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  1. Happy to see them going strong.Happy for them. https://www.soompi.com/article/1289635wpp/se7en-talks-relationship-lee-da-hae-going-dates Se7en Talks About Relationship With Lee Da Hae, Going On Dates, And More https://6.viki.io/image/143962209fad4f5f81ab0757eadf40c5.jpeg?s=900x600&e=t Se7en shared why his relationship with actress Lee Da Hae works well. The singer guested on the January 8 episode of MBC Every1’s “Video Star,” alongside Kim Wan Sun, BTOB’s Changsub, and Block B’s Park Kyung. When the MCs asked him, “Is your relationship with her still passionate?” Se7en confidently answered, “Yes.” They asked him if she had given him any advice before appearing on the show, and he replied, “She did tell me to be careful. But [since we’re publicly dating] I’ve decided to let things go.” The MCs also asked him about how the couple goes on dates. Se7en explained, “I often go to eat good things with Lee Da Hae.” He also described the pros and cons of dating publicly. “The benefit is that we can go places comfortably. The disadvantage is that we each do our own work but we keep getting connected to each other’s work.” Se7en remarked, “She has great energy. I think that’s why we fit well together. As we give each other positive energy, we give each other strength.” The MCs asked him to do an acrostic poem using the syllables of her name. He used the syllables in Korean as he said, “The one and only person in the world, Da Hae, do it, do it, do it.” He then said he’d try again, and came up with, “I can say it now. Da Hae, let’s not break up.” Se7en and Lee Da Hae confirmed in September 2016 that they had begun dating over a year before. “Video Star” airs every Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. KST.
  2. Saw a article with our girl name mentioned in korea wave around the world. http://www.sportsseoul.com/news/read/715286 Eng translation of our girl mentioned part only. Analysis of the popular Korean wave ★ 'Do not envy ...' Will it last year [New Year Special] [Sports Seoul Cho Hyojung Intern reporter] In the past, the Korean Wave has become one step closer to the world, including K pop, drama, and movies. The group banners boycotted the Billboard 200 twice a year, and Icahn and Super Junior made the closing ceremony of the Asian Games in Jakarta, Palembang in 2018. In addition to the stars that are popular in the world like bulletproof boys, there are some stars who are gaining popularity in Korea and cheering the national prestige. In the year 2019, I will take a look at the stars who are leading the Korean Wave boom around the world. Actually, Chinese actors of Hallyu stars have been tied up after the action of Han Han-seong (prohibition of restrictions on Han-gwa and China), but actor leedahey has been selected as a Chinese cosmetics brand model for 5 consecutive years. have. It is meaningless because it is the only Korean star among Chinese cosmetics brand models. An official said, "Since Ieedahey became a branded model, sales have surged by 30% each year." In April last year, more than one million people connected to a special live broadcast through the China online platform, which made him realize his power. Ieedahae's popularity in China is as good as native speakers. He is the first Korean actor to appear in a Chinese drama and is said to have acted in the local language. In general, a Korean actor plays in Korean, and then a Chinese voice act dubbed. In the past 7 years, he has been able to communicate directly with the local supervisory staff as well as to direct the dialogue in Chinese. In 2005, SBS drama 'My Girl' was popularized in China and started its activities in China. The Chinese drama 'The Recipe of Love' gained popularity and became the mainstream actor, and the 'Best Couple' aired in 2016 exceeded the cumulative view count of 10 million views in a day.
  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all of you here Hope new year bring some good news from DH too.Nowadays even netflix are producing original webseries.Although looking at other veteran actress and the gap in which they come in project, i feel we are lucky if compared to others.
  4. Pics uploaded by JSPicture naver from event.
  5. Saw some more pic from event in news. [Sports Chosun.com] Lee Ji-hyeon reporter Yoo-koo (passenger) In the large-scale winter visit, "Hanryu Queen" Ishae showed strength once more. Ishae was invited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the famous beauty brand 'ANYA · Han Ya' cosmetics, which has been working for 5 years as a brand model. Especially, this event attracted the attention of the biggest yowakers (Chinese group tourists) since the Han Han Dynasty, as a result of a thousand people including domestic and overseas employees and officials, I was invited to such an unusual place, and I was very impressed by the popularity of Hallyu, its influence, and its power. He has set up a separate group photo time with hundreds of attendees who have visited VIPs and has been on fan service. He said he was attracted to local fans at the professional manners and attitudes of Ishae who led the crowd crowded crowd and natural progressive power and crowded crowd and hot heat. It is a model of 'Hanah Cosmetics' which was held this year. It is the only Korean soulp in my company. The drama 'The Best Couple' aired on the spot was popular, and the upcoming movie is also being discussed after the filming. This is the most unique example of the recent years in which the Korean Wave was deepened. On the other hand, in the first half of the year, the Korean drama comeback was announced as 'Good Witch War', and it proved the strong acting, charismaticism and topic, and the Korean fans are glad to see it. In addition, after the event that caused the return of 'Yoo-koo', which has stagnated in the Han-gil, LDH instragram update from event. Wow 900 employess Huge group tour arrives from China Oct 20,2018 About 900 employees from China’s Anya Cosmetics are visiting Korea on a group tour, Asiana Airlines said Friday. The airline is carrying 600 members of the group to Korea. According to the airline, it is the largest Chinese group to visit Korea since Beijing forced local travel agencies to stop offering group tours from March last year, apparently in retaliation of Korea’s decision to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (Thaad) antimissile system. Part of the group arrived in Korea on Friday and the rest are landing today. Staff from the Huangzhou-based cosmetics company will stay in Seoul until next Wednesday. During their stay, they will visit major cosmetics markets in Korea clustered in Myeong-dong and Dongdaemun in central Seoul as well as Gangnam in southern Seoul. The employees will also hold seminars on Korean and Chinese cosmetics. “With this group tour as a start, we will put in our best efforts to reinvigorate the cultural exchange between Korea and China,” said Ahn Byeong-seok, managing director and head of the China region at Asiana. In 2016, some 6,000 workers from Guangzhou-based cosmetics company Aurance flew into Korea for an incentive tour in March, while another 8,000 employees from Chinese health care company Nanjing Joymain Sci & Tech Development enjoyed samgyetang - Korea’s famed chicken soup - by the Han River over two days in May. Asiana transported about 6,000 of the employees of those two companies. After those two mega-trips, Korean airlines have struggled to attract Chinese group tours due to the Thaad conflict.
  6. I google translated the news.Hope the bold part is true. credit:http://pop.heraldcorp.com/view.php?ud=201810221106438218889_1 Leedahae will be invited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the famous Chinese brand, which has been working as a brand model for 5 years. In this event, leedahae participated as a brand model in an unusual place gathered from all over China with a Korea-China beauty seminar attended by more than a thousand people including related persons, employees of the brand, and the president of China's national distributors. It was reported that it is going to be held in Seoul city hall today (22nd). This year, it announced the news of the success of the advertisement for the fifth consecutive year. Especially, in the first half of the year, it was proved to be a good performance by the return of domestic drama 'Good Witch Exhibition' for 4 years, and it has attracted not only domestic fans but also foreign fans. Along with the influence of the actors, the interest of the brand also has a strong presence in China and adds strength to brand power. The achievement of 30% increase in sales annually proves this. In the early days of China and other countries in Asia, it has become a Korean wave star. Local drama filming is also ongoing and airing has become very popular, and there are works that are about to air. On the other hand, Ieedahe is currently reviewing her next work.
  7. Finally after lots of food pic she uploaded her pic
  8. @apqaria Looks like our girl is busy with her gardening too Hope before this year end we get to hear some good news abt her doing new project
  9. Hi @sassygirl94 Long time no seeYes LDH is on vacation mood.According to her recent interview everything is fine in her relationship with se7en.Waiting for some good news abt her new project. I enjoyed her last drama" Good witch" wish there was season 2 of it with focus on cha do-hee love life too with cha sun-hee too. @apqaria Don't know if she is in korea or outside?
  10. Looks like our girl is on vacation.She updated her pic.
  11. Looks like our girl is into growing plants nowadays.
  12. @apqaria Not only i got DH face in pic but also on the desert too Bonus
  13. DH and her love for food.When can we see DH face with food too? @ELY_397 Wish DH takes new drama and we can enjoy a new drama thread same as we did during GW.Even i miss GW thread and drama too.Instead of her doing second lead, i would appreciate if she does daily drama or weekend drama.I don't think producer will approach her for second role to be frank.
  14. Our girl updated her Insta again with food pic.Hope she shows her face with food too.
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