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  1. rosierosie

    Add and Subtract Game

  2. rosierosie

    Add and Subtract Game

  3. rosierosie

    Add and Subtract Game

  4. rosierosie

    What do you want right now?

    magic!!! I want magic, so I can be awesome like Mary Poppins.
  5. rosierosie

    right now I am...

    Same here. I'm just waiting for the new The Legend of the White Snake 2019 with Alan Yu and JJY. Right now, I should be sleeping, but here I am. For sure, I won't want to wake up early to go to work tomorrow! Ughh.
  6. rosierosie

    What Did You Eat Today? →

    I cooked some veggies with ground beef!! Home cooked food is da best when you are far away from home.
  7. rosierosie

    Add and Subtract Game

    642, how fast can we get to 1,000!!
  8. Yes, he was hot in PB!!! I thought he was gonna be the lead in PB!! His acting was good and he is handsome in the first few episodes of PB, he got me hooked!! And then I saw Yehua, and everything changes lol. He was good in The Flame's Daughter too.
  9. ^That white outfit looks so pretty on JJY!!! She really match the ancient outfit and looks. Are there more trailers, or are we just waiting for the air date? Haha she looks like she is ready kill with her looks!!
  10. lol. That's the part I didn't really like. I mean, is not like he is a goddess?! lol jk. I do love the bromance between ZZB's character and the one friend though :)!!!
  11. rosierosie

    Add and Subtract Game

    572!! Come one guys, what did I say about -2/+2!! You guys are making me go back and forth!! My head hurts!! Lol jk :). But seriously, not kidding.
  12. I watched a couple of episodes, and then I gave up because Yang Yang is too handsome and his character is too unbelievable. I couldn't finish it!! The leads are cute though.
  13. rosierosie

    Add and Subtract Game

    566 :)!! For the longest time, I forgot my pw to log in...
  14. rosierosie

    Add and Subtract Game

    598 teehee
  15. rosierosie

    Add and Subtract Game