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  1. Dahae is invited to ANYA's 10th anniversary event. Don't think the news mentioned where or when exactly it will be held though. But anyway, glad to have something to look forward to http://pop.heraldcorp.com/view.php?ud=201810221106438218889_1
  2. Yah, she was close to him after co-staring in 2 dramas together (Robber and Miss Ripley). Not sure if they keep contact now though. No for Miss Ripley, the production company was the one to contact her. No recommendation from anyone. Actually the only time someone recommended her name to producers was in Chuno by JH which she personally mentioned, no other cases of that sort. She was contacted by other co-stars to persuade/offer her a role like in IRIS2 (KSW) and Hotel King (LDW) but it wasn't that they recommended her name, it was based on a request from producers to contact her to get a positive response from her I might say.
  3. Very sad reading this news about our girl's oppa Kim Jung Tae Hope he get well and win the fight against this disease https://www.soompi.com/article/1248153wpp/actor-kim-jung-tae-diagnosed-liver-cancer-withdraws-drama
  4. Seems "The Good Witch" is going to finally air in Japan next month on 11/11. Happy to know more people will see it
  5. I am feeling sad that I am not coming and updating here as much as I used to do. I still keep searching her Naver everyday but I guess I don't have much energy lately for fangirling. Hopefully we get some news soon to get me back in the mood. Latest pictures of our girl and her plants
  6. @ELY_397 Not really surprised not seeing our girl's name there or on other awards list coming up these days and won't also expect for her to be there at SBS drama awards at the end of the year (Would be happy to be proven wrong though ). There is much more popular and respected names out there for her to force her name on such awards lists unless she has a project/role with exceptional quality and buzz that can renew her career and put her again in the spotlight. I guess I am just used to all this and so I am taking fun reading such awards lists. Our girl has been underrated for a long time now (except for her short lived popularity period in 2004-2007 although even at that time she was not that A-list actress either) and her project choices, decisions and being away made things worse. But it is not only her who is struggling or facing that in the industry. Many of her generation of actresses are facing the same problems with recognition and project offers. But who knows what the future holds, hopefully better days come soon for her career.
  7. Usually I check awards nomination list to have some laugh but thanks to that, I discovered that our "The Good Witch" hero is nominated in 2018 Korean Drama Awards. Happy to see the drama name there ^^ http://koalasplayground.com/2018/09/26/mr-sunshine-and-a-handful-of-weekend-dramas-lead-nominations-at-2018-korean-drama-awards/
  8. @Annya I guess we lost count of how many times she is visiting Japan It is Chuseok holiday and our girl updated beach picture wishing fans happy holidays
  9. So she heard me and now we see a dish from ingredients of her own garden
  10. @Annya Yah, Lets see if next time she showed us how she used the in her dishes ^^
  11. Hi @sassygirl94 happy to see you here again and ooh, congrats. Wish you best of luck with your future since you are finally done with study We are not very busy lately since we some how lack of news on our girl since "The Good Witch" so don't think you missed much if you already follow her IG, thankfully she is keeping us updated @Annya I do think it is in Korea but not sure where exactly but I could be wrong for sure. Guess she don't want us to know since she didn't mention explicitly in her messages
  12. Thanks dears for the updates. Good to see our girl's face again I wonder where is she?!
  13. More delicious dishes ^^ she is trying thai cuisine now
  14. @Annya I don't think producers have any problem to approach to cast her in shared lead or second lead roles and wouldn't be surprised if that happened already but I think it is just up to her and her agency to pursue such roles or put her in the market as potential of such roles. For me as much as I love always seeing her as the lead and have a lot of screen time in her work but at the end it is not about first or second lead, I don't mind either way she choose as long as she actually likes and enjoys what she does and feel personally comfortable about it. My wish for her roles in general is always the same whatever it is first, shared or second lead role and that it would have depth, growth and importance to the story and not only serve as a plot device and of course show her acting abilities. Actually we see many female lead roles that only act as plot device and many secondary roles who were more compelling to watch than leads so it is not really about being first or second name but about the role itself. @ELY_397 As you mention miss ripely, I saw some nice edited HD screen shots on Weibo. Here are a couple of them ^^
  15. @Annya Your wish has been answered Love those pictures of our girl, always great to know she is enjoying some time with her friends. Also that drink with her face on it is so pretty