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  1. TBH same i have the biggest girl crush on her.. im 2 years older and i feel like we are similar in a lot of things.. Its funne how she said growing pains as words to discribe the drama and CEW said in his interview that Astro's song growing pains is the song that fits with the drama.. @annie1234 thank you for sharing the interview he is indeed very mature and well spoken through his interview i can really see his artistic side especially the part where he talks about how the sky changes.. me being an astrology enthusiast.. can tell he is an aries just by his interview...
  2. Poor dohee she always gets cut of because of her height.. so cute i love the chemistry of the 4 of them, they seem to have a nice feel to them..
  3. I know right.. ughh but then again we could be wrong about the situation.. i saw in a comment on YT that a guy pushed JWR towards CEW and ISH so she could hug them.. so even though i feel the same as you there is always a possibility that we chose to look at the obvious and not at what actually is going down.. but then again in korea you dont just do skinship like that you know... ugh this is such a mindf**** type of situation.. and its actually non of my business but still i like to analyse the situation... here i go contradicting myself yet again
  4. No i dont think she ever told him about it... I think Jo Woo Ri is really a good actress and she really showend many emotions in the show.. I really dont dislike her.. in real life i just dislike it when you are all up in ppls nostrils like girl come on give the guy a chance to breath damnnn but i am looking forward to her future dramas she is a very promising actres.. edit: my post does seem somewhat contradicting.. i like the actress but i don't like the way she handled her situation with CEW I also think the reason why CEW was so comfortable with ISH was because she wasnt trying her hardest to be all up in his aura.. she approached him in a friendly matter and helped him, she wasnt jumping all up on him every time she had the chance
  5. About Jo woori: Thats probably why she kept on being close to him throughout every interview/BTS/wrap up party video that they where together.. I don't dislike her its just for me that she obviously thought he was good looking and i don't know what she was trying to do, but she did show some questionable behavior.. or maybe its just me.. like she was in videos with other cast members that are guys but she wasn't all up on their d***.... like ISH also thought CEW was handsome but her approach to him was soooooo different.. but then again everyone has their own way of interacting with ppl... Im happy that the group has a group chat.. i hope they will keep in contact
  6. me too i have been rewatching so many clips of them and the making videos i've been living on dc gallery ughh im so sad i dont know how to move on...
  7. yesss a bad boy would be a great next move tbh!! he really has the skills to fight so i would love to see him putting it to good use( filming) ahwww thats so sad its his first drama as lead right? im happy for him that it was with such a great team and especially with ISH... i think she helped him a lot during filming.. i'm happy that they are close, hopefully they will film a drama again or appear on variety shows together in a few years time... @icyphoenix i also don't want to miss them their chemistry was really on another level, i enjoyed watching them so much!! i also really hope they will work together again!!
  8. Yes she said " #사실이건미래상상이었어 " which says to be honest this is mirae's imagination lolll i think MR woud have fainted.. but it really wouldnt fit DKS character To be honest besides being enthusiastic about CEW and his group and future drama's I have been really crazy about ISH, i loved her acting and i watched her in beauty bible with Yura and i really liked her nice and bubbly personality.. she seems like a great person and i really will support her!! i think CEW will become a really good actor, he has the looks and the will to play so many characters, i would like to see his development.. I would also love to see him in a gangster or fight drama because his fighting scenes in this drama where so good!!!
  9. Yes in the hashtag she says it was MR imagination... @JEMRIE thank you for sharing the article my heart is having all sorts of feels about this... but there is a part in the article thats not right... because CEW said to ISH that she looked awkward in the uniform and teased her afterwards... but anyway i enjoyed reading the article. about the favorite scenes.. its so hard to choose 1. every scene with DKS and KMR together, but especially the scene where they are drinking together and for the first time share their pain.. it felt like they started walking on a new path after this scene 2. I liked every scene with DKS mother and MR, i felt like a lot of the messages the drama wanted to give the viewers where delivered through their conversations.. 3. And i really loved it when DKS was jealous and was actively pursuing MR edit: Ow how can i forget the Kiss scene is really one of my fav scenes as well i loved it so much i repeated it for 2 hours straight.. ughh living my imaginary love life through this couple
  10. here i go again with trying to translate... they said something about MR hair(they literally said mirae morie).. so he was immediately on alert and fixed her hair, afterwards he said MR hairdressers i've fixed it ( her hair) loolll seems like he loves fixing her hair my korean isnt that good so i could be wrong he kept on teasing her throughout the video which was really cute... i really loved the scene on the couch.. i thought CEW would be nervous but he actually looked sort of comfortable ... edit:the funniest part was when he was searching for the best position to kiss her and all of a sudden he said if it is like this i can do it and not even 3 seconds later he said wait a minute.. its a whole new world... something along those lines edit again: after watching the BTS for the kiss scene over 5 times i've noticed that they match pretty well with kissing, usually when you kiss someone for the first time it takes some time to match each other way of kissing and sometimes you still dont end up matching... but for them it was like instant...
  11. I told myself i wouldnt cry and yet i started crying really hard after watching the ending video
  12. Beautifully said with this i will actually be able to accept the ending of this beautiful drama
  13. NOoooooooooooooooooo I feel like there wasnt a lot of our couple in this episode and now its over
  14. OMG i know right i thought the same thing they remind me so much of CEW and ISH instead of KMR and DKS... and the scene where he whispers in her ear uughhhhhh Goshhhhh just kill me now