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  1. fan-art Bogummy "FM in Taipei" fan-cam Bogummy BTS LITM
  2. 바리스타 어울리는 연예인은? 1위 공유, 2위 박보검 >> Artist that can be a good barista: #1 Gong Yoo #2 Park Bogum source:
  3. Blossom Entertainment's preference Daum Cafe: Blossom Entertainment's preference -They have the same image ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ-Blossom's preference = my preference-They give off the vibe of a college sunbae who is handsome, nice and smart-It would be perfect if tip-toe oppa joins this agency!!!-It's not called "Blossom" for no reason ㅋㅋㅋ source: ************************************** Blossom is so lucky to have Bogummy, SJK, CTH, IJW etc as their artist
  4. Beautiful fan-art cr. Nogom_ ************************************************* PBG for SUNKIST CF 2015-2017 via wu_maggic
  5. Throwback pics: PBG at COIN LOCKER GIRL presscon Bogum ah~~ please come back soon with new drama
  6. news article "W Two Worlds" and "I Can Hear Your Voice" are in the list.
  7. Good morning chingudeul! Have a Bogumbastic sunday! fan-art Bogummy "infinite challenge" @evil_zai thanks for the link! Gotta watch it asap ㅋㅋㅋ
  8. cute fan-art: Bogummy IC
  9. Bogummy fashion in "Infinite Challenge"
  10. [gif] Bogummy "Infinite Challenge" cuteness overload!!!!