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  1. CCTV's seem to be largely missing from this drama, which is funny because of how advanced SoKor's tech is. Otherwise the writer may make it appear as if by magic when she/he or the plot needs it.
  2. I can't say that I dislike DG character as much as I pity it. Like @jayakris said, he did have that moment where he gave back HN dress/blouse when JE took it to sabotage HN. But I do agree that JE doesn't have any redeeming qualities at all that would make me accept any sort of happy ending for her. But with watching some dailies, I think that her character would most likely be forgiven because she's younger and has a chance at redemption (does she, though?) while her mom will take all the blame and go to prison. I do wish that if he writer will take this route, that JE character may at least get some time as a mental facility to address the fact that she's a wacko who needs help. It could be noted though that while SIA has more followers that JJH, his IG account recently got verified first because of it's rapid follower increase in the past few months. It can also be because he has done other projects outside of South Korea, like in the Philippines and Vietnam which may explain his popularity. Also, the name of the actor who made the cameo in Devilish Joy is Lee Jung Hyuk, and in some angles there are some similarities in looks with JJH. And yes, I'm quite satisfied with the HG-HN scenes, esp the kiss scenes. (I feel like a perve saying this but wth)
  3. browngirl

    Official Solo Artists Directory

    The thread for singer K. Will seems to have been lost or already deleted. Does this mean I can start another thread for him?
  4. That guy with the cameo in Devilish Joy doesn't seem to be JJH but another actor. Not exactly following the drama itself because I'm waiting to see if it's gonna be a happy ending before I start but I've seen clips here and there.
  5. Thanks for the translation of this OST. I do love it and it reminds me of an earlier one that was released which was part 14. It's called "A Shy Confession" by Joo Won Tak which was released around the time HG was going to confess to HN and later on used for some of their scenes as well. The lyrics for that song does fit with HG situation at that time, and I fell the same way with this one, in that it fits HN and how she might be feeling towards HG. I certainly hope it gets released by next week, as it may mean HN may be coming to terms with her (at the moment almost nonexistent) feelings for HG.
  6. They're not going to be happy much longer once HN wakes up and starts remembering things though! (i'm honestly waiting for this to happen!)
  7. I actually wondered about the actor playing HG and why the translation for his name always comes up with the word "pearl". Thanks for explaining that!. Btw, his real name is not Jin JuHyung, it's just his stage name. His real name is Kim Jin Tae.
  8. Thanks for translating that! And yes, I agree. A nice scene with HN crying by herself in her room would be nice, just enough so that we can actually feel that she misses and loves HG. If this doesn't happen, I swear she has a heart of stone.
  9. Yes, I've been thinking about HN reaction since I saw the preview last night. I mean, I would hope for any reaction from her at this point, enough to make her think why HG reaction was like that and not what we usually see from him.
  10. Poor guy can't catch a break! Jut leave her be for the meantime, HG. Maybe she'll be the one to run to you this time (hopefully! ). Let's go, i'm with you on this one!
  11. That makes two of us,believe me. I mean, after all her declaration that she likes him and they finally get together and he finally tells her why he's like that, if her heart still doesn't soften even a degree, i swear i'll be all up in arms.
  12. I don't think HG meant it to be a sob story when he was explaining it to HN. More likely he just wanted her to understand why he's so hell bent on not following his mom when it comes to how he will live his life and his relationship, but yeah, it will (hopefully) have an effect of finally softening HN feelings toward HG.
  13. Loved the look on HG face when HN came in for the photo shoot. He looked absolutely gobsmacked! I've always felt it a shame that the stylists (or whoever dresses the actors) doesn't capitalize on how pretty In Ah/HN is. We always see her in mostly ill-fitting pants and clothes (with the few exceptions of her dates and days out with HG plus their fake "meeting the parents" scenario). I guess it has something to do with her character not being that well to do in life? Whatever it is, it's such a waste, and I can only hope her character gets better dressed in the rest of the episodes. And about YR character, I thought it was meant to be a cameo? Normally that would mean appearing in about 1-2 episodes but hasn't she fulfilled her quota? I guess it's different with daily dramas.