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  1. @Annya Do Hee is so different from Miri in many ways. Either background or how she show her feelings. Miri was so emotional and obvious showing those but Do Hee is very cold person. Miri was at some point pushed to the situation she had but that is not the case for Do Hee. Miri was used by Hirayama and people around her but Do Hee is not, she is the one using people around her to reach her goals even if she might get humiliated in the way, she do it while knowing it and OK with it. Just see the difference between the scene when Hirayama slapped Miri and when the CEO's daughter slapped Do Hee. How both acted and what was their reaction, it says it all. That difference is actually something I am happy about since it is a different role for Dahae that I think she didn't do before at all and that is one of the reasons that I like to see more of it. I don't like Do Hee as a character, what I said that I liked Dahae as Do Hee. The role itself is more interesting to watch for me not that I sympathies with the character.
  2. @Annya Yah dear. It is surely not easy. But still I won't give up on my wish, who knows what will happen tomorrow For TGW, I just hope they won't turn her to damsel in distress who gets saved by the two guys who are falling for her when things become more dramatic and we get to see more growth from Sun Hee ASAP. Honestly, I love Dahae as Do Hee so much compared to Sun Hee to the extent that I wish Do Hee was the heroine here But hopefully they at least make Do Hee wake up early enough for us to get more of her and not us wait till the end to make her wake up. About MGMM, don't think there is any news about that still.
  3. Some screen caps of Dahae and her many expressions in TGW This may not be the high quality project I would have personally loved her to comeback with specially after 4 years away from Kdrama but at least there is somehow a good feedback on her acting. My ultimate wish is that she get to have a good role in a good drama, but seems my wish won't come that easy So if I didn't get what I wish for, I usually prefer seeing her in a good role in a medicore drama rather than bad/medicore role in a good drama. So I just hope they at least don't mess up much with her role in TGW and it may end up being the first case which I could be satisfied with ^^
  4. @ELY_397 OH that profile picture, JYR and Noodles totally forgot about that iconic scene!! Nice one dear ^^ BTW, here are the ratings for yesterday's episodes (6.0, 7.7, 7.4, 8.3) Some SNS updates from our cast while filming
  5. Video with Lyrics for the new OST Song "Sweetie" (again not sure of how correct the translation is) Hopefully we hear more ballad songs in the OST next. Usually those are more of my type
  6. Yes, I know. Just wrote it wrong. Edited it already Thanks for the correction anyway ^^ May be the ads between the episodes increased after the drama started airing compared to the first broadcast. Also I am actually surprised how fast they are catching up with their live shooting (the training scenes that were filmed last week will get aired next week!!) although they had started filming 2 months before the drama started airing!!
  7. @bebebisous33 Oh, that theory about WJ and the heiress!! I saw the clip of their scene and I do think she sounded quite familiar with him and also her reactions to him is rather different than her husband for example even when he stopped her. So lets see if they revealed something of his past in this episode or will do in future ones. Also thinking about the future, now that our pilot is getting to have feelings for SH, it is sadly all before knowing her true identity. I am now afraid of what could be his reaction when knowing about the twin thing. He will sure feel deceived And I have to prepare my heart because I am more certain now that I will have some serious second lead syndrome in this drama. I am really soft when it comes to our cutie heir who also now have hot working hairstyle (or may be they will give him some happy ending with the real DH after she wake up??) And from the preview, will SH know about her husband true colors in next episode? (what did that woman tell her on the phone and of course the whole family had to go get him from that restaurent ) Here is the preview (SH's husband younger sister shouldn't go there aiming for my cutie heir )
  8. Although not new pictures but here is an update from SBS IG SBS is sure stingy as they hardly release any stills, BTS pictures or videos. SIGH!!
  9. @Lmangla Not a fan of clowns too. So may be I will go the easy way and just change my profile picture to the noodles from our drama ^^
  10. Seems my mind was more dirty than your modest thoughts about Skinship, loool May be that is because actually Dahae was a lucky girl who got to have a very close and direct skin to skin contact with some great hot toned muscles in many of her dramas (ex. Chuno, Miss Ripley, Iris2 and Hotel King) so I guess I am spoiled and I think I still want to see something like this here in our drama as well, kkk ^^ Any suggestion for losing theme DP? I am not a creative person and want it to be fun
  11. Haha, so that actually count!!! I thought it has to be skin to skin contact, LOOL But anyway, not minding losing in such funny pet and at least we all won in a way that we see some progress from our pilot who is now a softie to our poor heroine I guess the thread will all turn to some noodle or clown pictures now, loool BTW, Thanks chingus for all the updates. I didn't see the episodes yet (and may even have to wait for few days to watch) but good to hear that this week episodes are better than last week.
  12. Yah hope so too since they tend to release too much in the previews so far. And here are some pictures of our cast
  13. Better translation for "Be Happy" song from the drama OST https://popgasa.com/2018/03/13/kim-ji-young-be-happy-nice-witch-ost-part-1/ Also I wanted to post this version of the next episodes preview as we can hear more of the second song in the OST
  14. Oh Chingus, you crack me up. I literally had to stop reading your posts since I was in work and was making a fool of myself as I try hard to hold my laugh in front of my screen, but here I am done reading and I am so loooool @Lmangla want to have it a bit tight between ep 9-16 but I can't actually predict such bare muscle skinship happening in the upcoming two weeks so I am out of this bet but I wouldn't mind if that happened though Not only @RahmaL is waiting for more progress on the romance front (may be as our pilot save her from the attacker he gets injured and she somehow treats his wounds, kkk ^^) Now that I think about our CP interaction, they also had an indirect kiss thanks to that tea ceremony class
  15. Stills and report about An Woo-Yeon from the last episodes http://pop.heraldcorp.com/view.php?ud=201803131301142270069_1