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  1. @Annya Dahae is such a tease and that BTS picture didn't help since we don't still see her face, lol But it is OK, rain always begin with a single drop and thanks to the blogger for sharing ^^ Am I being greedy wishing to see our first look on the main cast together?! Oh, it has been so long since I was this impatient so please pardon me
  2. Haha, still we can't see her but at least she showed us the script
  3. Good to see Chinese fans updating and translating cuts from the blue lighting festival https://weibo.com/tv/v/FEcqh7Pxq?fid=1034:1fcc33c604b09caffdd47b0fe1109139 https://weibo.com/tv/v/FEiN55Brm?fid=1034:5874a626915cae78d6c675c79b7cf074 https://weibo.com/tv/v/FEjhe1OFB?fid=1034:de2a8d9af82ba06fb542f74512a3a5e4
  4. Sad news today, "My Girl" director "Jeon Ki-sang" has passed away due to a car accident http://www.kimcoop.org/news/articleView.html?idxno=96561
  5. @Annya Haha, yah. really want to see Dahae filming too and also dying for her own updates for us. But she usually tend to be more generous in updates once the official drama promotion start and when the drama start airing so she don't spoil much. So may be she won't update until we get the script reading photos from SBS first
  6. @ELY_397 I am not quite sure if this post can be trusted but who knows we might woke up one day and see it being airing/uploaded I think the broadcasting on TV in China is getting more and more difficult not only for dramas with Korean celebrities but also for some genres and stories, the strict broadcast laws and censorship are troubling lots of productions so I won't be surprised if the drama did end airing online only despite knowing the trials from the production.
  7. I saw this entry about MGMM, it says the drama may air next month!! mmm, lets see if this true https://weibo.com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2309404195027675947659&sudaref=s.weibo.com
  8. Thanks @Annya for the updates. Oh the snow and cold weather, fighting for "Good Witch" cast and staff during the filming
  9. @Annya Thanks dear for the videos, it was indeed a hard watch Good to see Dahae go all out without makeup on public TV and she really did good there although it must have been hard on her as well seeing all that live and interacting with all those suffering people there. I hoped they did air that introduction for her segment that she obviously recorded though!! But may be they found her words in that meeting better as introduction to her trip.
  10. @Annya Thanks for the pictures Here is a couple of pictures from the recording, can't wait to see it tomorrow with the documentary of her trip. https://blog.naver.com/wjdgus0077/221179523639
  11. Our girl looks really great today at the UNICF blue lighting festival. Love her light blue suit and look Can't post many images now but may be later ^^
  12. Now it is confirmed that they indeed shooting the posters Our handsome (co)pilot ^^ He actually don't need a plane to fly, lol
  13. @purplebass I think it will be more of the wife switching between herself and her sister since she is the main character but there must be scenes for the sister as well at least in the beginning and the end. We still don't know if she will disappear and have no role due to the circumstances or she will still be there somewhere else. Need to wait to see in the drama ^^