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  1. Wow! PBG DC fans posted unseen photos of PBG!!
  2. Unseen photos of PBG?
  3. @evil_zai i have the same wish as it always happens to me after i watch the first 2 episodes of a drama that has 'unusual' plot - where it needs concentration and great understanding. In the end i always give up watching it. So i hope 'R88' can change my perception about Reply series. @onlysb1 i've already seen some video cuts of R88 on YT so i'm okay with the spoilers hihihi..Who knows i would do the same as first, planning to watch Bogum's scene only but end up watching fill episode hehehe... Well since all of chingudeul here told me to watch R88 as a whole, let's give it a try then ************************** some new selfie photos of Bogummy
  4. @mai5116 @MichelleBG i'll try to watch the full episode. But if i get bored after watching the first 2 episodes i think i'll just have to skip all scenes where there's no Bogum in it @mellinadear that's what i'm afraid of needs concentration and great understanding to understand each character but it didn't work out when i watched 'R97'..But i hope it will work out when i watch 'R88' .
  5. @MichelleBG thank you for the translation ^^ on the coin locker girl..i can't stand seeing that tragic scene..To see uri Bogummy died like that..I didn't finish watching that scene because for me the scene is too brutal and sadistic..It really hurts my heart to see someone got killed like that..I couldn't stop crying last night..but Bogummy is surely the scene stealer Uri Bogummy looks handsome today
  6. @sara2908 yeah i want more too! I want the long one so you also think it's okay to watch only Bogum's scenes? I think i will do that way then I guess me and few of your kdrama friends Have the same thought that Reply series os not a typical kdrama. Sometimes it's hard to understand the story maybe that's why i give up watching R97 and don't watch R94 T.T ********************* More pic of Bogum from the wedding ceremony today
  7. More pic of Bogum at wedding ceremony today
  8. More pic of Bogum at wedding ceremony today
  9. [video-cam] PBG attending a wedding ceremony today
  10. @sara2908 thank you~ my sister already watched R88 and she said to me that she skipped all scenes except Bogum'a scene lol..I think i will do just the same then hahaha.. so nice to see the latest pic of Bogum today..He looks good and i guess he is the star of tonight's wedding
  11. Bogum at Seoul FM never bored seeing his photos from his FM because he's my vitamin
  12. Good morning all! It's Sunday and hope all of you have a Bogumbastic day! ^^ [cuts] Bogum mentioned in 2 entertainment program: KBS 'Entertainment Weekly' and jTBC 'Brother that I Know'
  13. @mellinadear thank you. I will watch "2D1N" and "Youth Over Flowers-Africa" as well. Can't get enough of him..Even my mother can't get enough of Bogummy as well My two favorite actors..I hope someday i can see both of you work together either in a movie or drama ^^