before Nice Witch” tells the unique love story of a kindhearted housewife who must navigate the double life of her and her evil twin sister, as she strives to solve their various issues with her good nature. It is directed by PD Oh Se Kang of “My Heart Twinkle Twinkle” and written by “Birth of a Beauty” writer Yoon Young Mi. It is expected to air in January of next year following “Bravo My Life.”
  11. Oh, another casting news for this drama came out today. Ryu Soo-Young is in talk to join the drama as well and is positively considering. I didn't see him in anything before but he seems to be a solid actor and he recently finished another weekender which was very successful on KBS "My Father is Strange". He doesn't seems to play the husband (if that role even exist since I am now confused ) but an airline vice president? The following line in the report below, I think it means that Dahae is offered to play double role of the twins sisters 여자주인공인 이다해는 1인 2역을 연기한다. http://isplus.live.joins.com/news/article/article.asp?total_id=22102006&cloc=
  12. Haha, so seems that the "sister" translation might not be wrong after all So now I am confused, will Dahae offered to play a double role then? If they will make the sisters use their appearance to witch or something so they will have to be played by one actress, right? http://kpoplove.koreadaily.com/lee-da-hae-sbs-drama/ LEE DA-HAE IN TALKS TO APPEAR IN UPCOMING SBS DRAMA The drama will mark the actress’ comeback in four years. On Nov. 9, an SBS representative released news on the actress’ appearance. “Lee Da-hae is in talks to appear in an upcoming drama ‘The Kind Witch’. The drama will air next year,” they said. ‘The Kind Witch’ is about a overly kind housewife who leads a double life with her mean younger twin whose nickname is the ‘one-blow witch’. The two opposite sisters use their appearance to work together to navigate through their problems. Lee Da-hae will play the role of the housewife, who works tirelessly and takes responsibility for her home. ‘The Kind Witch’ will mark the actress’ first drama in four years since her appearance in 2014 MBC drama ‘Hotel King’. Original article by Park Jin-young Translated by Janet Kang
  13. @Annya Duo to Olympics things might be pushed back to March till this drama gets to air and so some reports mentioned about it being aired in the first half of next year. If so I think we will wait for some time to get news about the final decision about this one or the filming to start. And yah seems the weekend time slot is changed, also at MBC they will start changing it to airing 2 episodes on Saturday with "Money Flower".