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  1. @ELY_397 I didn't but was planning to watch it at some point. Sad to hear it is not that good, I was actually looking forward to seeing how they handled it.
  2. Seems "The Good Witch" has started airing in Thailand this week Also earlier this month it started airing in France
  3. Finally, some clear pictures coming from her ^^
  4. A Soompi article mentioning our girl https://www.soompi.com/article/1300766wpp/double-the-charm-12-pairs-of-k-drama-actors-that-have-worked-together-at-least-twice Also for who like voting games, here is some voting task for you https://namesns.com/m/entertainer/rank_list.html?cate=2&cate2=1&gender=2 And here is another friends outing about a week ago
  5. Thanks to her friend we get another picture
  6. Dahae had some good time with her friends a couple of days ago (check the last picture. Have been quite some time since we saw such a closeup picture of her And Oh, poor Cherry has got a cold I wonder is it her mom's or grandmom's voice in the video?
  7. Dahae's update, I wonder where is that wonderful place?!
  8. Things keep getting surprising this week, although Dahae didn't have any public appearance or much updates in January, she is ranked 46 in among women advertising model brand reputation ranking!! http://www.newskr.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=17231 I wonder if this is really a new update from our girl to her Chinese fans? would be happy to know she is still learning Chinese https://www.weibo.com/1885207980/HdDyRrmXj
  9. Although I am not sure what brought this up at this time to the extent that it became such hot topic!! and although it is not something I would actually care to report about but I was so surprised to see a hashtag about "Dahae's unrecognizable face" is in the top ten in Weibo On another note, Dahae's last update on IG about Vietnam (who have a Korean coach) after they won in Asia cup 2019 and went to quarterfinal also grabbed the attention of many Vietnamese fans (the post have over 400 comments) and have made it in the news in Korea
  10. Our girl sent a beautiful heart flowery cake for her florist friend birthday
  11. Not sure where those pictures were taken exactly but good to see an update from our girl which is her first this year in this fresh summer look