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  1. It's ignorant to assume that your work environment is the same as theirs. Just because they are celebrities, doesn't mean that they are obligated to provide fan service on their personal time. They don't get paid extra money to go on this vacation, so no it's not work. The social construct while working a 9-5 job with christmas parties and picnics is very different from a celebrity's. Just because you feel obligated to make rounds and greet your coworkers doesn't mean that every job is like that. Different occupations have different work environments. Although yes, it would be nice for her to show her face, it's not her job to hold up a fake persona and look happy and energized if she's not. If they choose to show up smiling and refreshed, great. That's better for us fans. If they decide they're too tired and would rather move quietly, that's ok too. That's ultimately their choice. Fans should not feel entitled or demand anything outside of an actor/actresses' role in a drama. Just because the details are publicized, it is not an automatic invite for fans to harass them at airports. Managers are attending because they also had a role in providing and taking care of their actor/actress during the production period. Hence, they deserve a reward as well. Arrival to and from the airport takes place in public but it's not a public "event". It's only a bridge for them to get from one place to another. They don't get paid to show up the airport, they're there because they HAVE to be there in order to get to their destination. Why can't they go on vacation without receiving backlash from the public because they want to get to their destination swiftly and quietly? They're only human and they need rest too. I can't imagine being rewarded for something but having to stress about simple things like privacy getting to and from the destination.